Metacritic's 5th Annual Movie Studio Report Card

  • Publish Date: January 23, 2014
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Ranking the performance of film studios in 2013

Just when you thought we were done with our review of the past year in film (including our recent report on 2013's best and worst movies), we have one last look back to offer you: our annual evaluation of movie studio performance. For the fifth straight year, we have examined both the box office performance and overall film quality of the six—no, make that seven, with the elevation of Lionsgate—major studios, as well as a few dozen smaller distributors, in an attempt to determine the best and worst studios of the past year.

This year's rankings begin below. Our previous Movie Studio Report Cards are available here: 2012 | 2011 | 2010 | 2009

Which studios collected the most money?

Last year eventually turned out to be another fairly good one for Hollywood, after the year got off to a dismal start. Total domestic box office grosses reached an all-time high $10.9 billion in 2013, marking the second year in a row that a record was set—though 2013's total represented only a modest 0.8% increase on 2012's total grosses. In fact, the number of tickets sold in the U.S. declined slightly last year; the increase in dollars collected was mainly due to slightly higher ticket prices last year (even with the highest-priced 3D films generally underperforming). Still, there were hits aplenty: a whopping 13 individual films grossed more than $200 million domestically in 2013, with four surpassing the $300 million mark.

Worldwide, total box office receipts also appear to have remained fairly steady (with final figures yet to be announced), and—for the first time since 2009—only one film (Iron Man 3) managed to surpass $1 billion in worldwide grosses. But three studios—Warner Bros., Disney, and Universal—earned more in global receipts than they ever had before. Both Warners and Disney surpassed the $3 billion mark in foreign grosses (a first), while Warner Bros. also became just the second studio ever to collect more than $5 billion globally. (Paramount also did so, back in 2011.) All of those big numbers came at the expense of competitors like Sony, which suffered the biggest reversal out of any studio last year, dropping from global box office leader in 2012 to a disappointing 5th place in 2013.

Here are last year's box office grosses and rankings for the seven biggest distributors:

2013 Box Office Rankings for Seven Major Studios
  2013 Box Office Grosses (in billions)    
Studio Domestic Foreign Combined Per-Film Avg Major Hits**
Warner Bros. $1.89 (up 13%*)
17.1% share 1st
$3.14 (up 18%*)
25.7% share 1st
$73.1 mil
8 films
Disney $1.72 (up 11%)
15.7% share 2nd
$3.01 (up 44%)
24.6% share 2nd
$174.2 mil
5 films
Universal $1.42 (up 7%)
13.1% share 3rd
$2.25 (up 26%)
18.4% share 4th
$88.7 mil
2 films
20th Century Fox $1.06 (up 4%)
9.7% share 6th
$2.33 (down 14%)
19.0% share 3rd
$72.6 mil
4 films
Sony $1.14 (down 36%)
10.5% share 4th
$1.91 (down 29%)
15.6% share 5th
$72.3 mil
1 film
Lionsgate $1.07 (down 14%)
9.8% share 5th
$1.25 (no change)
10.2% share 7th
$51.2 mil
1 film
Paramount $0.91 (up 5%)
8.9% share 7th
$1.36 (down 13%)
11.1% share 6th
$98.8 mil
3 films

* vs 2012 grosses. ** Major Hit is any movie grossing >$150m domestically and/or >$300m worldwide
Numbers in circles represent ranks in each category. Foreign grosses reflect the preliminary non-U.S. box office grosses for 2013 reported by each studio in late December. Domestic grosses include all money collected in 2013 (including for films originally released in 2012 that carried over into the new year). The foreign market share percentages include only the seven major studios listed above, but the domestic market share percentages include all domestic box office figures, including releases by independent studios not included in this table. Per-Film Average is the average domestic gross for all new films released nationwide by the studio in 2013, and includes additional 2014 domestic box office grosses through January 20, 2014 for those 2013 films that are still playing in theaters. Sources: Box Office Mojo, The Hollywood Reporter, Variety, and Metacritic staff research.

Which studios released the best films?

Each year, we calculate the average Metascores for each individual distributor, and then assign a letter grade to enable easy comparisons between studios. Yes, we grade on a curve: the highest average Metascores get A's, the lowest F's, and everything else slots in between.

This year's grades are listed below, and they have something in common with report cards from previous years: the major studios are nowhere near the head of the class. In 2013, Paramount led all major distributors in film quality, but even that studio could muster only a C+ grade, thanks to a mediocre average Metascore of 58.4. In fact, the previous year's strong showing by Disney (which averaged a shocking 65.8 in 2012) proved to be an aberration; once again, no major studio has managed average Metascore of 61 or higher (the cutoff we use to indicate generally positive reviews from critics).

Disney was not alone among the majors to experience a drop-off in film quality last year; only two studios (Warners and Paramount) saw their Metascore averages rise from 2012 to 2013. And, out of all distributors (including the indies), only six managed to avoid releasing a single negatively reviewed film last year—that's down from 10 such studios the previous year. But it wasn't all bad news in 2013; our top performer, Cinema Guild, recorded the highest average Metascore in the five years we've been publishing these report cards.

Results for all studios (with at least seven scored films) are below. = Major studio

2013 Film Quality Assessment for Studios with 7 or More Scored Releases
Studio (Ranked by Score) # Films * # Great % Good % So-So % Bad Average Metascore Quality Grade
1 Cinema Guild 8 3 100% 0% 0% 76.2 A+
2 Sony Pictures Classics 17 5 71% 29% 0% 71.4 A
3 Music Box Films 12 0 92% 8% 0% 69.1 A-
4 Variance Films 10 1 60% 40% 0% 66.4 B+
5 Kino Lorber 15 1 80% 13% 7% 66.4 B+
6 Focus Features 7 2 57% 43% 0% 66.2 B+
7 Strand Releasing 12 0 83% 0% 17% 65.0 B
8 Fox Searchlight 8 1 63% 25% 13% 64.1 B
9 Roadside Attractions 10 2 50% 30% 20% 63.2 B
10 Oscilloscope 11 1 45% 55% 0% 61.4 B–
11 Cohen Media Group 11 1 36% 55% 9% 59.1 C+
12 Tribeca 19 1 53% 37% 11% 59.0 C+
13 First Run 17 1 47% 47% 6% 58.8 C+
14 Cinedigm 12 1 50% 42% 8% 58.7 C+
15 Magnolia 31 2 45% 45% 10% 58.7 C+
16 Paramount 10 1 60% 30% 10% 58.4 C+
17 IFC 53 4 49% 26% 25% 56.6 C+
18 Disney 11 1 45% 36% 18% 56.2 C
19 Warner Bros. 18 2 39% 44% 17% 55.5 C
20 The Weinstein Co. 28 3 39% 39% 21% 55.2 C
21 Sony 15 2 27% 40% 33% 51.3 D+
22 Universal 15 0 20% 60% 20% 50.5 D
23 Entertainment One 9 0 11% 67% 22% 49.9 D
24 Well Go 8 0 13% 50% 38% 48.0 D–
25 Fox 14 0 0% 71% 29% 48.0 D–
  Lionsgate 24 0 13% 58% 29% 48.0 D–
27 Millennium Ent. 9 0 11% 67% 22% 46.3 D–
28 Open Road 7 0 14% 29% 57% 41.8 F
29 Relativity Media 9 0 22% 22% 56% 40.8 F
30 Anchor Bay 11 0 0% 55% 45% 39.0 F

* Rereleases, and films with fewer than four reviews (the minimum required to calculate a Metascore) are excluded.
Only studios with 7 or more scored American releases during 2013 are included. A few additional distributors did release at least 7 films in the U.S. last year but are not listed because some or all of their films do not have Metascores (these were mainly films in foreign languages). Several additional distributors were excluded because all of their films were released straight to VOD without regular theatrical distribution. (Note that we are including VOD films in the score calculations for the distributors listed above, however, provided that they screened in at least one theater one time).

The Metascore is a weighted average of scores from top professional critics, on a scale from 0 (bad) to 100 (good). The Average Metascore is a simple mean of all Metascores for the studio's 2013 releases. # Great indicates the total number of 2013 films with Metascores of 81 or higher. % Good represents positively-reviewed films (Metascore of 61 or higher). % So-So represents films receiving mixed or average reviews (40-60). % Bad represents negatively-reviewed films (39 or lower). Note that percentages may not add up to 100% due to rounding. The Quality Grade is an overall quality assessment assigned by Metacritic to represent the studio's output for the year in comparison to its peers. All scores are from January 19, 2014.

Details by individual studio

Below are the films released by each individual distributor during 2013, ordered by domestic market share. Only those distributors with at least seven scored releases are included. Some films are listed with a box office gross of $0; these films were primarily released on VOD in the U.S. (they did also play in at least one theater for at least one screening, but not enough to have box office grosses reported).

Warner Bros.

Quality Avg. Metascore Total U.S. Box Office # of Releases % Good **
C 55.5 ↑ 4.6
vs 2012
$1.86b / 17.1% share
Rank: 1st*
18 39%

* Rank among all distributors (including those omitted from this report because they had fewer than 7 scored films).
** % Good = percentage of all 2013 releases receiving positive reviews from critics (with a score of 61 or higher).

The domestic and global market share leader with worldwide receipts north of $5 billion last year, Warner Bros. is also the only major studio last year to record a Metascore of 91 or higher—a feat it accomplished not once but twice, with best picture nominees Gravity and Her. Those two films helped the studio (including subsidiary New Line Cinema) lift its average Metascore by nearly five points compared to 2012. And that 55.5 average is Warners' highest in the five years we've been tabulating year-end results. WB also collected more Oscar nominations (21) than any other studio this year.

While that 39% "success" rate may seem low—just 2 in every 5 WB releases managed to earn positive reviews from critics last year—it also represents a major improvement over 2012, when that rate was under 18%. And that C grade is still better than the grades for four of WB's major-studio counterparts.

What will 2014 bring? Warners could easily top the box office charts again, thanks to an expanded slate of releases (currently, the studio plans to release 20 films this year). But many of those films appear to be major question marks (for both quality and financial success) from this early vantage point, including the upcoming LEGO Movie, the Wachowskis' Jupiter Ascending, Tom Cruise vehicle Edge of Tomorrow, a new Godzilla remake, and Wally Pfister's Transcendence. Only a third Hobbit film stands out as a guaranteed hit, and a 91+ repeat looks unlikely.

Films Released in 2013 Studio Domestic Gross * Metascore User Score
GravityWarner Bros.$258,717,930968.2
Her Warner Bros. $15,831,619918.8
PrisonersWarner Bros.$61,002,302748.2
The Conjuring New Line $137,400,141687.6
The Hobbit: The Desolation of SmaugNew Line / MGM$249,360,009667.9
Pacific RimWarner Bros.$101,802,906647.5
42Warner Bros.$95,020,213627.2
Man of SteelWarner Bros.$291,045,518557.7
The Great GatsbyWarner Bros.$144,840,419557.2
Beautiful CreaturesWarner Bros.$19,452,138526.2
Jack the Giant SlayerNew Line / Legendary$65,187,603516.3
Bullet to the HeadWarner Bros.$9,489,829485.4
The Incredible Burt WonderstoneNew Line$22,537,881445.9
We're the MillersNew Line$150,394,119446.9
Gangster SquadWarner Bros.$46,000,903406.4
Grudge MatchWarner Bros.$29,066,000356.6
The Hangover Part IIIWarner Bros.$112,200,072305.5
GetawayWarner Bros.$10,501,938234.1

* Domestic Gross (here and in all remaining tables on this page) includes box office receipts through January 20, 2014 for films released in 2013 but still playing in theaters. Source: Box Office Mojo.


Quality Avg. Metascore Total U.S. Box Office # of Releases % Good
C 56.2 ↓ 9.6
vs 2012
$1.71b / 15.7% share
Rank: 2nd
11 45%

Disney had a hugely impressive 2013 from a financial standpoint, finishing second in global box office receipts despite releasing basically half the number of films as box office leader Warner Bros. Even including the studio's few misfires (The Fifth Estate, Delivery Man, The Lone Ranger), Disney grossed on average more than $170 million per release in the U.S. alone; no other studio averaged over $100 million per film. And Disney could also claim four of the year's 10 highest-grossing films worldwide, led by first-place Iron Man 3, which collected over $1.2 billion globally.

Yet all that box office success was not a result of an increase in film quality. On the contrary, Disney's average Metascore declined nearly 10 points last year compared to its 2012 film slate. Take away The Wind Rises, which was briefly screened in 2013 only to qualify for awards (which it did, collecting an Oscar nomination for best animated film), and Disney's 2013 average drops to 53.4 (the studio's lowest average since 2010), though that was still higher than four other major distributors last year. Disney also released two critically panned films in 2013, something it avoided doing in 2012. And its Oscar nomination haul was noticeably smaller, with only seven nominations compared to 16 the prior year.

Disney plans on releasing a larger number of films in 2014, and the good news is that it appears that there isn't a John Carter- or Lone Ranger-level debacle among them. But, even though Disney will be milking its Marvel connection for three separate 2014 releases, none is a surefire blockbuster success. Two—Guardians of the Galaxy and the animated Big Hero 6—are riskier bets on less-proven Marvel characters, and a third (Captain America: The Winter Soldier) is a sequel to one of the worst-performing films in the new Marvel franchise. This will also be the first year without a Pixar release since 2005. For Disney to duplicate its 2013 success, it will need films like Sleeping Beauty spin-off Maleficent, video game adaptation Need for Speed, and musical Into the Woods to be major hits, and that doesn't seem likely. (2015? Now that's a different story—and one that will likely lead to another Disney box office record, thanks to new Star Wars and Avengers films, two Pixar releases, and the highly anticipated Tomorrowland.)

Films Released in 2013 Studio Domestic Gross Metascore User Score
The Wind RisesTouchstone $0 * 848.3
Saving Mr. BanksDisney$76,115,012657.5
Monsters UniversityDisney / Pixar$268,492,764657.8
Iron Man 3Disney$409,013,994626.4
Thor: The Dark WorldDisney$204,286,536547.8
The Fifth EstateTouchstone (for DreamWorks)$3,255,008496.4
Oz the Great and PowerfulDisney$234,911,825446.1
Delivery ManTouchstone (for DreamWorks)$30,016,865446.0
PlanesDisney / DisneyToon$90,288,712393.1
The Lone RangerDisney$89,302,115376.5

* The Wind Rises was released for one week in LA/NY last year to qualify for awards; it will return to theaters (for a more conventional release) in February.


Quality Avg. Metascore Total U.S. Box Office # of Releases % Good
D 50.5 ↓ 5.2
vs 2012
$1.43b / 13.1% share
Rank: 3rd
15 20%

Universal managed to grow its box office receipts (both here and abroad) again in 2013, moving the studio up to 3rd place in overall market share. The studio also exceed $2 billion in foreign receipts for the first time in its history. But there were also plenty of flops on Universal's books in 2013, most notably, 47 Ronin and R.I.P.D. (perhaps not coincidentally the studio's two worst-reviewed films last year), and, to a lesser extent, Kick-Ass 2 and Oblivion. Still, Universal had two of the five highest-grossing films of 2013 worldwide: Despicable Me 2 ($954 million) and Fast & Furious 6 ($789 million).

Film quality, however, took a turn for the worse, with Universal's quality grade returning to the D range where it has been every year except for 2012. After earning positive reviews for 38% of its films in 2012, Universal saw its success rate decline to 20% last year, and the studio also released three poorly reviewed films (or three more than in 2012, when it had a spotless record). Universal's films were also mainly absent from this year's Oscar nominations, with just one (Ron Howard's racing drama Rush) even making much of an impression on critics.

The year ahead could bring at least one Oscar nominee and well-reviewed film in Angelina Jolie's Unbroken, but we once again don't see too many green Metascores in Universal's future. And, with the next Fast & Furious movie delayed into 2015, 2014 could be a tough year at the box office for Universal as well. None of the studio's 13 upcoming films looks likely to be a major hit, and the studio has already given up on one of them, deciding not to release Joe Carnahan's Stretch (which was to come out in March).

Films Released in 2013 Studio Domestic Gross Metascore User Score
Despicable Me 2Universal$368,061,265627.5
Fast & Furious 6Universal$238,679,850617.0
Lone SurvivorUniversal$76,739,691607.8
The Best Man HolidayUniversal$70,525,195595.6
2 GunsUniversal$75,612,460556.7
About TimeUniversal$15,322,921557.8
The PurgeUniversal$64,473,115414.6
Kick-Ass 2Universal$28,795,985417.3
Identity ThiefUniversal$134,506,920354.9
47 RoninUniversal$37,667,105296.4


Quality Avg. Metascore Total U.S. Box Office # of Releases % Good
D+ 51.3 ↓ 5.3
vs 2012
$1.14b / 10.5% share
Rank: 4th
15 27%

Moving from box office champ to box office chump in the span of a year, Sony (which releases films under the labels Columbia, TriStar, and Screen Gems) saw its global receipts decline by over a billion dollars from 2012 to 2013. As a result, the one-time market share leader fell to fourth place domestically and fifth place internationally last year. The studio's best-performing 2013 film, The Smurfs 2, placed just 21st on the year-end global box office chart with $347.5 million collected worldwide.

Quality-wise, the studio was all over the map in 2013, releasing a pair of well-reviewed best picture nominees in American Hustle and Captain Phillips but also a pair of Razzie "worst picture" nominees in After Earth and Grown Ups 2. In all, Sony managed to collect terrible reviews for a third of its movies and saw its percentage of films with positive reviews drop from 42% in 2012 to just 27% last year. The studio's total of four positively reviewed films last year was just half of its 2012 total.

The year ahead should bring more inconsistency. Sony's 2014 schedule includes some needless remakes (RoboCop, About Last Night, Annie) and needless first-makes (Pompeii) in addition to a few likely hits (The Amazing Spider-Man 2, 22 Jump Street).

Films Released in 2013 Studio Domestic Gross Metascore User Score
American HustleColumbia$117,596,186907.8
Captain PhillipsColumbia$105,768,185838.2
This Is the EndColumbia$101,470,202677.1
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2 Columbia $118,450,000597.6
Evil Dead (2013)TriStar$54,239,856577.4
Carrie (2013)Screen Gems / MGM$35,266,619536.9
White House DownColumbia$73,103,784525.9
The CallTriStar$51,872,378516.5
One Direction: This Is UsTriStar$28,873,374491.6
The Smurfs 2Columbia$71,017,784343.3
After EarthColumbia$60,522,097333.9
The Mortal Instruments: City of BonesScreen Gems$31,165,421336.4
Battle of the YearScreen Gems$8,888,355292.7
Grown Ups 2Columbia$133,668,525193.1


Quality Avg. Metascore Total U.S. Box Office # of Releases % Good
D– 48.0 ↓ 0.8
vs 2012
$1.07b / 9.8% share
Rank: 5th
24 13%

Though still considered by some to be an "indie" studio, since Lionsgate acquired rival Summit Entertainment in 2012, it has looked more and more like a major distributor. In 2013, Lionsgate surpassed $1 billion domestically and $2 billion in worldwide grosses for the second consecutive year, placing it ahead of Paramount (which technically is a major studio) in total receipts. However, despite releasing more films than any other major studio, Lionsgate earned the bulk of that money from just one title: The Hunger Games: Catching Fire, which has collected over $850 million to date.

While Lionsgate posted the year's highest-grossing film (domestically) in Catching Fire, that was one of only three positively reviewed films released by the studio in 2013. (At least that's an improvement over 2012's total of two.) Lionsgate tied with Fox for the lowest average Metascore among the seven major distributors, and nearly one in every three Lionsgate releases was panned by critics.

Nothing on Lionsgate's 2014 schedule of YA novel adaptations, horror, and other genre films suggests that the studio is going to start churning out critically praised films, but with another Hunger Games installment due this year, the studio should remain in the green financially, if not score-wise.

Films Released in 2013 Studio Domestic Gross Metascore User Score
The Hunger Games: Catching FireLionsgate$417,970,000758.2
You're NextLionsgate$18,494,006666.7
The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and PeteLionsgate$494,60862n/a
Warm BodiesLionsgate/Summit$66,380,662596.9
Pulling StringsPantelion$5,842,96157n/a
Filly BrownPantelion$2,850,35757n/a
Instructions Not IncludedPantelion$44,467,206557.8
The Last StandLionsgate$12,050,299546.6
Kevin Hart: Let Me ExplainLionsgate/Summit$32,244,051537.1
Tyler Perry Presents PeeplesLionsgate$9,177,065524.2
Ender's GameLionsgate/Summit$61,737,191517.1
Now You See MeLionsgate/Summit$117,723,989506.9
Escape PlanLionsgate/Summit$25,132,228497.4
RED 2Lionsgate/Summit$53,262,560476.9
Angels SingLionsgate$039n/a
The Frozen GroundLionsgate$0375.9
Texas Chainsaw 3D Lionsgate/Twisted $34,341,945314.6
The Big WeddingLionsgate$21,819,348284.2
Tyler Perry's A Madea ChristmasLionsgate$52,256,387284.0
Tyler Perry's TemptationLionsgate$51,975,354272.8
Haunting in Connecticut 2: Ghosts of GeorgiaLionsgate$0264.5


Quality Avg. Metascore Total U.S. Box Office # of Releases % Good
D– 48.0 ↓ 1.5
vs 2012
$1.06b / 9.7% share
Rank: 6th
14 0%

Now here's a studio that wasn't seeing green in 2013. Not only were global receipts down slightly compared to the previous year, but Fox was alone among the major studios in failing to record a green Metascore—that's right, not a single Fox film earned positive reviews from critics in 2013. And, after three years of (ever so slight) increases in its average Metascore, Fox saw its 2013 average take a turn in the wrong direction.

Best animated film nominee The Croods, Fox's highest-grossing film last year (though with just $587 million worldwide, good for 11th place overall), was one of just two Oscar nominations for the studio (the other came for John Williams' Book Thief score). Even Fox's new distribution deal with DreamWorks Animation got off to an inauspicious start: Turbo, the second release under the new deal (after The Croods) was the lowest-grossing DreamWorks Animation title in seven years.

Prospects actually look better for the studio in 2014. Not only does Fox have a potential critical hit in David Fincher's Gone Girl—and possibly Ridley Scott's Exodus, though that project could go either way—the studio could also score big at the box office (if not necessarily with critics) with a sequel-heavy schedule that features X-Men: Days of Future Past, Rio 2, Night at the Museum 3, How to Train Your Dragon 2, and Dawn of the Planet of the Apes.

Films Released in 2013 Studio Domestic Gross Metascore User Score
The Wolverine20th Century Fox$132,556,852606.7
The Heat20th Century Fox$159,582,188606.5
TurboDreamWorks Animation *$83,028,128586.1
The CroodsDreamWorks Animation *$187,168,425557.3
The Secret Life of Walter Mitty20th Century Fox$55,447,289547.6
The Book Thief20th Century Fox$20,217,878537.7
Epic20th Century Fox$107,518,682526.5
Broken City20th Century Fox$19,701,164495.4
The Counselor20th Century Fox$16,973,715485.2
The Internship20th Century Fox$44,672,764425.9
Percy Jackson: Sea of Monsters20th Century Fox$68,552,876395.5
Walking with Dinosaurs20th Century Fox$34,402,728373.6
Runner Runner20th Century Fox$19,316,646364.6
A Good Day to Die Hard20th Century Fox$67,349,198284.8

* Effective in 2013, all DreamWorks Animation films are distributed by Fox rather than Paramount.


Quality Avg. Metascore Total U.S. Box Office # of Releases % Good
C+ 58.4 ↑ 10.0
vs 2012
$967m / 8.9% share
Rank: 7th
10 60%

Despite releasing better films than any other major studio, Paramount languished in seventh place in global market share for the second consecutive year, trailing upstart Lionsgate. Paramount was also the only major studio not to surpass $1 billion in domestic grosses. Part of the reason was quantity. Paramount released fewer films in 2013 than all but one studio. However, that one—Disney—managed to double Paramount's grosses with the same number of films, thanks to Paramount's lack of any Marvel-level hits.

The studio did manage to raise its average Metascore by 10 full points in 2013, while going 6-for-10 with critics; back in 2012, by comparison, Paramount released only one positively reviewed film. And Paramount earned best picture nominations for its two highest-scoring films last year, Alexander Payne's Nebraska and Martin Scorsese's The Wolf of Wall Street; in all, the studio collected 13 nominations, trailing only Warner Bros. and Sony.

Paramount may release even fewer films in 2014, with only eight titles on the calendar so far (and one of those is Labor Day, which already screened in a few cities last year and thus qualifies as a 2013 release in our book). And too many of those look like expensive gambles, including Noah, Hercules, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Still, sequel/reboot Transformers: Age of Extinction should provide a financial boost (unless filmgoers finally come to their senses), while Christopher Nolan's Interstellar has the potential to be a rare critical and commercial success.

Films Released in 2013 Studio Domestic Gross Metascore User Score
NebraskaParamount Vantage$9,861,442868.0
The Wolf of Wall StreetParamount$91,147,021757.9
Star Trek Into DarknessParamount$228,778,661727.9
Labor DayParamount$0657.2
World War ZParamount$202,359,711636.8
Anchorman 2: The Legend ContinuesParamount$122,510,239616.5
Jackass Presents: Bad GrandpaParamount$101,978,840546.8
Pain & GainParamount$49,875,291456.5
G.I. Joe: RetaliationParamount$122,523,060415.4
Hansel and Gretel: Witch HuntersParamount$55,703,475215.6

The Weinstein Company

Quality Avg. Metascore Total U.S. Box Office # of Releases % Good
C 55.2 ↓ 4.1
vs 2012
$499m / 4.6% share
Rank: 8th
28 39%

The highest-grossing indie distributor in 2013, The Weinstein Company actually had a subpar year quality-wise, especially given its own strong track record. Sure, three films exceeded 81 for the second straight year, but TWC's overall success rate (for films receiving positive reviews) dropped from 50% in 2012 to just 39% last year, with a corresponding fall in average Metascore. One reason might be that, including sub-brands Dimension and RADiUS (which emphasizes VOD over theatrical distribution), TWC released more films last year: 28, compared to just 20 the prior year. And six of those films received negative reviews, compared to only two in 2012.

But TWC did secure a best picture nomination (for Philomena) for the sixth consecutive year. And the studio scored its biggest-ever year at the box office, thanks in part to Lee Daniels' The Butler, the fifth TWC film to date to pass $100 million. On the other hand, TWC also released 2013's worst-reviewed film, Scary Movie 5.

Films Released in 2013 Studio Domestic Gross Metascore User Score
Fruitvale StationThe Weinstein Company$16,101,339857.8
20 Feet from Stardom RADiUS-TWC $4,835,193837.6
Cutie and the Boxer RADiUS-TWC $190,427828.7
PhilomenaThe Weinstein Company$24,312,027767.9
The GrandmasterThe Weinstein Company$6,594,959726.6
Inequality for All RADiUS-TWC $1,195,685688.3
The SapphiresThe Weinstein Company$2,450,867677.9
Lee Daniels' The ButlerThe Weinstein Company$116,544,509666.4
Kon-TikiThe Weinstein Company$1,517,410637.3
The Unknown Known RADiUS-TWC $061n/a
Haute CuisineThe Weinstein Company$217,88361n/a
Mandela: Long Walk to FreedomThe Weinstein Company$8,002,980605.7
August: Osage CountyThe Weinstein Company$19,390,356587.2
PopulaireThe Weinstein Company$179,091576.6
Unfinished SongThe Weinstein Company$1,702,668578.2
Concussion RADiUS-TWC $42,60654n/a
12-12-12The Weinstein Company$054n/a
Man of Tai Chi RADiUS-TWC $100,144536.4
Dark SkiesDimension Films$17,418,667516.1
Lovelace RADiUS-TWC $356,582516.0
All the Boys Love Mandy Lane RADiUS-TWC $0446.8
SalingerThe Weinstein Company$583,633407.3
AftershockDimension Films$58,510393.9
Only God Forgives RADiUS-TWC $779,188376.0
Escape from Planet EarthThe Weinstein Company$57,012,977355.7
Erased RADiUS-TWC $0344.9
6 Souls [aka Shelter] RADiUS-TWC $0286.9
Scary Movie 5Dimension Films$32,015,787112.6

Relativity Media

Quality Avg. Metascore Total U.S. Box Office # of Releases % Good
F 40.8 ↓ 4.9
vs 2012
$242m / 2.2% share
Rank: 9th
9 22%

Relatively speaking, Relativity performed horribly with critics in 2013, earning negative notices for more than half of its releases. The studio did score some hits, none bigger than the Nicholas Sparks adaptation Safe Haven, which grossed nearly $100 million worldwide against a $28 million budget. But there were also numerous duds, including animated family film Free Birds, drama Out of the Furnace, and thriller misfire Paranoia, which all finished in the red (some in more ways than one, judging from those scores).

Films Released in 2013 Domestic Gross Metascore User Score
Don Jon$24,477,704667.3
Out of the Furnace$11,222,456647.4
The Family$36,918,811426.6
Romeo & Juliet$1,162,635415.3
Free Birds$55,320,376383.4
21 and Over$25,682,380345.3
Safe Haven$71,349,120345.4
Movie 43$8,840,453183.1

Open Road Films

Quality Avg. Metascore Total U.S. Box Office # of Releases % Good
F 41.8 $148m / 1.4% share
Rank: 11th
7 14%

Another studio that couldn't score with critics or moviegoers in 2013, Open Road managed only one positively reviewed film: Steven Soderbergh's swan song Side Effects. Box office hits were also hard to find in 2013, with Machete Kills and The Host among its biggest flops. Even a Justin Bieber concert film failed to attract many Beliebers.

Films Released in 2013 Domestic Gross Metascore User Score
Side Effects$32,172,757757.1
Machete Kills$8,008,161416.1
Justin Bieber's Believe$6,206,566391.8
The Host$26,627,201354.7
A Haunted House$40,041,683205.1

Fox Searchlight

Quality Avg. Metascore Total U.S. Box Office # of Releases % Good
B 64.1 ↓ 2.3
vs 2012
$115m / 1.1% share
Rank: 12th
8 63%

Why did the studio behind the year's highest-scoring film (nine-time Oscar nominee 12 Years a Slave)—and a fairly strong overall film slate—finish 2013 with only the eighth-highest average Metascore? For that, you'll have to thank Baggage Claim, a rare misfire, though lower-than-expected scores for Danny Boyle's Trance and Park Chan-wook's Stoker didn't help. Still, finishing the year with a green average Metascore is an achievement, and Fox Searchlight should go home with at least one Academy Award trophy in March.

Films Released in 2013 Domestic Gross Metascore User Score
12 Years a Slave$41,073,627978.1
Enough Said$17,550,872798.1
The East$2,301,839687.4
The Way, Way Back$21,506,546688.0
Black Nativity$7,018,189485.9
Baggage Claim$21,569,509342.8

Focus Features

Quality Avg. Metascore Total U.S. Box Office # of Releases % Good
B+ 66.2 ↑ 4.6
vs 2012
Rank: 13th
7 57%

Focus finished in the green (score-wise) for the third consecutive year, thanks in no small part to Dallas Buyers Club, which earned the distributor all six of its Oscar nominations this year. However, Focus saw its box office receipts drop by more than 30% versus 2012.

Films Released in 2013 Studio Domestic Gross Metascore User Score
Dallas Buyers ClubFocus Features$18,038,915848.0
The World's EndFocus Features$26,004,851817.7
We Steal Secrets: The Story of WikiLeaksFocus World$166,243766.5
The Place Beyond the PinesFocus Features$21,403,519687.8
Greetings from Tim Buckley Focus World/Tribeca$11,15757n/a
Closed CircuitFocus Features$5,750,401515.6
AdmissionFocus Features$18,007,317486.2

Sony Pictures Classics

Quality Avg. Metascore Total U.S. Box Office # of Releases % Good
A 71.4 ↑ 1.3
vs 2012
Rank: 15th
17 71%

With its second-place ranking in 2013, Sony Classics has now finished among the year's top three distributors (in average Metascore) in each of the five years we have published our annual report cards. Note that we're cheating a bit here; documentary The Gatekeepers was also included in 2012's calculations (after being seen by some critics that year), though it didn't receive an official release until 2013.

Even excluding that film, however, SPC would still place 2nd among all distributors in 2013 (and maintain that A grade) with a 70.2 average. And, though the studio was shut out of the best picture nominations for the first time since 2010, it still picked up five nominations in other categories for films such as Before Midnight (one of critics' favorites last year) and Woody Allen's Blue Jasmine. Sony Classics also saw a 40% increase in box office receipts compared to 2012, with the latter film accounting for much of that revenue.

Films Released in 2013 Domestic Gross Metascore User Score
Before Midnight$8,114,627948.0
The Gatekeepers$2,415,727916.8
The Past$398,050848.1
Tim's Vermeer$079n/a
Fill the Void$1,775,316796.0
Blue Jasmine$33,157,200787.7
The Invisible Woman$298,156778.1
The Armstrong Lie$368,80767n/a
Kill Your Darlings$1,015,196657.4
The Patience Stone$148,67164n/a
At Any Price$380,594605.6
Love Is All You Need$1,631,709607.9
The Company You Keep$5,133,027575.7
I'm So Excited$1,368,119555.1

Roadside Attractions

Quality Avg. Metascore Total U.S. Box Office # of Releases % Good
B 63.2 ↑ 17.7
vs 2012
Rank: 16th
10 50%

What a difference a year makes. After earning a D– grade from us in 2012, Roadside rebounded with a huge increase in film quality, led by stellar scores for documentary Stories We Tell and the Robert Redford vehicle All Is Lost. In 2012, three separate Roadside releases managed to score below 20 (not an easy feat); last year, none did, though two films still finished with red Metascores. Revenue was also way up last year, to an all-time record $44.8 million for the seven-year-old distributor. (Mud alone grossed more last year than every Roadside film put together collected in 2012.) Note that Lionsgate owns nearly half of Roadside Attractions, but the latter is still run as a separate studio, though Lionsgate does co-brand many of Roadside's releases.

Films Released in 2013 Studio Domestic Gross Metascore User Score
Stories We TellRoadside Attractions$1,600,145917.7
All Is LostRoadside Attractions / Lionsgate$6,186,105876.6
In a World...Roadside Attractions (U.S. only)$2,963,902797.0
Much Ado About NothingRoadside Attractions / Lionsgate$4,328,849787.7
MudRoadside Attractions / Lionsgate$21,590,086767.8
Thanks for SharingRoadside Attractions / Lionsgate$1,065,881546.5
EmperorRoadside Attractions / Lionsgate$3,346,265486.1
RedemptionRoadside Attractions / Lionsgate$36,895436.9
Grace UnpluggedRoadside Attractions / Lionsgate$2,507,20139n/a
Girl Most LikelyRoadside Attractions / Lionsgate$1,378,591377.5


Quality Avg. Metascore Total U.S. Box Office # of Releases % Good
C+ 56.6 ↓ 0.8
vs 2012
Rank: 19th
53 49%

Chances are, IFC released at least one film last year that you would like. Once again the most prolific distributor of the year, IFC maintained a more-than-one-film-per-week pace throughout 2013, with releases in multiple genres coming through a variety of sub-brands, including the artier Sundance Selects and the horror-oriented IFC Midnight. Releasing that many films in one year is never a good way to guarantee quality, but that 49% success rate was actually a slight increase vs. 2012's 45% (even as IFC's average Metascore declined slightly). And the studio met or exceeded the 81 mark with four films, including the year's best-reviewed foreign film, Blue Is the Warmest Color.

Even with all those releases, however, IFC's box office take declined by nearly 25% compared to the year before, though part of that may be due to the studio's growing dependence on VOD (and those grosses are not publicly reported).

Films Released in 2013 Studio Domestic Gross Metascore User Score
Blue Is the Warmest ColorSundance Selects$2,112,280888.2
The Selfish GiantSundance Selects$12,18983n/a
Frances HaIFC Films$4,066,582827.6
Gimme the LootSundance Selects$104,235816.8
Room 237IFC Films$263,411806.1
Berberian Sound StudioIFC Midnight$31,641806.8
Beyond the HillsSundance Selects$110,490797.0
Blue CapriceSundance Selects$92,336768.1
Like Someone in LoveIFC Films$222,695767.5
Something in the AirIFC Films$73,306767.3
Dirty WarsIFC Films$371,245768.0
Is the Man Who Is Tall Happy?Sundance Selects$137,04276n/a
The Punk SingerSundance Selects$121,41875n/a
Ain't Them Bodies SaintsIFC Films$391,611746.9
White ReindeerIFC Films$069n/a
BastardsSundance Selects$16,66869n/a
SightseersIFC Films$41,039696.6
Una NocheIFC Films$79,81368n/a
Crystal Fairy & The Magical CactusIFC Films$192,441676.6
The Angels' ShareSundance Selects$312,339666.7
ByzantiumIFC Films$85,252667.4
Dark TouchIFC Midnight$064n/a
Simon KillerIFC Films$24,082636.8
The SummitIFC Films$230,96963n/a
GrabbersIFC Midnight$062n/a
The Jeffrey Dahmer FilesIFC Midnight$061n/a
+1IFC Midnight$0608.0
The Look of LoveIFC Films$16,11957n/a
EverydaySundance Selects$055n/a
AntiviralIFC Midnight$0556.4
The Reluctant FundamentalistIFC Films$528,731548.4
The Taste of Money (Do-nui mat)IFC Films$053n/a
Welcome to the PunchIFC Films$7,034496.0
HaunterIFC Midnight$049n/a
My Amityville HorrorIFC Midnight$048n/a
ContractedIFC Films$3,32848n/a
ManiacIFC Midnight$26,826477.5
My Best Enemy (Mein bester Feind)Sundance Selects$043n/a
Dealin' with IdiotsIFC Films$16,75743n/a
Breaking the GirlsIFC Films$042n/a
Trap for CinderellaIFC Midnight$039n/a
A Case of YouIFC Films$038n/a
InescapableIFC Films$4,32737n/a
The CanyonsIFC Films$51,135366.0
Java HeatIFC Films$035n/a
Knife FightIFC Films$2,01934n/a
As Luck Would Have It (La chispa de la vida)IFC Films$032n/a
A Perfect ManIFC Films$44531n/a
Love and HonorIFC Films$16,76928n/a
As Cool as I AmIFC Films$028n/a
Wrong CopsIFC Midnight$025n/a
Argento's Dracula 3DIFC Midnight$4,55623n/a
Would You RatherIFC Midnight$0206.9

Magnolia Pictures

Quality Avg. Metascore Total U.S. Box Office # of Releases % Good
C+ 58.7 ↓ 0.3
vs 2012
Rank: 21st
31 45%

Another distributor that goes for the quantity and quality approach, Magnolia had one of the year's most popular documentaries in Blackfish and one of critics' favorite foreign films in The Hunt, even as its percentage of films receiving positive reviews dropped from 50% in 2012 to 45% last year. Box office receipts, however, were down by more than half, and Magnolia's genre film sub-label Magnet Releasing was responsible for Storage 24, which had the lowest reported domestic grosses for any theatrical release in 2013. That film collected just $72 during its one-week, one-theater run. That's not a typo.

Films Released in 2013 Studio Domestic Gross Metascore User Score
BlackfishMagnolia Pictures$2,073,582838.2
A HijackingMagnolia Pictures$414,437827.4
The HuntMagnolia Pictures$613,308768.4
Muscle ShoalsMagnolia Pictures$679,277759.0
Prince AvalancheMagnolia Pictures$205,139736.0
Shadow DancerMagnolia Pictures$100,616716.8
Drinking BuddiesMagnolia Pictures$343,341716.2
Evocateur: The Morton Downey Jr. MovieMagnolia Pictures$31,31370n/a
Big Star: Nothing Can Hurt MeMagnolia Pictures$105,99869n/a
A Place at the TableMagnolia Pictures$231,37868n/a
Europa ReportMagnet Releasing$125,687687.1
Venus and SerenaMagnolia Pictures$51,27165n/a
Mr. NobodyMagnolia Pictures$3,622638.4
Bad Milo!Magnet Releasing$19,613628.0
Good Ol' FredaMagnolia Pictures$138,81160n/a
To the WonderMagnolia Pictures$587,615587.0
No Place on EarthMagnolia Pictures$200,23858n/a
How I Live NowMagnolia Pictures$60,213577.9
John Dies at the EndMagnet Releasing$141,951537.0
Storage 24Magnet Releasing$72524.6
Touchy FeelyMagnolia Pictures$36,128524.6
I Give It a YearMagnolia Pictures$34,657506.1
Here Comes the DevilMagnet Releasing$4,53450n/a
V/H/S/2Magnet Releasing$21,833497.3
Kiss of the DamnedMagnet Releasing$14,752486.6
The Last Days on MarsMagnet Releasing$24,08446n/a
The ABCs of DeathMagnet Releasing$21,832435.1
The Sorcerer and the White SnakeMagnolia Pictures$18,75941n/a
The Brass TeapotMagnolia Pictures$6,997396.9
Best Man DownMagnolia Pictures$1,93836n/a
A Dark TruthMagnolia Pictures$5,750315.0

Millennium Entertainment

Quality Avg. Metascore Total U.S. Box Office # of Releases % Good
D– 46.3 ↑ 1.9
vs 2012
Rank: 27th
9 11%

After releasing just two positively reviewed films in 2012, Millennium managed just one such film in 2013: What Maisie Knew, an adaptation of the Henry James novel. Millennium also lacked any box office hits last year, and the studio itself was put up for sale last spring.

Films Released in 2013 Domestic Gross Metascore User Score
What Maisie Knew$1,066,471748.1
The Iceman$1,969,193607.3
As I Lay Dying$16,697507.9
Stuck in Love$81,071498.0
Upside Down$105,095436.1
Hell Baby$8,78541n/a
Charlie Countryman$11,650306.3
Killing Season$39,881273.7

Cohen Media Group

Quality Avg. Metascore Total U.S. Box Office # of Releases % Good
C+ 59.1 $3.1m
Rank: 28th
11 36%

A newcomer to our year-end report cards, Cohen releases foreign films and a variety of low-budget English-language indies. The distributor released more films last year than in its previous (and only) two years of existence combined, with the best being Spain's silent-film take on Snow White, Blancanieves.

Films Released in 2013 Studio Domestic Gross Metascore User Score
BlancanievesCohen Media Group$279,735828.3
The AttackCohen Media Group$1,720,325747.6
In the HouseCohen Media Group$389,757728.4
You Will Be My SonCohen Media Group$285,15167n/a
The PreyCohen Media Group$13,95958n/a
TerrafermaCohen Media Group$19,99657n/a
CapitalCohen Media Group$101,70055n/a
The Artist and the ModelCohen Media Group$127,95853n/a
Mademoiselle CCohen Media Group$48,66851n/a
SwerveCohen Media Group$3,33842n/a
Just Like a WomanCohen Media Group$11,40339n/a

Music Box Films

Quality Avg. Metascore Total U.S. Box Office # of Releases % Good
A– 69.1 ↓ 1.3
vs 2012
Rank: 34th
12 92%

Chicago-based Music Box finished with 2013's third-highest average Metascore, and an especially impressive 92% positive review rate. Take away the three films from Music Box's new genre film label Doppelgänger Releasing, and that Metascore average jumps up to 71.4. The distributor even scored big in TV, bringing French drama Les Revenants (The Returned) to the U.S., where it became the year's highest-scoring new series.

Films Released in 2013 Studio Domestic Gross Metascore User Score
Birders: The Central Park Effect Music Box Films$079n/a
LoreMusic Box Films$970,325768.0
AugustineMusic Box Films$107,35274n/a
Happy People: A Year in the TaigaMusic Box Films$338,98774n/a
The SilenceMusic Box Films$100,21472n/a
InformantMusic Box Films$10,06870n/a
The WallMusic Box Films$38,67467n/a
Smash & Grab: The Story of the Pink Panthers Doppelganger $18,93866n/a
Shepard & DarkMusic Box Films$10,27866n/a
Bettie Page Reveals AllMusic Box Films$95,82364n/a
100 Bloody Acres Doppelganger $6,38863n/a
Eddie: The Sleepwalking Cannibal Doppelganger $1,63257n/a


Quality Avg. Metascore Total U.S. Box Office # of Releases % Good
C+ 58.7 $1.6m
Rank: 36th
12 50%

A fairly new distributor, Cinedigm released more films than ever before last year, impressing critics the most with indie drama Short Term 12.

Films Released in 2013 Domestic Gross Metascore User Score
Short Term 12$1,008,984828.8
Call Me Kuchu$9,124806.0
The World Before Her$077n/a
Dead Man's Burden$29,63476n/a
Narco Cultura$145,08874n/a
Our Nixon$20,58472n/a
Don't Stop Believin': Everyman's Journey$61,01853n/a
Come Out and Play$2,63844n/a
Violet & Daisy$17,186436.7
The English Teacher$104,810427.1
Arthur Newman$207,853427.2

Entertainment One

Quality Avg. Metascore Total U.S. Box Office # of Releases % Good
D 49.9 $1.4m
Rank: 39th
9 11%

Entertainment One earned less money in 2013 despite releasing more films than in 2012, possibly because those films weren't all that good; only one, horror thriller We Are What We Are, managed to collect positive reviews.

Films Released in 2013 Domestic Gross Metascore User Score
We Are What We Are$81,381696.4
Wish You Were Here$46,34760n/a
Scatter My Ashes at Bergdorf's$518,34255n/a
The Sweeney$26,650485.8
Twice Born$18,29534n/a

Anchor Bay Films

Quality Avg. Metascore Total U.S. Box Office # of Releases % Good
F 39.0 ↓ 1.9
vs 2012
Rank: 41st
11 0%

Our lowest-graded distributor for the second consecutive year, Starz-owned Anchor Bay actually managed to turn in an even worse performance last year than in their F-graded 2012, and matched Fox as the only studios not to release a positively reviewed film in 2013. And, aside from the Rob Zombie-directed Lords of Salem, box office receipts were almost nonexistent.

Films Released in 2013 Domestic Gross Metascore User Score
The Lords of Salem$1,165,882575.9
All Is Bright$4,556544.3
Down the Shore$6,55854n/a
Free Samples$053n/a
Jayne Mansfield's Car$14,83648n/a
The Rambler$032n/a
Pawn Shop Chronicles$8,088285.5
No One Lives$74,918266.8
Girls Against Boys$7,529172.0
Nothing Left to Fear$7,88612n/a

First Run

Quality Avg. Metascore Total U.S. Box Office # of Releases % Good
C+ 58.8 ↑ 0.1
vs 2012
Rank: 45th
17 47%

First Run's emphasis on documentaries typically guarantees that at least some of its films will score well with critics, and that was again the case in 2013—though the distributor finished the year once more in the middle of the pack, weighed down by too many so-so releases. Box office receipts, however, were up considerably last year, thanks mainly to Michael Apted's latest "Up" documentary, 56 Up. (Only seven years until a sequel!)

Films Released in 2013 Domestic Gross Metascore User Score
56 Up$701,278839.1
Far Out Isn't Far Enough: The Tomi Ungerer Story$35,64773n/a
Herman's House$4,95673n/a
11 Flowers$9,21371n/a
Nuclear Nation$4,96069n/a
Birth of the Living Dead$9,80265n/a
Design Is One$14,07863n/a
Bidder 70$5,07461n/a
Rising from Ashes$38,60258n/a
The End of Time$3,15956n/a
Men at Lunch$2,48353n/a
You Don't Need Feet to Dance$1,71953n/a
A Fierce Green Fire$29,81752n/a
Ferlinghetti: A Rebirth of Wonder$4,81652n/a
Mumia: Long Distance Revolutionary$37,73141n/a
A Girl and a Gun$3,01841n/a
Bert Stern: Original Madman$34,00535n/a

Kino Lorber

Quality Avg. Metascore Total U.S. Box Office # of Releases % Good
B+ 66.4 ↑ 0.2
vs 2012
Rank: 49th
15 80%

Arthouse specialist Kino Lorber typically scores well with critics for its mix of documentaries and foreign films, and 2013 marked a slight improvement over scores that were already fairly high in 2012. However, while the distributor avoided scoring lower than 50 in 2012, a rare misfire came in 2013 in the form of Canadian farce If I Were You.

Films Released in 2013 Domestic Gross Metascore User Score
I Killed My Mother (J'ai tué me mère)$0836.8
Deceptive Practices: The Mysteries and Mentors of Ricky Jay$152,791798.4
A Touch of Sin$136,70576n/a
Ain't in It for My Health: A Film About Levon Helm$113,96676n/a
Computer Chess$101,718747.1
The Trials of Muhammad Ali$58,47072n/a
More Than Honey$76,005707.4
You Ain't Seen Nothin' Yet$18,52769n/a
Greenwich Village: Music That Defined a Generation$23,70165n/a
Camille Claudel 1915$31,66363n/a
Violeta Went to Heaven$21,49663n/a
Tricked: The Documentary$3,53361n/a
Drew: The Man Behind the Poster$3,07859n/a
La Maison de la Radio$8,09556n/a
If I Were You$9,43228n/a

Variance Films

Quality Avg. Metascore Total U.S. Box Office # of Releases % Good
B+ 66.4 $883k
Rank: 50th
10 60%

2013 brought Variance its highest-grossing film to date in the form of Dave Grohl's music doc Sound City, which, in turn, gave the tiny but innovative distributor its best-ever year at the box office. Variance also scored a major critical hit with Chinese action film Drug War.

Films Released in 2013 Domestic Gross Metascore User Score
Drug War$128,195867.1
God Loves Uganda$51,22977n/a
Sound City$422,853768.5
An Oversimplification of Her Beauty$71,90676n/a
Terms and Conditions May Apply$55,82468n/a
The History of Future Folk$17,64667n/a
Go for Sisters$62,10759n/a
The End of Love$9,34256n/a
American Made Movie$45,17554n/a
Hunky Dory$20,29646n/a

Well Go

Quality Avg. Metascore Total U.S. Box Office # of Releases % Good
D– 48.0 ↓ 8.7
vs 2012
Rank: 51st
8 13%

Texas-based Well Go brings Asian films to America, some with more success than others. Critics didn't care for the distributors offerings last year, but box office receipts were close to Well Go's 2012 total, driven by the Korean hit New World.

Films Released in 2013 Domestic Gross Metascore User Score
On the Job$164,62070n/a
New World$457,80658n/a
Ip Man: The Final Fight$37,88455n/a
And While We Were Here$7,75046n/a
The Rooftop$85,75545n/a
Tai Chi Hero$35,06739n/a
The Guillotines$5,29035n/a

The Cinema Guild

Quality Avg. Metascore Total U.S. Box Office # of Releases % Good
A+ 76.2 ↑ 2.7
vs 2012
Rank: 55th
8 100%

Boasting the highest average Metascore among all distributors for the second consecutive year, Cinema Guild also had the highest average score for any distributor in any single year since we began publishing these annual report cards five years ago. Critics liked every film the 45-year-old company had to offer in 2013, especially one-of-a-kind documentary Leviathan and the Vienna-set drama Museum Hours.

Films Released in 2013 Domestic Gross Metascore User Score
Museum Hours$554,361836.3
Cousin Jules$17,19078n/a
The Unspeakable Act$076n/a
Night Across the Street$16,77876n/a
The Last Time I Saw Macao$5,64169n/a
Andre Gregory: Before and After Dinner$42,89263n/a

Oscilloscope Laboratories

Quality Avg. Metascore Total U.S. Box Office # of Releases % Good
B– 61.4 ↓ 0.9
vs 2012
Rank: 63rd
11 45%

Operating under new management in 2013 after the death of co-founder (and Beastie Boys member) Adam Yauch, Oscilloscope couldn't match is 67% success rate of 2012, but still earned a fairly strong average Metascore. Box office grosses, however, were lower in 2013 than in any year other than the company's first (2008).

Films Released in 2013 Studio Domestic Gross Metascore User Score
These Birds WalkOscilloscope Pictures$14,00082n/a
Mother of GeorgeOscilloscope Pictures$157,93777n/a
RealityOscilloscope Pictures$72,577767.6
After TillerOscilloscope Pictures$67,41475n/a
Welcome to Pine HillOscilloscope Pictures$6,11574n/a
It's a DisasterOscilloscope Pictures$60,818577.3
WastelandOscilloscope Pictures$052n/a
Breakup at a WeddingOscilloscope Pictures$050n/a
A TeacherOscilloscope Pictures$8,34847n/a
Off LabelOscilloscope Pictures$044n/a
Our Day Will ComeOscilloscope Pictures$040n/a

Tribeca Film

Quality Avg. Metascore Total U.S. Box Office # of Releases % Good
C+ 59.0 ↑ 0.6
vs 2012
Rank: 66th
19 53%

Though Tribeca Film earned positive reviews for more than half of its 2013 film slate, the company's average Metascore was weighed down by a handful of films that were mostly disliked by critics. Tribeca's quality numbers last year were similar to 2012's, while box office grosses increased a bit, to an all-time high for the company.

Films Released in 2013 Studio Domestic Gross Metascore User Score
War WitchTribeca Film$70,544848.1
What Richard DidTribeca Film$2,749806.1
ResolutionTribeca Film$078n/a
The Broken Circle BreakdownTribeca Film$107,622707.6
Sparrows DanceTribeca Film$2,60269n/a
How to Make Money Selling DrugsTribeca Film$39,192688.0
S#x ActsTribeca Film$067n/a
Red FlagTribeca Film$2,07565n/a
Zero CharismaTribeca Film$9,41763n/a
Supporting CharactersTribeca Film$4,91762n/a
Somebody Up There Likes MeTribeca Film$89,43558n/a
Greetings from Tim BuckleyFocus World, Tribeca Film$11,15757n/a
RubberneckTribeca Film$2,07557n/a
Some Velvet MorningTribeca Film$6,42054n/a
A Single ShotTribeca Film$18,642535.6
Struck by LightningTribeca Film$28,378416.8
SalTribeca Film$6,88341n/a
The Time BeingTribeca Film$5,27429n/a
ExpectingTribeca Film$027n/a

Strand Releasing

Quality Avg. Metascore Total U.S. Box Office # of Releases % Good
B 65.0 ↑ 1.6
vs 2012
Rank: 69th
12 83%

But for two misfires, Strand had a terrific 2013 in terms of quality. Only two distributors (Cinema Guild and Music Box) had a higher positive review rate than Strand's 83%.

Films Released in 2013 Domestic Gross Metascore User Score
Il Futuro$14,00180n/a
The Missing Picture$080n/a
In the Fog$11,89478n/a
Paradise: Hope$6,70178n/a
Post Tenebras Lux$39,185696.4
I Used to Be Darker$22,21469n/a
White Elephant$8,88467n/a
Paradise: Love$24,26765n/a
Paradise: Faith$6,50861n/a
The Condemned$3,71829n/a

Comments (4)

  • LamontRaymond  

    The Weinsteins have truly ramped it up.. Well done, brothers.

  • FleshWorld  

    Congrats to Warner bros. Gravity, Her, and Prisoners alone would make for one hell of a year. But 5 billion worldwide? F-me!

  • LamontRaymond  

    Congrats to the Cinema Guild, I guess. Great movies, but couldn't you have marketed those suckers a bit better? The total of the 8 films didn't come within spitting distance of a million bucks total! I mean, you've got to get those suckers into more than one theater in Manhattan. The American film-goer is thirsting for quality filmmaking. Put in the elbow grease and distribute those bad boys.

  • OscarDiggs  

    I like the list, but I really think you should include FilmDistrict. With OLYMPUS HAS FALLEN and INSIDIOUS CHAPTER 2, they definitely deserve more atttention than, say, Anchor Bay.

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