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Despite losing DreamWorks' live-action slate to Walt Disney, Paramount managed to release more movies in 2011 than it has in any year since 2007. Shockingly—and we can't tell you how rare a feat this is for a major studio—not a single one of those films received overwhelmingly negative reviews from critics. Sure, the latest Transformers installment came close (with a barely-yellow 42 Metascore), but all that movie did was gross more than $1.1 billion worldwide.

Indeed, Paramount pulled off the rare feat of achieving both box office and critical success in 2011. Thanks to 9 films that pushed past the $100 million mark in the U.S., and a 14% increase in domestic receipts compared to 2010, the studio finished the year in first place in domestic market share. And with an all-time record $3.2 billion collected in other countries (up a whopping 60% compared to its take the previous year), Paramount easily topped the global box office charts as well.

The studio's biggest box office disappointments, ironically, came from big-name directors. Steven Spielberg's expensive animated adventure Tintin was a box office failure based on its domestic total, and while that film has grossed nearly $300 million in the rest of the world, its foreign receipts are attributable to Sony, who handled global distribution. Another underperformer was Martin Scorsese's Hugo, which hasn't come close to recouping its nearly $150 million budget, but even that failure is partially mitigated by the film's 11 Oscar nominations, which made it the most-nominated film of the year.

Hugo was the best of 9 positively reviewed releases for Paramount last year, helping to boost the studio's average Metascore over six points higher than its nearest major studio competitor (Disney). Those films also rated fairly well with Metacritic users, giving Paramount the second-best average user score among the major studios last year. And the studio's releases seem to be getting better each year, with its average Metascore increasing steadily. Don't look for that trend to continue this year, however; the presence of Eddie Murphy's A Thousand Words alone should be enough to pull down Paramount's overall score considerably.

Listed below are all films distributed domestically by Paramount last year. (The list does not include films distributed by specialty arm Paramount Vantage, which is considered a separate entity.)

2011 Releases for Paramount
Film Studio Domestic Gross* Metascore User Score
Hugo Paramount Pictures$59,108,866837.5
RangoParamount Pictures$123,477,607757.3
Mission: Impossible - Ghost ProtocolParamount Pictures$202,790,734737.7
Super 8Paramount Pictures$127,004,179727.3
Young AdultParamount Pictures$16,198,192716.7
The Adventures of Tintin **Paramount Pictures$74,354,334687.7
Kung Fu Panda 2 DreamWorks Animation$165,249,063677.7
Captain America: The First Avenger Marvel Studios$176,654,505667.1
Puss in BootsDreamWorks Animation$148,156,181657.5
Paranormal Activity 3Paramount Pictures$104,028,807595.4
FootlooseMTV Films$51,802,742585.6
ThorMarvel Studios$181,030,624577.0
Justin Bieber: Never Say Never MTV Films$73,013,910521.6
No Strings AttachedParamount Pictures$70,662,220505.3
Transformers: Dark of the MoonParamount Pictures$352,390,543425.8

* Domestic Gross includes box office receipts through January 30, 2012 for films still in theaters.
** Foreign distribution for Tintin was handled by Sony.
Source for grosses: Box Office Mojo.

Comments (3)

  • TitaniumDragon  

    I think the most troubling thing about this is the fact that the highest scoring films of 2012 were limited release movies, and that this trend has been ongoing. The question I think we need to ask, when we see this trend year after year, is whether the critics are actually rating movies properly, and whether the studios are distributing movies properly. If the best movies aren't seeing wide release, the question we must ask ourselves is whether the best movies are actually the best movies.

  • buellerbueller  

    Lionsgate has a D, film quality wise. They also made "The Artist". lol

  • LamontRaymond  

    Sony Pictures Classics was the gold standard in 2011. And this stuff doesn't happen by accident. The Tim Robbins-style green-lighter over there is just getting it done. Congrats! Great sense of what's good AND what can make you money.

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