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Only some of these shows suck

Image Sesame Street doesn't count

Is it possible that Sesame Street’s debonair Count von Count may have predisposed the current generation of TV watchers to regard most vampires as gorgeous rather than grotesque? Almost all of the television Undead are portrayed with some level of allure; for the hundreds of disposable vamps staked by Buffy the Vampire Slayer, there’s always the dangerously attractive Angel, Drusilla, and Spike.

The classic vampiric traits of sensuality, immortality, violence, and angst can add appeal to almost any story. Even relatively obscure shows inspire devotion, with fans of Forever Knight’s vampire detective Nick Knight or Blood Ties’ Henry Fitzroy showing up to passionately plead their case in the comments of the omnipresent Internet polls asking readers if they prefer the Zeitgeist-dominating vamps of Twilight, The Vampire Diaries, or True Blood.

Modern vampires quickly made the jump from literature to film, but their small-screen presence has increased sharply as of late. Dark Shadows began featuring a recurring romantic undead character in 1966, and vampires began to manifest in programs such as ’70s supernatural detective show Kolchack: The Night Stalker and Dr. Who.

Image Luke Wilson may or may not have big buck teeth

The Canadian show Forever Knight ran for four years in the ’90s, while south of the border vamps showed up in daytime soap Port Charles. Monster-of-the-week appearances continued as paranormal game-changer The X-Files provided the wretched “3” and the lighthearted “Bad Blood,” which featured a foxy exsanguinating Luke Wilson, and David Hasselhoff offered vampire stories in both Baywatch and Baywatch Nights. UK series The Hunger has recently been getting DVD play in the U.S., while 1998 BBC miniseries Ultraviolet features a young Stephen Moyer playing a less gentlemanly vampire than he does in his current gig on True Blood. Unsurprisingly, bloodsuckers also visited supernaturally themed shows like Charmed, Smallville, Supernatural, and The Wizards of Waverly Place.

On the current global airwaves, the BBC’s Being Human is beginning its third season, and the Israeli teen vampire drama Split appears to owe a lot to Buffy, including its trenchcoat-wearing bad boy vamp and the dorky friend crushing on the female protagonist. And with its international cast leading the way, HBO’s True Blood is a worldwide phenomenon. The third season premieres this Sunday at 9pm, bringing werewolves into the already heady supernatural mix.

Here’s a look at some past and current vampire-themed television shows:

10 Vampire TV Shows Ranked from Best to Worst
Show Network and Year(s) Netflix Metascore Users
1 Buffy the Vampire Slayer UPN/WB, 1997-2003 n/a n/a
Over seven seasons, Sarah Michelle Gellar's iconic Slayer and her quippy sidekicks traversed the treacherous grounds of demon-filled Hellmouths, high school betrayals, black magic, and first loves with increasing subtlety, reaping acclaim for episodes like the tragic “The Body” or the exhilarating musical “Once More, with Feeling.” The Chosen One was recently voted #3 in an EW list of top 100 TV characters. Not surprising, considering she saved the world. A lot.
2 Being Human BBC, 2008-present 79 8.4
This witty dramedy follows the travails of three twentysomething Bristol roommates -- who happen to be a vampire, a ghost, and a werewolf, respectively -- as the reluctant supernaturals try to fit into both the real and paranormal worlds. The second season premieres on BBC America on July 24, while Syfy is currently developing an American version. Boo.
3 True Blood HBO, 2008-present 74 8.5
Alan Ball’s insanely enjoyable escapist drama takes as its starting point Charlaine Harris' popular Southern Vampire Mysteries and expands their first-person narrative into a metaphorically rich melange of sexuality, sin, and the South. Out-of-the coffin vampires, telepaths, shapeshifters, small-town bigots, politicians, drug dealers, and other creatures revolve around one another in a pleasurably dense narrative that navigates camp, mystery, romance, humor, horror, violence, and heartbreak with sultry finesse.
4 Angel WB, 1999-2004 n/a n/a
Buffy's vampire beau Angel (David Boreanaz) left one Hellmouth for another in this spinoff, heading to L.A. to combat the demonic corporate law firm Wolfram & Hart. Metaphors abounded as the firm was sustained by human evil while interdimensional demons (“Senior Partners”) manipulated the strings. Angel was canceled despite its popularity, and the fantastically dark last season ended with an apocalyptic showdown that continued in the comic book Buffyverse.
5 Dracula: The Series Syndicated, 1990 n/a n/a
This tongue-in-cheek half-hour Saturday morning serial follows two young Van Helsing descendents, their uncle Gustav, and their friend Sophie as they try to foil smooth-talking international corporate bloodsucker Alexander Lucard (hint: spell “A. Lucard” backwards).  Geraint Wyn Davies, who appeared occasionally as a Dracula protégé (Draculackey?), would later star in another Canadian vampire series, Forever Knight. Wall Street 2, eat your heart out. Literally.
6 Dark Shadows ABC, 1966-71; NBC, 1991 n/a n/a
What started out as a gothic soap turned increasingly supernatural after ghosts appeared in its sixth episode, followed by other paranormal beasties such as the romantic yet creepy vampire Barnabas Collins. One in four households watched the premiere of the 1991 revival, but preemptions from the real-life horror of the Gulf War led to cancellation. Über-fan Johnny Depp will take on the Collins role in director Tim Burton’s 2011 movie version.
7 The Vampire Diaries CW, 2009-present 50 6.0
Stefan Salvatore (Paul Wesley) and Damon Salvatore (Ian Somerhalder) flaunt sharp teeth and sharper cheekbones as the respectively good and evil vampire brothers battling for the attentions of damaged yet feisty high schooler Elena Gilbert (Nina Dobrev). Based on the popular book series by L.J. Smith, this paranormal small-town show was created by Scream/Dawson's Creek alumnus Kevin Williamson. Team Pacey!
8 Blade: The Series Spike, 2006 49 7.5
This action drama, based on the comic book character and film series, starred rapper/actor Kirk "Sticky Fingaz" Jones as the half-vampire, half-human vampire hunter and Jill Wagner as Krista Starr, his reluctant human partner with her own agenda. Blade was the first scripted show for the young male-oriented Spike network; show creator David S. Goyer wrote all three Blade films and also co-wrote The Dark Knight.
9 Moonlight CBS, 2007-08 38 9.3
Like Angel before him, hunky private investigator and vampire Mick St. John (Alex O’Loughlin) attempts to exorcise his personal demons by helping others in this well-liked though mostly critically unacclaimed paranormal romance. Luckily, St. John can go out during the day. Veronica Mars' Jason Dohring shines as St. John’s undead friend Josef and Dr. Who's Sophia Myles tries her best American accent as a reporter/love interest Beth Turner.
10 Kindred: The Embraced Fox, 1996 n/a n/a
Loosely based on the RPG Vampire: The Masquerade, this San Francisco-based show follows the organized crime-like machinations between five groups of vampires known as The Kindred, who are discovered by police detective Frank Kohanek (C. Thomas Howell) and of course an intrepid blonde reporter played by Gossip Girl mom Lily van der Woodsen (Kelly Rutherford). The show was canceled after only eight episodes.

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Comments (115)

  • Vamplover  

    Not sure how someone could say "Vampire diaries is teen soap" and then say Buff and Angel are good and above it. In fact although I think the acting was horrid all three of those shows, their all the same genre of Fluffy teen soap. The only thing I would give Diaries over Angel and Buff, is a better storyline, or atleast a present story line. Buff and Angel were the type of series that you could miss an entire season and not be lost when you came back, cause it was the same boring drama.

    True blood however, is not for the teen, that is for sure. I'm not too thrilled with the Bill character, but Eric Northman is a great vampire/actor, as is Anna Paq, and the rest of the crew. For a lack of a storyline, that couldn't be far from true, the storyline is strong, and if you miss an episode you will be entirely lost. Yes there is some "soft core porn to it" but a vampire movie/show without the presence of sex or erotica, is a waste of time to watch, vampires are suppose to be very sexual creatures, and true blood fits that bill, as well as the ruthlessness, and so on. In truth the vampires in True blood are truely how a vamp fan would depict a vampire. The vamps of angel and buffy are little **** especialy if some teeny bopper dike could kill them so easily.

    The True Blood book series is obviously better than the TV series, HBO did do it's own little make over so that it worked for them, and favoring characters that seemed to get good ratings.. Such as.. Lafatte(sp) dies pretty early on, first book in fact. It was actually suppose to be him who died behind mar's, not the black lady from the woods. But he is a favored character so he's survived all 3 series so far, (well i've still got 2 more on season 3 to finish). Yes as with all series there are a few weak episodes with True Blood, or events that the show could have done without, (obviously HBO's changes from the book), but not as bad as Buffy and Angel. My opinion sticks that if you want a good vampire series check out True Blood, avoid the teeny bopper fluff, unless of course you are a teen, then True Blood maybe a bit much for you.

  • moreno  


  • Jorgeuhs  

    The best vampire series is hellsing....

  • mickvamprock  

    Moonlight in my oppinion was the best show i had ever watched. would have been great if they had continued it. unfortunetely i didn't discover it until this recent week, but i've seen every ep and they were all fantastic. Best vamp show ever!!!!

  • Cousin Errol  

    Kindred: The Embraced (Vampire The Masquerade) managed to render both genres (vampires and mafia) completely and utterly dull. You should have a list of the ten best and another of the ten worst. Forever Knight would be second only to Buffy just because of the suck (pun intended) ending on the BEST list while Kindred would top the WORST list because it was just so friggin' dull. Seriously, seriously bad was Kindred.

  • Beth  

    Personally, I think True Blood sucks. I'm not being funny either, I watched the first episode and thought I had switched it and a porno somehow. Angel, Buffy, and Moonlight are the best vamp shows I've seen.

  • S. Corre  

    Buffy was my guilty pleasure. I watched one or two seasons when it aired, but over the last couple years, have seen each and every episode thanks to Hulu and Netflix. How does a 50-something serious person explain their infatuation with that show? It was just the right mix of wise-cracking, butt-kicking, magic, and yes, seriousness. Angel never lived up to Buffy, because it didn't have enough humor, but I still watched it.

  • MiszA  

    Buffy and Angel - teen-fluff-soap-opera. Really boring, not a bit thrilling. Vampires pictured there serve only as a staking targets, nothing else. Introducing demons to that mish-mash is even worse idea.
    True Blood - oh c**p, my parents just entered the room and I'm watching porn? Honestly, I've only seen 3 or 4 first episodes so if it really gets better I may get back to it.
    Vampire Diaries - good for 12 or so years old girls. Seriously, this whole idea of Vampires dating teen girls is simply hilarious. Disliked. A lot.
    Blade - movies were bad, the show - even worse.
    Moonlight - average production, but considering other titles, managable. Good enough if U're looking for something entertaining but not too heavy.
    Kindred: The Embraced - really liked it; too short though :/ Also, could have been better but given enough time I really think it would. And the most important part: no teen girls involved.
    All in all there are no good Vamp series out there, period. If we consider anime, then Hellsing and Vampire Hunter D: Bloodlust but that's all. Movies: Interview with the Vampire and possibly Queen of the Damned.
    And that's it.
    (About those titles I didn't mention - haven't seen them, so I can't write about them)

  • fangirl  

    True blood is awesome.
    Its one of those shows that gets u hooked from the first episode and doesn't disappoint.
    There's a whole lot of nudity so its not for kids.
    I saw some episodes of buffy and angel. Loved forever knight as a kid
    I guess the list is okay.

  • Claire  

    True blood is great. It is the best vampire show ever. Buffy is kind for kids.
    But, when I finished with watching true blood,I have started to watch the vampire diaries. When I saw first episode I was dissapointed, but then I`ve got totally in love with it. I am sad beacuse the new season of true blood is coming in summer 2011. -.- Honestly, I do not know which one is better.

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