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  1. Apr 24, 2014
    The very high quality cast makes this movie watchable. It is atrocious and full of cheap jokes that are beyond common sense of humor. It has it's funny moments and the 20min long credits show how **** up this actually was. I don't know what the producers thought when they wrote the script, I mean Hugh Jackman with a scrotum neck, really?
    Do I recommend watching this movie? No, unless you're high as a kite or as drunk as Charlie Sheen.

    Source: I'm totally **** up.
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  2. Apr 24, 2014
    I expected more. Turns out, the whole movie is just about Bullock trying to get back to Earth. I believe it would take that long to make it back, minus the parts where one blacks out, but...couldn't there have been more to this movie? There's not very many characters, and it's kind of boring, too. Yes, on some parts I DID get excited, but it's just not all that. Full Review »
  3. Okay, so The Secret Life of Walter Mitty doesn't relate to the book at all, besides Walter's daydreams, but it's still very funny! I especially liked the fight with the Stretch Armstrong doll! Full Review »
  4. Apr 24, 2014
    Magical, creative, fantastical, I just cannot imagine why or how you could dislike this film....It was good when i was a child and it remains my favorite movie as an adult Full Review »
  5. Apr 24, 2014
    Had to watch this movie in class today and I was surprised buy this movie. The acting was great and the storyline hit the emotions really well. Also it is a Canadian movie with a Canadian Director so there were a lot of references to places in Canada and Canadian things. Which I loved because I am Canadian so they story felt close to home. Full Review »