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tbd Finalis: Mechanism of Malice (PC) Canceled tbd
tbd Dead and Forgotten (PC) Jun 7, 2013 tbd
tbd Infernal Veil II (PC) TBA tbd
tbd Virtue - Espiritus (PC) TBA tbd
tbd Sacred Soul (PC) Feb 14, 2011 tbd
tbd Infernal Veil I (PC) Jan 21, 2011 tbd
tbd Eternal Sunrise (PC) Aug 8, 2010 tbd
tbd Story of Sealed Steel (PC) Apr 27, 2010 tbd
tbd Unseen World - Magical Lense (PC) Jan 5, 2010 tbd
tbd Eternal Twilight (PC) Oct 1, 2009 tbd
tbd Tome of the Zodiac: Lustrous (PC) Canceled tbd