3D Game Collection: 55-in-1 3DS


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  1. Dec 30, 2012
    For better or for worse, 3D Game Collection won't surprise anyone, and it's even less likely to excite, but players looking for a predictable, on-the-go fix of classic board game archetypes should have some fun with this collection.
  2. 65
    3D Game Collection didn't do much to impress me, nor did I find myself wanting to play it more often. It did provide an interesting distraction for short bursts of time. The game's variety of content makes it hard to feel ripped off, but don't expect a steal.
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  1. Jun 8, 2014
    First and foremost, the "55-in-1" on the box art is an outright lie. If you are looking at this game from the Nintendo eShop, theirFirst and foremost, the "55-in-1" on the box art is an outright lie. If you are looking at this game from the Nintendo eShop, their description correctly states that there are really only 25 games (and goes on to list them). What's with the 30 game discrepancy here? Well, the games are divided between 3 background themes - Space, Pirate, and Meadow - with some games getting duplicated across all themes. Some games even have duplicates within themes!

    Why on earth would any sane developer put two jigsaw puzzles under the space theme? Why not have multiple selectable images to assemble under the umbrella of a single jigsaw game? To pad the game count and look like a better value, that's why.

    The games themselves are fine, though the controls are sometimes a little clunky. But the lack of any multiplayer (even of the hot-seat pass-the-3ds-around variety) really hurts. Also, there are no settings for any game. Chinese Checkers is in the game, but you can only ever play against a single AI opponent. What purpose do the other 4 points on the 6-point star-shaped board that the game still uses serve? None.

    Pop quiz: how many variants of Solitaire's rules and/or game types can you think of off the top of your head? I've get about 10, 5 of which are probably popular (one card draw, three card draw, limited/unlimited re-drawing, and FreeCell). Care to take a guess at how many versions of Solitare are in this game and which ones they are? Two and they're both FreeCell, no difference in the rules, just different themes.

    For around $5, the game isn't horrible, but it is certainly lacking. If you desperately want a downloadable bundle of simple games on your 3DS's SD card so you don't have to swap cartridges - it will suffice. But if you are looking for a cheap collection of card and board games, find a used copy of Club House Games for the DS, it has more games, more setting per game, and multiplayer.
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