2010 Movie Preview: The Year's Most Anticipated Films

  • Publish Date: January 12, 2010
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The Last Song
(Apr. 2)

It's Miley! Singer-actress Miley Cyrus ("Hannah Montana") stars in this Southern coming-of-age drama written by novelist Nicholas Sparks, who has already given the world such gems as The Notebook 53, A Walk to Remember 35, and Nights in Rodanthe 39. Of course, you can't fully blame Sparks for those previous efforts: he only wrote the books, not the screenplays. That changes with The Last Song, which Sparks penned as a script first and a novel second.

Letters to Juliet
(May 14)

This modest bit of summer blockbuster counterprogramming matches rising star Amanda Seyfried ("Big Love," Mamma Mia! 51) with Gael Garcia Bernal, Vanessa Redgrave and Chris Egan on a romantic adventure in Italy. Based on the novel of the same name, it's directed by Gary Winick (Bride Wars 24).

Eat, Pray, Love
(Aug. 13)

Elizabeth Gilbert's best-selling memoir about her globetrotting search for meaning following her divorce becomes, as they say, a "major motion picture" starring Julia Roberts. The female-oriented film with the best chance of box office success this summer, Eat, Pray, Love also stars Javier Bardem and Richard Jenkins, and is helmed by Ryan Murphy, who has had success in television with "Glee" and "Nip/Tuck" but whose previous feature film experience is limited to the mediocre Running with Scissors 52, another memoir adaptation.


Alejandro González Iñárritu's first feature since Babel 69 finds the director working without screenwriting partner Guillermo Arriaga for the first time. The Spanish-language drama follows a father involved in shady dealings (Javier Bardem) who is confronted by his childhood friend-turned-policeman.

ImageMen of a certain rage

The Company Men

Like Oscar contender Up in the Air, The Company Men -- which will debut at Sundance -- revolves around the timely issue of corporate downsizing. The big-screen directorial debut for noted TV writer-producer John Wells ("ER," "The West Wing"), the drama examines the impact of one company's layoffs from multiple perspectives -- including those of an executive (Tommy Lee Jones), a newly-unemployed worker (Ben Affleck), and the drywall installer who gives him a new job (Kevin Costner).

Fair Game

Based on the true story of outed CIA agent Valerie Plame and her husband Joseph Wilson, this drama from director Doug Liman (The Bourne Identity 68) stars Sean Penn and Naomi Watts. The film uses Plame's own account of the Bush-era scandal (which led to the fall of Dick Cheney aide Scooter Libby) as its source material.

Get Low

A hit at the Toronto film festival, this quirky dramedy set in rural 1930s Tennessee stars Robert Duvall as a man who decides to throw himself a funeral. Bill Murray and Sissy Spacek also star.


James Franco stars as Beat poet Allen Ginsburg in a drama that focuses on the 1957 obscenity trial following the publication of Ginsburg's poem "Howl" by San Francisco's City Lights Bookstore. "Mad Men's" Jon Hamm plays lead defense attorney Jake Ehrlich, and the strong cast also includes Mary-Louise Parker, David Strathairn, and Jeff Daniels.

The Fighter

A rare drama from prickly but talented director David O. Russell (I Heart Huckabees 55, Three Kings 82), The Fighter tells the true story of boxer "Irish" Mickey Ward (Mark Wahlberg), who trains with his ex-con half-brother (Christian Bale) in an unlikely quest for a title. A potential award contender itself, the movie replaces Russell's aborted comedy project Nailed, which originally was expected to arrive by 2010 but may never be completed. Expect a November or December release date.

Rabbit Hole

Adapted by David Lindsay-Abaire from his own Pulitzer Prize-winning play, the drama focuses on a couple (Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart) dealing with the death of their 4-year-old son in an auto accident. John Cameron Mitchell (Hedwig and the Angry Inch 85) directs.

The Rum Diary

For the second time, following 1998's Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas 41, Johnny Depp stars in an adaptation of a novel by iconoclast Hunter S. Thompson (basically as Thompson himself). Directed by Bruce Robinson (who also helmed the cult classic Withnail and I and hasn't directed since 1992's Jennifer Eight), The Rum Diary follows a journalist's adventures in Puerto Rico during the 1950s.

Sex & Drugs & Rock & Roll

Late English rocker Ian Dury -- best known as the frontman for the New Wave band Ian Dury & The Blockheads -- is the subject of a biopic starring Andy Serkis. While well-known in the UK, Dury never achieved great fame in the States, making a U.S. release possible but not a sure thing.

The Tempest

Helen Mirren plays Prospero -- here, re-christened "Prospera," to account for the gender reversal -- in this reworking of William Shakespeare's play about a shipwreck and sorcery. Known for her visually adventurous work, director Julie Taymor (Across the Universe 56) has adapted Shakespeare before, with mixed results.

You Will Meet a Tall Dark Stranger

Woody Allen's annual release continues his recent trend of filming in Europe (in this case, London). The cast for this dramedy includes Josh Brolin, Anthony Hopkins, Naomi Watts, and Antonio Banderas.

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Comments (40)

  • Kristin P  

    Who r you kidding about ECLIPSE??? You must live in another universe from us Twihards, who r already harassing for previews of Eclipse, and the New Moon DVD hasn't even been released yet. I note that no movie has dared to be released on the same date...It's a death wish for any movie to rival A TWILIGHT sequel...

  • Saturday Morning &la  

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  • ed h  

    "sex and the city" is not an anticipated movie; it is a constipated movie.

  • 2010 Movie Preview:  

    [...] the original editorial comment from Metacritic and the film’s release date.  Read the full Metacritic 2010 Movie Preview to get full descriptions of 120 anticipated films for [...]

  • Christy Kulasingam  

    Am I missing the point or is it not useful to have the trailers hosted on Hulu, when they are not accessible outside of the States?

    How about Hulu introduces a mechanism to allow a subset of their content to be viewable worldwide, or Metacritic sticks to YouTube.... assuming of course, that the content owners want audiences worldwide to see the trailers.

  • Jared  

    Oops, did some research: apparently there was a made for TV one.

    Still, could be cool

  • Jared  

    No Machete? That looks like one of the best.

    I could see Zookeeper being like Paul Blart Mall Cop, which is fine with me; that was an entertaining movie and the better of the two mall cop movies of 09.

    And why doesn't Disney make a Tower of Terror movie?

  • Tyler  

    Where's Green Zone? Greengrass, Damon. Should tide us over till Bourne IV.

  • ahulla  

    I Guess anticipated movies don't have to be good movies do they? cough*Twilight*cough

  • JB  

    Also: Serenity.

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