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tbd Fire Adrenaline Dragon Slots - Naga Versus Basilisk Reel (iOS) Nov 6, 2014 tbd
tbd Mayan Temple Gods Slot Casino (iOS) Nov 6, 2014 tbd
tbd Wicked Mafia Mob Mania - Real Casino Slot Machine Experience (iOS) Nov 5, 2014 tbd
tbd Ancient Roman Empire Slot Machine - Family Fun Game of Chance (iOS) Sep 5, 2014 tbd
59 USA Independence Slots - 4th of July Freedom Family Fun (iOS) Jul 16, 2014 tbd
tbd A Indian Bollywood Slots - Traditional Taj Mahal Family Fun Slot Machine (iOS) Jul 14, 2014 tbd
tbd A Pole Vault Challenge - High Jump to Beat the Record (iOS) Jun 6, 2014 tbd
tbd Roulette Holdem Mania HD - GoodLuck Gambler (iOS) May 8, 2014 tbd
tbd A Rocket Rabbit - Adventure to Hop Through the Sky (iOS) May 7, 2014 tbd
tbd A Flying UFO - Zoom Through Space (iOS) Apr 24, 2014 tbd
tbd Super Lucky Classic Merlin Slot -HD (iOS) Feb 13, 2014 tbd
tbd Bonanza Vegas 777 Slot (iOS) Jan 25, 2014 tbd
tbd Super Slot Mania -HD (iOS) Jan 23, 2014 tbd
tbd Fablous Nevada Casino Slot (iOS) Dec 30, 2013 tbd
tbd Xtreme Heat Vegas Slot Machines (iOS) Dec 30, 2013 tbd
tbd A Cupcake Swap - Match Three in a Row Puzzle Game (iOS) Oct 12, 2013 tbd
tbd A Kingdom Prince Run - The Royal Adventure of a Castle Hero (iOS) Aug 15, 2013 tbd
tbd Pharaoh's Slot Machine - Bet, Spin and Get Lucky (iOS) Jul 25, 2013 tbd
tbd City Skate Pro HD - Race through the City on Your Long Board (iOS) Jun 7, 2013 tbd
tbd Ninja Swipe Pro - Top Draw and Jump Game (iOS) May 31, 2013 tbd
tbd A City Skate Race Pro - Tour Harlem on Your Long Board (iOS) May 30, 2013 tbd
tbd Superbowl Football Playoffs Series - American Quarterback Blitz for a Touchdown and Big Win (iOS) Apr 18, 2013 tbd
tbd A Tiny Space Monster Shootout - Blast the Flying Invaders Before They Take Over Your Galaxy (iOS) Jan 21, 2013 tbd