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  • Publish Date: February 12, 2013
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Warner Bros. (incl. New Line)

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50.9 6.3
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Though Warners' box office grosses declined for the third straight year in 2012, the studio still performed strongly enough to capture second place in global market share last year. For that, the studio can thank billion-dollar grossing The Dark Knight Rises as well as the first Hobbit film, which is closing in on $1 billion itself. Still, as in 2011, WB found itself with multiple flops in 2012, including the ambitious but flawed Cloud Atlas and the musical Rock of Ages.

Despite releasing fewer films last year than the year before, Warner Bros. wasn't really able to increase the quality of its output. True, the studio's average Metascore ticked up slightly (by less than a point) compared to 2011. But just three of Warners' 17 releases received positive reviews—a 17% success rate that is even lower than the previous year's already dismal figure. That said, the studio's best-reviewed 2012 release—Ben Affleck's Argo—is looking increasingly likely to win this year's best picture Oscar.

Will 2013 bring better films, or at least an end to slipping box office grosses? The latter scenario seems extremely likely, with Man of Steel, Pacific Rim, a third Hangover film, and a second Hobbit movie among the potential hits on this year's release calendar. The quality issue is more uncertain, with curiosities like Baz Luhrmann's 3D take on The Great Gatsby and Alfonso Cuaron's sci-fi project Gravity some of the more intriguing question marks due in 2013.

2012 Releases for Warner Bros.
Film Studio Domestic Gross* Metascore User Score
ArgoWarner Bros. Pictures$120,556,271868.4
The Dark Knight RisesWarner Bros. Pictures$448,139,099788.4
Magic MikeWarner Bros. Pictures$113,721,571725.7
Trouble with the CurveWarner Bros. Pictures$35,763,137586.2
The Hobbit: An Unexpected JourneyWarner Bros. Pictures$296,348,737588.2
Dark ShadowsWarner Bros. Pictures$79,727,149555.5
Cloud AtlasWarner Bros. Pictures$27,108,272558.2
The CampaignWarner Bros. Pictures$86,907,746506.1
Project XWarner Bros. Pictures$54,731,865485.6
To the Arctic 3D **Warner Bros. Pictures$11,081,39048n/a
Rock of AgesNew Line Cinema$38,518,613475.9
Joyful NoiseWarner Bros. Pictures$30,932,113446.4
Journey 2: The Mysterious Island New Line Cinema$103,860,290415.9
The Lucky OneWarner Bros. Pictures$60,457,138395.2
Wrath of the TitansWarner Bros. Pictures$83,670,083375.2
Chernobyl DiariesWarner Bros. Pictures$18,119,640324.4
The ApparitionWarner Bros. Pictures$4,936,819184.1

* Domestic Gross includes box office receipts through February 4, 2013 for films still in theaters. Source: Box Office Mojo.
** Screened in limited release

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