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  1. Mar 23, 2012
    The gameplay is great, it holds challenge for those wanted more. Tons of contents to explore and to uncover, the story is good and lighthearted. Maps are gorgeous and so are the graphics. The controls needs sometime to get used to, but I liked how they're utilizing touch in this game. I've missed these kinds of games that are simple yet offers challenge with multiplayer options that are intense and smooth. Expand
  2. Mar 23, 2012
    Great game, controls take some getting used to but work beautifully once mastered. The difficulty is adjustable from easy, clear up to impossible almost. Great artwork, clever story, and dialog. Truly another masterpiece title from Nintendo.
  3. Mar 25, 2012
    Hello to all! This is my 1st review. I wanted to wait until I finished this game before posting my review, but I thought I'll comment on what I've completed and learned so far, then I'll try to comment again once I've completed the game. First, I have to correct something that Gameplayer03 said (no disrespect intended). Gameplayer03 said that you can only play this game in 3rd person. This isn't true. I found out by accident that you can play it in 1st person too. All you have to do is press up on the D-pad. This will allow you to switch to 1st person. Press again, and you're back in 3rd person mode. Secondly, I will agree that the controls can be very ackward at 1st. However, just like Dalck said, if you put in an hour or two, the controls become easier. Now that doesn't mean that Nintendo shouldn't have allowed usage of the 3ds circle pad pro. Aside from resident evil revelations, I thought that I would get to use the second circle pad, but unfornately, no. The only reasons I can think of why Nintendo didn't include this option, was due to the game being so far along in development, that if they went back and added, it would have delayed the release for quite a while, or, they would've had to cut some stuff to make it work. Whatever the case may be, I hope that at E3, one of these gaming journalist ask why it wasn't included. Anyways, I'm on chapter 11 now. I probably could've beaten the game already, or close to beating it, but I've been having so much fun with the betting system. For example, I've replayed a few chapters 4 or 5 times in the hopes of obtaining better weapons. Also, I love the fusing system. I just tried the multiplayer last night. I did the team battles. So far, it's cool. What I really love about it, is that whatever weapons and powers you win, you can use in the single player mode too. Now, about the story. So far, so good. Especially chapter 9. I will admit at times, that the constant chatter can be a little distracting, but only a little. All in all, from what I've played thus far, I'm loving this game. Will your hand be a little sore after playing this game? Yes! Will you find the stand helpful? I didn't. It kinda got in my way. Will there be times you curse the controls? Yes! But, those times have been far and few (so far). Truthful, once I completed whatever task I was having difficulty with, I forgot about the controls. So, I hope what I've said helps. If you haven't, I would recommend picking this game up. In my opinion (so far), I would give this a 9. Would love to give it a 10, but I'm taking off a point for the controls. Also, don't know how metacritic tallies their score, but they have Gameshark review listed as 42%. They gave the game a C-. Don't know about you, but I've never known a C- to equal 42%. In fact, a C letter grade is in the 70 percentile. Just saying. Before I forget, best buy has this game on sell for $29.99 (03/25-03/31). If you haven't picked it up yet, go get it. C-ya! Expand
  4. Mar 23, 2012
    this is almost perfect game only controls are little annoying. i cant understand who can hate this game.this game is too cool for 3ds thats why sucks controls
  5. muu
    Mar 27, 2012
    The controls bashing has been a stellar example of why I no longer trust game 'journalists.' If, playing through the game, you can't see the fact that this game is too fast for dual analog controls (unless they just blasted through at 2.0 intensity to fill their review quota, which would be equally horrid), you don't deserve to be writing for a games magazine. Maybe a corner in TIME or something major like that, but not if you proclaim yourself as any sort of gamer. It's sad that these guys always go on a roll about games needing INNOVATION, and when it comes knocking on their door they take every measure possible to make sure it scores 20% lower than the next Call of Duty or GTA release.

    Having said that: controls took me a bit of time to get used to, but that was that. Not much more jarring than the first time I had to use dual analogs in place of a KB+M. Waiting for me was a game with incredible SP, excellent dialogue (what I thought would be Saturday Morning Cartoon-quality turned out more like the better battle sequences in a Disney flick), and a balanced MP that offers limitless playability with the huge number of weapons available.

    New experiences in life often require learning new things (think back to when you first drove a car, rode a bike, operated a power plant, etc). Sakurai refused to conform the game to existing controls, and playing the game it should make it obvious that the reward is more than worth the small learning curve.
  6. Mar 23, 2012
    Fantastic game that was unfairly bashed by critics for its controls. Listen, you can change the controls to ANYTHING you want them to be. It takes 10 minutes to find the perfect setting for you and after that it's nothing but awesome gameplay, music, graphics, and endless collectables and online play. Don't listen to the biased Nintendo haters that rate every game a 0 because they're jealous - BUY THIS GAME. Support Nintendo for its original, fresh ideas like this. If this flops, it's YOUR fault if Nintendo doesn't take chances on new franchises (or reviving fan-favorite franchises) again. I guarantee this is better than the crap you buy like Call of Duty every year. Expand
  7. Mar 25, 2012
    I have one main thing to say...THIS GAME IS FUN! It is a rail shooter like the Sin and Punishment games (which are awesome btw). The controls are initialy wierd, but now they are fine to me. The PvP/Online play were great also. I ran into no lag, felt balenced, and challenging.

    I would highly recommend this game.
  8. Mar 23, 2012
    Amazing game. Even after just a few hours in I can safely say that this is the most ambitious and best 3DS game to date and easily better than Super Mario 3D Land. Visually, it looks stunning and makes excellent use of the 3D effect. I would say Mario 3D Land looks slightly better overall, but Uprising just feels so much more vast and impressive even in the on rails air sections. Speaking of the air sections are a blast to play. Think something along the lines of Sin and Punishment 2 for the Wii, but offer a greater choice of weaponry and as a result give a slightly more varied experience. The controls for these sections are pretty fluid and it feels really fast paced and action packed. The other main gameplay style of the game are the ground sections. These offer full control over Pit as you defeat Medusa's troops to progress forward. These sections are varied with different kinds of cool and unconventional platforming elements are seldom feel stale. The only criticism is with how these control. Not the responsiveness of it since everything feels tight and responsive but more how cramped it can feel. However, one can quickly adjust and as a result properly enjoy all the amazing things Kid Icarus has to offer in terms of gameplay and content. In typical Sakurai fashion, this game has loads of content. More so than any game on the 3DS so far and it makes Mario 3D Land looks absolutely minuscule by comparison. Various multiplayer modes, weapon collection and customisation, numerous difficulty settings. This game has so much to offer. All this coupled with pleasant and light-hearted story, amazing soundtrack, great level of overall challenge and accessibility and excellent presentation, Kid Icarus Uprising is easily the best game on the 3DS. Expand
  9. Mar 23, 2012
    I have not finished playing the game through, but I can say that the critic reviews bashing the controls were exaggerating. The controls are perfectly adaptable and take a relatively short amount of time to get used to. Mastering them may take some time, but it actually adds to the game to make it more competitive. I tried out the single player and surprisingly I wasn't actually bothered that much by the voice acting, and the humor isn't all lame. I had a few chuckles at the dialogue. After the first two chapters, I decided to try out the multiplayer, and it was pretty epic. I highly recommend this game, because it plays a lot like Super Smash Bros. utilizing an innovative and very fun system of controls and rules. Expand
  10. Mar 25, 2012
    This game is truly epic. Not only are the graphics and gameplay excellent, the scope of this game is simply mind blowing. Don't listen to what you hear about the controls. Yes, they are different and yes, they require some practice. However, once you get past the slight learning curve, the experience is incredibly rewarding. Speaking of rewarding, the gameplay is masterfully balanced and the risk vs. reward concept keeps you coming back to it time and time again. Also, the characters and voice acting is really quite good. There are some really funny moments that keep the shoot 'em up style gameplay fresh. I really can't think of anything negative to say about Kid Icarus: Uprising, although I would be curious to see how it would play on a dual analog stick device. Honestly though, this game completely breaks through the "portable" sphere and into some brand new territory. Exciting stuff. Expand
  11. Mar 23, 2012
    A shining example of a game shining despite its flaws, Kid Icarus Uprising's witty dialogue, fantastic visuals and wealth of content manage to make it great despite difficult controls. A must buy.
  12. Mar 23, 2012
    This game shows exceptional polish in a lot of spaces but the controls may be on the frustrating side for gamers that aren't used to this sort of configuration. With that said, the stand that comes packaged with it helps a great deal. Music is phenomenal in that it is high quality, emotive and sets a good tone. the story itself i can't claim to know all of it as i have only played through about 4 missions so far... and from what i can tell it seems as if they're trying to lay the groundwork for an experience that seems like it's poised to go deeper. It had an enormous amount of hype leading up to release so naturally there is a sort of "high" for a lot of users (and i can't claim to be immune either) but from what i can tell, it's a solid game with a lot of extras as well as the difficulty scale which can be adjusted to suit your gaming experience. do you want to be challenged and have a brutally tough gaming experience? you can have that. do you want to coast through the game, you can have that as well.

    all in all, it's a solid 9. it gets points taken from the controls (which will feel clunky to people new to this sort of configuration until they learn to adapt to it) but otherwise a solid title that feels poised to re-launch the KI franchise with a good success.
  13. Mar 23, 2012
    I'm giving this a 9. If you're looking for a deep and engaging experience, this isn't for you, but the game is a fun and exciting experience with a beautiful soundtrack, beautiful scenery, and a very detailed and in-depth weapons system. There are other mini-games and accomplishments to be achieved which will keep you playing the game long after you've finished the story. A well developed multiplayer system will also hold anyone who buys this game. As many have written, the only real flaw in this game are its controls, however the issues have been exaggerated and are easily remedied by holding the stylus with your pinky finger behind the right trigger for support. Land battle is a bit iffy at first, but a good way in they'll be easy and intuitive once you've got the hang of them. It took me about 3 or 4 chapters through, which is a small fraction of the game. If you're looking for an awesome buy for 3DS, check this game out. Expand
  14. Mar 31, 2012
    I don't understand all these issues with the control scheme. People have just never used the stylus like that before because everyone is so used to the typical two joystick configuration. Typical Westerners complaining about something that requires effort to get used to... If you wanna play the game, you're gonna have to learn how to make the controls work. Afterward, the game plays fine. The only thing that really bugged me in the game was the occasional cheesy dialogue: "G-FORCE IN MY FAAAAaAAaAaAaaAAAAaAaAAaAAAAAAaaaAAAAACE!!!!!!!!!" and the fact that there was too much dialogue. Otherwise, everything about this game is beautiful. The music (OMG the music), the 3D (Which makes me play better for some reason), etc etc. Expand
  15. Mar 24, 2012
    A handheld game that will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

    This long-awaited sequel not only does the original game and its Game Boy counterpart justice, but delivers one of the finest crafted handheld gaming experiences in history. With as much to offer, if not more, than Masahiro Sakurai's past games, including Kirby Air Ride and Super Smash Bros. Brawl, Kid Icarus: Uprising is
    jam-packed with content that assures longevity. The single-player never has a dull moment and the multiplayer is as intense, unpredictable, and deep as you would expect from the Smash Bros. man.

    The most common complaint I have seen in reviews is that Kid Icarus Uprising's controls are uncomfortable and bad. I can assure you that this is definitely not the case. I have twenty hours logged at the time of writing this (and I played through the single-player campaign all in one sitting), and I have not had any cramping yet. I don't even play with the included 3DS stand. Controls for this game are intuitive, original, and get the job done in a way that just feels natural after learning. I think what some reviewers fail to realize is that Sakurai thinks of satisfying and effective controls first and, even if they might take some getting used to, devises a control scheme that is the best it can possibly be for the game in question. Some might recall that Kirby Air Ride scored low amongst many reviewers, and it may just be for this same reason. Kid Icarus Uprising's controls are perfect in my opinion, and I wouldn't change them from the default for the world. That said, you CAN change the controls from the default, so if, for whatever reason, you DO experience cramping, it's not hard to find a reasonable work-around.

    Overall, this is a must-own for every 3DS owner and classic Nintendo fan. This is the game that should sell systems, as it definitely did for myself. Never before have I ever played a handheld game so robust and rich as this, and it will likely be the top contender for my personal game of the year. This is an experience you do not want to miss, and once you pick it up, you will never forget (if you ever put it down that is).

    Pit is back and better than ever. It's been a long time coming, but rest assured: it was absolutely worth the wait.
  16. Mar 23, 2012
    This game is a gem. I already received it two days ago and am about 3/4 through the campaign, which is an arcade shooter at large. The story is great and the presentation even better, lots of snarky und back handed comments about everything. The graphic is more cartoony, but in terms of quality right up there with Resident Evil: Revelations. The controls need some practice time and the use of the stand is heavily advised, but when you get over that initial frustrating bump the controls are the most precise you could wish for for a shooter on a handheld. The campaign has tons of replayability due to the highly customizable difficulty setting. The game truly challenges you to master it and unlock better and better gear. So today I went to try some Multiplayer and boy, this is amazing. I played together with some friends on skype and I honestly can't remember the last time I had that much fun playing online. Multiplayer is squad based 3on3 with some twists. The weapons are all very unique and everyone has a well defined role. Overall this game is amazing. If you like Metroid Prime Hunters and Smash Brothers, this game is your destiny. Go get this game. Do it. Expand
  17. Mar 25, 2012
    Not to waste your time, I will sum this game up into one word: EPIC!!!!!!!!!!!!! The gameplay is smooth and I was able to "get use to them right away" This game will last you a long time and continue to have faith in nintendo.
  18. Mar 24, 2012
    Okay boys, here's the real lowdown on Kid Icarus: it sucks!

    The controls are atrocious, the dialog is corny, the 3d is impressive but graphics look like dated PS2 (nowhere close to as impressive as Resident Evil: Revelations, or even Ocarina of Time), and the game is just plain shallow in terms of gameplay.

    Now considering I don't want to write a full review that maybe only a handful of
    people will read, but I do very much enjoy sharing my opinion, I'll just tell you why the gameplay department is lacking severely:
    Firstly, stages are very linear and consist of really stupid looking enemies that all basically require you to do the same thing: dodge and fire at the weak spot; which wouldn't be such a bad thing if the controls weren't so awkward to use.
    Secondly, animations look cheap and stages are not very interactive at all.
    And lastly, now this on is just a mater of opinion, the game just feels like one of those cheap beat'em ups that you'd randomly decide to pick up for $4.99 on the used games shelf that provides no real sense of interaction or quality; just with a lot of content.

    Sure, everyone will argue that "There's so much content",
    "There's a bunch of different weapons",
    "The air combat is too fast for circle pad pro use",
    "The controls only take getting used too."
    Well you can put all the content in the world into a game if you want to, but if you can't experience all that content in an enjoyable way that doesn't basically force you to use a stupid stand to play it comfortably, then there's not really any point for all that content, is there?
    Also, if the air portions are too fast for circle pad use, then make the air portions stylus controlled, and the land based ones with the circle pad. and give us the option of being able to use either one. This would also make the game seem much more challenging and in-depth, and really provide an overall deeper experience. I also doubt people would complain about discomfort if they only needed to use the stylus for the air portions, and didn't have any need of the stand.
    And since when is it acceptable, especially in the year 2012, for controls to take getting used to? Sure, Resident Evil may take getting used to if someone hadn't played it before, but they are easy to learn, manageable, and always on point, regardless of what area you're at in the game; and they don't force you to use two separate peripherals, either - although it does give you the option of using one that vastly improves on already good controls. Also, I must mention that for anyone reading this review wondering why this game is getting a lot of positive feedback elsewhere, the answer is: advertising.
    People have already got it in their heads that this would be a good game, and they refuse to believe otherwise, even going as far as to sluff off difficult controls and not-so-impressive visuals as an afterthought. There's a reason that so much money goes into advertising, and it's not just exposure.

    Kid Icarus is a truly terrible game. Not-so-impressive visuals, corny gameplay, terrible control choices and the inclusion of a stand instead of circle pad pro support make this a embarrassment to Sakurai's name, and leave me worrying about the next smash brothers and Nintendo as a gaming company, for letting this game be published in their name.
  19. Mar 24, 2012
    I am not sure if most people are either really lazy and broody, or the critics didn't get a full featured game. MOST of the problems people have with the controls can be fixed in the options menu. There are multiple control schemes, and the sensitivity can be adjusted on the X Axis when you're on the ground. (95% of "control" issues.) Then you're off to an excellent game. It does take getting used to, but it's not really all that bad. People just love to complain. It's a great game, don't let all the negative sentiment about the controls bother you. If you have a 3DS, get it. Expand
  20. Mar 24, 2012
    This game is amazing, not perfect, but amazing none the less. The game has different levels and each level has 2 sections, one flying rail shooter, and one on ground third person shooter. The game has tons of weapons to collect for people who likes those kinds of things, or you can combine and sell your weapons to get better ones for people who just want to be stronger. There is an online mode so this game has a strong lasting appeal. The online is only on ground section, no flying. There are two different modes to suit your liking. Now that i just sampled at all the amazing things about this game, i want to share my ONE complaint. The controls. For the flying sections, the controls work just fine. But when you land is where te problem begins. The game doesn't support the circle pad pro for dual analog stick playing (only lefty mode). So you aim and move the camera with the touch screen, along with selecting power ups. So This game is amazing, and the pros out-weight the cons on a huge scale. With beautiful graphics and sounds, amazing single and multi-player mode, and tons of achievement and weapons to earn and unlock, this game should definitely be considered for a purchase for your 3DS collection. Expand
  21. Mar 23, 2012
    Kid Icarus : Uprising is many things. But it's not perfect Although the most fun experience of gaming on the 3DS Kid Icarus : Uprising only has small downsides. The controls although great can get annoying sometimes. But this annoyance rarely happens for me so its cool. The gameplay is great and the game is chock full of content. You'll never get bored! I got my copy early , Yesterday morning and im having a lot of fun.
    The Multiplayer is crazy addictive although there can be the usual spammers that are annoying just like every multiplayer But other than that Kid Icarus : Uprising is the penultimate Third-Person shooter for the 3DS.
    It is a MUST own for its
    + Fun Gameplay
    + Great Story
    + Addictive Multiplayer
    + Loads of content!
    + So many different kinds of weapons to use
  22. Mar 24, 2012
    This review is going to be as succinct and to the point as possible. This game is basically a better version of starfox in the air, and on the ground it is kind of like an action RPG with only one button for attacking that is used for mashing. The change from level to level is in the variety of enemies you fight, and there is quite a multitude of them. The controls take some getting used to, but the gameplay is fun and addictive. Expand
  23. Mar 24, 2012
    I've been a Nintendo fan for a long time and I love my 3ds. I've been eagerly awaiting Uprising since it was first revealed. I became skeptical of the game when reading early build previews for it, all of them complained about the controls. I thought that it was simply a case of critics whining over nothing and hating on Nintendo. After buying this game however, I found out that they are correct. The controls practically ruin this game. Which is a real shame, because it is an absolutely fantastic game. You can go read other reviews to find out about the awesome content in this game, which there is an abundance, what I'm hear to talk about is something that reviewers have been acknowledging but haven't talked about in depth: the controls. Simply put, its damn near impossible to get Pit to do what you want him to do (especially on the ground). I've been told that their is a learning curve, but I'm on chapter 9 and have put in several hours online and the controls still aren't passable for me. The two biggest problems are dashing and controlling the reticule/camera. Dashing is a hit and miss, and you have to smash the circle pad extremely hard. Expect to wear down your circle pad if you play this game, it will most likely destroy the analog input over time. I will say that you will get better at the controls over time, but the problem lies within the controls themselves rather than the adapting period. Even if you can adapt to the controls, they're still wonky at best. Now, I used to own a DS LIte and played the hell out of Metroid Prime Hunters, I assumed that this would be similar. Unfortunately, that isn't so for three reasons: third person viewing, analog input (dashing especially, the whole game hinges on being able to dash), and how the camera is moved. THIS IS NOT LIKE MPH, if it was it would have been manageble. I think the third person view is what really screws it. Instead of moving just your reticule to both aim and move the camera like in MPH, you have to use two separate types of motion in uprising. Fast slashes to move the camera and slow drags to move the reticule. You can rarely even move the camera while in the reticule moving mode, it just stays within that window. I have no idea why they made it this way, but I'm guessing its because the aiming reticule would have been too sensitive for this type of shooter if they had done it like MPH. So in short, basically avoid this game. I that that's a very dissapointing thing to hear, believe me I'm dissapointed too. But this game's controls are so aweful that it is truly hard to get any enjoyment out of it, especially on the ground portions (which is the majority of the game). Nintendo really needs to re-design the 3ds with dual analog sticks, the touch screen works best for inventory like gameplay. Not trying to use a tiny stylus on a to aim a tiny reticule on a tiny ass bottom screen. It just simply doesn't work well. This game will unfortunately flop. Hopefully Nintendo gets the message, we love new/revised franchises but only use "innovative" control schemes that work (i.e. Skyward Sword). With so many other great titles on 3ds, you'd be better off to save your money for games like Ocarina of Time, Super Mario 3d land, Mario Kart 7, Resident Evil Revelations, Mutant Mudds, Pushmo, and even Snake Eater 3d. Just don't rush into the Uprising purchase like I did. If you're seriously considering buying it, at least play it first so you know what it will be like. Because it's not like MPH and it's nothing like a proper dual analog input game. This just proves how important controls are. A fantastic game with fantastic content, game structure, graphics, sound, depth..... as a matter of fact EVERYTHING is damn near fantastic, except the controls. What an absolute waste, a great game that you can't play because IT IS BROKEN. Expand
  24. Apr 6, 2012
    I like this game a lot. The air battles are a lot of fun, and making them a maximum of five minutes long lets you get to ground battles sooner. The ground battlles, which I expected to be complicated and difficult to grasp, were actually easy and fluid. Over all, I love this game! I only have 2 reasons for giving this game a 9 rather than a 10. First, the weapons, despite their uniqueness, are hard to differ. There are only two ways to find out how they are different from one another (within the same catagory): obtain its idol and use it. Long story short, the games needs an "info" button when selecting it. Second, when you play "light vs. dark" in together mode, if you become the angel, the game gives you a random weapon. Despite those two minor flaws, I loved the game! Expand
  25. Mar 24, 2012
    At first was really worried about controls...hand cramped after first level and they were just really difficult. However, after 1-2 hours of playing everything felt fine. I am currently using the stand which I thought would be useless, but is actually awesome and very useful. So seriously controls are not a problem if you can just put an hour or two of gameplay into it. The main reason I bought it was for the PvP/Online - and its freaking awesome. Best game on 3DS so far - 10/10. Collapse
  26. Mar 24, 2012
    After a year, we're waiting for a 'truly' original game for the 3DS. Sure, you have Super Mario 3D Land and Mario Kart 7, but they were based on old IPs. Kid Icarus Uprising is based on Nintendo's old game that many did not play in its day, a cult hit that was 20 years old. The end result is a game that is impressive technically, with slightly 'annoying' controls that cramp your hands. (If Nintendo invested on the CIrcle Pad Pro, they could have given players an option to use it for aiming) Alas, despite that, the game has an incredible amount of content and has generally great game play reminiscent of Sin and Punishment series. It's the first truly original great game for the 3DS beside RE Revelations. Expand
  27. Mar 31, 2012
    This game is absolutely fantastic. Yes, the controls on ground are a bit difficult, but, unlike a lot of critics claim, they aren't uncontrollable. And, once you get a hold of them, it's a hell of fun. The story is fantastic, gameplay never slows down, 3D or not, 3D is magnificent, and graphics are even better than anything seen on the Wii.
  28. Mar 24, 2012
    The game is very fun and challenging in some areas. While the controls might take some getting used to, they didn't bother me too much. What was really surprising was how good it looked. I don't care what others say, it does look good, especially for a handheld. The funny and nicely done dialogue also adds to the game.The story mode is very fun and has good gameplay. The online is also pretty fun. Overall, this is an amazing game. Expand
  29. Mar 24, 2012
    One of the most entertaining games I have ever played.
    The dialog is part Starfox 64 part Adventure Time and rivals Portal 2 (surpasses it IMO) in terms of silliness. The OST is easily the best Nintendo has ever made (Xenoblade and Brawl are the only ones that come close).
    The flying sections are fun and while I wish there were more, the ones that are there are great.
    The land sections
    are tons of fun once you get used to the controls. Same with the multiplayer, its tons of fun.
    This visuals are great and the 3D effects make them even better.
    A must buy if you own a 3DS.
  30. Mar 24, 2012
    Starting off with the glaring issue everyone's talking about - The controls. The default control scheme consisting of the circle pad, touch screen and L button works perfectly. The accuracy and level of control that comes with it makes gameplay incredibly fun. I have had little issue with this set up, and resting the console on your right leg can help support it. You've always got the stand that comes with every copy of the game to support the 3DS on a desk. You can use the circle pad, ABXY or the circle pad pro to move pit. You can then select either the Circle pad (if you aren't already using this to move), ABXY or the touch screen to aim and move the camera. Gameplay - 10 Sakurai have gone all out on this game. There are several modes. The story mode which consists of chapters that start off with a flying "starfox-esque" shoot out travel to your destination, the land part of the level involves you fighting your way through wave after wave or room to room until you get to your destination. Then comes the boss fight at the end of a level forcing you to adapt to the situation and find the enemy's achilles' heel. The multiplayer is mentioned further down. Augmented reality is available in this game. You get 6 AR cards with your copy of the game, plus booster packs are/will be available. You can have these battle in a One-on-one scenario by facing one card towards another.

    Audio - The soundtrack is deep and nostalgia-filled. It features many throwbacks to the original two Kid Icarus games including some nice 8-bit sound effects. There are some remastered renderings of the old soundtracks and some new ones, all fully orchestrated.
    The dialogue is bit of a marmite situation. I personally love the banter that goes on between Pit and Palutena is engaging, humourous and witty. This is where the nostalgia really comes flooding back, as many of the conversations feature "Remember _enemy name_ from the old games"? (Yes, the characters break the fourth wall and refer to the old games quite a lot.) Some may find the dialogue too cheesy however.

    Graphics 10 - The deep, rich and impressive environments in this game are some of the best on the console. There really is never a dull moment, and the visuals are partly the reason. Some of the levels will have you just staring at the backdrop as you fly over cities, ravines, fields, sea, the cosmos and practically anywhere you can imagine. Don't take too long to stare though, or the enemies will end you quickly.

    Enemies and difficulty 10 - There are a huge amount of different enemies in the single player game. Some native to a single level, some are common in virtually every level. Similarly to bosses, certain enemies require a certain kind of punishment before they die. Melee to deflect back projectiles is a common curveball.
    The difficulty in this game, unlike the NES classic, progresses from "easy" to "not so easy". There is a Difficulty-o-meter which allows you to select how difficult you think you can handle the upcoming level. Sliding all the way to the right will set the enemies on kill-on sight mode and Pit will only survive a handful of hits before dying. You can slide all the way to the left and Pit will be invincible, allowing the player to gape at all the backdrops in the game. There is a betting system meaning you wager hearts. Setting the difficulty higher wagers more hearts, but the rewards if you succeed will be greater. If you die in the level, you lose any wagered hearts. The game will automatically set the difficulty to what it thinks you can handle, based on the last level you played.

    Together mode (Multiplayer) - There are several multiplayer game modes available to you in Kid Icarus Uprising. First of all you have your Local battles: Light Vs. Dark or Free for all with anyone else with the game around you or just your friends. The game automatically fills any empty spots with CPU characters, which are customisable in level of difficulty just like in Super Smash Bros. You can even play alone with up to 5 other CPU characters. Then you have your online multiplayer. The same deal as local, but with anyone else in the worlds. You can play with your friends on your roster if you have added them and them you, or just anyone in the world. In Light vs. Dark, players battle it out to gain the upper hand over the opposing team. After your team's life gauge has been depleted, their hero will appear, Pit or Dark Pit, who must then be defeated for a win. FFA is every angel for themselves to get the most kills and become the victor. You get hearts after each battle, and sometimes you may be awarded an item or weapon. There is an enormous roster of weapons and powers available to your character. Weapons can be bought, won, fused or exchanged via streetpass.

    In short, this game has easily become my favourite 3DS title with twice as much content as any other I've experienced. This has all the depth, length and scope of a title you could ask for.
  31. Mar 24, 2012
    Epic. Controls are the best part the gamers who complain about them just want a easy button smashing game. Graphics are awesome unlike most nintendo games. Single player is endless and awesome, multiplayer is great. A console game in a portable reminds me why smartphone games are vastly inferior.
  32. Mar 24, 2012
    There is plenty do do in the all new adventure starring Pit. The adventure takes you at least a good 10 to 15 hours to complete with plenty of incentives to come back. There is a feature called an intensity setting which changes the difficulty of the level. You can acquire better items with the intensity higher up but you have to bet your hearts, which is currency. This made me want to revisit levels since playing on higher difficulty levels can offer you better weapons. Weapons are a great feature with endless options to choose from. You can acquire weapons on the solo campaign, multiplayer, and by fusing two different weapons together. The multiplayer options include a free for all and a light vs dark. Free for all is obvious but light vs dark is a little more complex. In light vs dark, there are two teams of three on each team. When a team member dies, a team health bar falls down. The developers created a great balance with this feature. The better a weapon is the more health on the team health bar falls. This creates a great balance. This game has plenty to do and is definitely another home run for Masahiro Sakurai. Expand
  33. Mar 25, 2012
    Honestly I picked this game up initially to utilize my Circle Pad Pro from my purchase of Resident Evil: Revelations. I have to say this game is amazing, it feels like a healthy mix of Monster Hunter with Smash Bros. Pick this one up, there is a lot going on in this one, a true Nintendo title that you'll mention years from now.

    As for the issue everyone seems to have with the controls, I
    love it. The feeling is like a keyboard and mouse. The responsiveness is similar and gives you amazing accuracy and speed that propels the game play beyond what you would expect on a handheld. As for people saying the controls are awkward or too hard, the game comes with a free stand! Use it! Pop it on the stand, and go to town! Lastly there are a million things I could toss in here but a huge selling point (for me at least) the PVP is A-Mazing. Tons of fun, rewards, Weapons, fast paced, good balance between weapons (No Machine gun wins the day here) Expand
  34. Mar 25, 2012
    Kid Icarus Uprising is the 3DS's flagship game of 2012, and it's a great one. This game is very fun, packed full of amazing content, and is addicting to the point where you'll keep coming back for more. This game was developed by Nintendo's very own Project Sora, the team responsible for the fantastic Super Smash Bros. series, and although this may not be the best game they've made, it's still one that deserves plenty of attention. It's a great example of what the 3DS is capable of, and will likely serve as a template for 3DS games to come. Basically, Uprising is a shooter that has two play modes. Single player campaign, and of course, multiplayer. In the campaign, you play as the angelic Pit, who fights the forces of the underworld for the goddess of light, Palutena. Each level begins with a flying sequence, and later goes into a land battle. Flying sequences play very similarly to StarFox. Pit flies on rails, controlled by Palutena, and you're job is to fly Pit around the screen while shooting underworld forces that attack you, while Palutena guides you towards your objective. It's addicting, and the opening flying sequences alone can keep you playing for hours, but there's also the land sequence, which you'll be spending most of your play time doing. Land battles aren't as fun as the flying sequences, and suffer from the games awkward controls (we'll get to that in a minute). Still, the land sequences are fun, and can prove to be really challenging and intense. Basically, land battles are sequences of getting from point A to point B while destroying any enemies that are thrown at you along the way as well as collecting treasure that can be used later, until finally you reach the boss at the end. Defeat the boss, and you'll beat the level, and earn rewards. Weapons, powers, hearts, and even achievements. Hearts, however, are very important, as you need them to buy new gear, fuse gems that you get from StreetPass tags, as well as bet on each level you play. The difficulty of the level you play determines how many hearts you'll earn in your fight. The harder the difficulty, the more hearts you'll earn, and vice-versa. But if you die, you lose the hearts you bet, and difficulty will automatically go down as your penalty, so be careful how much you bet. Betting can be bad for you after all. Once you've started earning weapons, however, you can begin fusing them to create better gear. This game is literally packed full of a ton of content, meaning there are more than a fair amount of weapons to choose from. From claws, to bows, to blade, to staves, to many others. You'll have plenty a variety to choose from once you progress, so get ready to experiment from up to 100 different weapons. Then there's multiplayer, where you can play either Light vs Dark (Team Deathmatch) 3 vs 3, or Free for All. You can play online, or locally, and any gear you obtain in the single player campaign can be used online. And of course, you can invite your online friends to play with you. Each team has a health bar, and when you die, the health bar decreases. The first team to lose all their health is the loser. Eventually, though, once the teams health bar reaches a certain point, the last player to die will become that teams Pit, or Dark Pit if you're on the Dark Team. That player then becomes the last resort, and if he dies, the team loses. So once the opposing Pit appears, the goal is to defeat him. However, the person who becomes Pit or Dark Pit gets enhanced abilities and health, so don't think you can kill him as easily as the others. The game is fantastic, and of course 3D looks great. Dialog in the campaign is corky and entertaining, and will give you a few laughs. There's just one problem with this game that prevents it from being a 10, and I'm sure people already know where this is going. I'm talking, of course, about the controls. Uprising is controlled by moving Pit around with the circle pad, while aiming with the stylus-touchscreen combo, and shooting/melee with the L button. And believe me, this takes getting used to. I'm actually pretty shocked that Sora didn't include a dual analog option with the Circle Pad Pro, but I think they were trying to go with the more accurate route of stylus since this alternative really is much more accurate for a shooter this intense. Still, It would've been nice to have the option for players who aren't as daring. But the good news is, though the controls sound awkward, it really doesn't take long to get used to. And once you've figured out the controls, you'll have a blast with this game. But if you're stil grieving for dual analog, then get yourself a thumb stylus, or a DS Wrist Strap. That'll solve your problem. But overall, Uprising is a fantastic 3D shooter adventure that's well worth the money. Kid Icarus Uprising gets a 9/10 from me. :) Expand
  35. Mar 25, 2012
    A fantastic game with plenty of longevity. If you enjoy fast-paced and challenging multiplayer modes and single player campaigns with decent length, a healthy dose of challenge, and a few laughs, then this is the game for you.
  36. Mar 26, 2012
    Good fun! The control scheme does sort of hurt your hand using both the thumb stick and stylus. But the game is a lot of fun and has some awesome shooting action action and combat! The 3D is also rather impressive and the graphics themselves without the 3D are nice too. The banter between Pit and the other characters is pretty funny and repeatedly breaks the 3rd wall. Over all it's good old Nintendo fun! Expand
  37. Mar 30, 2012
    10/10 pour contrer les notes style 0/10 qui on juste pour but , de démonter la moyenne du jeu , sinon j'aurais mis un gros bon 9/10 ! Il est vraiment excellent , très complet , un très bon scénario , un humour décapant , le gameplay posera des soucis a certains a d'autres non , moi j'ai trouvé sa parfait ! Clairement le meilleur jeu de la 3DS a ce jour ! Bravo Expand
  38. Mar 25, 2012
    This game is the start of a new high standard Nintendo First part game. Amazing story, humor, voice acting, combat, collectables, and multiplayer. The game has many hardcore parts and cinematics that you would not expect from a Nintendo game. The multiplayer is balanced and extremely fun. This has been the best Nintendo game in forever and I cannot wait to see more games in the series. Welcome back Pit, you are here to stay! Expand
  39. Mar 26, 2012
    Kid Icarus is a surpising game for Nintendo. This game is a very accurate representation of what the NES game would be in a 3D enviorment. It' very different from the NES game, but feels similar. All that expostion a side, this game is great. I'm not sure why everyone is hating this game. First thing on everyone's agenda is the controls. I'm here to tell you they are just not that bad. They work really well with the fast-paced action, having everything respond very well. But, are they comfortable? My answer is yes. They're not the best control scheme ever made but they don't really hurt your hands. Next item of business, the dialog. This is not a problem. It's not hard to play the game while listening to some of there corny quips, and sometimes they're actually pretty amusing. The story mode is incredible. Let me explain, the story isn't great. What would you expect from a Nintendo action game? But the chapters are incredibly satisfying. They have the story involved in a way where it's fun to know what's going on and it makes the game play make sense, but the upside to all of that is the re-playability. In the end, the story doesn't make sense and isn't involved, but in makes the chapters perfect to play over and over and over. I think playing through the story mode again is fun because I like the style of air, land, boss, but for those who don't want to do that, there's more incentive. The fiends cauldron allows you to play through the same level on higher difficulties. You have to pay the cauldron, but in return you get a harder, more satisfying experience that allows for collecting more money and to collect more powerful weapons. Another great part of the game is the multiplayer. This might be the biggest reason to come back to the game after you've beaten it. It allows you to play with your friends who have the game, or play online. There's two ways to play. First, Light VS. Dark. This splits up in two teams of three. Each team has one big health bar. Whenever someone on your team dies, a certain amount is taken from your team's health bar. When the health bar drains, the last one to die on that team becomes the angel of that team. The team health bar is replaced by the angel's health bar, and when the angel gets hurt, it slowly lowers until the match is over. Free for all, the other mode, is obvouis. It's the same thing without teams or angels. Your on your own. When you compete in multiplayer, you can earn weapons and powers. Some are mystery bonus' awarded to an outstanding player, others you get just because you played. There's also a acheviment's board. It's like Sony's trophy system but exclusive for this game. There are 360 in all. Whenever you commplete one, a puzzle piece is add to the puzzle board, as you call it. It's like the street pass puzzles except you have to earn them. This gives a little bit of incentive to play more and more. The graphics and sound are absloutley stunning. And it uses street pass and spot pass to trade weapons. With that, there are still idol's to collect AR cards to mess with, colleccting all of the weapons, fusing weapons, tossing eggs and more. This game is jam packed with content, and jam packed with fun. This is a surprising game from Nintendo, but a great surprise. 9.5 Stunning Expand
  40. Mar 26, 2012
    I give the game an 8 solely because of the controls drops it a couple points. This game is absolutely amazing. The story reminds me of the old Kid Icarus and the banter between Pit and Petaluna is hilarious and a perfect touch when in battle. The number of different weapons add a great amount of love from me to this game and the fact that you can fuse weapons together adds more fun to it. But the controls is what begins to frustrate me. I do like that a stand was thrown in with the game free of charge but it still doesn't add to the fact that my fingers cramp up while playing. I find myself playing on a lower difficulty just because I can't dash when I need to. But even with the cripple of the controls, Kid Icarus: Uprising is still a great game. Definitely replayable.

    +Millions of Weapons
    +Great Story and Gameplay
    +AR Card support
    -Faulty and Uncomfortable Controls
  41. Mar 26, 2012
    This game has some of the finest gameplay out there. Well constructed, decently sized story with loads of content and challenges, and awkward controls that you quickly get used to; not to mention the multiplayer, which in itself feels like it should be its own game because of how purely fun and fast paced matches can be. Overall this game is a must buy for any 3DS owner, and if there was a 9.5 button i would rate it that, but it doesn't deserve a ten because I'm still deciding whether it's worth the 10 or not. I'll update it as soon as my verdict arrives. BTW, I have about 12 hours in the game so far and I'm completely glued. Expand
  42. Mar 26, 2012
    This game is really fantastic and deserves a much higher combined critic score. It's unfortunate that most of these scored are lowered because of the negative criticism regarding the controls, which I feel is completely unwarranted. Yea, they do take some getting used to, but this game's quality is worth the practice. 10/10
  43. Apr 1, 2012
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Once you adjust the controls options to suit you best and get used to them ,you will never put it down.
    You need some time to get used the conrtols, and then you will find the control scheme is wonderful.
  44. Mar 27, 2012
    Brilliant game. The controls are perfectly fine for me and I'm left handed! If the controls are comfortable there are quite a variety of different control schemes you can choose from. Solo mode is very fun. The dialogue is absolutely hilarious at times. Fiend's cauldron is a great idea and the varying level of difficulty really shows. Online has been very entertaining. Prefer Free-For-All to Light vs Dark but both are very enjoyable. There is plenty to unlock and the weapon variations keep players of different styles happy. The little retro touches are a good nod to players of the original. Once again, amazing game. Expand
  45. Mar 28, 2012
    Kid Icarus: Uprising is quite simply amazing. The story is crafted perfectly, with amazing presentation and graphics throughout, the dialogue is whitty but at times gets annoying, however it gives the game a unique charm. The game also has a multiplayer mode which whilst fun, isnt amazing and shouldnt be your main reason for buying the game instead its just part of ALOT of amazing content. Which brings us to bad bit, the controls, the controls are irritating and will take a long time to get used to, but the game comes bundled with a little stand which slightly helps the problem. Expand
  46. Mar 30, 2012
    A wonderful fresh look on an old franchise, there's a butt-ton of content to this game, and an almost as large amount of plot twists. The controls are a little bit funky at first, but after you give them a little bit of time you find a very engaging experience to be had.
  47. Jul 18, 2012
    This is one of the only games I really struggled with on the system so far. It's a great game and definitely one of the best on the system, but I eventually lost all patience with the ground control. I never got used to the horrible design of it, even though I worked out a passable method to at least give me a good chance of clearing every level. The problem was I didn't enjoy the feel of it and still managed to die because of how frustrating it was to play those sections. If there was an option to just exclude every ground section of the game, or at least put it on rails similar to the flight sections, this could've been one of my favorite games. It's excellent in every other way, especially in replay value and loot collecting. I can only hope if they come out with a #2 that they will address the awkward ground movement or exclude it from the game entirely. If the point of the game were to overcome the terrible control design, then I know whatever category this game falls in definitely isn't for me. It's a shame because I really wanted to like all the other great features. I'm even a big fan of the original and glad I at least got the 3D classic Kid Icarus. Just try before you buy. Expand
  48. Mar 26, 2012
    It's so weird. It's so good. It's so... unusual.
    You fight as an angel in one part on-rails shooter and the second half on ground third person shooter. During your fights the Angel will have nonsensical conversation with his goddess, Palutena, to keep you entertained as he jokes about Nintendogs, too much handholding in games, the economy and all kinds of things.
    I think the
    fact that there is a way to "bet" on your difficulty and make the game harder for yourself while being rewarded is what gives the game a proper 10/10. The only real solution to the casual vs. hardcore debate. (If you want a simple distraction keep the difficulty at 2. If you want hand-aches and the best weapons put it at 10 and see what happens ;) ) Expand
  49. Mar 26, 2012
    Love the constant control complaints. The controls are what people say, they in a way do mess up with the game, but it is also an amazing game if you can find an alternative. The people who continue to criticize this game for the controls dont attempt other methods that will make this game more comfortable, they just try it the old fashion way and then give up. What I did when playing this game was wrap my right hands pinky on the back of the 3DS, since we wont use the buttons that much, place the finger next to the pinky there curled up, and use the remaining fingers for the stylus. This for me feels comfortable and I get to enjoy the game it is meant to be enjoyed. Also, to move left and right, all you have to do is move the circle pad and slide the stylus to the direction where you want to move and then move the stylus away from the screen. If you keep it touching the screen, you wont move where you want to move. This game is amazing, if you give up on the controls, well, you're missing out on a great game. Amazing level design, amazing music, many great unlockables, etc., Only reason I gave it a 9 is because of the annoying chit chat between Pit and the goddess. Expand
  50. Apr 2, 2012
    This has the best multilayer i have ever experienced on a handheld system. The solo campaign is great too. Also, I did not find the controls as frustrating or hard to master as some reviewers did.
  51. Mar 24, 2012
    A complete and utter disappointment. The game was very overhyped and it failed to deliver. The control scheme is broken, which is a shame consider how the actual game is quite good. Considering how game breaking the controls are, I have to rate this one low, especially considering the expectations.
  52. Apr 2, 2012
    I hardly consider a game to be perfect, I take into account every little aspect that could dent that view, story, gameplay, context, and so on, but Kid Icarus : Uprising was undoubtedly one of those games to cherish forever. At first the controls somehow made me feel reluctant towards the game, like many have felt, but the big disadvantage quickly turned in one of it's most appealing things gameplay related, once you get a hold on the quite original control scheme, you feel it's natural flow, now I can't imagine the game without that type of controls, a perfect blend between analog, trigger and touch screen, that aren't really tiresome except of course you are not willing to play the game for more than 5 minutes in which case I really pity you so much as a gamer.
    The graphics were sublime without disregarding the first two entries in the series; the level design, the memorable boss fights and the replay value that the fiend's cauldron gives you (you can get back to any level, adjust the intensity, and never feel the same experience as before, it truly makes it very challenging and fun), it's what really makes Uprising one of the best titles on the handheld, if not the best one out there, it was a day-one buy for me, and I'm absolutely pleased with every penny I spent on it, props to mr. Sakurai for this masterpiece.
  53. Apr 1, 2012
    25 years... 25 years since Pit originally debuted on the NES. Why such a long wait? Dunno. Don't care. The new installment from Nintendo is a very impressive one! The presentation, dialogue/banter between characters, and music are all phenomenal. I'll admit it: I'm a sucker for games with a magnificent soundtrack, and man, let me tell you, this one delivers. Believe that. The 3D is best utilized during the flight portions of each level (after that, it just kind of gets in the way of having to use the clunky ground-controls). The graphics are just outstanding. But this game isn't all good news (and I'm sure you know exactly what I'm going to talk about before you finish reading this sentence): the controls are just... just... I don't know how to explain it. If you use that dorky little stand that's packaged with the game, it isn't TOO bad... but if you want to play this game ANYWHERE else, your hand is going to hurt. You probably aren't even going to be able to play the game except for short bursts due to the carpel-tunnel-inducing control scheme. Additional problem: if you're left-handed, configuring the controls to accommodate the lefties is rather lacking; I know that you can use the "ABXY" pad and R-trigger (or if you bought the franken-stick, you can use that, but I don't see the point in buying it just yet), but this is just a hassle and doesn't feel as fluid as using the joystick.

    Overall, this game is breath of fresh air in a world that seems to be okay with rehashing stale ideas (Nintendo is particularly bad about this; Super Mario Tennis Golf Galaxyland 32 coming soon!). This is one of the first (of hopefully many) 3DS titles you should buy when you get the system! Eeeeeasily.
  54. Apr 2, 2012
    At first, I was very hesitant about the controls in this game. It looked awkward, I couldn't understand how I could possible maintain the 3D, and some reviews cited that it destroyed the entire game. To put it short: they were horribly wrong.
    The first time I hit the ground, I could almost understand why in the world people were criticizing the controls. The problem was, I was trying to
    support the 3DS with one hand. Don't do that. I'd recommend holding the 3DS with both hands, while using the thumb, pointer, and middle finger to grip the stylus.
    Once I figured that out, I was completely captivated. The graphics and the 3D are beautifully crafted, making it easily one of the top 5 most beautiful games on the 3DS. The weapon system is incredibly deep, allowing you to fuse two weapons for more powerful ones. There are 12 different weapon categories, each with their own amazing unique traits. Within those 12 categories each are eight weapons with their own abilities and traits, resulting in over 100 weapons and even more combinations. At first, the story seems to just be a modernized version of the original NES game. Things take a huge twist later on, though, and the story completely takes another direction. Some people seem to be criticizing the voice acting, claiming it gets in the way of the game. I personally love the banter that goes on between the characters, although being cheesy sometimes, it's brung a smile to my face more times than I can count. After beating the main story, there is a ton of replay value from both the fiend's cauldron (allowing you to up the intensity of the game in turn for better weapons and powers), and the online multiplayer. I find myself constantly replaying levels on a harder difficulty so I can finally get that one weapon I wanted. In short: The graphics are among the most beautiful of all 3DS games, the gameplay is deep and captivating, and the controls (although initially awkward) are perfectly suited for this type of game. Honestly, I'd pick this control scheme over dual analogue any day. This game is among my all time favorites of any console, easily beating SM3DL and even Mario kart 7. This is the perfect showcase of the 3DS's potential to anyone who's skeptical of it (providing that they are open minded enough for the controls and are willing to get used to them for more than ten minutes). It also has a great replay value, with no lag online and intense matches. All in all, I'd buy this game for twice it's price if I had to, it'd still be more than worth it.
  55. Apr 26, 2012
    This game is absolutely amazing. My favorite. It has amazing voice acting, which rarely gets old, and a diffuclty scale that lets you play at your own difficulty. All the boss battles are truly engaging, and the control scheme is brilliant once you get the hang of it!
  56. Feb 20, 2013
    I really enjoyed this game however I had one issue... I'm left handed and found the game completely unplayable without the circle pad. However once I used the circle pad I have to say that this is one of the deepest, most re-playable games made for the 3DS. Graphics are stunning if a little overbearing at times. The length of the game surprised me, 25 chapters in total but not once did I find myself bored. The storyline is well written as are the characters with very cheesy dialogue. Gameplay is great especially the flying segments but I do agree that the on foot segments could be improved, that does not take away from the fact this is one of the longest console worthy handheld games ever. All in all a great game and definitely recommended as I don't think there will be another game with Pit for a long time unfortunately. Expand
  57. Apr 3, 2012
    Playing Uprising feels like taking a breath of fresh air after being in a cave for a long time; it's cool and refreshing. While the control scheme may take a few minutes to get used to, it works beautifully when you get used to it. The graphics are console-quality, but a tiny bit of bad textures get in the way sometimes. The story is gripping, and it keeps it at a light-hearted tone due to the silly chatting between characters on the bottom screen (complete with solid voice-acting). If you don't at least chuckle at the frequent Nintendo game references and the awesomely bad puns, than you obviously have no soul. With a crap-ton of achievements, idols (think trophies from Super Smash Bros. Brawl), and weapons, Kid Icarus: Uprising is definitely worth the price and your time. Expand
  58. Apr 11, 2012
    A great ne title for the nintendo 3ds, Kid icarus is a ton of fun to play solo, or in together mode. Solo mode has new enemies the entire way through, and exciting bosses to fight at the end of each of the 25 chapters. The game also includes 360 achievements to keep you busy, and a very complex weapon system which allows for endless combinations. I like that you can use the weapons that you earn/ fuse in single player mode can be used online. I also love the difficulty system which rewards players with better weapons, powers, and more hearts for playing on harder difficulties (1-9). The soundtrack is simply amazing, original music all the way through the game. Props to nintendo for another instant classic!!! Expand
  59. Apr 5, 2012
    Just to clear a few things up, the control is not very good if you are left handed, maybe you might have some trouble as a right handed person but for me (right handed) it is not really a problem, just takes some more flicks to turn the camera around but this game is more linear and straight forward so enemies won't really appear directly behind you, i will talk more about this game later but right now it is something worth checking out, get it from a place with a full refund policy. Expand
  60. Jan 25, 2013
    For a sequel to a game that hadn't seen light in almost 20 years Uprising really was a surprising gem. Fast, customizable combat, full on voice acting, a fun story, beautiful visuals, and amazing online make this one of the best titles on 3DS still even to this day. While many have complain about uncomfortable controls I have yet to ever have a problem with them.
  61. Aug 27, 2012
    Controls are a bit uncomfortable at first, but your hand will eventually get used to it. Other than that, the game is perfect. The music, the graphics, everything. Just be patient with the controls and you will be rewarded by the game. Please note that this is coming from someone who is left-handed and has never even laid hands on a Circle Pad Pro.
  62. Apr 3, 2012
    This game sucks, the controls are bad, the graphics are bad, the plot is lame, I couldn´t enjoy it, it is without a doubt the worst video game nintendo ever dared to create
  63. Apr 4, 2012
    Controls are not broken, just take getting used to like when dual analog was first introduced. Superb game in nearly every aspect. The production, innovation, graphics, online, longevity, even controls make this my favorite 3DS game to date. I'm glad I took a chance on this game.
  64. Apr 4, 2012
    This is one of the finest Nintendo made games in the last few years. And that says something, as it's among high company such as Skyward Sword and the Mario Galaxies. Fantastic graphics and 3D, amazing gameplay, dialog, and references to Kid Icarus 1 and 2, and huge surprises await!
  65. Apr 7, 2012
    Kid Icarus: Uprising could quite possibly be the best handheld game of all time. I bought this game skeptical of what would be in store, but it definitely did not disappoint. To get this out of the way before dwelling deeper into this review, I want to state that the controls are NOT game breaking. They simply take a decent amount of time and practice to properly maneuver and actually add depth / challenge to the game. But most importantly, it gives insight on a new control theme that has never been implemented before. After a while, I was having so much fun pinpointing my stylus on Pit's enemies in both the air and the ground that I completely forgot how difficult it initially was for me to learn. It takes precise and short movements of the stylus to angle the camera correctly, but it feels extremely rewarding when you are able to take down whatever enemy you want with ease after mastering it. Gameplay is extremely fast paced and reminds me of a insanely advanced mix of Star Fox 64 and Galaga while in the air, and a game of it's own on the ground. The transition from the air to the ground in each chapter keeps things fresh and upbeat because you aren't always doing the same exact thing the entire time. The dialogue, voice acting, and character development literally make this game. You get a really special feeling hearing the multiple gods converse between each other while fighting in game and towards Pit too. Due to this, all the missions feel as though they are your own. Chatter never ceases in this game, jokes are made, insults are thrown, and oddly enough.. it never gets annoying. Pit is an extremely lovable character from the start, and Palutena keeps him in line every now and then so that he doesn't seem too care-free. On top of this, the villains each have a boastful personality of their own and they constantly remind you of it. Everything in the game is so light hearted and ecstatic that it just compels you to keep on playing. Level designs are incredible and range from colorful and lush skies / forests to dark and menacing caves or storms. Each chapter you are excited to see what new villain or boss lies ahead and how they will affect Pit on his journey. The graphics are likely the best on the system, and the 3DS adds even more depth to the gameplay as is. Sakurai has always been a strong advocate in content on his games, and this one does not disappoint in the slightest. Imagine everything Super Smash Bros. Brawl had to offer, add about 2x more content, and then throw in the fact that all of it is done correctly. Trophies are there, achievements are present, difficulty levels are set, currency is available, online mode is great, powers are unlockable, various weapons are obtainable, and the list goes on and on. If you can recall the sticker function in Super Smash Bros. Brawl, you may have noticed that no one ever got around to them or used them to their full potential.. because quite frankly.. they didn't have any. In Uprising, Sakurai recognizes this mistake and fixes it to appeal to both a hardcore and casual audience with powers which work incredibly and all have their own distinct use. Weapons can be bought, fused, and each have their own special attributes depending on your knowledge of the game, and a bit of luck. And this isn't even one fourth of it. There is literally so many things to do in this game and so much content, that it can't even fit in this five thousand character review. As an avid music admirer, I can vouch for Kid Icarus Uprising likely having one of the best soundtracks of the last decade. Battles feel vigorous with steady drum beats wailing in the background, and your rivals have both attitude and flare with spanish guitars strumming to the rhythm of your movement when appropriate. Speaking of rivals, there is a mass amount of them.. and they all have an insane amount of variety. Each enemy is like a puzzle and requires different methods to defeat it. For instance, one of them turns red and green. If it's red, you must attack from far away, if green.. you must attack with melee. This is just one simple example of probably the fifty plus different enemies there are in the game and they introduce them at different points in the game so they never get old. Kid Icarus has brought something truly special to Nintendo's table by reviving a game that was created twenty five years ago and truly putting their own voice into each and every character. For example, not only does the game reference it's previous installments, but it also cracks jokes and hints at other events in various other staple franchises that Nintendo fans will recognize with ease and asks the player to embrace it. What makes this game such a landmark among the rest is it's reminder of what games are truly made for; to pass time by having fun. Kid Icarus is a masterpiece and without a doubt in my mind will be recognized as an iconic Nintendo staple in the years to come. 10/10 Expand
  66. Apr 23, 2012
    Nothing new to add here from the other comments. Great gameplay, variety of weapons and powers make the game fun to explore. LOVE THE DIALOGUE, and multiplayer is very fun. Graphics are good, soundtrack is amazing....
    really, i dont know why people complain so much about the controls :, you could all change it to suit you and a 3ds stand should have been included with the game purchase.

    worth the 40$!!
  67. Jun 5, 2012
    Kid Icarus is an awesome game with a surprising amount of content. The game's controls could be seen as the only real downfall, however, after about 20 minutes the controls feel much more natural. The online play is also surprisingly great for a portable game. Total playtime: About 30 hours.
  68. Jun 28, 2012
    In many ways, this probably one of the best handheld-exclusive games I've ever played. The controls seemed weird to me when I started playing it, but luckily are easily customisable. I quickly changed to the "left-handed" system although I am right handed (you get analog control over the aiming reticle and Pit's movements using the buttons are as precise as they need to be) and all was good - I recommend trying this if you are having problems with the other systems!! Positive highlight for me is the hearts system - it makes the game extremely replayable and worth mastering to get the better weapons. The main negative for me is variable quality in the level design. Sometimes it is great, but sometimes levels seem completely pointless and feel like they have just been thrown in there to make the game longer. Three of the main examples are two levels in which you are basically replaying parts of the game you have already completed and one in which you are just killing wave upon wave of monsters. Was this really necessary? It makes the overall impression of the game feel a bit grindy which was a shame because actually some of the level design was brilliant. However, despite this gripe, playing through this game was a lot of fun and I'm already having a lot of fun replaying some of my favourite levels. With this and Gravity Rush, it's great to see handheld getting some much deserved TLC! Recommended! Expand
  69. Jul 4, 2012
    kid Icarus Uprising is definetly a MUST HAVE. The nice graphics,practical jokes, nice music,lot of content, multiplayer. There is pretty much nothing wrong with this game! The controls are a bit bad but, that's why you can customize them. That is also why you got a stand use it! Great game! You have to get this game if you are a hardcore gamer!
  70. Jul 13, 2012
    For me, this game was amazing. The Treasure hunt has really expanded my love of the game, because I have worked so hard on it. Some of the things are super hard, which just challenges me, giving me one more thing I have to do. I still have not finished the story, even though I have played it for almost 40 hours! The multi-player is just amazing, especially since I can train against bots, then attack real people. The way that Nintendo balanced the team multi-player is Ingenious! I hate playing online and getting beat because other people have better equipment than me, but that does not matter in this game. Also, you have to limit your powers to a small box, which has been fun, finding the perfect combination for both Single and Multi-Player modes. The controls to move and shoot are smooth for me, but the touch screen can be somewhat sluggish at times, Nintendo added an option to speed up how fast the camera moves when you flick the stylus. I think that Nintendo really gave Pit a good 25th anniversiary game. I love it, and play it all day long, sometimes. I really don't get many streetpass tags, because I have no friends with a 3DS, so I really haven't been able to fully experience that feature, but it adds to the experience. The weapon fusing is so perfect, because I hate playing a game and getting a weapon that I know that I will NEVER use, but with fusion, I can change it to a different weapon, usually better than both and a weapon that I will use. This game is one of my favorites and has been the only game in my slot for a while. Expand
  71. Jul 25, 2012
    Kid Icarus made me glad I bought a 3DS. The only game and system combo I've been amazed with like this was Halo & Xbox. It truly is jaw dropping in content and graphics compared to other 3DS titles.
  72. Nov 4, 2012
    I love this game, as a lefty I struggled with the first level, but after that it let me toggle my controls in the options setting, if you are struggling with the controls then you were either too stupid or too lazy to check the settings and edit them yourself. If you really want to use the circle pad then get the circle pad pro. Gosh people!
  73. Feb 7, 2013
    All I can say is "wow". Before I played this game, I would have thought considering it my favorite game of 2012 to be laughable at best. I couldn't have been more wrong! I was almost turned off by the quirky dialogue and upbeat anime artwork, only to realize the full potential of witty remarks and one liner exchanges in the latter chapters. There's one point in which pit tells Hades "Just go home", in such a way that you know exactly what he means. Hades is the god of the underworld for those rusty on their Greek mythology. The character models and level designs differ from cutesy anime styles to intense psychedelic trips at breakneck speeds, remaining purely eye-candy in every style explored. Another EXCELLENT aspect of this game is the weapons system. With over 100 different weapons (each with their own abilities and different assets) from bows, clubs, claws, palms, orbitars, arms, staffs, blades and the ability to fuse two weapons to create a new and more powerful one, the replay value thrives and provides a mind blowing amount of depth. There's a difficulty level (0-9) with 9 requiring a well crafted weapon to complete the missions, along with rewarding rarer weapons/stats for further weapon modification. Once you think your arsenals worthwhile, take it online to prove it! The online multiplayer mode is a fast paced, lag free smashfest that still has me addicted to the game and provides continuity to the replay value of the weapon system. THE ONLY NEGATIVE issue I see with the game is the learning curve involved for the controls. Notice how I didn't say "the controls" specifically? As with anything new (riding a bicycle, driving a car, getting deflowered, etc) there's a slight learning curve. Once mastered, however, the feeling of smashing something (especially people online) feels so solid and purely awesome, it'll keep you coming back for more. Let's bear in mind this game was developed by the same creative genius that brought us Super Smash Bros. To sum it up, this game is worth every penny spent and I feel should be a must own for every 3ds owner. I've played many games on many different systems in 2012, and I've gotta say this is BY FAR my favorite game of 2012. In a year defined by sequels, first person shooters, and sequels to first person shooters, it's good to see some fresh gameplay surface. I give it 10 out of 10 plasticEGO Expand
  74. Feb 16, 2014
    My main issue is with the controls. I never got on with them. Clumsy and fiddly and never mastered. Maybe it was me. Still, it's good looking enough and the story is ok. I hope they make another with more traditional controls
  75. Aug 28, 2012
    This game was made for the Nintendo 3DS XL. I just (grudgingly) upgraded for the bigger screen. Makes all the difference with this game (surprised by how much, actually.) Sure, it's nice to have a big screen for Mario and such. But you don't really need it. But this game, huge difference. First, while the control system is unconventional and takes some getting used to, the XL makes it a lot easier to adjust to thanks to it being a lot more comfortable to hold. And the XL's bigger screen makes all the difference too. This is a game where, especially on the higher difficulty levels, dodging incoming fire is essential. And the big screen is a godsend for that. If you've got a new 3DS XL, you owe it to yourself to check out this game. Expand
  76. Apr 15, 2012
    I give it a 60 rating because it is very hard but I have been playing lots of games in the past and it is so so with this game it's pretty easy because you can make it so you can have what ever intensity you want easy/standard/medium/hard this game was not worth getting. except for the stand which comes in handy so you do not have to hold it so long
  77. Apr 18, 2012
    Controls are awkward, and can actually hurt after playing for a bit. I have small hands so I can't imagine what it's like for people with average/big hands.

    Other than that this game is absolutely stellar. The game is basically made for a portable with short levels, so you can always just play 1-2 levels at a time to avoid hand cramping. Not ideal, but I believe the game is worth it.

    I'd have given it a 10 if it wasn't such a pain(literally) to play.
  78. May 10, 2012
    Finally, a truly original game for the 3DS. I absolutely loved Mario 3D land and Mario Kart , but it was a tried and true formula. Kid Icarus is something new from Nintendo. Half of it is an on rail shooter and the other half is a third person action game. Both parts are equally fun to me. First off, the graphics are satisfying. As Pit flies through the sky and battles monster, it looks great the whole time. The story mode is extremely satisfying and really epic and funny at times. I absolutely love the weapons in this game. You can buy them and fuse them to make even more powerful weapons. It's absolutely genius. I would say the biggest problem with the game is the controls, but you get used to it fast and can change them to best fit your style. The multiplayer is what's going to keep you coming back. It's really hectic and really fun. I highly recommend this to any 3DS owner and is another huge reason to own a 3DS. Expand
  79. Apr 6, 2012
    I finally finished the game and I have to say my final verdict is that this is the best 3DS game to date. I'll start with controls since that's what most people complained about. The truth is that the controls are not bad at all, they are just different than any game that's out there right now and it takes time to get used to. Once you overcome the challenge of the learning curve, you will find that you can control pit perfectly fine. The hand cramp issue exists with any fast paced stylus controlled game, you just have to learn to play in smaller 1-2 hour spurts. The music is some of the best I've ever heard in a game in a long time. The story is fun, well paced, dynamic, and carefully integrated into the game so that it doesn't feel like story and play time are completely separated. There are a lot of fun, memorable characters that were introduced. The game's weapon fusing, buying, selling, testing, and even gem swapping add a nice touch to the games complexity. The weapons are all very different and can have different stats depending on what you fuse. There are a TON of unlockables, secrets, and extra challenges that wait for those looking for a game to last them a while. The story mode should take you about 12-15 hours, but you still have a lot to do once you beat it. You can play against others online or locally any time, you can go back to levels and play on higher difficulties to get even better weapons or get higher scores. You can go through the achievement treasure hunts to unlock even more stuff. The artwork and visuals looked very high quality and the design was very unique. The 3D effects in the game do actually work very well, I found my self turning it on and off depending on the intensity of the game.

    All in all, this is game was very refreshing and very satisfying. It is great for both novice and veteran gamers alike. If you are looking to break away from the repetitive game designs that plague the industry today, then I strongly recommend this title.
  80. Aug 15, 2012
    First of all Pit is Back after 20 plus years of goin M.I.A and this game is amazing. The only problem that I got with it is the controls but People!!! U GOT OPTIONAL CONTROLS SO U DON'T HAVE TO USE THE STYLUS!!! The story mode is fun but I like the multiplayer mode the best!!! This game has tons of replay value and I play this game hours at a time. I like the power UPS u can get and also fusing the weapons too. The graphics on this game are amazing and not ps2 like some Sony fan boys like to this diss on here!!! Gameplay is very good and if anybody has a 3ds then this game is a must have!!! Expand
  81. Apr 18, 2012
    Truly epic game. People complaining about the controls clearly have never played a FPS with a trackball before, because the controls are almost exactly like that. Really it takes only a short time to get used to, and you get far more control than a comparable title for example Metroid Hunters. The number of levels, number of difficulty levels, number of weapons and fusion combinations, number of power-ups, funny dialogue and huge number of secrets to find and unlock make this game far more than value for money. Expand
  82. May 1, 2012
    Kid Icarus: Uprising is packed nearly to the brim with carrots to chase, ranging from a multitude of achievements to unlock, hearts to amass, weapons to hoard, secondary powers to equip and an ingenious gambling mechanic to attempt tackling higher difficulty levels. It's crazy to imagine such a tall order of entertainment is available on a handheld. As much as I enjoy Uprising, it's hard not to question the control scheme and be let down that my enjoyment had to be constantly interrupted by breaks to recuperate. With frequent reminders to rest, it would have been nice if there were mini-games available that didn't rely on the stylus controls. As is, I cannot recommend this game enough to 3DS owners looking to get a lot out of the portable and to those on the fence about the 3DS altogether. I might not have thought to spend a lot of time with the Kid Icarus series before, but now I can only hope the goddesses keep Pit around for good. Expand
  83. Apr 6, 2012

    I really became fed up with Kid Icarus: Uprising when it was delayed multiple times. I had no hope, and thought that the game would end up just crashing and burning. This game does a complete opposite of just that; Kid Icarus is, by far, the best 3DS game to date. It is filled with content and has high replay value. It's gameplay is wicked fast paced and something new; just what
    the 3DS desperately needs. The musical score is absolutely wonderful, and the voice overs (which are mostly constant) feature some surprisingly incredible talent and excellent writing. The 3D is the most stereoscopic out of any other 3DS games, and the 3D truly accentuates the epic scope of the game. The only negative point I have is the controls. No that they hurt, but that they are so cramped and useless, mainly the dodge feature. On the ground, you can quick dodge attacks to earn a fast power attack and get more points to boost your score, but sometimes the action is too chaotic for its own good and the doge feature ends up being completely useless. Also, the fact that (unless you use the stand) the controls will start to cramp up your hand quite a bit and ghosting 3D will plague your experience. Other than those minor gripes, Kid Icarus is the very first game that justifies why I bought a 3DS more than a year ago. Not to mention, I've never charged my 3DS this much before. Overflowing with epicness, playfulness and originality, Kid Icarus: Uprising is a winner in every single way. Expand
  84. May 26, 2012
    My second 3DS game that I have gotten, Kid Icarus: Uprising, turns out to be a decent action game. I have waited to play it and the gameplay is impressive. The 3D effect is used well, but not as good as it was in Super Mario 3D Land. The graphics are good, but they could have been a little bit better. The story isn't top notch, but it has its moments. One of the best additions is the online. It allows for addicting and more competitive gameplay that simply can't be missed. Overall, this is a great title to own on 3DS. Expand
  85. May 3, 2012
    Short and sweet, this is a great game with small hindrances. The flying and multiplayer sections are all fun and exciting yet the ground sections are not so great. The controls for the ground sections are just odd and the stand that comes only helps out a little bit. Also, the dialogue is some of the most hilarious dialogue next to Portal 2. The graphics are fantastic and the replay value is crazy. Overall, one of those games that any 3DS owner should get! Expand
  86. May 29, 2012
    The reviews you see on this website of this game that have low scores only have those low scores because people complain about the controls. They complain because it's something entirely new and different, and they don't like that. The only reason they complain is because there not good at the game, but you don't necessarily have to be good at the game to have fun, but there letting that get in the way. I would highly recommend this to anyone, and in my opinion this is the best game on Nintendo's knew handheld so far. You would be making a wise choice buying this game, but I warn you, not everyone will be as good at the game at the start as other people. Everyone learns in different ways, so it WILL take some more time than other to master the controls. My advice, experiment. Experiment holding the 3DS in different positions; you could lie it flat on a surface and work from there; hold the console with one hand and use the stylus with the other; using the stand that comes free with the game (my favourite). As Sakurai said himself that when Smash Bros. first came out, people found it really hard to grasp the controls, and look at the series now! It really will just take time. But most importantly, have fun! Expand
  87. Jun 20, 2012
    It's fun, fast paced and very charming. Though it has such a VERY cheesy sense of humor it's still enjoyable even if in some occasions you feel embarrassed by what the character say in one of their nineteen billion lines of dialogue. but leaving that aside let's talk about the controls. yes they get uncomfortable but they only annoy you for the first minutes unless if you're some kind of spoiled **** who thinks everything must be made at their liking and cannot adapt to anything more complex that yelling and strangers in XBLA. the controls are easy to understand and you don't need that stupid stand that bundles with the game and if you're incapable of holding a light device with only your left hand then I highly suggest you to switch hands for your fun times! Expand
  88. Nov 8, 2012
    I'll begin with a simple fact: It's the best game I have ever played. And I played a lot of Mario, some Call of Duty, Borderlands 2 (This one is awesome too), The Legend of Zelda, etc. What I'm trying to say is that you should at least give this awesome game a try. It has lots of content (From weapons to powers, from stages to characters), a lot of charisma, and it's unique. I never played a game like this one: If you want, you can only melee. But, if you want, you can only shoot. Or you can do both. ... And use a "Super laser" too.
    Accept the "Sorry to keep you waiting"!
  89. May 27, 2012
    This game is a true experience of a revival that sits right next to Super Mario 64 in 3Dizing. The Gameplay is the only challenge that isnt that hard to follow. On Flight, the game uses the circle pad to fly,L to shoot, and the stylus to aim, its pretty straight forward and easy to get used to. Now here's where things get awkward, the controls are the same on ground battle. You move pit with the circle pad, L to shoot and the stylus to aim AND move the camera. It basically works on the mechanics of a globe, you move the aiming around and then slide to rotate the view. It seems awkward, but its not broken and can easily be get used to once you be friendly, however if your like me and you just cant, there are other options. This game offer's costumizable controls to see your fit, like changing the camera controls to the Face Buttons (ABXY), i personally found this much easier and i got used to it in a matter of 2 levels. After that, there's nothing left, the dialog and story are just fantastic and is overral brilliant, the voice acting deserves 5 stars especially with the jokes. The Story doesnt back down either, it follows up nicely and throwns many unexpected things into the mix that really change your perspective on this game. Follow that up with a massive amount of different weapons that range from 9 different classes,and before playing a level you have a difficulty gambling mechanic which is REALLY unique. You bet your Money(hearts) to raise the difficulty, where its much harder and to get more hearts and better treasures, and if you die, you lose some of hearts you bet and the difficulty gets lower, its really unique mechanic that can be adjusted for any gamer. But it doesnt stop there, theres so much content to unlock like trophies(idols),Music, and the lasting appeal, the treasure hunt, which is basically the ingame achievements that are more than 300, Yes 300! Pair it with the massive content, AND the suprisingly smooth and FUN Multiplayer that suprisingly works very well in both gameplay and connection, and your looking at a AAA 3DS title. Kid Icarus's rebirthed masterfully and is a huge recommendation to all. Expand
  90. Apr 6, 2012
    The main complaint about this game everyone seems to have is the controls. Personally, I have absolutely no problem with them! I would take the stylus to aim over an analog anyday, and I didn't find holding the 3ds to be tiring (if you do, there is a stand.) Disclaimer: I have played Metroid Prime Hunters before, which has the exact same control scheme, however it only took me an hour or two to adjust to that, and when I played with my friends they got used to it in an hour or two as well. In reality, I think this control thing is blown out of proportion. These days, critics and gamers alike are more critical since there is so much more to compare with. But if you just look at the game, play it without reading the reviews and all the preconceptions you will form from them, you will enjoy games a lot more! This is a prime example. Don't let the controls get to your head, they don't take long to adjust to and the rest of the game is fantastic. The soundtrack is exquisite, it has the best voice acting and script I've ever had the pleasure to listen to, and the graphics are some of the best on 3DS. The customization system creates lots if replay, and the multiplayer mode only magnifies it more. It's really a stellar game, and anybody who owns a 3ds should at least give it a try. Expand
  91. Sep 29, 2012
    If I could write this review just for the music, I would. The music in this game is incredible. I have not heard such beauty in video game music in years! I still listen to all 4 cds everywhere I go. Now for the game itself, it's also really well done. The controls were really difficult to get used to, but when I did, I loved them. The story is magnificent and the dialogue is lighthearted and cheesy. The voice acting for the most part is very solid, with a few slip ups from Palutena. The graphics were shockingly beautiful at times. A solid game with very good replay value. Music 15/10, Story 10/10, Gameplay 8/10, Dialogue 9/10, Graphics 9/10, Controls 8/10, Replay Value 10/10. Total 9/10 Expand
  92. May 6, 2012
    Wanna make this short and sweet this is great game and you should own it.

    it has wealth of options and online play!!

    yea controls are fiddly to get the hang of but like all good gamers. We learn and become better at it. there's so much to unlock and its a game that has more surprises then meets the eye!

    Don't take my word for it! just try it yourself:P
  93. Apr 3, 2012
    LOVE THIS GAME! The controls are a little hard to understand at first but in under 5 minutes you'll get the picture. This game is INCREDIBLY fast-paced...which is awesome. The Dialogue in the game is also funny as a naked bunny. BEST $40.00 EVER...
  94. Apr 12, 2013
    Interesting, but has some glaring flaws. To start off, this game's production value was huge and it shows. The graphics, the voice acting and the music are as close to perfect as it gets. Multiplayer is amazingly fun and easily the best thing about this game, even if it's a little tough to get into (the players are very skilled). Cannot say the same about single, unfortunately. The stages, while beautiful, are way too short, simple and linear. Boss battles are piss easy on anything but highest difficulty settings. I know the same could be said about many games these days, but KI:U really takes it to another level it literally takes between 30-40 seconds to fall a single Boss, which I find to be pretty lame. Get it if you're looking for a fun multiplayer experience, but if you're more of a singles person it is probably better to try something else. Expand
  95. Apr 7, 2012
    A 10/10 may seem a bit high at first, but this game earned it and some people refuse to acknowledge it, because of the controls. To be honest, I have no idea what they're talking about. The controls work perfect, even without using the stand. If you don't like the controls, which I can understand too, you can change it in the options menu. If you just take the time to find out what your favorite settings are, there shouldn't be a problem.

    On to gameplay. I was afraid I wouldn't like the on-rail part of each level, but Sora made sure it was as action packed as a Starfox game. The ground parts seem a bit boring in the first levels, but they get better quickly. The boss battles are fun, original and exciting.

    The story has it's own way of telling it. The cutscenes aren't long and boring and end with unanswered questions most of the time, leaving some mystery for you to find out. The rest of the story gets told when you are fighting monsters. On the bottom screen lady Palutena will have a dialogue with one of the other characters. It has a few plot twists which keeps the story fresh.

    Another thing that's great about this game are the aesthetics. Don't expect everything to have some medieval/roman theme. You'll be fighting through space and different dimensions. One thing I particularly enjoyed was Pandora's Fortress. The level design has a few surprises in this level, that I'm not going to spoil for you. Luckily the 3D works perfect in this game and turns everything into eye -candy.

    The best thing about this game is probably the soundtrack. It's been a long time since I enjoyed background music so much, but Sora pretty much nailed it.

    If you have a 3DS, get this game.
  96. Apr 10, 2012
    First off I do not believe in giving games 10's or this game would get one. This game is a prime example of Nintendo going outside of their normal comfort zone to give us something truly different, and people just want to complain about the controls. Admittedly the controls do take some getting used to, but if you practice they will sink in. After they do sink in you will realize that Nintendo has given us one of the most original third person shooters of all time. You will also realize that, with the chaotic nature of this game, it could not have been done properly with dual analog sticks unless it was toned down considerably.
    As a number of people have said above the time that you can sink into this game unlocking new content and fusing new weapons is pretty much unprecedented for a handheld game. If you have a 3DS and do not pick this up for $30 at Best Buy then shame on you.
    The game has a 25 mission single player campaign that will keep you busy for ages. Add the fact that the hearts that you collect may be used to bet to make the game more or less difficult, and you have a game with tons of replay value. As much as I love the single player I am only on stage 9 right now because the multiplayer is so addictive. It has a 3 on 3 mode and a free for all mode top chose from, and I really like the fact that you cab substitute bots if you want the practice. I have no idea why the big series' are eliminating deathmatch modes with bots.
    Excellent gameplay....check. Terrific story and hilarious voice acting.....check. More unlockables then you can shake a stick at......check. Lengthy story mode and super addictive multiplayer......check. For my money this game is the best 3DS game hands down.
  97. May 10, 2012
    I'm not one to readily give out top marks, but if ever there was a game deserving a 10/10, this is it. It is just pure fun. It's fast paced and crazy, and at higher difficulty levels requires complete attention and perfect timing. The difficulty system is innovative and works wonderfully - you gamble hearts in order to increase the difficulty from 1.0 to 9.0 (in 0.1 increments) - but at higher difficulties, the rewards are much greater too. And as you progress in the game, you will not only accumulate the weapons and powers to tackle the higher intensities, you will be constantly improving too. This is one of those games that you constantly get better at, and when things go well and you dodge those attacks perfectly, it feels wonderful.

    The amount of content is insane. Apart from a fairly long story mode that should take 10-ish hours to complete, you can obviously replay each chapter at higher intensities to collect better reward, and complete over 100 different challenges. There's a boss mode in 3 difficulties, about 400 idols to collect, an egg-launching minigame, and to top it all off, a REALLY fun multiplayer mode which includes a Free For All and Team-Based game mode. You take in your own weapons and powers, and the game uses a clever system to balance out strong and weak weapons, so you really need to think about whether you want to bring in your strongest weapon into the fray. At the moment, the multiplayer is still well populated, I haven't once had any difficulty finding a match to join.

    The story is delivered mostly in-game through dialogue happening during the action - it makes things faster and more fluid. The voice acting is brilliant, and the writing hilarious. There are plenty of random conversations that fill occasional silences, and they vary between levels, weapons you have equipped etc. The jokes might not be for everyone (they're a little on the cheesy side, you may groan occasionally) but the entire game is so light-hearted, and especially Pit so infectiously optimistic and cheerful, that it seems impossible to not have a smile on your face while playing this.

    The soundtrack is also fantastic, with tracks ranging from dramatic orchestral sounds, to funky jazz tunes, even to metal in one level. Many of the pieces could have been taken straight from a Disney movie, and not rarely I find myself humming one or another tune from the game - good thing that all the game's tracks are unlockable to listen to individually.

    Of course, it would be impossible not to address the elephant in the room, the controls. For some reason, reviewers seem to be incapable of playing this game, yet somehow, everyone I know who actually bought this game and gave it a chance, loved it. If you're not used to DS/3DS controls, it will probably feel awkward for a while. Even if you've owned a DS for many, many years, you may still need some time to get used to them. But that's just it: You will get used to them. When at home (and yes, this game is so good that I tend to sit at my powerhouse of a PC and play on my handheld), I use the convenient stand that is included for free. When I'm out and about, I hold the system in my hands, which while less comfortable, is still perfectly fine, at least for a few hours at a time.

    So, controls - you can get used to them. The game - fun, fast and furious. The atmosphere - light hearted and funny, even when things get serious. Plus, many, MANY more hours of content than most PC/home console games these days (I recently passed the 100 hours mark). Overall, it is quite simply a 10/10. There certainly aren't many games this good out there.
  98. Apr 29, 2012
    best handheld game i have ever played, i play lvd with my friends all the time the campaign was very good and pretty long. ive heard alot of people talking garbage about the controls and really i think they are great you really have to aim and the dodging in super fun i really cant say a game is better then this one thats out right now
  99. Apr 29, 2012
    Kid Icarus Uprising is an absolute blast to play, has a fantastic soundtrack, and has wonderful graphics and art design, with gameplay that is simple but at the same time very complex and challenging if you want it to be. The difficulty is perfectly scalable to your skill level and the variety of fun and exiting weapons is just plain awesome, and managing your weapons and fusing old weapons to create new and exiting ones is very intriguing. Although the surprisingly long and highly replayable single player is the main bulk of the package the multiplayer is really exiting as well, and works exactly how it should. If you enjoy this game like I have, you will be playing it for months, if not years because of just how much fun it is and how much content is packed in here. But if I'm talking about Kid Icarus Uprising, then I can't help to mention the controls, and the truth is, they work very well. For anyone used to dual analog control it may be difficult to get used to the controls at first, but once you do you'll realize that the controls deliver an accuracy that dual analog cannot. One thing about the controls however that I believe I should mention is the fact that after prolonged periods of gaming, say one and a half to two hours, your hand may start to cramp, however because of the relatively short levels for the most part in the game and the nature of the gamepay which is best enjoyed in short controlled bursts, it shouldn't be a problem, unless of course if you're having such a blast you simply cannot put your 3ds down. I have played this game for a total of 26 hours now and I'm still regularly coming back for more. Another thing I should mention is that even though a lot of the gameplay aspects are different than the original kid icarus, it still maintains a lot of the feel of the original, and still feels like a kid icarus game. Oh, and the voice acting is great too, which is great because otherwise the non-stop dialogue would be a little tedious. Overall this game is absolutely fantastic and anyone with a 3ds needs to play it. It is one of the best reasons, if not the VERY best reason (beside super mario 3d land) to own a 3ds. You will not be dissapointed. Expand
  100. May 11, 2012
    This is a very good game, one that is strange in the beginning but memorable latter.

    First the controls are new and, at the beginning, strange and even hard, but once used it provids a unique gameplay form that is very cool to play with and that everyone should try. It does make it a very fast action game, deep in its gameplay that should entertain even a old quake 3 gamer.

    Icarus:Uprising also present us a great story made of many characters and very good dialog lines, side by side with the gameplay, without distracting from it, keeping us entertained, with a complex but not overwhelming narration and context to the game..

    On par with the story is the amount of content, dozens of levels and enemies, with as many weapons and lots of extras, with some very small RPG elements with the fusion of weapons.

    THIS IS WHAT EVERY GAME SHOULD AIM FOR, innovation, good gameplay, lots and lots of good content and a good story, all of it made with mastery.
  101. Mar 24, 2012
    At first was really worried about controls...hand cramped after first level and they were just really difficult. However, after 1-2 hours of playing everything felt fine. I am currently using the stand which I thought would be useless, but is actually awesome and very useful. So seriously controls are not a problem if you can just put an hour or two of gameplay into it. The main reason I bought it was for the PvP/Online - and its freaking awesome. Best game on 3DS so far - 10/10. Collapse

Generally favorable reviews - based on 75 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 66 out of 75
  2. Negative: 1 out of 75
  1. Jun 27, 2012
    No doubt in my mind, 3DS owners should have Kid Icarus: Uprising in their library of games, especially if action games are a favorite.
  2. May 14, 2012
    Nintendo magic strikes again, if you can adapt to the controls. [June 2012, p.68]
  3. May 11, 2012
    Kid Icarus: Uprising is an underdog tale: how an action game can be thoroughly enjoyable even when it suffers from some severe control problems. [May 2012]