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tbd Find the ten differences with funny animal cartoons (iOS) Oct 3, 2014 tbd
tbd Piet and jumping Sinterklaas find presents for every child (iOS) Sep 6, 2014 tbd
tbd World Champion Jumping Soccer Ball (juggle the ball like a Brazilian player) (iOS) May 12, 2014 tbd
tbd World Champion Soccer Brazil (catch all balls and win the cup) (iOS) Apr 9, 2014 tbd
tbd Winter Sports Games (skating, skiing, snowboarding, bobsled) (iOS) Jan 16, 2014 tbd
tbd Happy Circus Clown against Sad Pierrot Clown (find happy faces) (iOS) Dec 16, 2013 tbd
tbd Xmas Elf lost Santas presents (iOS) Nov 26, 2013 tbd
tbd Sinterklaas and Piet lost presents (dutch 5 december feast) (iOS) Sep 27, 2013 tbd
tbd Flying Piet (help Sinterklaas find the presents) (iOS) Sep 20, 2013 tbd
tbd Match Animals for Kids (iOS) Aug 28, 2013 tbd
tbd Lamb Lost (watch out for the wolf) (iOS) Aug 22, 2013 tbd
tbd Mermaid Lost (escape from the shark) (iOS) Jul 25, 2013 tbd
tbd Lost in Space (astronaut escape from the alien) (iOS) Jul 18, 2013 tbd
tbd Cheese Chase (cat vs mouse) (iOS) Jul 2, 2013 tbd
tbd Pyramid Escape (run for the mummy) (iOS) Jun 25, 2013 tbd
tbd Forest on Fire (help the owl) (iOS) Jun 7, 2013 tbd
tbd Golden Age Painting Puzzle: Famous Museum Pictures (iOS) Jan 25, 2013 tbd
tbd Match Animal Pictures (iOS) Jan 15, 2013 tbd
tbd Valentine Love Games (iOS) Jan 4, 2013 tbd
tbd Flip Animals Puzzle (zoo and domestic animals) (iOS) Jan 4, 2013 tbd
tbd Drop the Cat: catch all mice (iOS) Dec 8, 2012 tbd
tbd Animal Snake: penguin, bee, dog, monkey, rabbit, horse (iOS) Dec 5, 2012 tbd
tbd Santas Xmas Tree Hunt (a modern snake) (iOS) Nov 26, 2012 tbd
tbd Cat and Mouse Tail: modern snake (iOS) Nov 19, 2012 tbd
tbd Ballerina Dancer Maze: find the shoes (iOS) Nov 19, 2012 tbd
tbd Bunny Maze Race: rabbit vs turtle (iOS) Nov 15, 2012 tbd
tbd Xmas Tree Maze: santa vs the snowman (iOS) Nov 7, 2012 tbd
tbd Beehive Maze Race: bee against the bear (iOS) Nov 5, 2012 tbd
tbd Monkey Jungle Maze: catch the banana (iOS) Nov 2, 2012 tbd
tbd Teddy Bear Maze: sister vs brother (iOS) Oct 28, 2012 tbd