HomeTown Story 3DS

  • Publisher: Natsume
  • Release Date: Oct 22, 2013

Generally unfavorable reviews - based on 14 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 14
  2. Negative: 8 out of 14
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  1. Nov 5, 2013
    Quick to pick up but difficult to master, Hometown Story's a tough sell but will yield an investment of enjoyable, quick play sessions if you're patient.
  2. Oct 22, 2013
    I can't deny Hometown Story has charm with its premise and I love the ideas, but the execution needs work. Owning a shop should be more frantic and rewarding. If the developer, Toybox, can smooth out the rough edges, it may one day match the lure of simulation games like Harvest Moon and Animal Crossing. Sadly, it's not in the same league.
  3. Jun 20, 2014
    Hometown Story’s attempts at setting up an involving store management game end up falling in a tiresome, repetitive and often difficult to understand challenge, where the rules are not clear and where aspects which are logic in everyday life gain a completely illogical dimension in the game. While the beginning may be alluring enough to bring some players in, the game will quickly wear out those with higher expectations.
  4. Official Nintendo Magazine UK
    Jun 2, 2014
    It's hard to care about villagers when they are all generic-faced repetition bots. [June 2014, p.86]
  5. May 1, 2014
    With more polish, Hometown Story could have been a worthy successor to Harvest Moon, but sadly the final product doesn't come close to matching the highs of that famous franchise.
  6. Nov 4, 2013
    The controls are sometimes clunky and unresponsive when walking around, and the screen even froze once right in the middle of a transaction. Add in a poorly designed village that’s too spread out and a temperamental camera that keeps changing angles, and Hometown Story’s mechanics go from forgivably faulty to downright aggravating.
  7. Games Master UK
    Jun 7, 2014
    An apoplexy-inducing camera, that shifts between perspectives at every turn, ensures that just getting about the place is a chore. [July 2014, p.79]
  8. Jul 15, 2014
    Hometown Story is charming on first glance, but there are a lot of problems that overshadow it.
  9. games(TM)
    Jun 28, 2014
    Shows some potential, but ultimately uninspiring. [Issue#149, p.122]
  10. May 20, 2014
    It's charming, mind you, but it still boggles my mind how Yasuhiro Wada, the mind behind the brilliant Harvest Moon, managed to make this boring a game.
  11. 40
    Hometown Story is a woeful game that promises much and delivers little.
  12. Oct 28, 2013
    More of a game for your younger sister than you, Hometown Story pales in comparison to the many 'life simulation' games already in the market. In many ways, it's a bare-bones version of Recettear: An Item Shop's Tale, stripped of all its zaniness and sly negotiations. Hometown Story isn't necessarily bad but given the price tag that it commands, I'm unwilling to recommend it. More deserving games are waiting for your money.
  13. May 26, 2014
    Unbelievable but true: The dev team from Toybox created another low point in the franchise’s history. While most Harvest Moons give you loads of interesting things to do or to discover all you’ll find here is boredom.
  14. Dec 13, 2013
    To be honest, I have a difficult time even calling Hometown Story a game, as its gameplay mechanics have almost nothing to do with its progression. Without a massive overhaul of how progression in the game works, it would probably have been better served as a visual novel, and even then, it would have been a pretty poor one.
User Score

Mixed or average reviews- based on 23 Ratings

User score distribution:
  1. Positive: 0 out of 8
  2. Negative: 3 out of 8
  1. Oct 23, 2013
    It is fun and strangely addicting, but the gameplay is seriously lacking. Weird camera angles and controls can get a bit frustrating. AIt is fun and strangely addicting, but the gameplay is seriously lacking. Weird camera angles and controls can get a bit frustrating. A general lapse in interesting characters and dialogue can make this game boring and repetitive. That being said it is charming, and as a die-hard Harvest Moon fan I still happen to enjoy it. However I hope to see improvement in the future if this series keeps up. Full Review »
  2. Oct 1, 2015
    Este juego es divertido, a principio pensé que era npc simulator y si, este juego es para pasarlo poco a poco y disfrutarlo, mecánicasEste juego es divertido, a principio pensé que era npc simulator y si, este juego es para pasarlo poco a poco y disfrutarlo, mecánicas sencillas y con una historia predecible, hacen de este juego algo disfrutable. Full Review »
  3. Mar 10, 2015
    This review contains spoilers, click full review link to view. This is what hell looks like. Poorly drawn characters, that a seven year old could have done. Terrible, ear destroying 'music' that loops forever. Boring as hell characters that show none of the usual interesting quirks you get from a Harvest Moon or Rune Factory game. This is literally, one of the only games I have ever played that was completely deserving of a two out of ten rating. When the whole games purpose is done as a usual side feature in most other games, you best build a lot of extras around it. Disgusting. I'd rather play the 3DS port of Duck Dynasty. The game could have only been worse, by being completely broken. Full Review »