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Today marks the debut of Metacritic's new look. If you missed our article last week describing some of our new features, we have re-printed it below. You can also read our most recent update about the site.

Our look has changed; our mission has not

ImagePart of the new-look Metacritic

In the nearly ten years that Metacritic has been around, our core focus has always been to make it easy for you to discover entertainment that you will love. Today, we have re-launched Metacritic with a new look and enhanced features, but our original focus remains. Combined with our one-of-a-kind Metascores - which distill opinions from the most respected entertainment critics into a single number - and other recent additions to our site like our popular articles and reports, you'll find it easier than ever to uncover the latest and the greatest in the worlds of games, movies, music, and TV.

What’s new

In addition to an updated design throughout the site, here are some of the new features you can find on the new Metacritic beginning today:

View the distribution of reviews at a glance

Our new bar charts at the top of each of our redesigned product summary pages provide a handy breakdown of positive, mixed, and negative reviews from critics and Metacritic users for every game, movie, album, and TV show. Combined with our Metascores, these new charts instantly reveal what people are saying about every release.

Get scores, histories, and stats for people and companies

The new Metacritic  features summary pages for every actor, director, movie studio, TV network, review publication, game publisher, record label, and more. Not only can you quickly find all releases related to that person or company, but you can also view their average scores, allowing you to determine the overall quality of their work.

Watch high quality trailers and get more info in our expanded movies section

While reviews will always be our focus, we've added additional information about each movie on our site, including full cast and crew lists with each name linked to their own page, so you can quickly browse all releases for a particular person. We also have new, high-quality movie trailers available for more current and upcoming movies than ever before, as well a listing of new trailers, so you can catch up on the latest previews. And there will be more titles than ever before available in our database for you to rate and comment upon.

Take your turn at being a critic

Not only is it easier to post your own scores and opinions for every release, but user scores and reviews are now be displayed side by side with critic scores and reviews, making it easy to compare critic and user reactions at a glance. In every section of the site, you can also find the titles with the highest and lowest user scores, so you can see which titles are most and least popular with your fellow Metacritic users.

Keep track of your ratings

Our new user accounts mean that you can keep track of every rating and review that you’ve entered on Metacritic. In addition, you can choose your screen name, and manage your subscriptions to Metacritic’s email newsletters.

NEW (AUGUST 18): Read a response to your feedback and comments.

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Comments (853)

  • Real Mancs Are Blue  

    Just to add my voice to the list of people saying this new layout is awful, it takes a brave man to admit he's wrong but listen to the vast vast VAST majority and put the site back to how it was, simple, convenient and useful, right now its whats known as a cluster****

  • Tony  

    Aaaargh. What happened to the lovely list of films on the left-hand side?This was my most-used feature of the whole site, allowing quick access to all the content...

    I haven't rushed to judgment but, with due consideration, this is really pretty bad.

  • Ellen  

    Gotta agree with the majority here. I used to be able to get a film's score and scan the relevant critics in a few minutes. Now I am clicking away and still not finding what I want to know. Pretty pictures though.

  • Tom K.  

    The new design is absolutely horrendous. Either change it back or lose me as a visitor. Losing me might not seem so bad to you........but.......multiply that times thousands of visitors and it starts to add up. You have taken my favorite web site and destroyed it. I have been browsing the web since the old 56k modem days and I can honestly say this is the biggest disappointment I have encountered in all those years. My favorite web site.......ruined. This is a nightmare.

  • Zach  

    I write for a website that reviews downloadable games. I can't find almost any of the most recent releases here. Something with this new design has stalled the process of putting the games here, or you've just decided they're not worth putting here. This is very disappointing. We've all grown tired of complains about, say, Facebook revisions, as those were mostly people whining as they didn't like change. These complaints expressed here seem very legitimate. It's true that the website could have used some update to increase its popularity and usefulness, but this seems to definitely be a step in the wrong direction, not just people who are afraid of change.

  • waldstein  

    I used to use Mc all the time. You have essentially ruined it. From here on in, I use MRQE and you can find your "click" revenues elsewhere.

  • Darryl M  

    The navigation of this revised Web site is confusing, at best, frustrating, at worst. To put it in a language Metacritic can appreciate, I give the new-look Metacritic.com a score of 30 out of 100.

  • Anonymous  

    The redesign is disappointing. Too much style and not enough easy-to-access information. I'm grateful there's the apps.metacritic.com site, because that's the only one worth using.

  • BPWilkerson  

    I prefer the old website format. There is no longer a way to view upcoming DVD releases. Now I have to turn elsewhere for my information.

  • Shae  

    Sorry guys, not diggin' this look and feel much at all . . . it's distracted me from wanting to take a hard look at other new user features. And I've preferred you over Rotten Tomatoes for several years. That might be changing. And do you even have an app for iPhone yet?

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