2010 Film Awards and Nominations [Updated Feb. 28]

  • Publish Date: December 14, 2010
  • Comments: ↓ 24 user comments

Final 2010 film awards scorecard

Below is our final running tally of the most honored 2010 films and individuals, which has been updated to include the winners of the Academy Awards and Independent Spirit Awards. For each category, our points system works as follows:

  • 3 points for winning an award
  • 2 points for each runner-up (not common, but a few groups award a 2nd place prize)
  • 1 point for being nominated (and not winning), or for being listed for an award that does not pick a winner
Don't forget to check page 2 of this report, where you can find all of the individual nominations and awards announced throughout awards season (from 40 different organizations overall).
  Best Picture Wins 2nd Place Nominations Points
1 The Social Network 95 28 2 6 94
2 The King's Speech 88 4 4 13 33
3 Black Swan 79 2 0 22 28
4 Inception 74 1 1 22 27
5 Winter's Bone 90 2 0 18 24
6 127 Hours 82 1 0 15 18
7 Toy Story 3 92 0 1 15 17
  True Grit 80 0 0 17 17
9 The Kids Are All Right 86 1 0 13 16
10 The Fighter 79 0 0 13 13
  Best Director Wins 2nd Place Nominations Points
1 David Fincher
The Social Network
26 1 5 85
2 Christopher Nolan
5 2 16 35
3 Darren Aronofsky
Black Swan
4 1 17 31
4 Danny Boyle
127 Hours
1 1 14 19
5 Tom Hooper
The King's Speech
2 0 11 17
  LEAD ACTOR Wins 2nd Place Nominations Points
1 Colin Firth
The King's Speech
22 4 5 79
2 James Franco
127 Hours
6 2 16 38
3 Jesse Eisenberg
The Social Network
6 0 19 37
4 Jeff Bridges
True Grit
0 0 15 15
5 Robert Duvall
Get Low
0 0 8 8
  Ryan Gosling
Blue Valentine
0 0 8 8
  LEAD ACTRESS Wins 2nd Place Nominations Points
1 Natalie Portman
Black Swan
23 0 7 76
2 Jennifer Lawrence
Winter's Bone
5 5 14 39
3 Annette Bening
The Kids Are All Right
3 2 16 29
4 Nicole Kidman
Rabbit Hole
0 0 15 15
5 Michelle Williams
Blue Valentine
1 0 11 14
  SUPPORTING ACTOR Wins 2nd Place Nominations Points
1 Christian Bale
The Fighter
24 3 3 81
2 Geoffrey Rush
The King's Speech
4 3 16 34
3 John Hawkes
Winter's Bone
3 0 10 19
4 Andrew Garfield
The Social Network
0 1 14 16
5 Mark Ruffalo
The Kids Are All Right
1 0 11 14
  Supporting Actress Wins 2nd Place Nominations Points
1 Melissa Leo
The Fighter
12 2 11 51
2 Hailee Steinfeld*
True Grit
9 1 8 37
3 Jacki Weaver
Animal Kingdom
5 1 12 29
4 Amy Adams
The Fighter
2 2 13 23
5 Helena Bonham Carter
The King's Speech
1 0 12 15

* Steinfeld also received three nominations in the lead actress category for the same role.

  Original Screenplay Wins 2nd Place Nominations Points
1 Christopher Nolan
9 3 10 43
2 David Seidler
The King's Speech
7 2 8 33
3 Lisa Cholodenko and Stuart Blumberg
The Kids Are All Right
2 0 13 19
4 Mark Heyman, Andres Heinz and John McLaughlin
Black Swan
1 1 8 13
5 Scott Silver and Paul Tamasy & Eric Johnson (Story by Keith Dorrington & Paul Tamasy & Eric Johnson)
The Fighter
0 0 7 7
  Adapted Screenplay Wins 2nd Place Nominations Points
1 Aaron Sorkin
The Social Network
31 0 0 93
2 Debra Granik and Anne Rosellini
Winter's Bone
0 2 11 15
  Joel and Ethan Coen
True Grit
0 0 15 15
4 Danny Boyle and Simon Beaufoy
127 Hours
0 0 10 10
  Michael Arndt, Andrew Stanton, Lee Unkrich, John Lasseter
Toy Story 3
0 1 8 10

Note that we are counting all points for Toy Story 3 in the Adapted Screenplay category (the category where it was submitted for Oscar consideration), even though at least one group has nominated the film in the Original Screenplay category.

  Foreign Feature * Wins 2nd Place Nominations Points
1 Mother 6 1 8 28
2 Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, The 5 2 6 25
3 Biutiful 3 2 10 23
4 I Am Love 3 1 11 22
5 Prophet, A 4 2 4 20

* Note that many organizations have different criteria for including films in this category. While many groups require the film to be in a foreign language, others merely ask that the film be produced outside of the U.S. We are including all such films here.

  Documentary Feature Wins 2nd Place Nominated Points
1 Exit Through the Gift Shop 12 4 5 49
2 Waiting for Superman 6 1 9 29
3 Inside Job 4 1 14 28
4 The Tillman Story 3 0 12 21
5 Restrepo 3 0 9 18
  Animated Feature Wins 2nd Place Nominations Points
1 Toy Story 3 28 0 1 85
2 How to Train Your Dragon 1 3 16 25
3 Despicable Me 0 1 14 16
  The Illusionist 1 2 9 16
5 Tangled 0 0 12 12

List of all awards and nominations

Turn to the next page for a list of all individual 2010 awards and nominations.

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Comments (24)

  • gwalms  

    um.. You don't have the award winners marked for the Online Film Critics Society Awards! The award winners have been listed on the website..

  • Max  

    @ Jordan

    You've got to be kidding with the Other Guys. That might be one of the worst movies I've seen all year. Jesus, I actually got upset when I read your post. I love Will and Marc but come on. There was no plot and every line in that entire film was so forced. I did like Kick Ass though so I guess you're not completely challenged.

  • Doug  

    Anyone else feel like there's less drama in this year's Oscars? Last year, there was the Avatar vs. Hurt Locker showdown in a bunch of big categories, combined with the personal relationship the directors have. The Oscars were really interesting last year. This year, there seems to be a runaway favorite to win in almost every category. Seems like the only acting award that doesn't have a safe bet is Best Supporting Actress.

  • Jeremy F  

    michelle williams deserves more love here. natalie portman and jennifer lawrence, AMAZING as they were, are dominating almost everything. as is the Social Network, which wasn't nearly as impeccable as 99% of people seem to think.

  • Jaxon Palmer  

    Best Films of 2010:
    1) Black Swan (10/10) (is hand's down the best movie of 2010. You either get this movie or you don't and it's not your fault if you don't. I mean, three different sets of people walked out on the flick the first time I experienced it. The people that stayed to the end gave a standing ovation; something I've never witnessed in a movie theater before. Black Swan requires an understanding of human psychology to be fully appreciated. Namely: obsessive compulsive disorder, malignant narcissism and the plethora of paranoid delusional disorders out there(often accompanied by daylight hallucinations). Aronofsky actually makes you feel the agonizing anxiety one suffers with when drowning in a brew of such psychological straight jackets. His directing is not gimmickry or intended to shock like some Wes Craven horror flick. What you see on screen is very close to the reality of someone living in an almost schizophrenic dimension. I would know. You walk through life like a Mexican jumping bean so anxious that you're certain you're going to jump out of you're skin and into some other paranoid wormhole and travel through some wrinkle in time. Then along comes Xanax to take the pain away. Also turning you into a Kentucky Fried Tard but you'd rather be dumb than dead. No?. **********************************************************************
    If Natalie Portman doesn't get best actress...well...something is wrong. It's not just her acting but it's the physical shape she got herself in to perform all those ballet scenes(not camera trickery or a stunt double). Is there any other actress that could play her role? No way...at least not one that looks like Natalie Portman, who has now moved into my number 1 spot as 'most attractive actress in Hollywood'(funny how a movie with Portman puking makes her more attractive. Granted she was also nearly naked at times so that helps. I like the anorexic look. Way to go Hollywood for indirectly promoting eating disorders once again. hah). **********************************************************************
    2) King's Speech (9.5/10) (definitely the most inspirational movie of 2010 and will probably win)
    3) The Town (9.3/10) (i have no clue why this movie hasn't received more acclaim. Ben Affleck? Just accept that the guy is talented or that he has a ton of money and a keg of lackeys and interns doing the grunt work while he sits back until he's needed to staple his name to the finished product. Regardless, his last two directed film have rocked and have been largely overlooked by the Academy. I actually thought Blake Lively was brilliant and is deserving of an Oscar nod for supporting actress(woops, there goes my credibility if I had any). Had no clue it was her until months later when scouring the Internet for 'that girl from the Town with the massive jugs' to practice my hobby; vat of Jergens and calloused palm close by. **********************************************************************
    4) Inception (9/10)
    5) The Kids Are Alright(9/10)
    6) Shutter Island & Ghost Writer(8.9/10)
    7) The Fighter (8.7/10)
    Easy A (8.5/10)
    9) Animal Kingdom (8/10) (too weird and depressing to be great but worth watching)
    10) Winter's Bone (8/10) (good movie but common??? Jennifer Lawrence. Many actresses could have executed this role with ease. To give this newb the Oscar over Portman would be giving the shaft to Portman which I'm sure the Academy would love to do b/c the Academy hates pretty people...the Jeyouwish factor should help her though so who knows.)
    7)Social Network (7.5/10 : This movie may have been better than I'm giving it credit but i just can't stand Facebook -- even though it paints Zuckernerd ugly -- and help but feel that this movie has become just another ad for a megalomaniac CEO and the company spawned by an idea which I am now fully convinced he stole. I wonder why The Social Network has such high ratings? hmmm....facebook much? Almost everyone reviewing and shamelessly promoting themselves by pretending to be a critic of film is doing it through Facebook & Twiter. Tweet Tweet. Got BookerTunnel? Got Twittereah? Got Shart? And because they are using Facebook's platform for their own benefit, their underlying psyche is to side with the hand that is feeding them and their egos. How could this be when Fincher paints the Suckster as such a bloodsucking demon? Well...Paris Hilton will tell you "There is no such thing as bad publicity after all" and that's why the Suckster has been pumping this seemingly anti-Facebook movie all over the place, including a 60 minutes spot. Crafty little bad fella. Good or bad attention...as long as Facebook is getting attention, the Iceberg's narcissitic supply is being fueld because his little project is making money and gaining popularity. Iceberg is like most sociopathic CEOs. They really don't care about the money or the fame. It's what the money and fame represent that they care about which is why they can't get enough of it. It represents their survival; their food. They're vacuous like vampires. Instead of feeding on blood, their fragile self-esteems are artificially inflated by the attention of others. There is no real Mark Zuckerberg just as there is no real Patrick Bateman. Don't support this film. That said, if you ARE going to support this film, at least acknowledge the real star and breakthrough performance: Justin Timberlake. Timberlake is the only reason to watch this movie. This other actor, something Garfield....are you kidding me? I was cringing at his performance. The acting was horrible in this movie. I'm sorry but the Asian actors in Gran Torino were far superior and I swear with my hand over my left vas deferens while singing the national anthem without a flag pin.
    Most Overrated Film: I love satire. I love witty dialogue. I loved No Country For Old Men and Fargo. I hated True Grit. It was absolute garbage. No clue where all this critical acclaim is coming from. The theater was packed when I saw it and there was literally a blitzkrieg of booing at the end. No one looked happy when leaving. It was Bombs over Baghdad. 6/10 max. I had to force myself to stay above the molasses of this movie; thought i was being sucked into a bottomless pit of Ripvanwinkle's quick sand. Kept waiting for something special but the Cohen bros never through me a branch. The little girl was good but who cares? What a retarded movie? What was the Oscar-worthy message? I mean, to win an Oscar, a movie can't just be entertaining to and loved and fondled by the public like the bare buttocks of a baby newborn. The umbilical cord was have a message attached. If the message of True Grit was the cliche message that I assume it to have been, then I should have just seen The Tourist. No..Realy. Where was the Entertainment value in True Grit? Tron was entertaining. A lousy movie but certainly fun to watch on the big screen. True Grit was not Tron. True Grit was boooooooreing(which would have been ok if the message was sound...but it wasn't. But then again, maybe I'm deaf and dumb. I take Xanax afterall. Apologies for all the typos and grammatical errors in advance.

  • Nathan  

    Let's all calm down guys. There is no reason for all this hatred. There were some very good movies this year and the same last year. There are movies that are nominated for awards that I don't agree with like Winter's Bone or The Hurt Locker (which are both really good but not great movies) but, for the most part these are still really good movies. I for one am pretty happy with the nominations even though I do not completely agree. My lists below. Top Ten:

    The Social Network
    Toy Story 3
    Shutter Island
    The King's Speech
    True Grit
    Let Me In
    The Fighter
    Black Swan
    The Town

    Best Actor

    Leonardo DiCaprio, Shutter Island / Runner Up: Colin Firth, King's Speech

    Best Actress

    Natalie Portman, Black Swan / Runner Up: Annette Benning, Kid's Alright

    Best Supporting Actor

    Christian Bale, The Fighter / Runner Up: Geoffrey Rush, The Kings Speech

    Best Supporting Actress

    Hailee Steinfeld, True Grit / Runner Up: Melissa Leo & Amy Adams, Fighter

    Best Original Screenplay

    Christopher Nolan, Inception / Runner Up: David Seidler, The Kings Speech

    Best Adapted Screenplay

    Aaron Sorkin, Social Network / Runner Up: Michael Arndt, Toy Story 3

    Best Director

    Christopher Nolan, Inception / Runner Upavid Fincher, Social Network

    Best Art Direction

    Inception / Runner Up: Tron Legacy

    Best Make Up

    Alice in Wonderland / Runner Up: Inception

    Best Sound Mixing

    Inception / Runner Up: Toy Story 3

    Best Sound Editing

    Inception / Runner Up: Toy Story 3

    Best Costume Design

    Tron Legacy / Runner Up: Black Swan & The King's Speech

    Best Visual Effects

    Tron Legacy / Runner Up: Inception

    Best Cinematography

    Wally Pfister, Inception / Runner Up: Matthew Libatique, Black Swan

    Best Editing

    Lee Smith, Inception / Runner Up: Kirk Baxter Angus Wall, Social Network

    Best Original Score

    Hans Zimmer, Inception / Runner Up: Trent Reznor, The Social Network & Daft Punk, Tron Legacy

    Best Foreign Language Film

    The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo / Runner Up: The Prophet

    Best Documentary Feature

    Exit Through the Gift Shop / Runner Up: Inside Job

    This is my opinion on the year 2010. It is important to note that I have not seen Blue Valentine yet so this could possibly change a little but, probably not. I also would like to honorably mention newcomers Chloe Moretz, Kodi Smit Mcphee, and Andrew Garfield who I am excited about watching in the future.

  • Ryan  

    Jordan, please don't try to say that another BATMAN movie is actually art. It is an insult to Nolan to say Inception, a film of breathtaking originality and incredibly emotional resonance, REGARDLESS of how incoherent you THINK it is. And people forget about the cinematic HISTORY that goes with The Social Network; it is the BEST work of a genius who BEGAN his career with a genius film called A Few Good Men! and his collaboration with the most UNDERRATED director in Hollywood (see: a movie far superior to The Dark Knight, ZODIAC), to say this movie won't be remembered in history as one of the greatest films of all time is just offensive (I've seen it at least 20 times and it only gets better) to anyone who has studied film history. I think the reality is that people, especially Americans are continuing to embrace narcissism over socialist mentality, and so they are becoming more negative, declaring this the WORST year ever for films. Riiiight, compared to the year of AVATAR, a film with NO origonality and where I was NOT the only one who laughed out loud at the dialogue in the theater, and The Hurt Locker, where I am yet to meet ONE actual person in the military who thought it was better or even as REALISTIC as Black Hawk Down. This was one of the BEST year for film in HISTORY, where even the overlooked films such as Ghost Writer and The Red Riding Trilogy, were far superior to ANY film last year or the year before. Stop being negative just to jump on a bandwagon of hate. I didn't see THIS much passion when an ex president and congress illegally killed over 100,000 Iraqi civilians!!!! This country is starting to make me sick with it's obsession with self narcissism.

  • Mitch Tough  

    After seeing The Fighter, I'm absolutely perplexed by the votes for Leo and Bale. They were SO overplayed to the point of caricature. I had such high hopes for the movie, and they weren't met - not even close.

  • Montez Bush  

    BTW Rotten tomatoes is the best place for movies. This site's score mech sucks.

  • Montez Bush  

    @Jordan I agree with you. The only The Social Network was good, but it was a "safe" movie. Unlike Black Swan or Let Me in. Which were more out there. That's the problem.

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