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  • Publish Date: February 7, 2011
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It's time for Metacritic's 2011 Oscar Prediction Poll


It is once again time to show off your film knowledge by predicting the winners of the 83rd Academy Awards. Last year, as a group, Metacritic users correctly predicted just 14 of the 24 Oscar winners. Can you do better this year? And can you do any better than the Oscar experts? Give it a shot below. You may want to brush up on this year's nominees before diving in.

Some rules and notes: You may vote only once. Voting will close at 11:59pm PST on Wednesday, February 23, 2011. We'll reveal your consensus picks on this site the following day, and, after the Oscars ceremony airs on February 27th, we'll determine how accurate your picks were.

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Comments (24)

  • Shine  

    I think Twilight will be the next oscar.

  • Jeff  

    Honestly, guys, hating on King's Speech makes you all look like you're trying to hate on the mainstream thing that it's cool to hate on. So stop it, you know it was a great movie, and in terms of swaying the judges because of its sheer emotional power, this is the movie to do it. It is much more than the sum of its parts because its very good parts come together to form something truly special.

    Inception was a great idea, but its conventional (though by no means bad) acting means it deserves a screenplay win and maybe some technical stuff too. Technically and for sheer innovation it was mind-blowing, something no one with any sense would argue.

    In my mind the Social Network and the King's Speech were about on the same level in terms of excellence, with no other movie quite reaching their level this year. But the King's Speech was a crowd-pleaser, and the Social Network was more cerebral - that'll probably affect the judges' decision. In the end, like what you like, and realize that this whole Oscar thing is overhyped and overpublicized anyway.

  • Phil  

    The Fighter was the best movie, but Social Net & King's Speech were also very good. The biggest injustice will be that Nicole Kidman will not get the Oscar for a terrific and nuanced performance.

  • Bigthinker  

    oh and @FilmDude RIGHT ON! Although I do think the King's Speech was a good film Inception and Christopher Nolan deserve every award possible, INCLUDING Best picture.

  • Bigthinker  

    @Joesph YES! Finally someone who gets that Inception is the best movie of the year. The Social network bored me to sleep, I literally fell asleep watching it. I don't understand why critics have bummed it so much. Great concept and I love Aaron Sorkin and everything, but Inception was a phenomenal film, all the imagination, detail, the concept. Everything was flawless. I loved it. I know other people did, I guess the Academy just didn't, goodness knows why.

  • Film Dude  

    oh, and sorry for the long stuff

  • Film Dude  

    Also, diego, r u crazy? why would any of those be there. Shutter Island maybe, but the other 2, no. I like scorcese, probably too much, but this was not his best film. Inception deserves to win so much more. First off, i dont understand why it was hard to follow. I understood all of it, and i showed up to the theatres 15 minutes late. Social Network is my number 3. Im tied for TS3 and Inception. Chris Nolan deserves way more. He's being treated like the academy's pack mule. Seriously, give the man a break. He's newer to the industry and all his films are masterpieces. that says something. The King's Speech, nough said. They act like they've never met a succesful person with disabilities. pathetic. Firth is awesome as an actor, but the movie itself shouldn't win. Social Network and TS3 were the only movies this year that showed talent in editing. Why wasn't Lee Ulrich nominated, Idk, cause he put his heart and soul into toy story and that deserves props. He hired dancing with the stars choreographers to help with the dances for god sakes. True Grit, good movie. I liked it, and Jeff Bridges was great as usual. 127 hours, kinda liked. I like james franco, but he won't win, tho he deserves it. KAAR and Winter's Bone, why are they nominated? Im so confused. Black Swan, great movie. Portman shows off stellar talent, despite the movies coming out this year where she plays some kind of seducing role. its funny. Just curious, does anyone know why they lowered the standards of best picture to 3 nominations. seriously, we have 10 films! How is anyone gonna pick the winner when there are atleast 2 deserving of the oscars in every category. its gonna be a strange night next week.

  • Film Dude  

    k, we all know king's speech is gonna win. the academy prefers political stuff over movies that are actually deserving to win. i believe it deserves to be nominated, but i dont want it to win. It will just be a disappointment if they do. I think the best movies this year were toy story and inception. either one id be happy with. i think the academy nominated toy story just because they would get a public riot if they didnt. I want it to win. it was kick ass. I guarentee it won't win. the academy hates animated and sequeled movies. i know, like i said, disappointment. Im not having a party for the oscars this year just because it will be a disappointment.

  • Ricky  

    Why is everyone overlooking true grit? It was beautifully written and had very strong directing! It was also a COEN BROTHERS movie the second greatest film makers ever (next to Scorsese). They aren't getting enough credit for an improvement of True Grir

  • Vin-App  

    I agree that "The Social Network was the most groundbreaking, most, innovative film to come out in 2010 and deserves Best Picture recognition, however with that being said, " The Kings' Speech" has Oscar written all over it. I believe that there'll will be a split this year between Best Picture and Best Director with David Fincher taking the Best Director trophy for his work on "The Social Network", and "The Kings' Speech" winning the Best Picture trophy. Best Actor is a lock for Colin Firth and conventional wisdom says Natalie Portman will win Best Actress, unless the Academy is feeling sentimental this year and had the award to Annette Bening for "The Kids are All Right". Christian Bale is also a lock in the Best Supporting Actor category for "The Fighter" but some believe that Melissa Leo may have risked her chances after a fur ad she was in recently. It appears some Academy voters saw that ad and are less inclined now to vote for her. Hailee Steinfeld has the best chance of upsetting her in the Best Supporting Actress category, but Melissa may yet pull it off.

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