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  • Publish Date: October 25, 2013
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Winter (Soldier) is coming

For Captain America: The Winter Soldier, a sequel to 2011‘s Captain America: The First Avenger, directors Anthony and Joe Russo (You, Me and Dupree, TV's Community) take over for Joe Johnston, while writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely return to tell the continuing story of Steve Rodgers in the modern world. This time, he teams up with Scarlett Johansson’s Black Widow and Anthony Mackie’s Falcon to unravel a conspiracy and face off against the Winter Soldier. Robert Redford joins Marvel’s world as Alexander Pierce, as does Emily Van Camp as Agent 13 and Frank Grillo as Crossbones. Returning players include Samuel L. Jackson as Nick Fury, Cobie Smulders as Maria Hill, and Toby Jones as Arnim Zola. Captain America: The Winter Soldier hits theaters next spring, on April 4, 2014.

The Legend Continues in NYC

Two new trailers for Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues provide the first glimpse of a rumored musical number, an introduction to the GNN team in New York, and news that Ron lost his job to his wife, Brick is dead, and crack is refreshing. The Channel 4 News Team is back, along with a slew of cameos, new love interests and Paul Rudd’s awesome mustache. So grab yourself some Scotchy Scotch Scotch and enjoy two new trailers before Ron Burgundy returns on December 20th.

Seth Rogen and Zac Efron are Neighbors

In Neighbors, Seth Rogen and Rose Byrne play a couple with a newborn baby whose lives are suddenly turned upside down, not by the baby, but by the fraternity that moves in next door. Zac Efron plays the leader of the fraternity, while Dave Franco, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Lisa Kudrow, Jake Johnson, and Ike Barinholtz all have supporting roles. Look for the Nicholas Stoller-directed (Forgetting Sarah Marshall, The Five-Year Engagement) comedy in theaters beginning May 9, 2014.

An Awkward Moment with less nudity

Last week, the red-band trailer for That Awkward Moment premiered. This week comes the tamer green-band trailer that focuses a little more on the relationship Zac Efron, Miles Teller and Michael B. Jordan have with each other and with their significant others (played by Imogen Poots and Mackenzie Davis). Tom Gormican’s feature writing and directing debut comes to theaters on January 31, 2014.

Jason Statham tells a red-band bedtime story

Written by Sylvester Stallone and directed by Gary Fleder (Runaway Jury), Homefront stars Jason Statham as his usual ass-kicking self. This time, he plays a former drug enforcement agent looking to forget his troubled past and start fresh with his young daughter. Unfortunately, they settle in a town where James Franco’s Gator runs the meth game. Supporting players include Winona Ryder, Kate Bosworth, Frank Grillo, and Clancy Brown. Homefront hits theaters November 27th.

A few minutes of Hours

From the looks of it, Three Minutes might have been a more apt title for Eric Heisserer’s directorial debut Hours. Paul Walker stars as a new father whose wife (Genesis Rodriguez) dies in childbirth right before Hurricane Katrina hits. With his newborn daughter on a ventilator, he must find a way to keep her alive as people evacuate and power goes out across the city. Look for it in select theaters beginning December 13th.

At Middleton

In At Middleton, Andy Garcia and Vera Farmiga play single parents who fall in love while taking their kids on a college admissions tour. Their kids are played by Taissa Farmiga (Vera’s younger sister) and Spencer Lofranco, and Tom Skerritt and Peter Riegert show up in supporting roles. Adam Rodgers’ feature directorial debut (with a script he co-wrote with Glen German) comes to select theaters January 31st.

Mr. Peabody & Sherman

Based on characters created by Ted Key—popularized during the 1960s in segments airing during The Rocky and Bullwinkle Show—and directed by Rob Minkoff (Stuart Little, Stuart Little 2), Mr. Peabody & Sherman follows Mr. Peabody (voiced by Modern Family’s Ty Burrell), the smartest dog in the world, and his boy Sherman (voiced by Max Charles) as they go back in time and try to repair history undone by Sherman and Penny Peterson (Modern Family’s Ariel Winter). As they visit major moments in history, additional voice talent like Mel Brooks, Patrick Warburton, Stanley Tucci, and Lake Bell get in on the fun. See it in 2D, 3D, and IMAX 3D theaters beginning March 7, 2014.

The Lobster moves forward

Back in January, Dogtooth and Alps director Yorgos Lanthimos announced The Lobster, his third collaboration with screenwriter Efthymis Filippou, at Rotterdam's Cinemart, where he was looking to secure funding. Well, it looks like he got the money and a pretty interesting cast to go along with it. Here’s the previous plot synopsis: An unconventional love story set in a dystopian near future where single people, according to the rules of the Town, are arrested and transferred to the Hotel. There they are obliged to find a matching mate in 45 days. If they fail, they are transformed into an animal of their choosing and released into the woods. A desperate Man escapes from the Hotel to the Woods where the Loners live and there he falls in love, although it’s against their rules. Now imagine Jason Clarke, Lea Seydoux, Ben Wishaw, Olivia Colman (Broadchurch), Angeliki Papoulia (Dogtooth), and Ariane Labed (Alps) in the film. Yes, it will be Lanthimos’ first film in English, but it’s doubtful he’s losing his edge.

Quick notes: Rumors, release dates, casting news and more

  • J.J. Abrams and Lawrence Kasdan have taken over Star Wars: Episode VII screenwriting duties from Michael Arndt. Read the full press release at
  • Awards season has officially begun and 12 Years a Slave is the early leader. Check out the nominees for the Gotham awards here.
  • George Clooney’s The Monuments Men will now open on February 7, 2014. - L.A. Times
  • Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street, starring Leonardo DiCaprio, will open on December 25th.
  • Jamie Dornan (Once Upon a Time) will replace Charlie Hunnam as Christian Grey in Sam Taylor-Johnson’s adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey. Let the hysterical dislike of his casting begin now. - Variety
  • Josh Brolin will star alongside Bryce Dallas Howard, Ty Simpkins, and Nick Robinson in Colin Trevorrow’s Jurassic World. - The Wrap
  • Nicole Kidman, Guy Pearce, and Hugo Weaving will star in Strangerland, a drama about a couple whos “teenage children go missing in the Outback." - Variety
  • Night at the Museum 3, scheduled for release next December, will bring back Ben Stiller and Robin Williams. - THR
  • Jason Statham and Rose Byrne will join her Bridesmaids co-star, Melissa McCarthy, and director, Paul Feig, in the spy comedy Susan Cooper. - The Wrap & Deadline
  • John Krasinski will play Rachel McAdams’ husband in Cameron Crowe’s untitled Hawaii-set romantic comedy; he joins the previously cast Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Bill Murray, Danny McBride, Jay Baruchel, and Alec Baldwin. - THR
  • Damian Lewis (Homeland) will star alongside Nicole Kidman in Queen of the Desert, Werner Herzog’s look at the life of Gertrude Bell. - Deadline
  • Ellen Page and Evan Rachel Wood will play sisters in Patricia Rozema’s (Mansfield Park) adaptation of Jean Hegland’s novel Into the Forest. - Variety
  • Dee Rees (Pariah) will write and direct an adaptation of Philip K. Dick’s Martian Time-Slip. - Deadline
  • Tim Burton is now officially in talks to direct Beetlejuice 2. - The Wrap
  • Sean William Scott has joined Jackie Chan and Fan Bing Bing in ParaNorman director Sam Fell’s live-action debut, Skiptrace. - Heat Vision
  • Steve Conrad, who wrote the upcoming The Secret Life of Walter Mitty, will write and direct a John Belushi biopic. Emile Hirsch and Adam Devine are being looked at to play Belushi. - THR
  • Stephen Lang will return as Colonel Quaritch in all three Avatar sequels. Guess he’s not dead? - The Wrap
  • Michelle Monaghan will star in Michael Hoffman’s adaptation of Nicholas Sparks’ The Best of Me. - THR
  • Catalina Sandino Moreno will replace Rosario Dawson and star opposite Aaron Eckhart in Brad Peyton’s low-budget horror film Incarnate. - Heat Vision
  • Tom Hardy will play Elton John in Rocketman, a biopic that will be directed by Michael Gracey and written by Lee Hall (War Horse). - Variety
  • Tom Cruise and Joseph Kosinski (Oblivion) will re-team for an adaptation of A.J. Baime’s book Go Like Hell: Ford, Ferrari, and Their Battle for Speed and Glory at Le Mans. - The Wrap
  • Ethan Hawke will re-team with his Gattaca director, Andrew Niccol, for an untitled project about the life of a drone pilot in Las Vegas. - Deadline
  • The Mortal Instruments: City of Ashes will be made. Everyone can relax now. - THR
  • Will Smith is attached to star in Selling Time, a supernatural thriller about “a man who is given a chance to relive the worst day of his life in exchange for seven years off his life expectancy.” - The Wrap
  • Robert Zemeckis will direct the narrative feature adaptation of the 2010 documentary Marwencol. - Heat Vision

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  • TheQuietGamer  

    Super excited to see that Falcon is going to be in the next Captain America movie (which looks great). The next Avengers will be so much more complete with him on the team.

    Neighbors looks hilarious.

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