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  1. Finally we are going to see the real survivors unleashed :D
    I'm a fan of the comics and the show, so I'm really happy to see how the writers
    are putting some of the madness from the comics on the plot of this season, because we really needed it! Full Review »
  2. Already a vast improvement over season one, story lines are starting to layer up and several new and interesting characters have been thrown into the mix. After the first season took a while to get off the ground, the second drops us straight into the action. If the show continues to ramp up like this it may yet prove a fan favourite. (reviewing episodes 1 through 5) Full Review »
  3. Epic. I was left in awe of the brilliance of this stunning series after a wild ride through season 5. A marketing beast is what the end of the series will leave behind because Bad finishes on the pedestal that it well and truly deserves. We find proof that Breaking Bad is truly electrifying when we analyse it's humble beginnings through it's jaw dropping end when we watch the entire series again! Many will mourn the loss of Vince Gilligan's marvelous creation. The big question is, can anything match Breaking Bad? Full Review »
  4. We can pick up on shortcomings all day long, or we can admire House of Cards for what it is. Underwood's character and the D.C he lives in,¬†are both unforgiving. That's the motor that drives this incredibly addictive television series forward and onto our screens over and over again as we binge away on the entire series that is available on Netflix. Full Review »
  5. Again Breaking Bad has few flaws. Wonderfully written, acted and filmed. Vince Gilligan surely now knows that his creation has the potential¬†to challenge for the coveted status of being television's greatest show, if, he is able to finish it off with an even better final season. Full Review »