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tbd Shots With Friends (iOS) May 22, 2012 tbd
tbd QuizCraze Movies (iOS) Aug 5, 2012 tbd
tbd QuizCraze App Logos (iOS) Sep 10, 2012 tbd
tbd QuizCraze Music (iOS) Sep 9, 2012 tbd
tbd QuizCraze Characters - Trivia Game (iOS) Sep 16, 2012 tbd
tbd QuizCraze Halloween Movies - Trivia Game Quiz (iOS) Oct 7, 2012 tbd
tbd QuizCraze Celebrity - Trivia Game Logos Quiz (iOS) Oct 21, 2012 tbd
tbd Video Scare Prank (iOS) Oct 24, 2012 tbd
tbd Video Scare Prank - Justin Bieber Edition (iOS) Nov 4, 2012 tbd
tbd QuizCraze Logos - Trivia Game Quiz (iOS) Nov 11, 2012 tbd
tbd QuizCraze TV Shows - Trivia Game Logos Quiz (iOS) Nov 10, 2012 tbd
tbd QuizCraze Flags - Trivia Game Logo Quiz (iOS) Nov 17, 2012 tbd
tbd Photo Captions - Justin Bieber Edition (iOS) Nov 28, 2012 tbd
tbd Video Scare Prank - Gangnam Style Edition (iOS) Jan 11, 2013 tbd
tbd Video Scare Prank - One Direction Edition (iOS) Jan 12, 2013 tbd
tbd Video Scare Prank - Katy Perry Edition (iOS) Jan 18, 2013 tbd
tbd Video Scare Prank - Slender Man Edition (iOS) Feb 7, 2013 tbd
tbd Celebrity Photo Quiz - Can you guess who's that pop celeb icon? (iOS) Jun 7, 2013 tbd
tbd Word Pop Quiz - A fun photo & icon puzzle game (iOS) Jun 10, 2013 tbd
tbd Word Combo Quiz Game - guess what's that pop little icon riddle (iOS) Jul 5, 2013 tbd
tbd Movie Icon Pop Quiz - a puzzle game to guess what's that film logo! (iOS) Jul 12, 2013 tbd
tbd Pop Wrestling Mania Quiz Game: Guess who's that wwe & wwf Wrestler athlete icon! (iOS) Aug 16, 2013 tbd
tbd Guess the Athlete Mania: a color quiz game to name who's the sport celebrity star! (iOS) Aug 23, 2013 tbd
tbd Icon UFC Fighter Pop Quiz: Guess what's that ultimate mma athlete in this word trivia game! (iOS) Aug 30, 2013 tbd
tbd Football player logo quiz game: guess what's the real fame soccer face pic crossword (iOS) Sep 26, 2013 tbd
tbd Celeb word mania! A celebrity hype pica game to guess who's that iconic famous actors face (iOS) Oct 20, 2013 tbd
tbd A Wedding Day Fashion Life & Dash Story: my campus makeover salon holiday games for teen boo girls (iOS) Dec 7, 2013 tbd
tbd A Crazy Monster Little Dentist and Eye Doctor Shave Games: my singing nose game for kids (iOS) Nov 29, 2013 tbd
tbd A Pet Vet Little Dentist and Nose Doctor Game: my fun face animal salon games for kids boys & girls (iOS) Nov 24, 2013 tbd
tbd Baby Dentist Face and Care Hospital Doctor - my salon & spa games for kids & girls (iOS) Nov 23, 2013 tbd