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  1. Started off so well and found Reddington to be a great character BUT the acting in general, especially by Agent Keen, is terrible. The concept is great but week in week out take down of super villains is pretty unbelievable - feels like it was trying to be Dexter but without the clever sub plots and story lines. Essentially college level writing. By the end of season 1, which I had to force myself to watch, it felt rushed and was too predictable. Shame Full Review »
  2. Tea Leoni Surprised me! The whole show surprised !! I expected a cheesy exploitation of Hillary Clinton, and maybe some ham-handed acting and plots. But this series so far has surprised me with some intelligence and a lot of promise. I wish Aaron Sorkin was in there with the writing... there is lots of room for the exploration of both the critical role of diplomacy and the inherent hypocrisy. I really enjoy Leoni's interpretation of the role so far. I have my fingers crossed for an evolving series that might fill in some of the gap left by the loss of West Wing. I'm a little apprehensive about the lurking sinister insider plot.. I hope they move more into a exploration of different cultures and both the rich and the treacherous path that is involved in mediating the world's nations. Full Review »
  3. 10
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. I really enjoyed the series. The writing was really well done and fits our forward thinking and changes in society. Hope to see more programs like this in the near future. Full Review »
  4. 0
    This show is supposed to be about geniuses, but it was clearly written by retards. Let's forget for a second that these so called hackers are using windows vista and they're using a lingo that even casual IT enthusiasts won't find believable, the whole plot is full of ridiculous ideas that no smart person would ever have. In a pilot, computer glitch crashed flight system and they had to get a backup from a plane, so instead of landing that plane, they had it fly over the landing strip not once, but twice, while they chased it in a ferrari to connect a lan cable. Yeah. Full Review »
  5. This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. Matthew McConaughey and Woody Harrelson performance is off the charts! Really amazing together in True Detective. I'm sure they will win severely awards for this show. A must see! Full Review »