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  1. Sep 29, 2013
    I'm a huge fan of turn-based RPG. Though I haven't played much on its respective genre, I love all of them. I also got my 3DS few months ago and this is my 2nd game. I'm having my 2nd playthrough right now. I just love this game till the very game.:D Let's start with the spot-on review shall we?


    Story/Plot 9/10:
    As I play my very first Fire Emblem, I have no idea what the franchise is all about though I know Ike since I've heard a lot of him and all I know are the protagonist have blue hair. Anyway, I think they started fresh here or the game is based several decades after the last game(which I haven't played yet but I might.) It has a good complete story. The immersion is there, you will really feel the sheperds' struggle to win the war and end the fighting. I never got bored playing it and I want to progress cuz I love the story so much. It's the reason why I have a 2nd playthrough right now cuz I kinda rushed things on my 1st playthrough.

    Graphics 10/10:
    As a portable game, this game has a very good graphics. It's one of the best. Some terrains may look low-res but when your 3D is on. Dayum, it just looks fascinating and beautiful. You cannot see their feet though. Each character has their own design and look so all of them are unique. Animations are smooth too.

    Gameplay 10/10:
    It's simple, just like any other SRPG but it's just so awesome to watch. It has 3 different angles to watch how your character kills the enemy. It's just so fun to look at. You have different classes, from beginner's class to advanced class with different skill set as you level up so it's fun to grind the enemies and get level up so you can build the ultimate weapon on your team. You also have a lot of characters to play with. Though be careful not to let them get killed since if you're a fan of the franchise, you know that the game's default is permanent death.

    Sound/Dialogue 8/10:
    I've played the game with 2 different languages. I like the japanese more. This maybe the lowest score that I will give on this game since I find it annoying how the popout sounds when they're having a dialogue. Like "Hey" "Uh." hehehehe". I just find it annoying and I would really love it if they have voiced all of the dialogues which is hard because the game is based on your decisions so it's not linear.

    Replay Value 10/10:
    Try marrying everyone on the game, it'd be fun. though most dialogues on the game are common but some are really special. I really want to see all of their S support. But that would probably take me a lot of playthrough. So that's enough said. The replay value is so high because I love the support dialogues.

    Note: Don't let your character marry someone until you get all the characters. xD

    Final Verdict: 9.4/10
  2. Jun 22, 2013
    I don't often give 10/10 for games yet this one really does deserve it.
    I'm a fan of Pokemon and other 'standard' RPGs but like some people get bored with the 'grind'. This just doesn't feel like grind at all. Strong story, character development and genuine team/character customisation makes this very addictive. DLC means that there is new content (some free) every Thursday and many maps
    to keep people happy...

    I'm on my second playthrough and have put around 50 hours into this game in total. The replay value is excellent and the difficulty curve is manageable.

    This game is by far the best Fire Emblem I've played and BY FAR the best 3DS game released so far. Move over Mario, your time is up!
  3. May 21, 2013
    Brilliant game. The graphics are awesome for a handheld console and the Japanese art styles for the different characters are beautiful to look at. Gameplay is amazing and I don't think I have ever played such a great SRPG, the storyline is extremely interesting and you'll be talking to everyone who has it about your different character marriages and relationships. The DLC is paid yes, but really entertaining and the support conversations in the game can be hilarious. One of my favourite games ever and definitely 100% deserves this year's GOTY award. Expand
  4. May 31, 2013
    I never heard of the fire emblem series until I played SSBM. and even after that I never played a fire emblem game. One day I saw a demo of this game for free and I decided to try it and man did I feel like I was missing out! Fire emblem awakening is incredibly addicting, fun, and the most important thing in RPGs, an experience.
    The story starts with u waking up in a field from a
    nightmare. You are greeted by chrom, a sheperd who shows incredible determination and comppassion toward all his other fellow sheperds. You awaken with no memory, yet u somehow know chrom's name? You then discover that the great kingdom Ylisse is under attack by Pledgia, a kingdom that only seeks to spread chaos.You also have to deal with these zombie like creatures called the risen. So being a person who just lost there memory, ur the perfect canidate to be these shepards tactician. Oh well video game logic. The fire emblem series is a tactical style RPG fantasy game. You begin a turn by moving a unit forward to the enemy. If your in attacking range of them you can attack them, however if they are also in attacking range they cant counter and attack u too unless of course u kill them. In the second turn, the enemy does the same. One of the biggest differences in Fire emblem has over most other RPG's is that once one of your teamates are defeated they are gone forever and can't return. This makes the game more challenging as u can't do something very reckless. One reviewer here complained this game was too easy and to that I say bull. I still to this day can't beat lunatic+ because if u aren't prepared u r going to be annihilated. If someone out there has actually beaten this mode, message me because I really want to know how. However that's what makes this game so addicting for me. I just for some reason can't stop trying again and again no matter how many times I fail. But for those intimidated by a challenge shouldn't fear because thanks to the new difficulty levels, and the option of turning the permanent death system on our off, this is a game suited for anyone, fire emblem fan out not. And I'm very thankful for this because it made it a lot easier for me to get more into this franchises. I could go over everything thing that I liked, but my favorite thing in this game has to be the support conversations. These things not only helped me in battle, but they also help to make every single play through different from the last. Also, the dialogue between these characters is probably some of the best and most entertaining.
    As for problems or issues there aren't that many to go over. The only thing I can pass off as a big con is the fact that the story isn't all that great. Yeah it's a good story, but nothing more than that. Most of the characters didn't take the events very seriously and most of the twists in the plot were very predictable because they were either foreshadowed, or your logic assumed that would happen. However story's in games isn't the selling point for me most of the time, so I don't find this a turnoff as most other fire emblem fans do. The rest of the complaints I have are just left in nitpicks like oh Roy, Martha, and Ike aren't in the story and the characters battle models are very innacurite." The only one of these nitpicks that really gets on my nerves is the voice acting. The voice actors in this game don't say much other than a few words and grunts which can get annoying when u here them over and over. I am aware u can turn it off, but the problem I have with this, is the fact that such great voice actors were just wasted. But these flaws don't put a candle into all the great aspects of this game.
    Fire emblem awakening is incredibly fun, has great visuals and sound, a ton of replay value, and the best part is u can take this game anywhere! If u have a 3ds and are going on vaction this summer, then buy this game and you will be able to entertain yourself for that whole car ride or flight. I haven't tried out the DLC, and I probably will not because I don't like to buy very much DLC, but for those who want even more play hours into this game, there u go. I can't give this game my highest recommendation because of the lag luster story, but for what it is I give this game a 9.6 go buy this game now our at least try the demo in the Eshop.
  5. Jun 4, 2013
    I began playing Fire Emblem with the GBA titles, and this title has lived up to its previous titles. A great game, which will make you want to play it over and over again. There is just so much to do that a simple playthrough won't be enough for you to experience what this title has to offer.
  6. Jun 11, 2013
    This game takes the best aspects of the previous Fire Emblem games, and melds them into one perfect game. If you have a 3DS you must have this game. It's fun, enjoyable, and a blast!
  7. Jun 13, 2013
    Sadly, this is the first fire emblem game I have ever played. In result, I can't compare to the earlier games of the series.. But, I must say, this game gave me a great first impression on the series. The graphics & art work are beautiful, the characters are fully developed, & engaging storyline, in which contains a considerate amount of chapters. As a firs-timer & beginner, I believe adding casual mode was an excellent way to open up the series to newcomers & those repelled due to its difficulty, perhaps including the pressure of losing units. I greatly appreciate that they extended our options as in character customization, marriage, bonus teams,difficulty, dlc, etc. I find it very convincing to play the game again to change strategy & who to pair up, also considering some paralogues may only be unlocked through marriage. The only thing that really bothered throughout my gameplay was that unknowingly.. I skipped some playable characters. I wish they'd made it more obvious or non-optional despite my stupidity for skipping them in the first place. According to my research, I missed some really good characters. But I've got to give it to them, I guess that's just another reason why I should replay the game. Lastly, I'd like to compliment on the music. It's greatly composed, totally going on my ipod. Expand
  8. Jun 23, 2013
    Fire Emblem: Awakening is a wonderful game. It combines a perfect level of difficulty (no matter the difficulty level you set) with a fascinating storyline that can really draw you into an immersive world. I can only hope that this becomes the standard for any future Fire Emblem games.
  9. Jun 29, 2013
    Fire Emblem Awakening, a great game i have been wanting for a while. And 19th of April, or February 4th, if you live in the United States, it finally arrived. It exceeded my expectations. And my expectations were that it would be one of my favorite games ever.

    Fire Emblem Awakening`s gameplay is only one of the things that make it such a gem, but it is splendid. The main focus of Fire
    Emblem Awakening`s gameplay is turmbased strategy. In the game, you pick characters which you want to use in battles first, and then you start the fight. The game`s fighting cutscenes are beautiful. They truly show what the 3DS is made of. They way that the fighting works is this; you move a character to a opponent`s spot so you can attack it. In battle, you`ll have 3 numbers on your bottom screen. Atk is how much damage you will deal to an enemy. Hit is your (sort of) accuracy. The higher the better. Crit is your crit chance. This is also, the higher, the better.

    General things are one of the better aspects of the game in comparison with other Fire Emblem games. One of those is character customisation. The ability to totally make your own character from scratch even with a by yourself chosen voice is really fun, although they could have made that a little bit better.

    Straying off of the character customisation, let's take a look at the CG cutscense of this game. These are rendered fully in 3D, with a Anime-like style. It's insanely awesome. The voice acting that comes with it enhances it, too. Which leads us to the characters. Man, what are those memorable. You have Chrom, the noble leader of the Shepherds, a force trying to help the county of Ylisse, and hte Shepherds themselves. Every character has different dialogues and backstory, which adds for an amzing game.

    Also, carried over from the first 12 games, you have the fact that if a character gets defeated, they`ll be gone FOREVER. This is one of the things that makes the franchise great for me. But in this one, you have two options. Classic Mode, is what i just explained to you, but Casual Mode, makes your allies only defeated, and not dead. This makes the game WAY easier to pick up for casual players. You also have difficulties in this game, which makes it even easier to pick up, but also a challenge for veterans. For myself, i don`t see the fun in casual, or the lowerst difficulty. But all these things make Fire Emblem Awakening the amazing game that it is.

    Okay, i feel like a broken recordplayer, but this is one of the things that makes this game great. You start in a mission which seems random; you just control the character you made, and Chrom. You beat up one bad guy, and than the mission is over. You think. The bad guy fires a ball thing at Chrom, and you push him aside, sacrificing yourself. Chrom survives, but YOU become evil and kill Chrom.


    No, but seriously, you kill him. However, you black out and wake up in a field, Chrom and Lissa watching your awakening (did you see what i did there). You can`t remember your own name, and you know you`ve met Chrom before. But well, you don`t know for sure, so you can`t really say anything to him. You become good friends with Chrom, become one of the Shepherds, but you always have that feeling something bad might happen to Chrom...

    Amazing gameplay, amazing cutscenes, and amazing characters. Add a beautiful score on top that, and Fire Emblem Awakening is born. Fire Emblem Awakening is a gem, a reason to buy a 3DS, AND one of my favorite games of all time. Nice job, Intelligent Systems. Nice freaking job. The only reason why it`s not a 10 is because nothing is perfect. Except for Wind Waker. And other Zelda games. I`ll just shut up now.
  10. Sep 1, 2013
    Wow, just Wow, this game honors the fire emblem saga, beautiful story line, characters, CHARACTERIZATION, the game play, the tactics the challenge. Definitively a must play for 3ds, Do play it if you are not familiar with the series. The wedding/having kids detail is new and well placed.
  11. Jul 12, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Pros:
    - Great Strategy Game
    - Accessible to New Comers (Like Myself)
    - Astronomical Amount of Play Time (When including DLC and Side Missions)
    - Great Character Interaction

    - Easy to Lose Interest
    - Uses of Cliches (MC having amnesia, Characters Stereotyping, etc.)
  12. Jul 13, 2013
    A great game with great replayablity. Currently on 95 hours myself after finishing it quickly on normal and then going back on a harder setting. I still haven't got a chance to play all the free maps that keep being added that finishes off the story. What you get out of the game really depends what you put into it, there are a great wealth of characters but I found it too tiresome to pay attention to all of them so I just picked my favorites. I had fantastic fun marrying them all off and turning their children into mutated galeforce-using super mutants, but after I did that the later levels were a tad easy, Lucina was a soloing monster. Still there are 2 more difficulty levels that I haven't played so there is that left to enjoy. Expand
  13. Jul 20, 2013
    Extremely good game for being on a handheld. Is mostly perfect for what it tries to be. Offers a satisfying amount of customization making the game really feel like your experience. Level design is very solid. Strategy is heavily implemented, making later levels challenging but not frustrating. The implementation of casual mode fixes the issue of units not dying forever and instead. The graphics are very well done for 3DS standards. The art style is based on anime similar to previous entries in the series. All of the characters are highly developed and inevitably create a pseudo-bond between you and the character. The story is a little blurred, but if you can withstand the long segments of only dialogue, a wholly inspired and at times emotional tale is present. My only real gripe is that the game drags on just a little too long. However that's just a personal gripe. This is the #1 game to have for 3DS at the moment. Hopefully this game will finally popularize the Fire Emblem series, finally giving it the attention it deserves. Expand
  14. Jul 17, 2013
    I've given this a 10 because it's so much fun, in terms of design and execution it's probably a 9. In all seriousness though the 3DS stellar library has another amazing game. I'm a big fan of SRPGs so this was right up my street, it may not convert many people but if you like this sort of thing it's a must buy!
  15. Oct 1, 2013
    I am really impressed with the graphic, especially the field weather effects. I have other fire emblem series game experience but personally didn't really like the game system but this awakening is really great with option choosing between classic and casual mode. The only problem and why I cannot give this game score 10 is the voice. It would be even better if it had more voice in the dialogue but this part, I don't really care since it still has quite acceptable amount of voice. But the problem is the voice bug where the voice language setting keeps going back to the default (English) whenever user soft-reset or restart the game. I have to change it to English once and back to Japanese every time I start the game. Why I am really upset is because of the fact that they are aware of this bug and still no plan for a patch no matter how it is not only annoying but also very dangerous since the voice language select menu is located right next to "WIPE DATA" menu. Expand
  16. Aug 9, 2013
    The best game I've found for the DS to date. Wonderful from start to finish. Easy to pick up, challenging end game, and fun side battles in between. As a bonus for some of us, it takes great advantage of the XL screen(s). 2 thumbs up.
  17. Sep 27, 2013
    As a newcomer to the series, I didn't know what to expect from this latest title. I was pleasantly surprised by the game's depth and replayability. The characters are lovable and the battle mechanics fun. I would recommend this to anyone with a 3DS system.
  18. Aug 20, 2013
    This game is Amazing, Hands down it is the best 3DS game out there, if you have a 3DS and don't have this game, get it, NOW. Almost everything about this game is perfect, The animation, the writing the strategy, and the basic but complicated game-play is so much fun. Every character has their own little quirk that makes them interesting and because of this every character felt unique, there were never any characters that felt unnecessary in the game. One part that I found quite surprising was the story, most JRPG stories are convoluted and usually don't make any sense, but fire emblem's story is pretty basic (Storyline is essentially Kill the evil king, slay the dragon and collect the magical gems to power your MacGuffin) however a big twist in the story right around the Half-Way point (Don't worry I won't ruin it for you) helps keep you entertained by it, this game also features some story telling elements that aren't normally done in fantasy. Basically in the end I personally love every thing about this game, the only problem I had was wondering how Nintendo and Intelligent Systems will top themselves next time, it seems like they put all their ideas and thoughts into this game and I really hope that they don't run out of ideas before the next game in the series. Expand
  19. Sep 5, 2013
    This is my first Fire Emblem game, and let me say its brilliant.
    One of the best games i played in a long time. Gameplay, game lenght, storyline, content, artwork, animations, music, create in my opinion a masterpiece.
    I really enjoy suffer with every chapter in hard mode. Its really frustrating when you lost a character and you have to restart all the mission, but that feeling make you
    think on a good strategy, and i simply love that.
    Hours and hours and hours of gameplay, content, DLC, and streetpass battles will allow you to enjoy this game for a very long time. A "Must Have" game for every 3DS owner.
  20. Jun 23, 2014
    If anyone you know claims that the 3DS is for little kids...take a copy of this game and shove it in their face! I rarely give 10 out of 10 on ratings unless they truly deserve it, but this game DEFINITELY deserves it. Great strategic combat, gorgeous cut-scenes, great story, great music, gives you the freedom of choice, and has a huge amount of content and replay value. There's not much more I can this game and check it out! Expand
  21. Oct 14, 2013
    Oh man, this game is something. This is one of the best games I have ever played in my life. The story is absolutely amazing. The gameplay is awesome, and the overall rpg aspect is just fantastic. I love the freedom you have with your characters and their classes. I love how there is a marriage system due to the awesome new characters you can unlock. I definitely recommend this game to anyone who likes an amazing story and enjoy the turn-based gameplay aspect. Try this game out. Oh, and I really like how critics and users rated this game at 92, I think this game is a 96-100, but I don't mind an official 92 rating. Expand
  22. Sep 14, 2013
    This game right here is the reason why you should own a 3DS. The characters and storyline is amazing. The combinations of player modes and difficulty levels makes for very high replay value (Classic mode will suck your soul dry, be warned). This game is nothing short of a masterpiece. I am personally a long-time Fire Emblem fan, but my brother picked this right up and fell in love with it and he's never played a Fire Emblem game before (though he does love FF Tactics and Ogre Battle so it was right up his alley). This is certainly different from previous Fire Emblem games but that should be welcomed by now. Who wants the same old thing? If I did, I'd go back and play the old Fire Emblem games. This was new and refreshing in so many ways. It's too bad Ocarina of Time 3D completely overshadows this game because otherwise it would be the best 3DS game. For now, it will have to settle for #2. Expand
  23. Sep 23, 2013
    I'm a long time fan of the series, having played each game available stateside (and several that typically aren't, thanks to fan translations.) This is why I can say without hesitation that this game is easily the best in the series. Crisp and stunning graphics, solid and spot on game play, and writing/humor that's unparalleled in the genre.

    The biggest addition to this game over the
    other titles is the DLC- downloadable and replayable chapters that add a lot of longevity to this title, and remove the need for both bonus experience and arenas from the previous game. Add this to the fun that can be had by battling or buying from people you casually pass on the street, and you can still be playing this months after purchase.

    Other changes from the series include different modes- casual and classic. Classic maintains what's always been important in the series, and that's the importance of each unit you field- in classic, if they fall, they're gone for good. However, the new casual mode allows you to keep units even after they fall, with the exception of certain highly important characters who will prompt a game over instead. This, in addition to the varying game difficulties and ability to save during battles makes the title far more accessible to the more casual audience- while maintaining modes that are incredibly difficult to defeat for even the most hardcore fan of the series.

    Also introduced for the first time stateside is now combat-worthy Avatar unit. In the original GBA Fire Emblem you were able to create a character, but it was more a plot device and NPC than anything else. In Awakening, your character is customizable and treated like everyone else- able to fight, grow, converse and marry. It is also used as a representative for your streetpass team, and able to be recruited by those who can defeat you, meaning your character can exist far beyond your own game.

    All these new additions plus an update to the overall graphic style, an absolutely stunning soundtrack (Four CDs worth!), brilliant writing, and a compelling story make for a fantastic game in its own right- and for Fire Emblem itself, it has seated itself as the jewel of the series. Prepare yourself!
  24. Sep 19, 2013
    OUNSTANDING!!! not only one of the best fire emblem games but one of the best RPG´s ever made a masterpiece and a must have if you own a 3DS
    a game with true soul
  25. Mar 25, 2014
    Now this is one of those niche-type games, but don't let that discourage you if you're new to the games. They have made Fire Emblem more accessible than ever with Awakening.
    If you're familiar with the genre, don't worry about the changes this game makes to battles. I was worried at first but pairing up and picking supports is like a puzzle and is good fun. It's also quite the challenge
    on classic hard mode. Overall, it's one of my top 3 video games and couldn't think of any better strategy game. Expand
  26. Sep 26, 2013
    I absolutely love this game. I have been playing it for some time now and everything charms me, the story, characters, combat system... It's a MUST buy for every 3DS owner!
  27. Dec 11, 2013
    Take this from someone who has never played a Fire Emblem nay never played a Tactical RPG or JRPG for that matter before: I love this game. It's one of those games that are so perfectly crafted and streamlined that you can enjoy it even without being into the genre. Some highlights in short: *Amazing looking cutscenes *No grinding required *Great characters *Great humor: Not many games get chuckles out of me repeatedly
    *No big tutorial, you're thrown into the action with some pointers, the rest is learning by doing
    *Plenty of information is displayed very efficiently
    *Lot of options in battle. You can fast-forward or 'skip' turns and just see the results or completely autoplay turns
    *Intelligent Systems thought of everyone: Noobs like me or veterans who prefer hardcore mode

    With a lot of games I at least partially ask myself: 'Have they even played the game themselves?'. With this one, it's like someone played the game a 100 times and kept nitpicking until every flaw was erased.
  28. Oct 27, 2013
    Really nice 3D graphics, awesome Gameplay, weapon and spell crafting, good characters and art style, just breath taking cut scenes. There is nothing bad i could say about this game. If you like Anime, Round turned strategy and RPGs, you will love this game
  29. Jan 28, 2014
    This is THE best 3DS game, and I don't know what could take over.

    It has an intriguing story, great characters, fun tactical/action game play, a great relationship system, great difficulty, and great visuals/music to entertain you!

    If you own a 3DS, you MUST buy this game.
  30. Oct 14, 2013
    Beautifully done game. Once I picked it up it was very hard to put it down. So much in depth character development that each play through could prove to be a bit different. This SRPG puts an aspiring amount of love into their story line. Finally a game where you can marry all of the active characters you can pick from. Different weapon equips and class changes. Superb 3D work. Not to mention there is a Demo on the network if you really want to try the first battle out. This game was worth the full price! Expand
  31. Jan 10, 2014
    First fire emblem game I ever played.
    It's one of the greatest games on the 3DS, a must buy for fans of: rpgs, strategy games, anime, medieval times, anyone with good taste.
    I'm sure the fans of the series will love it.
    My problem, why characters had no feet?
  32. Dec 28, 2013
    Awakening is a proper heir of this fantastic series.
    The game has all the things that made the success of Fire Emblem the loveable characters, the apparently simple but hooking story, the intense battles, the perfect, very rich and yet accessible, gameplay,...
    But this time with the 3DS specs, the graphics have significantly improved. The game is gorgeous, the fighting animations brutal
    and the cinematics breathtaking.
    New elements have also been added to the gameplay, and they are all very well thought. The most noticeable is the possibility to make "duos" of characters, which adds a whole new depth to the battles and tons of possibilities.
    The only bad thing I could say about this game is its difficulty. The Normal/Hard modes are too easy, when the Insane difficulty is ridiculous. Disappointing when we know how well Intelligent Systems did with the previous games, but that's forgivable as the game strikes perfectly right on all other levels.

    I was always confident into Intelligent Systems to offer us a great game for their comeback on the 3DS, and I was right. Fire Emblem: Awakening is up there with the best games of the series.
    I'm more than glad this episode sold well, as it could have been the last according to Nintendo. Fire Emblem is one of the most classic video game series of all time and definitely one of the best, and proves it once again with this great episode.
  33. Nov 1, 2013
    With out a doubt, this is one of the best games I have ever played. Do yourself a favor and buy this game. There is absolutely nothing else to say here.
  34. Nov 6, 2013
    I've played the Fire Emblem franchise since its debut in Japan, and I've never loved a FE title as much as Awakening. Excellent strategy combat, combined with meaningful dialogue and some of the best in game music I've ever heard, completes this game. The addition of marriage brings a new flair to Awakening, as you can toy around with skills the 2nd generation character receives. And creating myself as a character was something I'd always wanted to do in game. Simply a top class game, and the best Fire Emblem title ever by far. Expand
  35. Nov 28, 2013
    An incredible game--very well done characters and art, great music (if a little overused at times), an incredible script, and an amazing combat system. The story takes unexpected twists and turns and the added Paralogues extend the main game for dozens of hours. I've literally played for 270+ hours and I still play. Any fan of strategy RPGs should absolutely not miss out on this experience.

    + Great story and characters
    + Impressive visuals
    + Great replay value
    + Tactical gameplay at its best

    - Multiplayer options are extremely limited
    - Full voice acting (at least for the main scenes!) would have been better

    CORE GAME: 9/10
    VISUALS: 8/10
    AUDIO: 7/10
    GAMEPLAY: 9.5/10

    Overall Score: 9/10
  36. Nov 23, 2013
    Fire Emblem Awakening is nothing short of superb. With such a large amount of missions and replay value, this game is one of the best in the series.

    This game stands out from the other games by including a new pair up system, that really adds to the idea that your units should stick close together and that forming bonds between them is important. To reward you are some the best
    support conversations with some of the best writing for the series. You learn to cherish each unit despite their inherent flaws.

    Most of the missions are comprised of either killing the leader or routing the opposition. Sometimes there are unique stipulations, but otherwise that's it. This is perhaps where this game is it's weakest as several previous mission has had a variety of missions that focus on defending your position or trying to escape. This makes everything a little bit one sided and the core of the game focused on building an all out offense. Only once is a serious defensive strategy utilized. In one instance, you must protect someone for roughly 10 turns. If you want to defend them, you cannot pair up because otherwise, the enemies will reach her and it's over. Other than that, the game sticks to the usual (that is unless you play lunatic).

    The graphics and art style took awhile to get used to as I've grown up with a different style, and I was concerned about more steampunk type things making it's way into Fire Emblem, but that was not the case. Every character looks unique and accentuates their oddities. They do have strange looking feet in battle animation, but it eventually becomes quite endearing. The 3-D looks gorgeous when turned on and everything is much more fluid, unlike Path of Radiance and Radiant Dawn.

    As far as music is concerned, they spared no expense in making a solid soundtrack. Some of the music is particularly moving.

    On the storyline note, this game was also excellent, although there were a few moments later in the game where I felt they were dragging things out too long. The game occasionally even gives you storyline options that really cause you to pause and reflect on your circumstances that furthers your emotional investment. It's too bad that these decisions are meaningless and do nothing at all...

    The DLC is great and there's plenty of it. Multiplayer isn't much, but you can battle against some street pass teams and do a few other things, like recruit their avatar character.

    Overall, this is one of the best Fire Emblem games available, but the constant attack to win missions and the pseudo-choices presented in the storyline are just somewhat disappointing. Otherwise, please go out and buy this. You'll be glad you did.
  37. Nov 24, 2013
    Wow this game is amazing. It has a ton of content, great game play with complex battles, and great story. The visuals are amazing especially with the 3D on. The music is phenomenal!!! The characters are great. They have funny, serious, ect. Personalities. Play this game if you have a 3DS. Definitely the best game on the 3DS.
  38. Jan 5, 2014
    Fire Emblem Awakening is an absolutely spectacular video game that deserves at least a glance from any and every 3DS owner or potential owner. This was my first Fire Emblem game and I must say, I was blown away with how much I fell in love with this game. For this review I'll cover the story, game-play, visuals and atmosphere.

    Fire Emblem Awakening's story is typical Japanese role
    playing game fare. It has plenty of drama and intrigue along with a few plot twists for good measure. There's nothing spectacular in the actual plot, but the character development is something to be commended. By the end of this game you will find a good handful of characters that you'll truly connect with and care about in the heat of battle.

    Awakening is a strategy role playing game with turn based combat, experience points and a level up system. The game is filled with different classes of characters, different types of attacks and rules for each unit on the field. I like to think of it as a very deep game of chess where a pawn is more than just a piece, but is a character that you've followed and watched grow. This aspect of the game is truly endearing and adds to the game in so many ways. The game also features a relationship building system where units can be married and have children. This adds to the game greatly as you can pair units with whoever you want whether your goal is stat gains or just watching a fun pair on the field of battle. Everything is done very well and each facet of the game feels very polished. Game-play is an enormous strength of this game.

    Awakening features four different art styles all in one game. There are the hand drawn images of each unit, the 3D units used in battle animations, the 2D sprites used on the battle field and the 3D renders used in cut-scenes. The cut-scenes are absolutely breathtaking visually. Certainly some of the best visuals on the 3DS. The 2D sprites are charming and fit their role extremely well. The 3D units in battle animations may lack feet but they do their job and are certainly not ugly by any means. The hand drawn art is also very impressive. The graphics of Fire Emblem Awakening are the best of the series and probably the best of the 3DS.

    The atmosphere of Fire Emblem is very interesting. The game is set in a dark fantasy world filled with time travel, zombies, knights, mages and flying horses all wrapped up in a Japanese artful flare. The music is well orchestrated and can really set the mood well. Although the game is very serious at times I've found myself laughing out loud in between battles due to the great character interactions.

    Overall Fire Emblem Awakening is easily a top five game of 2013 and is my personal favorite 3DS game yet. I highly recommend it to anyone that owns a 3DS. If this review hasn't swayed you enough to make a purchase, I understand, but please take a look at this game yourself, it deserves that much. I highly recommend the free demo on the eshop for current 3DS owners.

    Score: 10/10
  39. Dec 2, 2013
    This game is definitely my game of the year. It has the best graphics on the 3ds, the gameplay is so addicting, and the story is awesome. The characters are amazing and well developed, it has so much content that is will keep you busy for months, and the wireless features always keep me coming back. There is not a single negative comment that i can say about this game, even if you don't like strategy turn based rpgs you should give this game a go. i recommended it to 6 of my friend who don't really like the genre and they are in love with it and can't put it down. Expand
  40. Dec 5, 2013
    FE:Awakening will have you hooked. I neglected school work after purchasing it because the story drove me to have 4-5 hour binges. It is by far the best game on the 3DS because it appeals to so many different genres. The difficulty modes are perfect and even normal difficulty will have you carefully planning out your moves. Nothing feels gimmicky and animations are smooth.

    I don't know
    why you are still reading this review. You should be buying this game instead. Expand
  41. Apr 8, 2014
    This game is very very good. I've not yet finished it, but after 36 hours I can say it is a must buy for the 3DS. Awakening combines the classic Fire Emblem battle mechanics with a variety of new features which make it much more entertaining to play.

    The in-depth class and skill system creates great variety in how you approach each confrontation, full 3D combat animations freshen up
    long battles, playing with perma-death on forces you to think carefully before acting, and support conversation between characters really make you like and feel like you get to know the characters you control.

    The only issues I found with the game is that the few cutscenes are so ridiculously well done and epic, I found myself constantly disappointed when story scenes were done with chat boxes instead of full cutscenes. Moreover, some characters are very limited in whom they can gain support status with which makes the player not want to use them as much.

    In the end, Awakening is definitely one of the best in the franchise and a true gem of the 3DS platform. Anyone who loves RPG's or is interested in them should buy this game. It has enough depth to satisfy an experienced player, but can be forgiving enough for newcomers too.
  42. Dec 23, 2013
    Literally the best game I have ever played. My favorite game of all time. If you like strategy RPG games you are in for a serious treat. Great Graphics, Great combat, Great character build-up, and Great Plotline! That is all I can really say.
  43. Dec 29, 2013
    A great title in the 3DS library of games.great graphics,good sound effects (like the voices of the Characters),amazing music,super fun gameplay and a interesting history.
    The best entry in the fire emblem series is Fire Emblem Awakening, go buy this game now!!!
  44. Mar 23, 2014
    I already did a review for this game, but i felt like it did not do it any justice. This game is hands down one of the best RPG's ever made overall and is one of my favorite games of all time. It surpassed Pokemon Platinum as my favorite RPG (and that my friend is very difficult).

    This is by far the most accessible game in the series. I am a first time Fire Emblem player and i know the
    others have perma-death that you can't turn off. Awakening gives you casual mode and difficulty levels to make the game easier for new players and it works like a charm. The gameplay is a bit tricky to get used to at first for a newcomer but for veterans it's immediately accessible and it's awesome how you have to strategically place your units so that they can win the battle and not die.

    And speaking of units, the best thing about this game is just how well developed and written the characters are. Every single character is memorable. Chrom is a badass, your unit, regardless of gender, is very well thought out and is really well spoken. I could talk about every character, but i'd spend hours talking about each one. The marriage system makes the character all the more engrossing and engaging and they have children and with all the possible couples you can make, this game will give you hours, upon hours, upon HOURS of content. I have over 30 hours and i have yet to pass the first playthrough AND i have created a new game with a new Avatar. Another thing, even on Normal Casual mode, you will absolutely hate losing characters in the game. Thats how fleshed out they are.

    The visuals are great. The in-game graphics look good but the rendered cutscenes look stunning and gorgeous. The score is among the best scores of 2013, alongside Metal Gear Rising. Id Purpose, Devine Decree and Don't Speak Her Name are among the best tracks of any score i have heard in a video game and of 2013.

    Fire Emblem Awakening is a masterpiece within the realm of RPG and strategy. A great story with fantastic visuals, soundtrack and gameplay with one of the best cast of characters i have seen in an RPG and in a game in general. An absolutely mesmerizing experience and for me, it's one of the best games ever made.
  45. Jan 9, 2014
    I have been a fan of the Fire Emblem series for a long time, and I was not disappointed when I played through Awakening when it was first released. It is still one of my favourite titles on the 3DS, and one that I play almost on a daily basis.

    The gameplay is fantastic and offers a variety of options to welcome both new and veteran players; difficulty levels and Classic vs. Casual
    consequences. This also gives more freedom in how to enjoy the game; if you are a player who only has a limited amount of time to dedicate to the game, you can still complete the story without worrying too much about losing a few fights here and there between units.

    The class system is fantastic as usual, and the option of infinite leveling as well as summoning opponents from every previous game gives veteran players a wealth of content in order to maximize their units and refine their characters as much as they'd like. The street pass option is also one of my favourites; fighting a passerby's team and comparing your team to those around you offers plenty of incentive to continue leveling up outside of or beyond the main story.

    The DLC is also very well made and beneficial, however it is in no way necessary to complete the story or maximize the units as mentioned above.

    The support and marriage system is very innovative, and highly useful in combat. It also adds to a player's connection to the units in the game as they grow together through the story, combat, and levels helping each other out on the way. Although the conversations between characters and the marriages can be rather cheesy or unbelievable in certain cases, it also adds in a comical balance to the dramatic gameplay that keeps the game fresh and fun throughout.

    Finally, as always, the story, cutscenes, voice acting and graphics do not fail to disappoint. It is well told and fully developed, with additional difficult challenges available for free with a wireless connection.
  46. Jan 21, 2014
    Let's start with WOW. Fire Emblem not only turns in its best game ever, but they also made its tactical RPG genre into something everybody could enjoy. The voice acting is right at the top
    (Next to Kid Icarus) , the graphic are phenomenal 2D and 3D, and overall just makes you want to play all day and night.
    I'm a guy who's played all Fire Emblem games and I think that this game is a
    great place to start for Fire Emblem Beginners since there's only one returning character (But its explained in the game).
    If you own a 3DS and you don't have this game, i don't know why but get it as soon as you can.
  47. May 2, 2014
    This game is beyond perfect and my personal favorite it's an 11 out of 10. On top of it's breath-taking graphics, amazing gameplay , perfected mechanics, and tons of variety and replayability, the game's story and characters are so well-written, it outclasses even the best animes and movies out there. It's one thing for a game just to be a masterpiece in one aspect like the Legend of Zelda, but Fire Emblem Awakening is a masterpiece in many, that's why I consider this game the best game ever. Expand
  48. Jan 25, 2014
    I don't suppose it's unreasonable to call this the crown jewel of the 3DS lineup, and a must-have for any owner's collection. From the sales figures to the overall critical acclaim, no Nintendo employee or owner of this title can possibly refute the success it is for its system and its 40+ hours of playtime. Those interested in DLC, higher difficulty levels, and fully hashing out the many conversations between all the possible marital, filial, and civil relationships can easily find themselves at the 150+ hour mark. A success as an RPG in its metagame mechanics, a success as an epic in its storytelling and beautiful cutscenes, and a success as an overall work of art, it reigns king even approaching its first anniversary. Expand
  49. Jan 28, 2014
    Last night I sat down to finish FE after about 2 weeks and 31 or so odd hours of gameplay.

    My overall thoughts on the game are that it is was created by a team of people who knew how to pack as much fun into a mobile game as they could. The turn-based strategy forces you to develop strategies that involve making full use of the beautifully (seriously hot) detailed maps and environments,
    where you could decide to funnel enemies through a narrow corridor (picking them off one by one with your strongest characters), or causing them to have to run through trees or sand dunes, effectively slowing down their movements.

    The story picks up fast and hard at the outset, and it holds up nicely for the first several hours of gameplay. Then it seems like they ran out of budget for story-telling and filled in a large gap with player driven narrative in the form of 'coupling' of characters. Basically your characters can have children if they are paired together for enough battles on the battlefield, they develop relationships outside of the battles and eventually have children. It's an interesting mechanic, but I found it to be rather shallow and a bit hollow at times. The story never really picks up too much, instead it branches out into a strange direction before being brought back on track in the game's final chapters. Fortunately, the gameplay is so strong and entertaining that the slightly predictable story can be forgiven... that is, until the end of the game.

    The final chapters have you fighting enemies that barely matter or weren't developed as villains, and while they try to go for a grandiose finale it kind of explodes with a whimper. Poor decisions at the end of the game, as well as a lack of closing cinematic (which there were plenty of throughout the game that were both beautifully presented and timely in regards to story development) left me feeling cheated, as if the developers ran out of ideas or budget by the time the game came to an end and did a rush job on closing the story.

    For a game that had SO much attention to detail throughout, it was really disappointing to see them close off their adventure so anticlimactically. They try to wrap it up with a 'now this character is doing this and that in the world' for each of the characters you collect along the way, but the problem with it is that they are uninteresting and presented a snail's pace. It just feels irrelevant, and in my opinion, the entire ending is somewhat disrespectful to the game as a whole.

    Would I recommend this game to anyone? Absolutely, there's a good reason why I stayed with it for +30h. I'm nitpicky on story because I feel like those are the main driving factor for what keep me involved in a game these days, but the gameplay is pretty much flawless and engrossing. You just want to keep battling, building up your forces, finding new characters in the world. You also don't want to lose any of them, because if they die in battle you can't use them anymore. I lost 3 characters out of 45 throughout my whole game... I'd often reset a match if even 1 character were to die. That's how good they are at having you care for the progress of your characters. Not necessarily for their personalities, but for their attributes and strengths which you develop through fighting.

    Definitely play this one, I think it's one of the best that Nintendo has to offer on the 3DS.
  50. Jan 29, 2014
    Fire emblem awakening is a really fun JRPG with great cast of characters, great story, graphics. The overall game is astounding and has taken the series to a new level. The DLC is also very nice some examples are getting new classes, skills, weapons, gold,and even challenging yourself. Wi-fi would have been nice but i can see Intelligent Systems and Nintendo put lots of time and effort in it so that makes me rate this game a 10. Expand
  51. Feb 2, 2014
    Fire Emblem Awakening is currently my favorite game on the Nintendo 3DS, and my all time favorite game. I own Radiant Dawn on the Nintendo Wii, which I received several years ago. Never got into the game much, so I was skeptical about picking up FEA. I was not disappointed in the slightest. Beautiful graphics, soundtrack, and characters. The story is more on the cliché side, but still good nonetheless. There is a boatload of DLC and you can have up to three files per game for hours of fun. My main complaint with this game is the online features. You can battle teams that meet via SpotPass but they are hardly a challenge, even if their units are stronger than yours. I would have personally liked if there were better online and you could battle people live. You can also play as Fire Emblem characters from previous titles, but their character designs do not differ from the base classes that FEA offers. I would have liked if there was more work put into that. Expand
  52. Feb 2, 2014
    This is the first Fire Emblem game I have ever played and I am totally (positively) surprised by the game. Fire Emblem is a great tactical game and has impressive graphics and an epic story. You have many possibilities in how to train your army. Your Units gather friendship points, if you put them close to each other on the battlefield or if you melt two units into one bigger unit. If they like each other much enough, they might even have children, that can be recruited, too.
    At some point you can even change a unit's class, so you are able to customize your army to your liking.

    At first, you can select between three difficulties which influence the strength and mass of enemy units in each level. Additionally you can choose, if permadeath shall be activated. This means, that fallen Units are dead for good. I like this option so much, because you want to optimize your strategy in order to minimize casualties.
    Still, I like to have quite a challenge but I got the feeling, that you need a lot of luck to beat the game on the highest difficulty and permadeath activated. I needed to retry some missions over and over until I got enough critical hits to kill an enemy in a certain number of turns in order to survive. I wished that this difficulty was less luck-based but skill-based.

    There is also a StreetPass feature which let you play against other armies and rewards you with extra weaponry.

    All in all the game is very very much fun. I love the story and its presentation. I love the gameplay, the graphics, animations and sound. I will give this game a 9, because I didn't like that luck or grinding seems to be a big factor on higher difficulties.

    I would recommend everyone to at least try the demo, which was very fun and gives a good impression of the game.
  53. Feb 25, 2014
    Since this was my first Fire Emblem game, I wasn't sure what to expect. But when I did play it... I most certainly was not disappointed. There is so much that is good about this game. As a turn-based strategy, it is as engaging as it is fun. It's always so satisfying to see your character smashing another to bits with his huge axe or slicing another with his sword, maybe even frying him with a lightning spell.

    Another upshot of this game is its characters. Every single character has their own backstory, their own strengths and weaknesses, their own style of play. You can run in all-guns-blazing with Barbarians and swordsmen, or you can play more craftily, attacking enemies from afar with magic and bows. And each character is likeable in their own way, be it because they're funny, because they're cute or because they're just plain awesome. Fire Emblem: Awakening has a character for everything.

    As I said before, this game is as engaging as it is fun to play, but that's not the only upshot to the game. This game's replay value is endless. You can play it over and over and over again, to perfect your strategy and build the best team you can. And in a game of its type, that is a great addition.

    The game's utilisation of StreetPass is among some of the best I've seen - one can battle, buy items from or even recruit other players' avatars, making the possibilities all the more endless!

    There are only two reasons why I did not give this game a perfect score. One, the voice acting. To be more specific, the English voice acting. Some of the characters' voices are good, but some don't really fit their character compared to the Japanese voices, and a fair few (I'm looking at you, Sumia) are absolutely awful. However, the game also includes the option to have the Japanese voice instead of the English, which works around that problem.
    The game also lacks online multiplayer, something which would make this game ten times more replayable than it already is. However, the StreetPass functionality more than makes up for this.

    To summarise: For many reasons, Fire Emblem: Awakening is an absolutely amazing game. Owning a 3DS and not also owning this is absolute sacrilege.
  54. Feb 17, 2014
    Think pokemon X and Y are the reasons to buy a 3DS or 2DS? NOPE this game is the reason.

    It has a excellent story and is much easier for new players to the series since permadeath is now a option and not forced on the player along with the child system and the other ways of recruitment you'll have a very powerful team of heros to fight along side the avatar and Chrom
  55. Feb 23, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Fire emblem mixes the best graphics you can get on portable consoles and the action packed, dramatic and gripping storyline you expect from fire emblem. The story is one of the most challenging there has been and great for newer players. It just promises EPIC from the title page all the way to the credits and follows it's promises, a credit to Nintendo and games of 2013. Expand
  56. Mar 7, 2014
    No doubt one of the best game I have ever played. The story, game-play and graphics (especially the animation) are perfect combination. Difficulties are suitable for most players with different options to choose from. DLC are available for purchases to extend the awesomeness. Definitely worth every dollar you pay for the game. Nothing much to criticize about and is purely a masterpiece. Look forward to a even better game in the future! Expand
  57. Mar 11, 2014
    Best SRPG ever made, why? It's just so damn polished and packed with content. From the pre-rendered cinematics, to the 3D effects, to the whole support/marriage system, to the skills/class system, to the extra features such as casual mode (which makes the game so much more accessible), this is just one of the most well thought out RPG's I've ever played.

    It's also really long, I
    finished the game in 75 hours with all the side quests, and some DLC. Never have I put this many hours into a hand-held game since the original Pokemon/Advance Wars came out.

    On a technical level, this game is just mind-blowing, when a flock of birds flew past my screen I nearly dropped the 3DS is shock thinking ants were walking on my screen. Graphically this is the best game in the series.

    As a game, there were no compromises made, and Intelligent Systems clearly learned how to make a good formula after all this time. You still get the same 25-40 hour Campaign, but you also get another 25-35 hours of paralogue quests. Character recruitment only occurs in paralogue missions, so you can never miss out on that super unit. Plus now there is a casual mode, so you don't have to pull your hair out when your favorite character dies on the last turn in a level.

    This game is just insane, it's the reason why I bought a 3DS, and after the Chrono Trigger & Front Mission (for me) remakes on the DS, I would argue this is the best hand held game ever made. Which means yes, it's better then the original Pokemon

    This game is now After the Chrono Trigger & Front Mission remakes for the DS
  58. Mar 18, 2014
    Summary of the review: Fire emblem awakening is a very rare type of strategy game. it is one that will be as easy or difficult as you want it to be. Purists will tell you to ignore casual mode, but is in having this mode not ruin the core experience that Awakening has its greatest triumph. You will want this game if you enjoy character relationships, well executed fantasy plots, extensive rosters of unique characters and replay value. There is no way you will regret the purchase, if you want a breakdown of some presentation and gameplay elements read on.

    for a 3DS title the production values are extraordinary. Small details such as perfectly formatted text boxes and character portrait placement make sure none of the action is obscured. Said character portraits also do a great job of letting the character's personality get across. of course though these story elements are all well and good they would be useless if the bread and butter (combat) was a pixelated mess. On this I will be brief. Combat looks like an early Wii game, not a 3DS game. combat visuals and even overworld graphics actually felt better than fire emblem path of radiance on the gamecube. You will also never mistake any of your unique units even when zoomed out either. No one in this world has feet though, which the detail oriented amongst you may find insufferable due to how detailed the character models are otherwise. the menus are very clear, information is presented to you in two modes. First is an easy mode telling you all you need to know such as hit probability and the damage you will deal. the second is a detailed mode that will give you much more information. Even convoluted elements such as weapon durability are presented in a way that can’t be missed. This ensures that an obscure mechanic hidden behind layers of obtuse menus will never make you feel cheated. Simply put, the menus are not only appropriate visually for the feel of the game, but they actually provide relevant and unobtrusive information to you. Truly one of the best presented games on 3DS. Presentation score 10

    When you start the game you will be presented with a few very important choices. Casual or hardcore boils down to deciding if defeat in battle permanently kills the character in question for the rest of the game. The standard easy, normal, hard setup is there as well and it governs how well equipped and aggressive the enemy AI is. Do not let ‘casual’ mode fool you, it will kick your unprepared ass if you bundle it with hard or even normal difficulty (should you get cocky). Harcore mode on easy will likewise not prove all that hardcore if you take reasonable care in battle. You also decide via limited customizability, what your avatar will look like. It won’t drop your jaw with its versatility but will make you feel a part of the world. More pressingly you decide what kind of starting attributes the avatar will have such as their best and weakest stat. Stats are very robust, nothing that needs mentioning if you’ve ever played an RPG. The stats system in fire emblem works well and the best that can be said of it is that it gels so well with the other mechanics that nothing stands out about it. There are a lot of classes, with characters starting as basic classes in most cases and later getting access to advanced classes. An item permits class swaps as well, though they will be rest to lvl one with higher base stats as your reward. To put this another way, every time you change a character’s class they will have their stats cap raised. So you literally get back what you put into a character. The one flaw here is that nothing can stand against you if you really sink time into training your favourites. This a turn based strategy game that strongly rewards positioning, since different classes have different attack ranges and movement ranges. There is also a rock, paper, scissors setup between weapons and classes that works very well. Still, beware that some advanced skills are a bit too useful and potent. Gameplay score 9

    The limited space for user reviews prevents me from treating these as extensively as I’d like so I will be brief. The music is great but there are a few pieces in the mix which I personally found to be truly outstanding. DLC actually contributes to the experience here. I know, shocking. I recommend any of the scramble or future past packs. these provide the best value, for the rest, only those with a love of nostalgia need apply.

    There are several high quality anime cut scenes throughout the game, these will piss you off tremendously and make you wish for an Anime due to how striking they are. A slew of fun extras unlock after the first completion as well, one of which is a theatre to watch the cut scenes in.

    Total score 9.5 ( 10 since metacritic does not permit decimals)
  59. Mar 18, 2014
    Fire Emblem is a series not known to many gamers, but it should. The series has incredible story and strategy to it. One reason it's not a popular series is due to the harsh difficulty that some of the previous games present, turning away many players. Awakening changes that by being more 'friendly' to series newcomers, while satisfying old fans with the rich dialogue, intriguing story, and in depth role playing. This essentially makes it the best game in the series to start with, even though it's much later in the series (the 13th installment, to be specific).
    Pros; - Story (The game's story isn't necessarily 'new', but it executes and presents the ideas in a refreshing way)
    - Presentation (The game, although somewhat pixelated, has some of the best detail in their models and textures of any 3DS game, and that's before the incredible 3D effect and beautifully rendered anime-style cut-scenes)
    - Strategy (The game requires strategy to beat, and it can become quite in-depth. Thankfully, it's not so in-depth that newcomers will have a hard time)
    - Role-playing (There are many characters, each of whom can marry and become a certain class. The game boasts some very nice role playing aspects that will satisfy many players)
    - Content (The game's main quest-line can be beat in around 15-25 hours if not much time is spent grinding or doing side quests, but with those two in mind, playtime can exceed 80 hours. On top of that, there are DLC's for relatively cheap prices)
    - Online interaction (You can fight players teams who you Streetpass with, a nice bonus to an already huge game)
    Cons; - Repetitive (The game's main quest-line and the side quests can become tedious for the impatient players)
    Overall, the game is the best in the series, and possible the best RPG on the 3DS to date. The game will provide with dozens of hours of gameplay, and while you may not enjoy every minute of it, it's still worth the buy, even if you only play through once.
  60. Jul 22, 2014
    I'm just writing this, because I didn't have a Metacritic account when I originally played it, and this game just plain rocks. I had played advanced wars before, but not any of the fire emblem games, so I wasn't too sure going into it. This game will keep you up late at night if you aren't careful. Gameplay rocks the graphics are beautiful aside from the weird stumpy feet. I named my unit Stumpy in honor of those feet. The music is fantastic and the story is pretty cool too. The sense of loyalty Chrom has for the my unit character is really awesome towards the end of the game. Also Lucina and My Unit will be characters in the new smash bros game. KICK ASS (sorry Chrom). Lucina even has her badass mask in some screens! This game is probably still the best game on the 3DS. Expand
  61. Mar 26, 2014
    I had nearly put my 3DS to rest when February had arrived last year. It was a busy time, and I wasn't getting into games as much as I had in the past. I was this close to storing it and waiting for Pokemon X and Y, the game I thought would be the magnum opus for this system.

    Boy, was I dead wrong.

    There was something about this game, something that made it all click together. First
    booting up this game, I was skeptical. A strategy game on the 3DS seemed too abstract for me.
    The opening cut scene appeared, and of course it was a sight to see. The 3D capabilities were being used to their fullest.
    Then the menu came up, and I was greeted with a blasting rendition of the Fire Emblem theme. It was nothing less of perfect.
    Jumping into the game immediately, I was greeted with great voice acting, superb gameplay, and of course, an amazing cast of characters. They are what make this game. You immerse yourself into this small screen, and you find a world as big as ours. Intelligent Systems really hit gold on this one, I couldn't believe how hard this game could get a grip on you until I had 100 hours logged in.
    So to review in sections:
    Graphics: 8/10 The weaker part of the game, but altogether fabulously well done for such a system. The 3D feature is used well in cut scene and gameplay alike. Turned off, it doesn't leave that much of an impact, leaving the best of both worlds. While people may not have feet rendered in this world, the artstyle is satisfying and showcases the power of the 3DS.
    Gameplay: 10/10 When I had hit 100 hours in the short span of a few weeks, I had realized that there was nothing this game couldn't do. The strategy-based gameplay allowed for planning and numerous ways to go about a mission. The variety of difficulties allowed for casual and hardcore gameplay, and Lunatic+ will give you the biggest challenge in 2013. Overall, superb and addicting, the actual playing of the game gets my vote for some of the best fun you can have in 2013.
    Sound 10/10: The music is just amazing, it sets the mood perfectly and has a wide range of emotion put into each of its songs. A personal favorite of mine, Id~Serenity, the track that plays when you meet Chrom at the start of the game. It brings peace and sound into the viewer, and it creates that image of happiness that doesn't fade anytime after. Overall, killer soundtrack. I'm baffled it wasn't nominated for any of the major OST awards in the shows this year, but the good never gets the most recognition.
    Story/Characters: 10/10 How can I put this lightly? The story in this game is simple, yet complex. It has the typical medieval setting, but various archetypes of it. The characters look generic, but are each unique. Every character you meet has that special quirk to them that brings them to life. From serious to lighthearted, nothing could beat the giant cast of Fire Emblem: Awakening and their adventures. You will cry at the end, not from a death or anything like that, but because you have to leave the world of Ylisse and all of its amazing characters. Until you replay it. Again, and again.

    Overall: 10/10
    When the major games this year received the recognition they had, I was baffled at how this game got not even a sliver of what they received. It beats out 90% of this years soundtracks, it crushes 99% of this years gameplay, and it is the best story of 2013. It goes to show you don't need ham-handed philosophical lessons or wacky "intelligent" time-travel plots to make a story great. You just need a little soul and love to bring it to our world.

    Fire Emblem: Awakening gets my vote as the Game of the Year of 2013.
  62. Apr 10, 2014
    This review is for Fire Emblem Veterans who are craving a challenge!
    FE: Awakening is a great introduction into the Fire Emblem series, but lacks in proper difficulty. Let me rephrase, FE: Awakening can be quite difficult, but difficult in the worst kind of way. From the start the game quickly establishes it's Rock, Paper, Scissor combat system, punishing players for being careless or not
    predicting their enemy's movement range.

    I played the game on Classic Hard. As the game progresses, enemies start spawning from off-screen or from fortresses, gaining a turn immediately after their arrival. This was fine towards the beginning, but the game precedes to try to increase the difficulty of the game by spawning more in-battle enemies right next to my units at a time. This was a bit of a slap in the face for me because I am not able to predict which enemy/weapon that will spawn, making the rock,paper,scissors aspect established in the beginning a sort of crap shoot.

    On top of that, the game tells me exactly how much damage I will do and will be done to me, which prevents me from making any mistakes. The challenge of the game immediately dissolved when I realized that I could easily gauge who would win by comparing unit's ratings.

    I love the pairing system but it gave me little incentive to ever split my paired units apart. I just put the stronger character in front and let the weaker character make the last hits.

    Another gripe i had is that some of the terrain was incredibly dull. No joke, there were some maps that were essentially flat plains with a few bushes here and there. This is just lazy. That being said, the game maps really excelled when the battles were indoors, forcing me to change my tactics.

    So why do I give this game an 8? Because it's a fantastic game, I would just enter it with low expectations for the die hard FE fans who crave a challenge
  63. Apr 13, 2014
    Fire Emblem Awakening, while not perfect, is one of the greatest video games I have ever had the pleasure of playing. This was my first Fire Emblem game, and I can see that I have been missing out on a fantastic series. The graphics are beautiful to look at, and the soundtrack is one of the best in gaming history. Noteworthy songs include "Don't Speak Her Name" and the final battle theme. The gameplay however, is where Fire Emblem Awakening truly shines. This is a turn based strategy RPG. You and the opponent take turns moving, positions, and attacking troops. While it may sound simple, the game will require skill and intelligence to beat, unless you are playing on Casual Normal mode. Multiple factors influence how a battle will turn out, be it what weapon your troop is wielding, what terrain they are battling on, or even who is fighting by that particular troop's side. Do not let this hardcore nature dissuade you, though. Thanks to casual mode and 3 default difficulty settings, the game can be easily accessed by newcomers. They can learn about how the game works on Normal difficulty (or as I call it, pathetically easy mode) and test there newfound knowledge by increasing the difficulty for their second play through. Players can pair up characters to get married in ALMOST any way they see fit. The dialogue is well written and the characters are all great. Seriously, the dialogue and characters can be hilarious at times. Frederick, Kellam, Lissa, and some special characters later in the game are a few that constantly had me either chuckling or laughing as loud as I could. As good as a game Fire Emblem Awakening is though , it does have a few MINOR shortcomings. I was a little annoyed that some characters have ridiculously limited options in who they can have conversations with (Anna can only marry the player created avatar? disappointment). There are a few rare yet infuriating moments that can occur. What do I mean? Let's just say that if an enemy has a 1% chance of getting a critical hit, you may end up disappointed when either Tharja's or Lissa's face make friends with the cold hard ground. It is not really a problem, but frustrating nonetheless. There is one big flaw though. Downloadable Content. I do not have a problem with DLC. I have a problem with the fact that I can exploit the downloadable maps to level grind and make my team ridiculously over leveled by chapter 6. Now, you don't have to exploit DLC if you don't want to, so it isn't a deal breaker. It's just annoying when someone says, "I'm the greatest Fire Emblem player ever, because I had 5 dollars to buy the EXPonential growth DLC". Despite these nitpicks, Fire Emblem Awakening is still fantastic, and anyone who owns a 3DS should try it without question. If you are a newcomer that is still not sure as to whether or not you should buy this game, at least download the free demo. You will not be disappointed. Expand
  64. May 18, 2014
    Best in the series. The game has a great mix of features and characters, leaving you a lot to do and lots of tactics to explore. The story is fairly interesting. There is DLC available, both free and paid.
  65. Apr 26, 2014
    I wanted to like this game, I did...but it doesn't hold up. Your grind to survive on the flat, tedious maps, grind to marry your bland team mates off, grind to get skills, etc etc etc! But then it doesn't even pay off. The game is too short for you to fully enjoy what you've done with your team, but its not like it matters much anyway since the characters and story are boring and harp on its black and white morality. There are much better games out there. Expand
  66. Apr 30, 2014
    I actually created an account specifically to write a review about this game. The combat system was great and the graphics decent, but what I found so incredible about this game was the story, the character development, and the music. These were easily some of the best which I have ever seen in my life as a gamer. You will not regret playing Fire Emblem: Awakening.
  67. Jun 14, 2014
    This game is truly amazing. After playing Marth in Super Smash Bros. I wanted to see what the games where like, then I bought Fire Emblem Awakening and it quickly became not only one of my favorite Nintendo games but also became one of my favorite games of all time. Me and my brother took a big risk buying a new game from a series new to us but we were both amazed at the great animate cut-scenes and intuitive game play. This game gets a 10/10 and a Pick It Up As Soon As Possible medal Expand
  68. Jun 30, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Finished this game by the beginning of the week.
    Well, it certainly is a good game, but not great. Truth to be said, i think this game is too overrated. I saw many good reviews about the game on the internet, but oh well..when i actually play the game, it's not as good as i thought it would be.

    The Story starts with you, the main character, see a dream where you kill Chrom.
    And then you suddenly wake up to find Chrom standing in front of you. You join his gang, The shepherds, as the Tactician. Seeing that the nation is in a war state, Chrom journey off with the shepherds to save his king. One day he met a girl with a mask who called herself as "Marth", the legendary heroine who put Grimma the dark dragon to sleep several hundred years ago. It turns out that "Marth" is actually Lucina, the daughter of Chrom, who came from an alternate future to save Chrom from being murdered. So, how will the story ends? Can they bend the destiny? Play and find out yourself.

    Plus point:
    - This game has an interesting gameplay & great job system. The battle is fun and have a very good graphics. I mean i enjoy hacking people when they used a weapon that's not good against mine.
    - Marriage system? Well it's one of the interesting point. You can build relationship between male and female in your team, and they'll get married, affecting their offspring who came from the future as well. And you have a lot of choices for that! I mean i considered a lot about who my main character going to marry.

    Minus Point:
    - Story is just too cheesy. I mean, your son/daughter came from alternate future. And you fight together to change the future? Well yes, it seems good at first, but ridiculous at the same time. They went back to the past but couldn't go back to their future, so they have to stay at the present with their parents? Seems kinda weird for me.
    - Too many characters. I mean too many characters, but you can only take some people to the battle. And every character doesn't have any special traits. I mean, they are basically the same. Just different job, but you can change the job.
    -Leveling up could be a pain in the ass. You get a new character, but they start at a pretty low level. You have to fight your way through to make them level up. Which is a total pain in the ass, because the enemy could kill that character in one hit. If you pair him with another character, there are chances that they won't get any experience. It sucks.

    Well in the end, i think this game is just too overrated. I thought it would be super good, but in fact the game is just okay. 7/10 for this game.
    And the last boss is just too easy. I kill him within 2 turns without any damage. Pretty much too easy.
  69. Jul 12, 2014
    The game is amazing and i recommend it to any 3ds owner.The only problem with the game is that there's a lot of dialog and no voice acting.Also if you play normal mode the game becomes quite easy
  70. Jul 15, 2014
    I bought Fire Emblem: Awakening on a whim one day, and as a series newbie, I really didn't know what to expect. I was then pleasantly surprised to find I'd bought one of the best games I've played in recent years. The graphics and CGI cutscenes are incredibly stylish, and as someone who has always fallen flat with turn-based strategy games, I was amazed with how quickly I engaged with and got the hang of it. To more seasoned players I can see how it may come across a bit repetitive and simple, but that simplicity gives it a lot more accessibility, which a wonderful game like this should have.
    The story is interesting, and will appeal to anyone who likes a good fantasy narrative spliced with sorcery and dragons. Also, along the way in the adventure you build a band of beautifully designed, engaging characters who fight alongside you. There's also the support system, which is the icing on the cake; there's lots of lovely character development to discover as the characters get to know each other, not to mention the chance to marry them all off (which I really enjoyed)!
    In all seriousness, this is one of the best games for the 3DS so far, and you won't regret buying it!
  71. Jul 26, 2014
    An outstanding strategy title with nice features and a balanced learning curve to go with the impressive graphics and story. You will grow attached to your characters, particularly in the knowledge that one false move at any time could be their last (assuming you are playing with the 'dead is dead' setting). My only gripe is the frustrating regularity with which new enemy soldiers spawn without warning, ending with casualties that seem so unfair you simply have to restart. Expand

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  1. Jun 13, 2013
    A truly excellent tactical role-playing game. [June 2013]
  2. Jun 10, 2013
    Ignore Casual mode, set the difficulty to hard, and enjoy what is arguably the best turn-based strategy game released since Final Fantasy Tactics. [July 2013, p.76]
  3. May 19, 2013
    A great turn-based strategy game surpassing not only its blood-related predecessors but step-brothers and step-sisters of the Advance Wars series as well. Fire Emblem: Awakening is the new benchmark of the genre that is practically uncriticizable. At the moment on Nintendo 3DS there is not a better alternative.