April 1st Development Update: Potential New TV Shows for Fall 2010

  • Publish Date: April 1, 2010
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Welcome to pilot season

As any person who follows the television industry knows, April 1st is traditionally the date where the networks begin releasing details about the new shows that are contending for the few open spots on the fall schedule. With many of these pilots set to tape over the next few weeks, we reveal the details about some of the more promising contenders. Note that in many cases, casting and even show titles are subject to change, but we have provided whatever details are available now.

24/7 (Fox)

A spinoff from the hit series "24," "24/7" takes viewers through the events of a single event-filled day from seven different perspectives, including those of two different CTU agents, a terrorist, the terrorist's brother's troubled girlfriend, the Secretary of State, an innocent but sexy woman captured as a prisoner, and a mountain lion. In an unprecedented television first, viewers will be able to choose which of the 168 hours of television they wish to watch. When one perspective is displayed on TV, the other six will be available as separate feeds via Fox's new 24/7 website. But switch at the wrong moment, and you could miss a key event, deepening the season-long mystery.

America's Next Dateline Host (NBC)

ImageNBC gets Stone-d again

"Dateline," NBC's long-running primetime news program, is looking for a new anchor to join Ann Curry, Hoda Kotb and Chris Hansen. But this time, the competition will be tougher than ever before, as 16 contestants will compete over 13 weeks to get the job. Former "Dateline" star Stone Phillips returns to host this new weekly reality competition show that puts the would-be anchors through a series of increasingly difficult tests -- including one challenge that requires them to catch more predators than the other contestants -- to narrow the field down to one final candidate.

Birds of a Feather (CW)

By day, 18-year-old college student Amanda Featherstone (Miley Cyrus) works as an intern at Chirper, the web's most glamorous social networking site. By night, when she's not busy fronting her band, The Cool Chicks, she uses her magical powers as a werebird to investigate the dark secrets surrounding her millionaire father's past, in the process getting closer to finding the planet's one remaining male werebird.

Filmed in Front of a Live Studio Audience (ABC)

Like many modern sitcoms, FIFOALSA is shot on location with a single camera. But unlike those other shows, ABC's groundbreaking new comedy doesn't leave the studio audience behind. Instead, as we follow the adventures of wacky dog food magnate Jim "Jumbo" Pooch (Michael Gross), his 24-year-old second wife, his three teenaged kids, and his misguided personal assistant, the studio audience does too, with a group of 30-40 audience members always trailing just behind the action to provide live laughter and spontaneous applause.

I'm on a Horse (ABC)

ImageBack in the saddle again

Isaiah Mustafa, best known for his role in a recent Old Spice commercial, stars in ABC's newest fantasy comedy as Brand Rankman, a television news reporter with an unusual superpower. Spontaneously, and without any warning, Rankman finds himself from time to time transported from his reporting duties to be somewhere else, on top of a horse. He uses these powers as "The Horse Riding Man" to fight crime and date sexy, interesting women. But his powers disappear each time his horse suddenly vanishes, leaving Rankman in many tricky situations.

Minimum Wage President (Fox)

Fox's new entry in the reality workplace genre takes one of the lowest-earning employees of a large corporation and puts him or her in charge for a week as CEO. Each week, the show visits a different corporation to see how the minimum wage-earner deals with the unimaginable pressures of being a boss. Every new CEO also has a chance to win a $25,000 prize, but only if he hand-selects 100 employees to be laid off.

My Kid Can Beat Up Your Kid (Fox)

It's a common refrain in today's world: "My kid can beat up your kid!" So Fox puts that statement to the challenge, pitting one family's young son against another's. Once the week's challengers have been established, each kid fighter will have a week to train under a legendary competitor from the worlds of boxing, martial arts, ultimate fighting, or professional wrestling. At the end of each week's episode, the kids will put their new knowledge to the test in a three-round bout where the winner collects $10,000 in cash.

Parent-Teacher Conference (NBC)

A schoolteacher requests that you come in for a parent-teacher conference to discuss your child's disappointing classroom performance. What do you do? Send a celebrity in your place! Each week, several different celebrities from a group including Wanda Sykes, Chuck Liddell, Ludacris, Heidi Montag, Dane Cook, Kelsey Grammer, Sharon Osbourne, Kirstie Alley, Tone Loc, and Will Forte, will step in for a parent and represent the problem student in a face-off with the kid's teacher. But there's a catch: if the celebrity cannot get the student off the hook for his or her misdeeds, the celebrity must teach the class for an entire day.

Supercollider! (NBC)

It's the science world's most glamorous job: working at Switzerland's Large Hadron Collider. For a group of eight young, sexy, American scientists assigned to work at the lab, it's the chance of a lifetime. Sparks will fly as these young researchers generate electricity through their own interactions and collisions, while they evaluate the potential of different combinations at nightly cocktail parties and get-togethers in scenic Geneva. A weekly influx of special guest researchers only adds to the excitement, as you experience science in a way you've never seen it before.

TSA: Newark (CBS)

ImageThe thrill of Newark

Jerry Bruckheimer's latest procedural focuses on the hard-working men and women who handle security checkpoints at the world's 29th busiest airport. These TSA agents face a number of challenges each week as they race against the clock to protect the safety of passengers and their tiny bottles of shampoo at Newark Liberty International Airport, while being overseen by regional manager Dirk Conroy (Rick Springfield), a former renegade CIA operative struggling to adjust to the many rules and regulations of his new position.

Vampire House (CW)

In this fresh, supernatural take on the reality show genre, a group of sixteen sexy young human adults reside 24 hours a day in a house with a single vampire. When not competing in series of challenges to win rewards, the housemates must plot their own survival, as each week one human will be targeted by the vampire. Who will be the last human standing?

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Comments (13)

  • John  

    Um, look at the date. I didn't realize it at first. Finally dawned on me near the end when they described "sexy scientists." I would watch the kid fight one, though.

  • Nathanael  

    Great. Look at this load of crap we're being fed. At least there are channels like F/X that show content for the thinking person as opposed to this swill.

  • Bill  

    Don't worry people, it's just an April fools. These shows won't exist for at least another year.

  • Kim  

    Is this what reality television is coming to, kids fighting kids? Parents (with the help of celebrities) fighting teachers? The others don't sound much better. At this rate I think I'll cancel my TV subscription and spend the money on books.

  • Barb  

    I'd love to see the minimum wage and middle management employees have a chance to put there two-sense in. They probably would know a lot more what the company needs than the real CEO's. Love the site!

  • Pearl  

    TSA: Newark!!! Finally, quality television at its best.

  • Jack  

    Much better then what the networks are planning I am sure...

  • Evin Coronado  

    What has television come to now a days? I miss David Chase and Greg Garcia. Two creators of excellent tv.

  • Belgand  

    If Supercollider! had nothing to do with the classic NBC series Supercomputer then I'm going to be sorely upset.

  • PDP  

    The really sad thing about this is how believable some of these show descriptions actually are - given the current state of television. I'm sure some network execs are desperately scouring this page for ideas.

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