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  • Summary: Vektor has been trapped inside the CPU for what feels like an eternity and you are his only hope of escape! As he travels through the CPU, help him recover his memories and destroy the different enemy types sent to hunt him. But be careful the further Vektor gets, the more devious the CPU becomes!

    There is a whole world to uncover within your CPU! Hiding away are 150 levels (nodes), 27 worlds (zones) and four unique abilities to unlock and upgrade. With Vektor providing you with various skills Detonate to destroy enemies, Boost and Super Boost to outrun them and Boostenate to smash your way through you are sure to be able to help him escape!

    Online leaderboards allow you to compete against your friends, both those in the surrounding area and those closest to you in score. Use wildcards to double your score in each level and boost your standing in the leaderboards!
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  1. 90
    Minor issues aside, escapeVektor still packs a lot; in addition to the story and online leaderboards, the game features a variety of achievement-like badges, and every level has four high score medals.
  2. Dec 24, 2012
    Make no mistake: escapeVektor is a great game. It's not without its flaws, but they're extremely minor when compared against everything the game gets exactly right.
  3. Jan 15, 2013
    Niggles aside, escapeVektor is a game in which everything included works perfectly and anything left on the cutting room floor isn't missed. It's a fantastic value in addition to being fantastically fun to play, and it belongs on every 3DS.
  4. Jan 7, 2013
    A very interesting title, whose content could have been improved. We may feel it's quite repetitive, so we recommend taking our time to go through it, having even a little break between episodes.
  5. Feb 6, 2013
    escapeVektor is a smartly designed game which requires great skill both in the puzzle and in the action genre. It is also difficult, long and rewarding. Unfortunately the situations in the game tend to repeat themselves, and its aesthetic minimalism, while good for someone, will be a minus for many gamers.
  6. An interesting and stylish game that unfortunately lacks the charm necessary to cover the problems of the port.
  7. Feb 12, 2013
    Basically a Pac-man clone without much personality of its own.

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