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  • Publish Date: September 24, 2010
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Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 trailer

Here’s the first extended look at Part 1 of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows. New additions to the cast for the final two films include Bill Nighy as Rufus Scrimgeour and Rhys Ifans as Xenophilius Lovegood. The final two films are directed by David Yates from a script by Steve Kloves. You can see it in theaters November 19.

Super 8 casting

The secretive J.J. Abrams film began production this week and the cast was revealed even though which parts each person will play is unknown. At the end of last week, Vulture reported that Kyle Chandler (Friday Night Lights) and Elle Fanning (Sofia Coppola’s upcoming Somewhere) had been cast. THR followed later this week with news that Ron Eldard (House of Sand and Fog), Noah Emmerich (Little Children), Gabriel Basso (The Big C), and younger actors Joel Courtney, Riley Griffiths, Ryan Lee, and Zach Mills had been cast. Again, we don’t really know anything about the story, but some shooting is expected to take place around the Marland Heights area of Weirton, West Virginia (renamed Lillian Heights for the film). You can see some photos of the production at AICN.

The first trailer for The King’s Speech

After picking up the Audience Award at the just-concluded Toronto International Film Festival, The King’s Speech is already generating Oscar buzz. Judge for yourself below. The film stars Colin Firth as King George VI, Helena Bonham Carter as his wife, Queen Elizabeth, and Geoffrey Rush as Lionel Logue, the speech therapist who helps George overcome his stutter. Tom Hooper (The Damned United) directs from David Seidler’s script. The film is scheduled to start in limited release on November 26.

God of Carnage cast

In its most recent incarnation on the stage in 2009, Yasmina Reza’s play God of Carnage (originally Le Dieu du Carnage) won Tony Awards for Best Play, Best Direction, and Best Actress ( for Marcia Gay Harden), and now the play will be directed for the screen by Roman Polanski. The story revolves around two sets of parents who meet to discuss their sons' involvement in a schoolyard fight. Needless to say, this meeting does not go well. Deadline has confirmed that Jodie Foster, Kate Winslet and Christoph Waltz will star. Matt Dillon was originally rumored to be the fourth parent, but he is no longer mentioned. We’ll have to wait and see who fills out the cast, and there’s no word on exactly which part each will play. In addition to Marcia Gay Harden, the recent Broadway cast consisted of James Gandolfini, Jeff Daniels, and Hope Davis while the original West End production included Ralph Fiennes, Ken Stott, Tamsin Greig, and Janet McTeer.

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest trailer

Here’s the first trailer for the US release of the final film in the Millennium Trilogy, The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet’s Nest. Daniel Alfredson who directed the second film, The Girl Who Played with Fire, returns along with Noomi Rapace and Michael Nyqvist. A limited release is set for October 29 in the US.

The Dilemma trailer

Ron Howard began his directing career with a few comedies (Night Shift, Splash, Gung Ho) but eventually moved on to more dramatic films, most notably Apollo 13, A Beautiful Mind, and Frost/Nixon. Now he seems to be returning to his roots with The Dilemma, starring Vince Vaughn, Kevin James, Jennifer Connelly, and Winona Ryder. The story revolves around Vaughn’s character, who discovers that the wife (Ryder) of his best friend (James) is cheating, thus placing him in, well, a dilemma. The trailer explains it all. See it in theaters January 14, 2011.

More casting for the next Mission: Impossible

The Wrap tells us that Russian star Vladimir Mashkov (Behind Enemy Lines) has joined the cast of the next not-titled Mission Impossible film as -- what else -- a Russian agent. In addition, What’s Playing reports that The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo's Michael Nyqvist might join the cast as the main villain. Tom Cruise and Brad Bird were also seen location-scouting around Prague this week.

The first trailer for Wild Target

Jonathan Lynn (The Whole Nine Yards) directs this remake of the 1993 French film Cible émouvante, written and directed by Pierre Salvadori, who also did the fun French comedy Priceless. In this British version of the tale, Bill Nighy stars as an assassin who gets caught up in the life of his latest target after he spares her life. Emily Blunt play the target, and Rupert Grint, Rupert Everett (Separate Lies) and Martin Freeman (The Office) fill out the cast. Release is set for October 8 in the U.S.

A first look at Carlos

Originally created as a French TV miniseries, Carlos is Olivier Assayas’ (Summer Hours) five-and-a-half-hour take on the life of Carlos the Jackal. The film screened at Cannes this year and received strong reviews for its full-length version, and now IFC will release a shorter two-hour and 20-minute cut in theaters on October 15. If you want to see the full three-part version in the U.S, the Sundance Channel will begin showing it on October 11. The film chronicles the rise and fall of the Cold War terrorist played by Édgar Ramirez (Domino).

The Roommate trailer

TV stars Leighton Meester (Gossip Girl) and Minka Kelly (Friday Night Lights) make the jump to the big screen in this college horror spin on Single White Female. Meester’s character is the troubled one, as you’ll see in the trailer below. The film will make its way into theaters on February 4, 2011.

Joaquin Phoenix and Casey Affleck news

What are Joaquin Phoenix and Casey Affleck up to after I’m Still Here? Phoenix is rumored to be Clint Eastwood’s pick to play Clyde Tolson, J. Edgar Hoover’s lover and protege, opposite Leonardo DiCaprio in Hoover. Dustin Lance Black (Milk) wrote the script told Movieline that DiCaprio and Eastwood are in, but no one else could be confirmed. Phoenix is also, according to Vulture, attached to star with Mia Wasikowska (Alice in Wonderland) in Steven Shainberg’s (Secretary) next film Big Shoe. Affleck will also return to acting by re-teaming with his Assassination of Jesse James director Andrew Dominik.

The second international trailer for The Social Network (and a new clip)

Great reviews, another trailer, and a few clips from The Social Network arrived on the web this week. I think you know what it’s about by now, but if not, let's use David Fincher’s kidding description to New York Magazine: it’s “the Citizen Kane of John Hughes movies.” Jessie Eisenberg plays Mark Zuckerberg, and it turns out that he might have stepped on a few toes while turning Facebook into a multi-billion dollar company. See it in theaters next Friday, and watch more clips here in the meantime.

Priest international trailer

Scott Charles Stewart (Legion) directs Paul Bettany again in Priest, based somewhat loosely on the Min-Woo Hyung comic series. Bettany stars as Priest, a legendary warrior who is forced to fight again after his niece is abducted by vampires. He is joined on his quest by a sheriff played by Cam Gigandet (Never Back Down) and a priestess with special fighting powers played by Maggie Q (TV’s Nikita). Karl Urban (Star Trek) plays the evil Black Hat. Release is currently set for May 13, 2011.

Darling Companion cast

Lawrence Kasdan hasn’t directed since 2003’s disappointing Dreamcatcher, but, according to a tweet by Production Weekly, he is about to begin production on Darling Companion. The film centers on a woman (Diane Keaton) who loves her dog more than her husband (Kevin Kline), and when the husband loses the dog after a wedding in the Rockies, a chaotic search ensues. THR’s Risky Business reports that Richard Jenkins (The Visitor) and Elizabeth Moss (Mad Men) will also star in the film. Kline previously worked with Kasdan on The Big Chill, Silverado, I Love You to Death, Grand Canyon, and French Kiss.

The first trailer for Gnomeo & Juliet

Slated for release on February 11, 2011 and directed by Kelly Asbury (Shrek 2), Gnomeo and Juliet takes Shakespeare’s story into the world of warring red and blue gnomes. James McAvoy lends his voice to Gnomeo, while Emily Blunt voices Juliet. Other voice talent includes Jason Statham, Michael Caine, Maggie Smith, and Patrick Stewart. Elton John provides the music.

First clips for Rabbit Hole

Here’s a first look at Hedwig and the Angry Inch director John Cameron Mitchell’s latest film, Rabbit Hole, starring Nicole Kidman and Aaron Eckhart. The story follows a family as they grieve the loss of their son. David Lindsay-Abaire wrote the screenplay based on his own 2007 Pulitzer Prize winning play for which Cynthia Nixon (Sex and the City) won the Tony award. After the film's strong showing at TIFF, Lionsgate picked up Rabbit Hole for distribution and will be releasing it in select cities on December 17.

Rachel Weisz to work with Fernando Meirelles again

Having already worked together on The Constant Gardener, Rachel Weisz and Fernando Meirelles will team up again on his latest film 360, according to Variety. The film will be written by Peter Morgan (Frost/Nixon) and is based on the Arthur Schnitzler play Reigen, which consists of ten scenes between pairs of lovers with one member of each pair appearing in a subsequent scene. There’s no word on what role Weisz will play or how Morgan is approaching his adaptation.

Quick notes: Rumors, release dates, casting news and more

  • Christopher Guest's next mockumentary may lampoon retro collectors - Cinematical

  • At a press conference in Rome, Christopher Nolan revealed that he is looking to develop a video game based on his international hit Inception - Variety

  • Paul Thomas Anderson’s expected follow up to There Will Be Blood has been “postponed indefinitely” - The Playlist

  • On the heels of last week’s news that True Lies will become a TV show, Deadline reports that Goodfellas might be heading to TV.

  • A few details have emerged about Cobalt Neural 9, the Wachowskis' next and possibly very strange film - Vulture

  • Early rumors for the female leads in Sony’s Spider-Man reboot peg Emma Stone and Mia Wasikowska as possible love interests - Variety

  • Speaking of Emma Stone, she may also be up for a major role in the upcoming film adaptation of 21 Jump Street - Variety
  • Kate Beckinsale, after not appearing in Underworld: Rise of the Lycans, will resume the role of Selene in Underworld 4, according to THR, while Latino Review reports that Kate Beckinsale will star alongside Mark Wahlberg in Contraband, a remake of Reykjavik-Rotterdam, to be directed by Baltasar Kormakur (101 Reykjavik).

  • Leslie Mann has joined Ryan Reynolds, Jason Bateman, and Olivia Wilde in the David Dobkin (Wedding Crashers)-directed comedy The Change-Up. - Deadline
  • Scarlett Johansson’s character from Iron Man 2, Black Widow, will get her own feature film. - SuperHeroHype
  • Kimberly Peirce, the director of Boys Don’t Cry and Stop-Loss, will helm the adaptation of the Melissa Marr fantasy novel Wicked Lovely - Deadline
  • Carla Gugino has joined Jim Carrey in Mr. Popper’s Penguins - Variety
  • Instead of remaking The Blob, Rob Zombie will direct The Lords of Salem next - Deadline
  • If you’re a fan of The King of Kong but not of Billy Mitchell, you’ll be happy to hear that Steve Wiebe has reclaimed the Donkey Kong record. - Slashfilm
  • Chloe Moretz will star in the adaptation of the Dark Horse comic Emily the Strange - Deadline

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