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tbd Jugular Street Luge Racing (PC) Dec 31, 2000 tbd
tbd MTV Music Generator (PC) Nov 29, 2000 tbd
tbd Code Blue: The Interactive ER Game (PC) Nov 8, 2000 tbd
tbd Full Strength Strongman Competition (PC) Dec 31, 1999 tbd
tbd Cabela's Outdoor Trivia Challenge (PC) Dec 8, 1999 tbd
tbd Extreme Rodeo (PC) Jul 24, 1999 tbd
tbd Extreme Boards & Blades (PC) May 31, 1999 tbd
tbd Extreme Winter Sports (PC) Apr 30, 1999 tbd
tbd Inherent Evil: The Haunted Hotel (PC) October 1999 tbd
tbd Crossman Extreme Paintbrawl 2 (PC) 1999 tbd
tbd Extreme Tennis (PC) Nov 30, 1998 tbd
tbd Extreme Paint Brawl (PC) Oct 31, 1998 tbd
tbd Big Game Hunter II (PC) 1998 tbd
tbd Cabela's Big Game Hunter (PC) 1998 tbd
tbd Remington Upland Game Hunter (PC) 1998 tbd
tbd Cabela's Big Game Hunter: Special Permit (PC) 1998 tbd
tbd Cabela's Big Game Hunter II: Open Season (PC) 1998 tbd
tbd Enemy Nations (PC) Mar 31, 1997 tbd