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tbd Don't Hit The Neon Tiles: Keep the Dot on (iOS) Jun 24, 2014 tbd
tbd Match The Balls: 100+ Level Challenge (iOS) May 29, 2014 tbd
tbd Match The Candy (iOS) May 17, 2014 tbd
tbd A Little Baby Pet Crazy Flight to Zoo Salon (iOS) Apr 25, 2014 tbd
tbd Skater Boy: Justin Bieber Edition (iOS) Apr 9, 2014 tbd
tbd Flappy Easter Egg (iOS) Mar 25, 2014 tbd
tbd Easter Bunny Special: Egg Hunt Adventure Run, Jump, Shoot Edition (iOS) Mar 23, 2014 tbd
tbd Floppy Dragon: The Adventure of Tiny Flappy Friends (iOS) Mar 20, 2014 tbd
tbd Sky War: Battle of the New Age (iOS) Mar 17, 2014 tbd
tbd Flappy Le Dragon Puppy (iOS) Mar 5, 2014 tbd
tbd Splashy Jelly Buddy (iOS) Feb 28, 2014 tbd
tbd Pixel Ninja vs Zombie Takeover (iOS) Feb 27, 2014 tbd
tbd Unicorn Rainbow Princess Candy Jump (iOS) Feb 21, 2014 tbd
tbd Epic Heroes Adventure Run (iOS) Feb 12, 2014 tbd
tbd Traffic Rush Racing Game (iOS) Feb 6, 2014 tbd
tbd Fanclub Trivia: Eminem Edition (iOS) Dec 30, 2013 tbd
tbd Fanclub Trivia: Justin Timberlake Edition (iOS) Dec 30, 2013 tbd
tbd Grey dots (iOS) Nov 1, 2013 tbd
tbd Where's My Gold: Time for Hobbit Adventure (iOS) Sep 27, 2013 tbd
tbd Fan Club Trivia - Johnny Depp Edition (iOS) Sep 21, 2013 tbd
tbd Hobbit Jetpack Runner (iOS) Mar 5, 2013 tbd
tbd FanClub Trivia 50 Shades edition (iOS) Feb 25, 2013 tbd
tbd Fan Club Trivia - Hunger Games Edition (iOS) Dec 31, 2012 tbd
tbd Hobbit The Beggar (iOS) Dec 9, 2012 tbd
tbd Fan Club Trivia - SpongeBob edition (iOS) Nov 13, 2012 tbd