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  • Publish Date: April 7, 2010
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SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't yet seen this episode of Lost, you should avoid reading this article and the user comments, as they will discuss events that happened during the episode.

Episode 11 Metascore

Season 6, Episode 11: "Happily Ever After"

Our quick take: If only that had been the season's first episode.This week's Desmond-focused story, which spent most of its time in the "sideways" world of Los Angeles, seemed to suggest a reason for all of the L.A. stories we've seen so far this year (or, at the very least, added some much-needed momentum going forward).

And the critics? They loved it. We'll get to individual critic scores and comments for this week's episode, and a comparison of each of this season's scores, in just a moment. But first: a quick poll ...

Previous Episodes This Season
Episode Score   Episode Score
Episode 1/2: LA X 89   Episode 7: Dr. Linus 92
Episode 3: What Kate Does 64   Episode 8: Recon 76
Episode 4: The Substitute 88   Episode 9: Ab Aeterno 93
Episode 5: Lighthouse 71   Episode 10: The Package 72
Episode 6: Sundown 82      
Reviews for This Week's Episode
Score Publication Reviewer
100 Chicago Tribune Maureen Ryan
That was a fantastic episode of "Lost." It might be in my all-time Top 10.
100 Entertainment Weekly Jeff Jensen
“Happily Ever After” was the episode we’ve been waiting for all season. [Full recap forthcoming]
100 HitFix Drew McWeeny
It was a triumph for the series, bringing several major players in the series to center stage again after sidelining them for a while, and the way they did it seemed to me to fold the show's reality in on itself in a fascinating way.
100 Los Angeles Times Todd VanDerWerff
"Happily Ever After" is just a sublime episode of television.
100 The Onion A.V. Club Noel Murray
It’s fair to say that the bar was set pretty high for “Happily Ever After.” And damned if Darlton didn’t clear it. With room to spare. [Grade: A]
100 Television Without Pity Cindy McLennan
[Full recap forthcoming; Grade: A+]
100 TV Overmind Sam McPherson
The episode was exceedingly fantastic. [Grade: A+]
100 Zap2It Ryan McGee
The most emotional, most satisfying hour of the season. ... "The Substitute" and "Dr. Linus" were outstanding, but this was all-time great.
95 IGN Chris Carabott
While not necessarily on the same level as "The Constant" or even "Flashes Before Your Eyes", "Happily Ever After" does deliver many game changing moments that will alter the way we view the alternate universe from this point forward.
92 TV Fanatic M. L. House
Halfway through this Desmond-centric episode, I was actually annoyed at the Sideways storytelling ... But then Desmond had his conversation with Eloise Widmore and everything changed.
90 Cultural Learnings Myles McNutt
While there isn’t a single question that it answers, there also isn’t a single question that it stops us from asking, which is where the show wants us to be at this stage: rather than knocking off easy answers to pave the way for the conclusion, the episode gives us a series of tools and ideas which help us unlock the meaning of what we’ve seen thus far and will continue to be instrumental in how the show reveals things in the future.
90 Time James Poniewozik
After "Happily Ever After," I am finally fully confident that [the alternate universe] means something, and this leaves me feeling very good about the remaining episodes.
80 What's Alan Watching Alan Sepinwall
So now there are stakes to the sideways stories. ... That knowledge doesn't retroactively improve dull sideways stories like "What Kate Does" or last week's "The Package" in the way that we might have hoped, but it does make the sideways world matter moving forward into this last rush of episodes.
50 St. Petersburg Times Eric Deggans
Cool as this twist was, stretching it out over an entire episode seemed more like a justification for putting Cusick's name in the opening credits than anything else.

Individual critic scores are assigned by Metacritic (on a scale of 0-bad to 100-great) based on the overall impression given by a review. The overall Metascore listed at the top of this page is a simple average of the individual scores.

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Comments (4)

  • Julien sorel  

    This episode has reminded me why I loved Lost in the first place. Best episode in the season so far. And two of my favourite Lost characters are back! I know the pieces fit.

  • Eviltone  

    At 5 min's and 28 seconds the pay attention to the two people holding Desmond, shortly after when tying Desmond to the chair look at the guy with the green shirt and listen carefully to the voice....opinions appreciated, is this a continuity error or am I high on drugs???

  • James  

    Excellent episode! A very very very good episode! One of the great ones, like the ones I've been missing! If you think "LA X" and "Ab Aeterno" were good, you'll think this one is SPECTACULAR. Excellent job!

  • Mitch Sloan  

    Amazing episode - not that I claim to understand 100% of what's going on and how it all works... But that's the beauty of Lost. It's possible to "get it" on an intuitive level when it's not perfectly intelligible.

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