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  • Publish Date: February 3, 2011
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Sony/Columbia (incl. Screen Gems)

Summary of 2010 Films
Metascore Breakdown
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Quality: Performance:
D+ B–

Sony's box office performance slipped a bit in 2010, and the studio fell to fifth place in both foreign and domestic market share after occupying loftier positions in 2009. But that doesn't mean the studio necessarily had a bad year.

Indeed, Sony had the third-best per-film average for its new releases in 2010, and scored several domestic and international hits. Chief among these was its Karate Kid remake, which grossed a surprising $360 million worldwide. But even a film like The Tourist, which bombed in the States, managed to take off overseas.

Picking out Sony's best 2010 release, however, is easy. David Fincher's The Social Network isn't just a commercial hit -- grossing over $210 million worldwide to date on a production budget of just $40 million -- it's also the best-reviewed movie of 2010, and the recipient of dozens of film awards and nominations. Sony's biggest 2010 failure, by contrast, isn't its worst-reviewed film (though The Bounty Hunter is pretty bad); instead, that "honor" goes to How Do You Know, the wildly unimpressive James L. Brooks comedy dud that so far has earned less than a third of its $120 million production budget back.

2010 Film Quality Overview - Sony
Total Releases # Great # Awful Avg. Metascore Avg. User Score
18 1 0 49.0 5.5
Low - Median - High: 22 - 45.5 - 95 Score Distribution: 22,37.8,45.5,58.5,95

In the Score Distribution chart, half of all scores (from the 25th percentile to the 75th percentile) fall within the shaded box, with the vertical line in the middle of the box representing the median. The Metascore is a weighted average of scores from top professional critics, on a scale from 0 (bad) to 100 (good). The User Score is an average of scores submitted by Metacritic users, on a scale from 0 (bad) to 10 (good).

2010 Releases for Sony
Film Studio Worldwide Gross* Metascore User Score
The Social NetworkColumbia Pictures$213,758,564958.3
Easy AScreen Gems$74,459,232727.3
SaltColumbia Pictures$293,502,218656.6
The Other GuysColumbia Pictures$170,269,110646.5
The Karate KidColumbia Pictures$359,125,613616.6
Death at a Funeral [2010]Screen Gems$49,050,886514.9
Eat Pray LoveColumbia Pictures$204,482,12550 5.0
BurlesqueScreen Gems$76,738,194486.8
How Do You KnowColumbia Pictures$37,090,773463.6
TakersScreen Gems$68,162,305455.5
Country StrongScreen Gems$18,806,281445.8
Dear JohnScreen Gems$114,977,104435.7
The Virginity HitColumbia Pictures$636,706404.2
The TouristColumbia Pictures$216,847,567374.9
Resident Evil: AfterlifeScreen Gems$296,221,566375.4
Legion [2010]Screen Gems$67,909,454323.2
Grown UpsColumbia Pictures$271,419,251305.1
The Bounty HunterColumbia Pictures$136,320,546223.1

* Worldwide Gross includes box office receipts through January 30, 2010 for films still in theaters. Source for grosses: Box Office Mojo.

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Comments (2)

  • G Pay  

    Where does Focus Features fit into this?

  • Mitch Tough  

    Tough year for Universal.... again! Who the heck is picking movies over there. There's got to be one dude in a little bungalow - like Tim Robbins' character in "The Player" who greenlights movies. Seriously - an abysmal job. Then again, this year truly sucked for movies on the whole. The King's Speech is the favorite for best picture? Wow. Good little flick - heartwarming, but it didn't stun me with its greatness by any stretch. I put it all on these movie studio execs. Pick better movies to make!

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