Ian Buckwalter
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  • 43% lower than the average critic
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Average review score: 60
Highest review score: 95 Tabu
Lowest review score: 0 This Means War
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 55 out of 117
  2. Negative: 13 out of 117
117 movie reviews
    • 78 Metascore
    • 95 Ian Buckwalter
    In Tabu, Portuguese writer-director Miguel Gomes spins a two-part tale examining love, loneliness and the power of memory.
    • 92 Metascore
    • 95 Ian Buckwalter
    In a movie set up to trap us within Llewyn's repetitive loop of failure, baiting us with hope before quashing it with quiet desperation again and again, something more than comic relief is needed to soften the blow a little, and the film's musical interludes are that pillow.
    • 84 Metascore
    • 91 Ian Buckwalter
    If John Cassavetes had directed a jazz musical by Jacques Demy, it might have looked something like this.
    • 75 Metascore
    • 90 Ian Buckwalter
    Boyega is absolutely riveting, leading with a stern glower, and constantly trying to prove himself. Yet Moses has a deep well of tenderness and honor beneath the façade, and Boyega almost single-handedly makes you care not just about his character, but about everyone in any gang that would align itself with him. He's that magnetic.
    • 72 Metascore
    • 90 Ian Buckwalter
    A horror-movie attic sale is, in essence, exactly what Cabin in the Woods is, an attempt to exorcise the genre of its formulaic possession by stuffing the movie full of its most overused and predictable elements - and then dumping them through clever skewering.
    • 81 Metascore
    • 90 Ian Buckwalter
    In a story built on ugly secrets and lifetimes of terrible events, small moments of beauty and redemption sneak through - proving that sometimes utilizing those bitter remnants of charred memories can prove more fruitful than Earl Gray thought.
    • 78 Metascore
    • 90 Ian Buckwalter
    Resolution is really a less self-conscious cousin to last year's "Cabin in the Woods"; both are hugely satisfying exercises in examining the way in which stories are told. Cabin succeeded by deconstructing horror without ever intending to be scary itself. Resolution takes the opposite path: When Benson and Moorhead voyeuristically suggest that someone or something is watching Mike and Chris, the chilling effect is marrow-deep.
    • 80 Metascore
    • 90 Ian Buckwalter
    Strickland's Berberian Sound Studio is one horror film that opts to skip the usual frolic among those metaphorical monsters in favor of a deeply unsettling dive into the subconscious.
    • 84 Metascore
    • 89 Ian Buckwalter
    Anderson has the ability to control our emotions just as expertly as his camera.
    • 79 Metascore
    • 85 Ian Buckwalter
    The truth may not be quite that simple, but Kapadia's slightly ecstatic version of it makes for gripping viewing.
    • 71 Metascore
    • 85 Ian Buckwalter
    Mickle and co-writer Nick Damici gutted Grau's story to the bone. And they not only built something entirely new on that skeleton — they managed to equal and in many ways surpass the dark, bloody beauty of their source material.
    • 68 Metascore
    • 85 Ian Buckwalter
    Nathan's film gets at a difficult and sobering fact: Pug's world is one that often rewards only hard detachment and distrust. That's a cultural tradition perhaps even more entrenched than the dirt bikes, and one from which it's more difficult to find release.

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