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  1. This was truly the worst pilot TV show I've ever seen. The writing is
    very weak and silly but the worst part of the show is the actress who

    plays the main character. She is once of the worst actresses I've seen
    in ages. She pouts everything she says and speaks in this sort of
    baby-whining voice. She is utterly unbelievable in every part of the
    script she is acting out. It is so bad, it makes you think its a case
    of someone giving a role because of nepotism or something similar.
    She fails at delivering a single line believably. Even her body actions
    are bad and unbelievable. On a more shallow note, they also expect
    us to find her attractive because they call her beautiful. Its doesn't
    matter, but she is wholly unattractive. I feel badly for bi-polar people,
    for writers, for actors, for directors, etc who watch this disaster from their
    unemployed couches. This should be cancelled immediately.
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  2. 7
    Very solid, somewhat borderline. Yet at the same time, compelling and intriguing enough to bring you back for the next 12 episodes. The show can be VERY melodramatic at times--yet the tone, mood, and aspects of the show row along nicely to make this psych medical drama worth-watching--but mostly because of Vanessa Redgrave's stellar performance and the suspense that Kelly Reilly brings to Dr. Catherine Black. Full Review »
  3. Like all the other shows on CBS's Monday Lineup, now that HIMYM your mother is gone, Friends with Better Lives relies on its cheesy dialogue and its poor acting. Full Review »
  4. This show is amazing! The acting is phenomenal! Mariska Hargitay should win many awards for her performance in the Save Benson Saga. I had the privilege of going behind the scenes to meet the cast and crew. I couldn't believe how hard-working and talented these people are! Tune in to NBC on Wednesdays at 9/8c. HELP #RenewSVU Full Review »
  5. This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. WilemDafoeJesus aprouve that Tv Show ihsdohfsodhfosahd9fowneaoirh0apnfoa9hsd0joidsiajsdiausdijadiuaihraihndayhsduadhaeduwqhasudhaushdahsdagduahnsduay. Full Review »