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  • Movie
    • Release Date: February 7, 2014
    • Rated: Not Rated
    • Starring: Julian Barratt, Michael Smiley, Peter Ferdinando, Reece Shearsmith, Richard Glover, Ryan Pope
    • Genre(s): Drama, History, Thriller, Horror
    • User Score: 7.6
    • Runtime: 90 min

    During the Civil War in 17th-Century England, a small group of deserters flee from a raging battle through an overgrown field. They are captured by an alchemist (Michael Smiley), who forces the...

  • Game X360
    • Release Date: Dec 17, 2013
    • Rating: M
    • Publisher: Ubisoft

    Born a slave, Adewale found freedom aboard the Jackdaw where he became Edward Kenway’s second-in-command. 15 years later, Adewale has become an Assassin who finds himself shipwrecked in...

  • Game PC
    • Release Date: Mar 20, 2006
    • Rating: M
    • Publisher: 2K Games

    Oblivion is a single-player game that takes place in Tamriel's capital province, Cyrodiil. You are given the task of finding the hidden heir to a throne that sits empty, the previous emperor having...

  • Game XONE
    • Release Date: Feb 7, 2014
    • Rating: E10+
    • Publisher: Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment

    In a scenario drawn from the film, The LEGO Movie Videogame puts LEGO kids into the role of Emmet, an ordinary, rules-following, perfectly average LEGO minifigure who is mistakenly identified as...

  • Movie
    • Release Date: May 31, 2013
    • Rated: PG-13
    • Starring: Chris Geere, David Denman, Diego Klattenhoff, Glenn Morshower, Isabelle Fuhrman, Jaden Smith, Kristofer Hivju, Sacha Dhawan, Sophie Okonedo, Will Smith, Zoë Kravitz
    • Genre(s): Action, Adventure, Sci-Fi, Mystery
    • User Score: 4.2
    • Runtime: 100 min

    After crash landing on Earth 1,000 years after humanity escaped the planet, a father and son embark on a perilous journey to signal for help.

  • Movie


    • Release Date: July 11, 2014
    • Rated: R
    • Genre(s): Drama
    • Runtime: 163 min

    Director Richard Linklater chronicles the life of Mason, from age 5 to age 18.

  • Game X360
    • Release Date: Nov 8, 2011
    • Rating: M
    • Publisher: Activision

    Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 is a direct sequel to the previous game in the series, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, with a campaign storyline continuing the struggle of U.S. forces against an...

  • Game PC
    • Release Date: Oct 18, 2005
    • Rating: T
    • Publisher: Microsoft Game Studios

    Age of Empires III offers gamers the next level of realism, with advanced battle physics and unparalleled visual detail. The new game picks up where Age of "Empires II: Age of Kings" left off,...

  • Game PC


    • Release Date: Nov 13, 2007
    • Rating: M
    • Publisher: EA Games

    Crysis is a next-generation PC first-person shooter from Crytek, the award-winning developers of "Far Cry." It is 2020, and global tensions have reached boiling point as the U.S. and North Korea...

  • Game X360
    • Release Date: Jun 4, 2013
    • Rating: M
    • Publisher: Capcom

    The place is Neo-Paris. The year is 2084. Personal memories are now digitised, bought, sold and traded. The last vestiges of privacy and intimacy have been swept away in what appears to be a...

  • Game VITA
    • Release Date: Oct 15, 2013
    • Rating: M
    • Publisher: Xseed Games

    Valhalla Knights 3 is an action RPG with intense real-time battle and seven-on-seven party based combat. Players can create a main character and field-worthy party members from one of seven races...

  • TV Show
    • Start date: Sep 22, 2011
    • Genre(s): Drama, Action & Adventure

    Reese (Jim Caviezel) is a former CIA agent presumed dead who is recruited by Finch (Michael Emerson), a mysterious billionaire, to help stop crime before it happens with the help of Finch's software.

  • Game PC
    • Release Date: Jun 8, 2010
    • Rating: T
    • Publisher: Ubisoft

    Prince of Persia: The Forgotten Sands is the next chapter in the Sands of Time universe. Visiting his brother's kingdom following his adventure in Azad, the Prince finds the royal palace under...

  • Game PC
    • Release Date: Oct 25, 2011
    • Rating: M
    • Publisher: Electronic Arts

    As bullets whiz by, walls crumble, and explosions throw you to the ground, the battlefield feels more alive and interactive than ever before. In Battlefield 3, players step into the role of the...

  • Game PS3

    GRID 2

    • Release Date: May 28, 2013
    • Rating: E
    • Publisher: Codemasters

    The next generation of the EGO Game Technology Platform promises to deliver genre-defining visuals and jaw-dropping damage as you prove yourself across three continents in a new, evolving world of...

  • Game PC
    • Release Date: Oct 31, 1998
    • Rating: M
    • Publisher: Sierra Entertainment

    Half-Life combines great storytelling in the tradition of Stephen King with intense action and advanced technology to create a frighteningly realistic world where players need to think smart to...

  • Game PS3
    • Release Date: Sep 27, 2011
    • Rating: T
    • Publisher: SCEA

    This collection provides HD and 3D updates for PS2 classics Ico and Shadow of the Colossus.

  • Movie
    • Release Date: October 4, 2013
    • Rated: R
    • Genre(s): Adventure, Documentary
    • User Score: tbd
    • Runtime: 95 min

    The story of the deadliest day on the world's most dangerous mountain, when 11 climbers mysteriously perished on K2.

  • Game PC
    • Release Date: Apr 27, 2012
    • Rating: M
    • Publisher: Sega

    Binary Domain puts players in the middle of a fast-paced and intense battle for humanity in robot-invaded 2080 Tokyo. Fighting through the derelict lower levels of the city, players control an...

  • Game iOS
    • Release Date: Jan 16, 2014
    • Publisher: Bulkypix

    Gameplay is a unique hybrid of: arcade, rpg, strategy/tower defense and a shoot-em-up.