Predict the 2012 Emmy Awards

  • Publish Date: July 24, 2012
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It's time for Metacritic's 3rd Annual Emmy Prediction Poll


Once again, it's time to show off your TV knowledge by forecasting the winners of the 64th Primetime Emmy Awards. Enter your predictions in 22 major categories below; you may guess the winner in as many or as few of those categories as you like. (And feel free to study this year's nominees in advance.)

We'll tally your picks to come up with the consensus predictions in each category. After the awards ceremony (Sunday, September 23rd on ABC), we'll compare the Metacritic user consensus to the selections made by a variety of industry experts, to see who had the most accurate predictions.

Some rules and notes: You may vote only once. Voting will close at noon PDT on Saturday, September 15, 2012. We'll reveal your consensus picks (as well as those made by a variety of industry experts) on this site later that week, prior to the ceremony.


If the poll does not appear above, please go here to enter your picks.

Comments (11)

  • Ross1021670  

    Breaking Bad will win

  • Ross1021670  


  • DD200  

    Go Girls & Modern Family!

  • hannah2810  

    I think modern family should win the best comedy series. Wow i just cant wait to see the winners of Emmy Awards 2012

  • Xavygravy  

    @PigsSantaBacon: I completely agree. Big Bang Theory has definitely declined as well.

  • PigsSantaBacon  

    It honestly just doesn't make sense that Community, Louie, and Parks and Recreation all get nominations for writing, yet none of them are nominated for Best Comedy. Modern Family is probably going to win again this year, and yet it's declined in quality so much.

  • JasonDietz  

    @df4evr: Animated series is not included in the poll because that award is traditionally given out prior to the main Emmy ceremony (as part of the Creative Arts ceremony).

  • khan2705  

    @evergreenOldboy i know but i don't watch those shows even though i know how great they are. Homeland and Girls were the best according to me among the shows i saw. Dinklage deserved it the first time but i think its time someone else got one (Giancarlo Esposito)!!

  • evergreenOldboy  

    @khan2705 In a perfect world, Breaking Bad and Louie would win everything because they are the best shows on television. Also, I really think Peter Dinklage should win best supporting actor in a drama series. Aaron Paul was freaking outstanding in Breaking Bad, but I loved Peter just as much and I always root for the newcomers.

  • df4evr  

    Why couldn't we vote for best animated series?

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