Give Us Your 2012 Oscar Predictions!

  • Publish Date: February 7, 2012
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It's time for Metacritic's 3rd Annual Oscar Prediction Poll


Once again, the time has come to demonstrate your film knowledge by predicting the winners of the 84th Annual Academy Awards. As a group, Metacritic users correctly predicted 15 of the 24 Oscar winners last year (that's an improvement over just 14 correct in 2010), while our top individual participant forecast 20 of the 24 winners. Can you do better this year? And can you out-guess the so-called Oscar experts who do this sort of thing for a living? Give it a shot below. Feel free to brush up on this year's nominees before diving in.

Some rules and notes: You may vote only once. Voting will close at noon PST on Wednesday, February 22, 2012. We'll reveal your consensus picks (as well as those made by a variety of industry experts) on this site the following day, and, after the Oscars ceremony airs on February 26th, we'll determine how accurate your picks were.


If the poll does not appear above, please go here to enter your picks.

Comments (10)

  • FullMetalWesker  

    @Jrath - Really? From what I've seen, Hugo and The Artist are gonna be the two big films this year and last I checked George or Brad aren't in either of them.

  • Potter17  

    Ledyvengeance and Travis1, I totally agree with you guys! Elizabeth Olsen and Tilda Swinton deserved more recognition for their mesmerizing performances.

  • ledyvengeance  

    Anyone thinks Elizabeth Olsen should be nominated for Martha Marcy May Marlene ?

  • Travis1  

    Why the **** isn't Tilda Swinton nominated for best actress. Her role in We Have to Talk ABout Kevin blew me away

  • movie2187  


  • adhiban  

    I m very much sure 'Moneyball' is gonna be the Screenplay winner..

  • Jules  

    The Academy has made some questionable moves this year..
    Wheres the love for Drive?
    Why is Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close nominated for best picture? (but seriously wtf)
    I suppose a case can be made for some of the "snubs" and generous nominations, but there is one question burning in the back of my mind: Where is Fassbenders nomination for Shame?
    Fassbender was phenomenal in Shame, I think he deserved the Oscar, or at least a nomination. Excluding him is just a lack of class on the Academys behalf..

  • ilovekelly75  

    JRath Who said it's about appealing to the people? The best films should win, not necessarily the popular ones. The Grammy's get hated on for that, so why should the Oscars follow? Drive and Harry Potter were enjoyable movies, but they are not even close to significant or powerful enough to be regarded as the best. You say it's the Clooney and Pitt show, but after seeing The Descendants and The Tree Of Life, it would be a crime for it not to be. I also don't get what was so great about Albert Brooks's performance. I wouldn't have nominated Hill or Von Sydow, but Plummer, Branagh, and Nolte were better than Brooks, and so were Ben Kingsley in Hugo, Shahab Hosseini in A Separation, and Hunter McKracken in The Tree Of Life. I don't agree with all of the nominations. I definitely think there were some snubs, and some people who I wouldn't have nominated, but overall I'm pretty happy with the choices.

  • evergreenOldboy  

    @ JRath I kinda have to agree with you there on that one, Drive was my favorite movie of last year by a long shot and i can't believe its only nomination was for like sound mixing or something, I mean Albert Brooks didn't even get one which is just criminal. However, I wouldn't exactly say that Harry Potter got snubbed, dont get me wrong it was good but not best picture material or anything. It was also the highest grossing movie of last year so theres really no reason to complain there as far as Im concerned.

  • JRath  

    The more I look at these nominations, the more I lose faith in the Oscars. Its basically the George Clooney and Brad Pitt show. Meanwhile, Harry Potter, Drive, and Andy Serkis get completely snubbed. So much for trying to appeal to the people Mr. Oscar...

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