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  • Publish Date: December 15, 2010

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Pick your favorites of the year in our first annual poll


Over the past few weeks, we have been tracking the picks by professional critics for the best movies, albums, and TV shows of 2010. Think you can do better? Well, now it's your turn.

For the first time, we're inviting all Metacritic users to participate in a year-end poll. Simply click the link below to let us know your picks for the five best movies, videogames, TV shows, albums, and songs of the year. You can vote in as many or as few of those categories as you want, and you'll also get a chance to vote for the worst releases of 2010.

In January, we'll tally all the results and display the leading vote-getters on our site. To determine the winners, we will use a simple scoring system, where all 1st place votes get 5 points, 2nd place votes get 4 points, and so on down to 1 point for each 5th place vote.

Click the link below to enter your Best of 2010 picks:

A few simple rules

  • You may vote only once, and once you enter your picks, you cannot change them -- so make them count!
  • Voting will close at 11:59pm PST on January 7, 2011.
  • You may only list a particular title once in your top 5 in any category; we will invalidate any duplicate votes.
  • You may only list titles released during 2010. Any votes for titles that were not released between January 1, 2010 and December 31, 2010 will be disqualified.
  • For TV shows, you may list any shows that aired at least one new episode at any point during 2010, even if that show is no longer on the air now.

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Comments (31)

  • Philippe  

    aucun doute, le nouveau site est nul et je vais de moins en moins souvent sur ce site depuis le changement

  • Donny  

    Filled out the survey, accidentally clicked outside the survey window, lost the entire contents of the survey. Nice.

  • Jaxon Palmer  

    Best Films of 2010:
    1) Black Swan (10/10) (is hand's down the best movie of 2010. You either get this movie or you don't and it's not your fault if you don't. I mean, three different sets of people walked out on the flick the first time I experienced it. The people that stayed to the end gave a standing ovation; something I've never witnessed in a movie theater before. Black Swan requires an understanding of human psychology, obsessive compulsive disorder, malignant narcissism and the plethora of paranoid delusional disorders out there(with comorbid daylight hallucinations) to be fully appreciated. Aronofsky actually makes you feel the agonizing anxiety one suffers with when drowning in a brew of these psychological straight jackets. His directing is not gimmickry or intended to shock like some Wes Craven horror flick. What you see on screen is very close to the reality of someone living in an almost schizophrenic dimension. I would know. You walk through life like a mexican jumping bean so anxious that you're certain you're going to jump out of you're skin and into some other parnoid wormhole and travel through time. Then along came Benzos to take the pain away. Also turning you into a Kentucky Fried 'Idi0t' but you'd rather be dumb than dead. If Natalie Portman doesn't get best actress...well...something is wrong. It's not just her acting but it's the physical shape she got herself in to perform all those ballet scenes(not camera trickery or a stunt double). Is there any other actress that could play that role? No least not one that looks like Natalie Portman who has now moved into my number 1 spot as 'most attractive actress in Hollywood'(Funny how a movie with Portman puking makes her more attractive. Granted she was also nearly nak-ed. I like the anorexic look. Way to go Hollywood for indirectly promoting eating disorders once again. hah). I actually don't believe Portman's acting all that much. Probably masochistic in real life. Seems that Aronofsky tends to pick actors that already are their parts even if they are unaware as to why he has chosen them for that particular part.
    2) King's Speech (9.5/10) (definitely the most inspirational movie of 2010 and will probably win)
    3) The Town (9.3/10) (i have no clue why this movie hasn't received more acclaim. Ben Affleck? Just accept that the guy is talented or that he has a ton of money and a keg of lackeys and interns doing the grunt work while he sits back until he's needed to staple his name to the finished product. Regardless, his last two directed film have rocked and have been largely overlooked by the Academy. I actually thought Blake Lively was brilliant and is deserving of an Oscar nod for supporting actress(woops, there goes my credibility if I had any). Had no clue it was her until months later when scouring the Internet for 'that girl from the Town with the massive jugs' to practice my hobby; vat of Jergens and calloused palm close by. 4) Inception (9/10)
    5) The Kids Are Alright(9/10)
    6) The Fighter (8.7/10)
    7) Easy A (8.5/10)
    6) Winter's Bone (8/10) (good movie but common??? Jennifer Lawrence. Many actresses could have played this role just as well. To give this newb the Oscar over Portman would be giving the shaft to Portman which I'm sure the Academy would love to do b/c the Academy hates pretty people...the Jeyouwish factor should help her though so who knows.)
    7)Social Network (7.5/10 : This movie may have been better than I'm giving it credit but i just can't stand Facebook -- even though it paints Zuckernerd ugly -- and help but feel that it's just another ad for megalomaniac and the company spawned by an idea which I am now fully convinced he stole. There is no such thing as bad publicity after all and that's why the Suckster has been pumping this movie all over the place, including a 60 minutes spot. Don't support this film.

    Most Overrated Film: I love satire. I love witty dialogue. I loved No Country For Old Men and Fargo. I hated True Grit. It was absolute garbage. No clue where all this critical acclaim is coming from. The theater was packed when I saw it and there was literally a blitzkrieg of booing at the end. No one looked happy when leaving. It was Bombs over Baghdad. 6/10 max. I had to force myself to sit through the movie. Kept waiting for something special but it never happened. The little girl was good but who cares? What a retarded movie? What was the Oscar-worthy message? If the message was the cliche message that I assume it was, then I should have just seen The Tourist. Where was the Entertainment? Tron was entertaining. A lousy movie but certainly fun to watch on the big screen. True Grit was boooooooreing.

  • Jeff  

    Gosh, the redesign is SOOOO awful. Navigation is terrible. I just emailed them about it. I have friends who visit Metacritic much less often, or have taken it out of their browsing rotation completely. What are the chances they listen to the masses and make some changes?

  • Caleb  

    I agree with the other posts that the new Metacritic format is much worse in every way than it was previously. Please listen to the users and go back to the prior format. It was much easier to navigate and get info quickly.

  • jailani  

    ugh... get over it guys!!! the 'new design' is just ok, alright..

  • Robert Paulson  

    Further to my rant above... a question - why do successful websites suddenly get the urge for incompetent redesigns? Imdb have done it as well with their front page. Let's screw up a winning formula. I used to visit metacritic all the time, now only occassionally. Bye.

  • Robert Paulson  

    “Metacritic’s New Redesign” as the worst videogame of 2010. Agreed. PLEASE BRING BACK THE OLD LAYOUT!


    The new Metacritic’s “design” is awful! Shame of the year!!!
    ^^^^ Agree.

  • Lucy92837  

    Album: 1. My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy
    2. Hidden
    3. Body Talk
    4. The Suburbs
    5. Contra

    1. Boardwalk Empire
    2. 30 Rock
    3. Mad Men
    4. Community
    5. Breaking Bad

    1. Un-thinkable (I'm Ready)
    2. Teenage Dream
    3. Die By the Drop
    4. Dog Days Are Over
    5. Airplanes

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