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  • Publish Date: April 21, 2010
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SPOILER ALERT: If you haven't yet seen this episode of Lost, you should avoid reading this article and the user comments, as they will discuss events that happened during the episode.

Episode 13 Metascore

Season 6, Episode 13: "The Last Recruit"

This week's plot-heavy episode of "Lost" did not focus on any one character, but did seem to make some progress in both narrative universes. Reviews for this week's episode are below, following a look at the scores for the previous weeks this season.

Only five hours (four episodes) remain. Note that ABC is not broadcasting a new episode next week (the technical term is "rerun"), so we'll be back in two weeks with reviews from the new episode shown May 4th. The remaining episodes after that air on May 11 and May 18, with the special two-hour finale on Sunday, May 23.

Previous Episodes This Season
Episode Score   Episode Score
Episode 1/2: LA X 89   Episode 8: Recon 76
Episode 3: What Kate Does 64   Episode 9: Ab Aeterno 93
Episode 4: The Substitute 88   Episode 10: The Package 72
Episode 5: Lighthouse 71   Episode 11: Happily Ever After 93
Episode 6: Sundown 82   Episode 12: Everybody Loves Hugo 83
Episode 7: Dr. Linus 92      
Reviews for This Week's Episode
Score Publication Reviewer
91 The Onion A.V. Club Noel Murray
“The Last Recruit” was, technically, not a character-specific episode, but I tend to think of it as a Jack episode. It’s Jack’s version of leadership and heroism that Lost is ultimately concerned with I believe, and much of the drama of “The Last Recruit” (and I personally thought the episode was highly dramatic, and highly entertaining to boot) had to do with Jack muddling through. [Grade: A-]
90 HitFix Drew McWeeny
The alternating storylines this week really seemed to be paying off in interesting ways.
83 Television Without Pity Cindy McLennan
[Full recap forthcoming; Grade: B+]
83 TV Overmind Sam McPherson
Overall, the episode was transitional yet interesting (though it wasn't without its tiny flaws). [Grade: B+]
82 IGN Chris Carabott
"The Last Recruit" does an exceptional job of moving the plot forward.
80 What's Alan Watching Alan Sepinwall
All in all, a good episode - not mind-blowing, but necessary.
70 Chicago Tribune Maureen Ryan
If "The Last Recruit" wasn't particularly graceful in some areas, it was satisfying in a number of respects and it certainly whetted my appetite for what's to come. It was generally pleasing to see all the threads of the tapestries in both timelines being woven together more tightly. Having said that, there were a few places where the story felt rushed or a little sloppy.
70 Cultural Learnings Myles McNutt
I think that the Flash Sideways storyline is suffering from a sense of the short-term which seems ill-fitting for a final season. ... I liked a lot of what the episode did, like juxtaposing Sayid pondering an action on island even more reprehensible than the one which he gets arrested for in the Sideways, but it all felt smaller than the story seemed to indicate it was supposed to feel.
70 Los Angeles Times Todd VanDerWerff
I can't help but feel just a little let down by "The Last Recruit," which is a pretty good episode but never makes the leap up to great episode. It feels like a collection of awesome moments with a bunch of characters running around in between those moments.
70 Zap2It Ryan McGee
While the sideways story was darn near perfect in execution, for the second straight week, getting people in place on the Island was a bit dodgy.
60 Entertainment Weekly Jeff Jensen
“The Last Recruit” didn’t blow me away. Some of it really bugged me, actually, but it was a necessary staging episode for the final act of the season. [Full recap forthcoming here]
60 TV Fanatic M.L. House
This episode of Lost was the most action-packed, fast-paced of the season. But while it featured a number of memorable, intriguing quotes ... nothing was actually resolved, conversations weren't finished and I was left feeling more frustrated than I've been all season long by a single episode.
40 Time John Cloud
That's my major complaint with this episode: all the exposition rushed forward so quickly that you needed to be on Lostpedia the whole time to keep up. I can't imagine what casual fans got out of this episode, which was one of the weakest of this season.

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Comments (8)

  • Episode Review: Lost  

    [...] Episode 13: The Last Recruit [...]

  • Pixey  

    This was one of the very best episodes of the season. Far stronger than the other episodes with a higher average rating. Too bad the average was lowered by reviewers who weren't up to it. A major reason is getting more Jack time who is undeniaby the most consistently compelling character and the reason this series transcends. The others may be candidates but it's clear that Jack is the one.

  • Aperturius  

    "Staging" episodes have traditionally been rated lower than single-character eps, which is unfortunate. In terms of moving the plot along and bringing the various characters together (particularly in the alt-timeline), this episode was nearly flawless. It's kind of frustrating that many reviewers have been complaining this season that things weren't moving forward fast enough, and now that we've gotten an episode that does just that, they're complaining that it was 'just a staging episode.' The only thing I found really wrong during "The Last Recruit" was some lazy writing and sloppy editing, especially during the reuniting scene with Sun and Jin (particularly Lapidus' awful line, "looks like someone got their voice back".

  • Dallin Hunt  

    Definitely should have a much higher score. This episode and others have been rated too low in my opinion. Tons of great emotional and action packed moments, great acting, great quotes, and the storyline moved ahead a lot.

  • Rob M  

    Really think the score should be higher. This and the package were rated just about the same score, and the package stunk (my opinion obv.). Hell, I would have switched everybody loves hugo's score with this.

  • Jalex  

    I'm really surprised that the score isn't higher.
    After hearing so much grumbling about the flash-sideways not going anywhere, it was great to see all those unresolved plot lines being brought together, obviously for something important.
    And while most of the happenings on The Island were more passive than those of the aforementioned flash-sideways, they were also a lot of moments fans had been waiting for (and waiting for years in some cases).

    As for Jack being 'with' The Man In Black, I'm sure the latter character meant it in a literal sense, with the audience gathering (and the writers intending) it's symbolism.

  • Jerry Curlan  

    I agree with that Metascore completely. Very much an unmemorable episode. And how is Jack "with" Smokey simply because he jumped off the boat and was rescued by MIB. That was a passive act - no affirmative agreement, i.e., no conspiracy. Unless, however, the act of passive compliance is all that is necessary to become a Smokey minion. Did anyone note a hint of longing or loss from Kate when Jack jumped off the boat? Loved it... Glad that Jake owned up to nuking Sawyer's old lady.

  • adams  

    I think this episode should have an upper score, maybe around 80. Considering that it was a staging episode, it was really good! It also had some highlights(like the reunion of Sun and Jin, the alt universe and the conversation between Kate and Claire). So I believe it is underrated, like a few other episodes this season.

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