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  1. The show got more bad-ass, what with crazy revelations that I need not spoil for anyone interested! But, yes the Blacklist got more interesting, and Spader, as always, is at the head of the class. Full Review »
  2. Nov 26, 2014
    Tenía mis dudas sobre si esta temporada iba a decaer o algo, pero en absoluto ha sido así.
    Los primeros capítulos son buenos a secas, el
    quinto es genial y a partir del séptimo se vuelve genial. Es la temporada mas corta pero quizás así se quitaron de encima mas capítulos de relleno. Personalmente me encanta esta serie, realmente te tiene enganchado en cada capítulo.
    Ya solo quedan dos temporadas...
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  3. Nov 26, 2014
    Note: this review is being written after the season finale. I voted 06 because is Doctor Who, and yes we have great episodes here, but talking about Doctor Who, the minimum score acceptable is 8.5/9.0, so we had a bad season this year...

    Peter Capaldi work well, he has a different point of view and it's good for the evolution of the Doctor. But some bad episodes (too bad, by the way!!), bad performance of Pink, less links with other seasons screwed up everything on the whole season.

    In season 07 we see more than "friendship" in the relation of Clara and the last Doctor, to fix it (because of the age of the actors, i thing) they make a fast, empty and boring relation with Clara and Pink, Samuel Anderson work pretty bad in the whole season, maybe fault of the script/character writing. Is not why is Doctor Who we don't need to have sense in some things and explanations...

    Stay with Capaldi, he's really good, more serious and experienced, put more "history" on the next season and a better companion, make a good point and a good work writing something good and with good explanations to get to the season finale! And please, not screw up something to fix another!
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  4. Nov 26, 2014
    I've always been a huge Batman fan and this is a great way to tell a story about the origins. Other people may disagree with me but I think they put too many high expectations on the series to begin with. I watched it with an open mind and I must say I was hooked! Where else can you find a better timeless pre-Batman series? I love how they put effort in the little details like making the whole show and atmosphere look dark all the way hence 'Gotham'. I can definitely see the attributes according to the comics in every character. This program plants a lot of easter eggs so it's really fun to re-watch to see if you missed anything to give you any clues regarding the villains or what not. (i.e: Harvey Dent's shadow on one side of his face via the projector, the huge clock facing Barbara's apartment). Overall, I'm excited for more episodes to be released and I hope they will go on for years like pre-Superman's 'Smallville'. I can't wait to see how the show builds up from here! Full Review »
  5. 10
    Brody who? The story line for season is even more compelling and gripping than ever. I am glad that the Brody phase is finally over, the show can shine again with Claire Danes and the other characters. Oh boy, Claire Danes: equally, her acting is as superb as always, of course, another main reason I am still watching this loyally.

    Well, I am up to episode nine, and things are getting "worse" than ever!!! I adore it!!
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