Darren Franich

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For 8 reviews, this critic has graded:
  • 87% higher than the average critic
  • 0% same as the average critic
  • 13% lower than the average critic
On average, this critic grades 1.4 points lower than other critics. (0-100 point scale)

Darren Franich's Scores

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Average review score: 60
Highest review score: 83 The Brothers Grimsby
Lowest review score: 25 Assassin's Creed
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 5 out of 8
  2. Negative: 2 out of 8
8 movie reviews
    • 44 Metascore
    • 83 Darren Franich
    Here’s what you didn’t expect: That The Brothers Grimsby, an upstairs-downstairs spy comedy, would be Cohen’s best work in a decade.
    • 43 Metascore
    • 83 Darren Franich
    Belko is an appropriately disreputable, gleefully disturbing movie.
    • 49 Metascore
    • 75 Darren Franich
    Full credit to director Michael Dougherty (Trick ‘r Treat) because this is great-looking movie, filled with freaky creature designs and a just-right mixture of practical effects and CGI.
    • 69 Metascore
    • 75 Darren Franich
    Where Saroo goes and what he finds there left me in tears, but you feel that a complicated true story has been airbrushed into a postmodern legend.
    • 45 Metascore
    • 67 Darren Franich
    Thai martial-arts maestro Tony Jaa’s newest film overloads on terrible F/X that rob the film of the actor’s usual brute-force balleticism.
    • 39 Metascore
    • 50 Darren Franich
    It all works in theory. But the execution’s off.
    • 11 Metascore
    • 25 Darren Franich
    Somehow, it actually looks cheaper than "Paranormal Activity." It's less funny, too.
    • 36 Metascore
    • 25 Darren Franich
    Here’s a film that turns Michael Fassbender into a puppet, and oh, those strings hold him down.

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