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  • Summary: New Art Academy, as it is also known, features both Introductory and Advanced lessons - whether you are an old master or a complete novice - offering easy to follow, step-by-step guides to a variety of drawing and painting techniques, styles and materials. [Nintendo Life]
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  1. 90
    All in all, Art Academy is a work of art in itself. It provides not only some of the soundest art lessons you can obtain, but the tools to apply what you learn as you learn it. It's better than learning from a book, cheaper than paying for a tutor, and a whole lot less messy than its real life alternative.
  2. Jul 31, 2012
    New Art Academy: Learn New Painting Techniques and Share Your Art builds upon the solid foundation of its predecessors to offer an extremely well-rounded experience that is suitable for budding artists keen to make a fresh start, and experts looking to hone their talents further.
  3. Aug 2, 2012
    A convincing game, designed to teach the user and foster its creativity and abilities. It won't turn you into a painter, but maybe encourages you to try the real thing with some knowledge.
  4. Jul 30, 2012
    An excellent non-gaming product that will guide you through an immersive and beautiful world of colors. Maybe you won't ever become the new Pollock, Da Vinci or Monet but… who cares? Just paint and have fun!
  5. Aug 11, 2012
    This is a very good and realistic game for the 3DS. This game teaches you exactly how to draw something. After that you really want to paint something in real life.
  6. Aug 8, 2012
    A handful of new features, lessons, and a robust tool kit makes New Art Academy essential for anyone looking to further their drawing skills beyond doodling on Post-its.
  7. Aug 9, 2012
    New Art Academy is a good tutorial for aspiring artists, or for portable drawing. With well-presented, educational tutorials, it's a good pick up that features a comprehensive journey through multiple disciplines and art styles, although with a very small screen.

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  1. Oct 14, 2012
    I had never played the first Art Academy before purchasing this. After looking at a few YouTube videos of the first game, I was intrigued enough to purchase this game while on sale. I have had my 3ds since launch and I can comfortably say that this is already in my top 3 games for the 3ds. I have completed the first 5 lessons in the beginner section and I am addicted. I played for 6 hours straight the day I bought it and even dreamt about drawing that night! The lessons walk you through each picture and style, ensuring that you understand the techniques that are being delivered. I already feel like my skills have increased significantly and that I will be more inclined to start producing art again like I did when I was an early teen. Each lesson will utilize different styles and give you insight on some famous artists/pieces of work. Overall, I would highly recommend this game to any fan of art and anyone who would like to learn the basics or perfect their skills. I hope Nintendo continues to focus on these types of realistic interactive games, the video game industry needs intelligent games like these.

  2. Nov 24, 2012
    This game is like the return of Art Academy. After all these years, they made lots of new lessons to learn and draw. And if you like your drawing, you can place it in your museum which only has drawings. If that's not enough lessons for you, you can always download more lessons. One interesting feature is that you can now make your own lesson! It's called a custom lesson. You can share them with other people. And if you remember, you can always do free paint. This is where you can make your own painting without anyone talking to you. If you are artist, then this game is worth it! Expand
  3. Oct 4, 2012
    I wasn't sure what to expect when I bought this game. I wanted to learn how to draw better and the case on the shelf drew my attention. I have done three of the built in levels and can already see a difference in my skills. Not only does the game teach you how to draw, it also teaches you about famous artists and some of the history of art. I highly recommend this product to anyone willing to invest the time into learning how to draw and paint. Expand
  4. Oct 2, 2013
    This is a very good tool for beginner artists who aren't experienced in drawing and painting techniques. The only con for me would be that there is no undo button in the lessons mode which is kinda frustrating. You end up having to restart your whole drawing over again if you want to undo something. Overall, there really isn't anything like it on the market right now tho, so it's still a great experience and you can learn some real life skills Collapse
  5. Jul 23, 2014
    This game has nice features and its suprising how well things can look on the small screen but the game also misses the most important feature an undo button making mistakes a pain in the arse. Expand