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Recent User Reviews

  1. Nov 29, 2014
    This movie is NOT GOOD! Don't Waste your time for this Movie!! Is Suck and Make me sick.
    After suffering through the first 60 minutes, I was
    left completely mind boggled by this horrible attempt at a movie. This movie would have been better without a director. All the guy did was make a stupid camaro and parade it around town. He put himself in the movie because he knew it would be the only time anyone would see him on screen. Overall, the acting, writing, directing, and soundtrack were all garbage. Please don't watch this abomination of a motion picture even if they give you a free ticket. Hopefully the jinns don't get me for watching this insulting spectacle. Full Review »
  2. Nov 29, 2014
    All I can say is WOW. Starry Eyes is such a great horror film. It's dark and twisted and heart breaking actually. Fresh Story!

    basically about aspiring actress Sarah Walker who's only focus in life is getting that one movie role that will put her name in lights and make her a star. But this reminds you that even if somebody is talented and beautiful, it doesn't mean they actually believe it themselves. That is what makes me so mad about her character. She doesn't have faith in herself. And if you don't have faith in yourself then you become a pawn in someone else's game. Full Review »
  3. Nov 29, 2014
    The Deer Hunter truly lives up to the hype and more for me. Absolutely brilliant film. Entirely sombering and one of the most emotionally distressing films I have ever seen. I honestly feel as though I may have PTSD after watching this one, it was just that emotionally powerful and resonant. Many claim that this one is a little slow and overlong, but I never saw that honestly. One of the main points of criticism is the wedding sequence, but if you cannot tell that the joy and happiness in that sequence is meant to directly juxtapose the sadness and emotional turmoil of the rest of the film, I am honestly sad for you, because that is one of the most brilliant pieces of this one. An entirely beautiful sequence, I could honestly watch the wedding for the entire three hours, because at least I would not leave this one feeling emotionally defeated. The Russian Roulette elements, and the characters' transformations from the first one to the final one, are immaculately filmed and just so impactful throughout. The direction from Michael Cimino is truly remarkable, as is the acting from the two true stars here; Christopher Walken and Meryl Streep. Walken steals the show throughout, but Streep's emotionally vulnerable performance (especially considering what was happening in her personal life with John Cazale at the time) is heartbreakingly beautiful and stands tall as one of the best performances in a film littered with them. Finally, the final half hour is pitch perfect filmmaking and, while entirely distressing, just so mesmerizingly perfect you cannot look away. However, in spite of all this, it is a touch long and in terms of war films, I do think Downfall and Saving Private Ryan are superior, though I would rank this one over other Vietnam films such as Apocalypse Now and Full Metal Jacket. As a whole, The Deer Hunter is not for everyone, but I can entirely see why it is a classic and, to me, it deserves to be 100%. Full Review »
  4. Nov 28, 2014
    Completely ridiculous and unbelievable, couldn't me more cliche. Not worth watching, Some decent war scenes ruined by a dumb and biased story. Brad Pitt is horrible in the lead role. Full Review »
  5. Nov 28, 2014
    Big Hero 6 is a witty and hilarious superhero flick without the recent trend of nasty grittiness. Visually engaging, the movie is easily accessible and will entertain general audience. Its many heartfelt moments as well as genuine comedy elevate the movie into the caliber of Disney's greats. The plot moves fast as it shows a lighter take on superhero formula, it never presses too much or heavy handed on its approach. While Disney is always known to showcase visual in fantasy setting, it's nice to see the vista changes to modern city of San Fransokyo, as the name suggests, an oriental version of San Fransisco.

    For those who have been exposed to horde of superhero movies of recent time, it's easy to see how the plot moves, especially as an origin story. Big Hero 6 makes the expected journey fun with plenty of humor, mostly fat jokes in expense of Baymax, the inflatable marshmallow robot. Viewer might predict the story, but still amused nonetheless. The assembly of the team deserves a credit for introducing many characters, presentable enough to be memorable but still delicately manages to produce a sense of camaraderie. Unlike many superheroes who have the luxury of a full movie or series, these guys must share the spotlight, yet they're all feel pretty welcomed in their own quirky ways.

    Graphic-wise the animation is great. While there are other mediums with more realistic visual, the movie delivers action in just the right balanced tone of fantasy and modern contemporer. It's definitely vibrant with colors, design is impeccable, and the movement looks comically organic. Disney has reached the point where it can dazzle with 3D the same as it did decades ago with hand drawn picture and still moves audience with heartfelt story.

    Despite all the action and flair, Big Hero 6 is centered on friendship. It's easily enjoyable as anyone will find something to relate and be thoroughly delighted.
    Full Review »

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