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Average review score: 65
Highest review score: 100 Paradise: Hope
Lowest review score: 25 R.I.P.D.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 11 out of 20
  2. Negative: 4 out of 20
20 movie reviews
    • 51 Metascore
    • 50 Steven Boone
    This film is told in sympathy with the Linda Lovelace who reclaimed her real name, Linda Boreman, and became a feminist anti-porn activist years after her sole porn credit. Unfortunately, despite its passion and purpose, it's executed with so many wrong, false, stale and routine creative decisions that it runs aground by the time Muppet Babies Hef saunters in.
    • 23 Metascore
    • 50 Steven Boone
    Molina's story is worth telling. I suspect that, in this form, it will reach some of the at-risk youth who are clearly his target audience. But for myself and most folks expecting a movie, it is too transparent an infomercial for the church to move the mountain.
    • 60 Metascore
    • 50 Steven Boone
    The Newell Great Expectations is just a good-looking Classics Illustrated rundown, something to help high schoolers labor through a Dickens English assignment a little faster.
    • 60 Metascore
    • 50 Steven Boone
    Lone Survivor burns with the fever of a passion project. Writer-director Peter Berg's gratitude to United States servicemen for all their sacrifice comes through viscerally, from first frame to last.
    • 52 Metascore
    • 50 Steven Boone
    I didn’t laugh once, but there were several lines that, in context, got a wide fool-grin out of me.

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