Predict the 2011 Emmy Winners!

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  • Publish Date: July 18, 2011

Match wits with the Emmy experts


Once again, it's time to show off your TV knowledge by predicting the winners of the 63rd Primetime Emmy Awards. Enter your predictions in 24 major categories below; you may guess the winner in as many or as few of those categories as you like. We'll tally your picks to come up with the consensus prediction in each category. After the awards ceremony (Sunday, September 18), we'll compare the Metacritic user consensus to the selections made by a variety of industry experts, to see who had the most accurate predictions.

Some rules

Please vote only once! Voting will close at 3:00p EDT on September 10, 2011.

Need help?

Read more about this year's nominees.

Need to say more?

Do you want to defend your choices, or discuss one or more nominees? Feel free to do so in the comments section below.

Comments (3)

  • SamECircle  

    Lame! Do it with ALL the categories! (here are my picks)

    Voice Over: Dan Castellaneta (same)
    Animated Program: Simpsons
    Short Animation: Prep and Landing 2
    Art Direction multicamera: How I Met Your Mother
    Art Direction singlecamera: Mad Men
    Art Direction miniseries: Downton Abbey
    Art Direction live: Gettysburg
    Casting Comedy: The Big C
    Casting Drama: Good Wife
    Casting Miniseries: Too Big To Fail
    Choreography: Travis Wall
    Cinematography multi camera: 2.5 men
    Cinematography single cam: boardwalk, home
    Cinematography miniseries: Mildred Pierce 5
    Cinematography nonfiction: no reservations
    Cinematography reality: Top Chef
    Ad: Old Spice (or the other wieden + kennedy â˜&ordm
    Costumes show: Boardwalk Empire
    Costumes miniseries: Mildred Pierce
    Comedy Directing: Modern Family See You Next Summer
    Drama Directing: Boardwalk Empire Pilot
    Miniseries Directing: Mildred Pierce
    Special Directing: SNL
    Nonfic Directing: American Masters
    Drama Editing: Mad Men Suitcase
    Comedy Editing: Modern Family Halloween
    Miniseries Editing: Mildred Pierce
    Short Editing: Oscars Opening
    Live Editing; Thurgood
    nonfic editing: God is willin da creek don’t rise
    Reality editing: project runway
    Hairstyling single camera: Mad Men Hands and knees
    hairstyling multicamera: dancing with the stars
    Hairstyling miniseries: Mildred Pierce
    Interactive: Jimmy Fallon
    lighting variety series : SYTYCD
    lighting variety special: Oscars
    Titles: Game of Thrones
    single camera makeup: Boardwalk Empire
    multicamera makeup: SNL
    Miniseries makeup: Cinema Verite
    Prosthetic Makeup: Walking Dead
    Series Score: Family Guy Road to the North Pole
    Miniseries score: Mildred Pierce
    Music direction: Oscars
    Music and Lyrics: SNL I Just Had Sex
    Theme: Any Human Heart
    Comedy Actor: Steve Carell
    Drama Actor: Jon Hamm
    Miniseries actor: Edgar Ramirez
    Comedy Actress: Amy Poehler
    Drama Actress: Julianna Margulies
    Miniseries Actress: Kate Winslet
    Comedy Supporting Actor: Ed O’Neill
    Drama Supporting Actor: John Slattery
    Miniseries Supporting Actor: Guy Pearce Comedy Supporting Actress: betty white
    Drama Supporting Actress: Margo Martindale
    Miniseries Supporting Actress: Maggie Smith
    Comedy Guest Actor: Justin Timberlake
    Drama Guest Actor: Michael Fox
    Comedy Guest Actress: Cloris Leachman
    Drama Guest Actress: Julia Stiles
    Reality Host: Jeff Probst
    Comedy Series: Modern Family
    Drama Series: Mad Men
    Miniseries/Movie: Mildred Pierce
    Variety Series: Daily Show with Jon Stewart
    Variety Special: Kennedy Center Honors
    Special Class (awards): Tonys
    Short Special Class: 30 Rock webisodes
    Short Special Class Nonfic: Writer’s Draft
    Children’s program: Wizards of Waverly Place
    Children’s nonfic: Nick News with Ellerby
    Nonfiction Special: Gettysburg
    Nonfiction Series: American Masters
    Reality: Deadliest Catch
    Competition: Amazing Race
    nonfic merit: Gasland
    Sound Editing Series: Boardwalk Empire
    sound editing miniseries: Mildred Pierce
    sound editing nonfic: American Idol
    Sound mixing hourlong: Boardwalk Empire
    Sound mixing miniseries: Cinema Verite
    Sound mixing halfhour: Parks and Rec
    Variety Sound Mixing: Grammy Awards
    Nonfic Sound Mixing: Deadliest Catch
    VFX series: Boardwalk Empire
    VFX miniseries: The Pillars of the Earth
    Stunts: Game of Thrones
    Technical Series: 30 rock
    technical special: Grammys
    Writing comedy: Office
    Writing drama: Mad Men
    Writing miniseries: Downton Abbey
    Writing Variety series: Colbert Report
    Writing variety special: Louis CK: Hilarious
    Writing nonfic: Moguls and movie stars

    Sheesh, MetaCritic, luv you, but DO THIS THING RIGHT!!

  • yankeesniper57  

    I thought Wilfred or Louie would be nominated for best comedy, and MoaCA for drama. A little disappointed.

  • holden  

    Futurama better win best animated series.... It's by far the funniest and most creative animated show on televsion. If it doesn't win then the critics are obviously f*cking idiots, or are getting paid to vote for someone else.

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