Six Picks for the Week of January 10-16

The Green Hornet (Fri.)

Image2011's first buzz film

Ring in the new year with the first big movie of 2011 as Michel Gondry (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) directs an adaptation of long-running property The Green Hornet. The film, opening Friday though originally slated for last December, stars Seth Rogen as a spoiled rich kid who takes to fighting crime after his father dies. He teams with sidekick Kato (Jay Chou) and uses expensive gadgets and a sweet Batmobile-esque ride named The Black Beauty. Cameron Diaz plays a secretary who helps the Green Hornet, and Inglourious Basterds’ Oscar-winning baddie Christoph Waltz once again plays the villain. Buzz has been building on the long in development project -- which reportedly has tested well in preview screenings -- so see it for yourself on Friday… in 3D!

Get stung at the official website.

68th Annual Golden Globe Awards ceremony (Sun.)

ImageAnother day at the office

The Hollywood Foreign Press Association -- the group responsible for nominating The Tourist and Burlesque as two of the best films of the year -- are airing their annual award show Sunday night live on NBC at 8pm ET / 5pm PT. Known best as an occasion for stars to dress up, get their pictures taken, and get drunk, this year’s show is once again (appropriately) hosted by Ricky Gervais. Mad Men and Glee lead the television nominations, while The Social Network and The King's Speech are the top film nominees. Robert De Niro is scheduled to receive the Cecil B. DeMille Award.

Check our list of the major Golden Globe nominations, or find out which films have been winning the most awards so far this year.

Series premiere of Lights Out (Tue.)

Image FX's next knockout series?

FX’s latest gritty drama, Lights Out (premiering Tuesday at 10pm) centers on former heavyweight champion Patrick “Lights” Leary as he stages a comeback. Holt McCallany portrays the boxer whose road back to the ring is not without a few obstacles -- including organized crime -- while Stacy Keach and Catherine McCormack lend support as Leary’s dad and wife. If The Fighter left you hungry for more in- and out-of-the-ring boxing drama, then FX has got you covered.

Check out a preview or play a game with cash prizes at the official website.

DC Universe Online (Tue.)

ImageNo joke: it's finally out

The DC roster features arguably the coolest characters in the comic book universe, with rich and colorful heroes like Superman, Batman, Wonder Woman, Flash, Aquaman, and hundreds more. Now, you can fight alongside them ... or against them. DC Universe Online, coming out Tuesday, is a MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role-playing game) much like World of Warcraft, where you create your own character who interacts with other gamers. Typically, you can only play MMORPG games on your PC, but DCUO is also available on the PlayStation 3 console.

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The Dilemma (Fri.)

ImageProbably not an Oscar-worthy role

Many film fans have wanted Ron Howard to do some lighter material for some time, as his output in the last decade has been so awards bait-laden. After all, this is the guy who started out with Night Shift, Splash, Gung Ho, and Parenthood. Well, be careful what you wish for. The Dilemma, opening Friday, stars Vince Vaughn and Kevin James as two beefy guys who deal with James’ wife cheating on him. (His wife is, rather implausibly, played by Winona Ryder.) The comedy also stars Jennifer Connelly, Channing Tatum, and Queen Latifah. You’ve been warned.

See what you’re getting into at the official website.

Series premiere of Onion SportsDome (Tue.)

ImageThe Onion scores on TV

The hilarious satirists at The Onion are getting into the television business with a sendup of all things sports. The SportsCenter-like Onion SportsDome premieres Tuesday night at 10:30pm and is a part of Comedy Central’s 2011 massive rebranding, which includes a new logo and website. The show is co-hosted by Mark Shepard and Alex Reiser and is the first of two Onion television shows to debut this month, with the Onion News Network arriving Friday, January 21st on IFC.

Get sportsed at the official website.

Closing the book on last week

Weekend Box Office Champion (Estimated, U.S. only; source:
True Grit 80 $15.0 million; 1st week at #1
#1 Album on Billboard 200 (Source: SoundScan)
Taylor Swift: Speak Now 76 5th week at #1 (3rd consecutive)
Top-Rated Primetime Broadcast Show (Source: Nielsen)
NFL Football (Vikings/Eagles) (NBC) [Tue] 23.7 million viewers; week of 12/27-1/2

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