2010 Movie Preview: The Year's Most Anticipated Films

  • Publish Date: January 12, 2010
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UPDATE [1/14]: Trailer added for "The Ghost Writer" and description updated for "Inception."

How to follow a record-setting year? You don't.

ImageHe is Iron Man (again)

Regardless of how you felt about the overall quality of movies during 2009 -- and there were some gems, although maybe not as many as in previous years -- last year saw a singular achievement in cinema history, as total box office grosses exceed $10 billion for the first time.

However, a repeat performance in 2010 may be tricky, although expected increases in ticket prices -- and the continued trend toward 3D movies (and their costlier admissions) -- may help. While the next 12 months will see the release of highly anticipated sequels like Iron Man 2 and a potential blockbuster based on (gasp!) an original story idea (Christopher Nolan's Inception), nothing on the calendar looks like it will reach Avatar levels of pop culture domination. (Fortunately for exhibitors, James Cameron's film is still going strong in 2010.) And the number of movies that stand out (for any reason) in our lists below is underwhelming -- although the number of releases based on films from the 1980s is mind-boggling.

Of course, there certainly will be hits, at the box office and with reviewers. And there will be films that emerge from seemingly nowhere to wow audiences and award-voters. For those, you'll have to scan our lists of upcoming movies (on the next pages) and make your best guesses. First, let's see which 2010 movies have already captured the attention of fans, pundits, and critics. Here is a list of the most anticipated films of the year, based on a completely unscientific sampling of dozens of other preview lists and that phenomenon known as "buzz." These aren't necessarily the best films -- just the most discussed so far.

The 20 Most Anticipated Movies of 2010
  Title Notes Release
1 Inception Christopher Nolan's big-budget sci-fi action pic Jul 16
2 Iron Man 2 Easily the most-anticipated sequel of the year May 7
3 Toy Story 3 A Pixar movie may fail someday, but not this one Jun 18
4 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows The beginning of the end -- literally Nov 19
5 Robin Hood Ridley Scott + men in tights = summer hit? May 14
6 The Green Hornet Seth Rogen, superhero Dec 22
7 The Expendables Sly Stallone's action movie throwback Aug 13
8 Tron Legacy Today, most people are stuck inside videogames Dec 17
9 Alice in Wonderland Tim Burton's most intriguing film in years Mar 5
10 The Twilight Saga: Eclipse Isn't the last Twilight movie still in theaters? Jun 30
11 Scott Pilgrim vs. The World Edgar Wright's indie-rock comic-book comedy TBD
12 The A-Team If you have a problem, if no one else can help ... Jun 11
13 Kick-Ass A teenage superhero attempts to do just that Apr 16
14 Shutter Island Scorsese's thriller could scare up big Feb. numbers Feb 19
15 Predators This sci-fi sequel promises escapist fun Jul 7
16 Jonah Hex This comic-book Western might be cursed Jun 18
17 Sex and the City 2 It's like Cosmopolitan with cosmopolitans (again) May 28
18 Shrek Forever After A "fourgettable" sequel? May 21
19 A Nightmare on Elm Street Another pointless remake? Apr 30
20 The Last Airbender The twist? M. Night Shyamalan might have a hit Jul 2


What follows are descriptions and release dates for over 100 of the films likely to appear in 2010 -- the most promising, the most intriguing, the most likely to succeed, the most perplexing, and the most likely to be terrible movies of the next 12 months. We hope you didn't have a lot of work planned for today.

We start with this year's biggest sequels ...

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Comments (40)

  • Kristin P  

    Who r you kidding about ECLIPSE??? You must live in another universe from us Twihards, who r already harassing for previews of Eclipse, and the New Moon DVD hasn't even been released yet. I note that no movie has dared to be released on the same date...It's a death wish for any movie to rival A TWILIGHT sequel...

  • Saturday Morning &la  

    [...] 2010 Movie Preview – Metacritic [...]

  • ed h  

    "sex and the city" is not an anticipated movie; it is a constipated movie.

  • 2010 Movie Preview:  

    [...] the original editorial comment from Metacritic and the film’s release date.  Read the full Metacritic 2010 Movie Preview to get full descriptions of 120 anticipated films for [...]

  • Christy Kulasingam  

    Am I missing the point or is it not useful to have the trailers hosted on Hulu, when they are not accessible outside of the States?

    How about Hulu introduces a mechanism to allow a subset of their content to be viewable worldwide, or Metacritic sticks to YouTube.... assuming of course, that the content owners want audiences worldwide to see the trailers.

  • Jared  

    Oops, did some research: apparently there was a made for TV one.

    Still, could be cool

  • Jared  

    No Machete? That looks like one of the best.

    I could see Zookeeper being like Paul Blart Mall Cop, which is fine with me; that was an entertaining movie and the better of the two mall cop movies of 09.

    And why doesn't Disney make a Tower of Terror movie?

  • Tyler  

    Where's Green Zone? Greengrass, Damon. Should tide us over till Bourne IV.

  • ahulla  

    I Guess anticipated movies don't have to be good movies do they? cough*Twilight*cough

  • JB  

    Also: Serenity.

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