Metacritic's 3rd Annual Movie Studio Report Card

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  • Publish Date: February 6, 2012

Sony/Columbia (incl. Screen Gems)

Image Quality: D Score
Critics Users Metascore Distribution
(23 releases):

47.1 5.6
Performance: D+ Score Trend:

Sony managed to place third in domestic market share among the major studios last year, and grow its foreign box office total by nearly a third compared to 2010. If only we had anything else nice to say about the studio's 2011 performance.

The studio managed only one global hit last year: The Smurfs, which grossed over $560 million worldwide. But even that film grossed just $142 million in the U.S., meaning that Sony was the only major studio without a $150 million film in 2011. (By comparison, Sony released two such films the year before.) Sony also had the lowest per-film average gross of the six major distributors in 2011, and its foreign box office growth (which includes a nice total for The Adventures of Tintin, for which Sony held the foreign distribution rights) didn't prevent the studio from finishing fifth in global market share for the second straight year.

Sony also had the lowest average Metascore among the major studios in 2011, down from third place the year before. Even though Sony released only one positively reviewed film in 2010 and managed to boost that total to six films in 2011 (led by best picture nominee Moneyball), its overall Metascore still dropped nearly two points last year, while the studio's average Metacritic user score was also the lowest among the big six distributors. And, for the second year in a row, Sony managed to release the year's lowest-scoring movie.

Will 2012 be any different? A new James Bond movie (Skyfall) should help, and the studio has some potential critical hits in the sci-fi film Looper and a new Kathryn Bigelow action film. But a belated Men in Black sequel, a Total Recall remake, and a Spider-Man reboot would seem to represent Sony's best chances for success—or utter failure—this year.

2011 Releases for Sony
Film Studio Domestic Gross* Metascore User Score
MoneyballColumbia Pictures$75,605,492877.9
Attack the Block ** Screen Gems$1,024,175757.0
The Girl with the Dragon TattooColumbia Pictures$98,350,134718.1
Arthur ChristmasColumbia Pictures$46,462,469697.7
The Ides of MarchColumbia Pictures$40,962,534677.2
Friends with BenefitsScreen Gems$55,802,754636.6
Jumping the BroomTriStar Pictures$37,295,394564.6
Soul SurferTriStar Pictures$43,853,424536.9
Anonymous ** Columbia Pictures$4,463,292505.7
30 Minutes or LessColumbia Pictures$37,053,924495.4
Bad TeacherColumbia Pictures$100,292,856475.2
Straw DogsScreen Gems$10,324,441455.5
ColombianaTriStar Pictures$36,665,854455.3
CourageousTriStar Pictures$34,522,221427.7
PriestScreen Gems$29,136,626414.9
The Green HornetColumbia Pictures$98,780,042395.8
Battle: Los AngelesColumbia Pictures$83,552,429376.0
Just Go with ItColumbia Pictures$103,028,109336.4
The SmurfsColumbia Pictures$142,614,158304.3
ZookeeperColumbia Pictures$80,360,843303.8
Jack and JillColumbia Pictures$73,350,669232.6
The RoommateScreen Gems$37,300,107233.4
Bucky Larson: Born to Be a StarColumbia Pictures$2,529,39591.6

* Domestic Gross includes box office receipts through January 30, 2012 for films still in theaters.
** Screened in limited release
Source for grosses: Box Office Mojo.

Comments (3)

  • TitaniumDragon  

    I think the most troubling thing about this is the fact that the highest scoring films of 2012 were limited release movies, and that this trend has been ongoing. The question I think we need to ask, when we see this trend year after year, is whether the critics are actually rating movies properly, and whether the studios are distributing movies properly. If the best movies aren't seeing wide release, the question we must ask ourselves is whether the best movies are actually the best movies.

  • buellerbueller  

    Lionsgate has a D, film quality wise. They also made "The Artist". lol

  • LamontRaymond  

    Sony Pictures Classics was the gold standard in 2011. And this stuff doesn't happen by accident. The Tim Robbins-style green-lighter over there is just getting it done. Congrats! Great sense of what's good AND what can make you money.

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