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  1. Aug 11, 2013
    Ever since Superstar Saga, Nintendo & AlphaDream have made nothing but great games in the Mario series. Been playing it non-stop. If you liked at least 1 of the games in the series, it a no brainer you should play this.
  2. Aug 11, 2013
    Just plain fun game. It reminds that the games don't have to be all serious and stuff. Don't expect it to be as good as Paper Mario 2. It's not. But it is still a great game. It tries to do something new with the dream world but in my opinion the dream world parts are pretty repetitive. Sometimes those parts even bore me. You can't even play as Luigi in dream world battles which was disappointing. In the beginning game is very linear and booooring. After an hour or so it gets good. Few boss battles in this game are epic but I won't spoil them for you. One of the main reasons that kept me play this game was the great humor. Really this game is really funny. Music was epic, well at least some of it, some of the music was old rehash like Pajamaja Mountain background music sounds like Mario RPG Forest Maze. I have mixed opinions of graphics. Sometimes it looks ok but most of the time pretty lame. All in all I recommend this game and it's well worth the money. Go pick this up now.

    + Epic music
    + Great humor
    + Challenging boss battles
    + It will entertain you long time

    -Pretty lame graphics
    -It starts off very sloooow
    -Repetitive and sometimes also lazy dream worlds

  3. Oct 17, 2013
    "Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros."? More like "Tutorial Team" or "Hand-Holding: The Video Game"

    Of all the things this game does right, there is one important thing it gets completely wrong, and that is letting the playing access the actual game. The game constantly talks to you with unskippable dialogue, and as charming as funny as it can be the game is basically just one long tutorial.
    6 hours into the game and you won't even have seen half of the hand-holding in this game. It pauses, re-checks if you've got basic mechanics down, spoils puzzles ahead of time etc. and in the end you just stop enjoying it (if you're like me).

    Consider buying this game carefully. If you like freedom, exploration and sense of discovery you won't like this one. It keeps talking to you as if you're playing your first video game and there is no way to turn it off. There's a great little game in there someway, but the narrative elements of Dream Team insists on hindering your enjoyment of it.

    This is a big disappointment for someone who liked previous entries in the franchise, and it is definitely not worth all the praise it's gotten.
  4. Aug 12, 2013
    While this game has a very short start and many annoying hand holding tutorials. The hilarity, charm, combat system, and creative game play elements more than make up for that. Though this game does not venture in creativity in most places. The dream world is the most fun thing in a game I've experienced so far on the 3DS. Overall besides some small obvious flaws this game shines like every other game in its series. It is also a better series than paper Mario :P Expand
  5. Mar 10, 2014
    The sheer step back from the next game is so daunting that I can't even begin to enjoy the gameplay. Also every 2 minutes the game stops to tell you how to do something EXACTLY as simple as jumping. There is an old movie saying that goes "show don't tell", and i feel like if that was applied to Dream Team the game would be much better. The constant unskippable help dialogues make this game insanely boring. Even 5 year olds would be able to figure out how to play the game just like the 5 year olds of the NES and SNES and N64 era without game breaking boring text dialogues.

    It is sad that the sequel to a masterpiece like Bowser's Inside Story could be so boring and mocking.
  6. Aug 14, 2013
    I still haven't finished it, but nonetheless it's been a great game so far, the music, the graphics, the gameplay, everything is just spot on. It's also nice to see Luigi get a more major role in this game than in previous RPG games. Excellent job Nintendo!
  7. Nov 15, 2013
    +Fun and simple gameplay
    +Funny Humor
    +Catchy music
    +Alot of Luigi's!

    -Slow Start
    -Uninteresting Story
    -Bad Graphics

    Conclusion :
    It's a really fun game it isn't as good as Bowser's Inside Story.. but it's still a great game to the series
    if you're looking for a fun RPG game for the 3DS then i recommend that you buy this game!

    Score 8.7
  8. Dec 30, 2013
    Although Dream Team is not as good as Bowser's Inside Story it has the unique feature of Luigimation. I agree with previous posts that there is too much hand holding tutorials. Another downside is the story. It starts off real slow which may be a turnoff to younger players or gamers playing the series for a first time.
  9. Dec 11, 2013
    This was my first Mario & Luigi game, and I have to admit that I'm very impressed. There only two downsides to this game: first, the characters talk far too much. Any time anything happened, no matter how trivial, you could be sure that you'd spend at least the next 15 seconds clicking through dialogue. All conversations in the game seemed to be about 50% longer than they needed to be, and unfortunately there is no way to skip quickly through them. The only other downside to the game is that combat can get fairly repetitive by the time you get to the end of the game (e.g. you'll have performed hundreds of the same attacks over and over again).
    With that said, this game presents great characters, great writing, simple puzzles (I enjoyed this because it kept the level of frustration very low), and great RPG elements. You get to customize your Mario Brothers by having them focus on the stats you want them to focus on, as well as providing them with the gear that you think best suits them. You can go offensive, defensive, or whatever suits your fancy in this regard. The fighting relies mostly on timing and (in some cases) using the built-in gyroscope. The various Bros Attacks and Luigi Dream Attacks are a great way to mix up the gameplay, and they provide rewarding challenges.
    Finally, I hope this isn't too much of a spoiler, but there comes a time when you engage in a 3rd type of combat- when all the Dream Luigis combine to form a Giant Luigi. Let me just say: the moment when it first occurs is one of the most epic moments I've seen in gaming. I become physically excited and shook with glee when Luigi stepped up to save his brother. I would highly recommend this game and I have considered purchasing other games in the series.
  10. Feb 8, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. After Paper Mario Sticker Star, I was really afraid Nintendo had lost their edge with even the Mario RPGs. But then, a light at the end of the tunnel. Somewhere in February 2013, they announced this game and I was immediately convinced that they were still good at it.

    So this game turned out to be just as great as I had anticipated in the 5 months of waiting for it to come out. The graphics are great, the gameplay is fun and holy damn, the soundtrack is absolutely gorgeous. But there are 2 big problems with this game and they're also the reason I'm not giving this game a 10:

    1. The hand-holding. The absolutely tedious hand-holding. Yes, the first 4 hours of this game consist of the game making sure that you've gotten all the basic mechanics down. And by basic I really mean BASIC.

    They give you tutorials on how to jump for god's sake. Twice. And it's really strange too because there are some tutorials of more complicated things that you CAN skip, but they apparently thought things like opening a certain part of the pause menu was too hard to figure out on your own?

    2. The gyroscope controls, aka when you have to tilt and rotate your 3DS to do stuff. When you have to do the Luiginary Ball attack, which has you roll on a ball made of Luigis and has you roll over more Luigis to increase it's volume, you have to use the gyroscope controls to control the ball. Here it actually works, and it's pretty funny too.

    But at certain points in the game, Luigi becomes a giant in the Dream World to fight giant bosses. These battles look absolutely gorgeous graphic-wise, and I guess the stylus controls work fine, but that's where the fun ends.

    In the fourth giant battle, you have to use the gyroscope controls to move Luigi around and have him avoid deadly attacks. These gyroscope controls are REALLY hard to pull off because sometimes they don't even work.

    In the fifth giant battle, you clash against the boss by spinning around with your hammer. You engage in some sort of mini-game where you have to push him off the edge of the platform you're on, using gyroscope controls. It's just clunky and a lot of times I accidentally moved Luigi off the edge, dealing massive damage to myself.

    At the end of every giant battle, Mario rides a star to "finish off" the bosses once and for all, and you have to hit their weak spot by moving him around with gyroscope controls. It doesn't matter if you don't hit their weak spot - they will still die.

    But in the fifth giant battle, this does become more important, because it's to finish them off for real. You have to maneuver Mario around a bunch of fireballs by using gyroscope controls and I'm really not sure if I was the only one who failed this a lot of times and actually had to resort to enabling Easy Mode, but it's just really difficult in a dumb way.

    So yes, this game is fun, but like I said, it has some flaws that they really should have fixed.
  11. Sep 1, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. Mario and Luigi have seen many adventures over the years, especially in recent times. They've embarked on missions together, alone, and with friends at different times. We've seen Luigi get some of his own love in the limelight with Dark Moon and Super Luigi Bros, and we've also seen Mario get his usual time to shine with Sticker Star and other differing titles. That having all been said, it should comes as no surprise that Dream Team- a combination of what Mario does best and letting Luigi do the rest (hehe, literally in this case), continues the silver standard set for the last few decades. This is a handheld Mario/Luigi adventure that you have no excuse to miss, and its a pretty good all around, family friendly role playing game as well. The witty dialogue, the snappy combat, and the variety of environments and enemies make for a truly imaginative and interesting experience.

    First things first, a few things have been changed up this time around, from the normal Mario and Luigi script and story. Chief among all others, a new enemy, the Dream Lord Antasma appears as the major malfunction, and Bowser actually only has a pretty minute role, instead of being the big bad guy as he usually is. Secondly, the story is well written and comedic on cue, centering mainly on freeing talking pillows from the aforementioned evildoer and utilizing Luigi's epic sleeping abilities to change the world on command. Yes, I am being completely serious. You have gameplay that requires sleeping and dreaming, hence the name Dream Team. The majority of the hubworld/overworld looks the exact same as it usually does, in typical map-like fashion, however it is when you start dreaming that things get...weird. The action shifts into two dimensions in classic Mario fashion, platforming is much more intense and challenging than in previous titles, which is surely in homage to the good old days.

    During your dreams as Luigi, you will control Mario for the most part, but be able to prompt the sleeping Luigi to change the world by poking and prodding him on the 3DS' bottom most screen. This is an intriguing gameplay gimmick, and also extremely handy to utilize at all the right times. Aside from the already intense platforming, these subtle and not-so-subtle tweaks to the gameplay stimuli change everything from the environment to the gravity to your speed, and make the gameplay all that much interesting. As well as solving puzzles more easily. There always seem to be new ways to get objects and enemies to react, and new discoveries to be made concerning how you can effect the dreamworld around you. Keep in mind, this isn't so much a platforming role playing game as it is simply a role playing one. It isn't like Super Mario Bros. where you only platform, but is instead closer to Bowser's Inside Story and Sticker Star with the role playing portions.

    The turn-based combat/timing system is still put to great use, with minimal difficulties and minimal issues. Battles are energetic and a blast to play through, as you will always be on the move, jumping, dodging, attacking, and counterattacking as you go. For a Mario game, it'll get your adrenaline going just as much as it would when you're facing a boss, and that is surely not a bad thing at all in terms of replayability or enjoyability. Combat also adds some challenges by literally giving you challenge tasks to complete for rewards and more powerful upgrades or attacks. This is not only a further good incentive to play and enjoy the game, but it helps you to level up faster, become even more powerful, and to enjoy the experience to its fullest. There are several other minor systems that tie into gameplay such as badges and upgrades, which you can switch between Mario and Luigi for permanent bonuses or instant one-use ones throughout the game. Modifying these is quick and easy, as well as fun and strategic.

    There are plenty of side quest-like activities for good measure, and will keep you going well into the wee hours alone, not even taking into account the plethora of main content the game presents. For a handheld, this is an unprecedented amount of gameplay to contain, and even for a console game it offers a lot of activities and content for players to peruse and enjoy. I've put easily twenty hours into the game and have come nowhere near the ending of it, which I hope nobody will spoil for me (looks at GI's 'Spoiled!' crew), and I plan on playing it for at least another twenty hours, assuming time permits. For the content present, the game is definitely worth its weight in mushrooms, and I'd recommend it to you whether you are a role playing fan or simply a Mario or Luigi one. The gameplay never gets old, there aren't many rough spots to speak of, and any inconveniences in gameplay are easily forgotten once you've sunk your teeth into the witty story and action-packed stages.

    Concept: Create yet another successful Mario/Luigi title, as well as another successful RPG in the vein on Bowser's Inside Story and Sticker Star.

    Graphics: Some more beautiful backdrops to add to the already impressive collection of Mario and Co. level backgrounds across the many years the series has seen.

    Sound: The accompaniments are well crafted and come across as melodic and subtle instead of over the top and intrusive. They fade into the background in a good way every time, and quickly you will find yourself humming them after playing for a few hours, if you aren't careful.

    Playability: Many of the battles are challenging and difficult, especially for a Mario game, however, with the well refined combat system, you have all the means of dispatching your enemies at your disposal at all times.

    Entertainment: It's a lengthy journey worthy of a console role playing spot, but it never gets old no matter how tough the going gets, and it is quite an enjoyable time sink.

    Replay Value: High.

    Overall Score: 8.75
  12. Aug 12, 2013
    The use that gives the Nintendo 3DS is striking because you have to use at times the touch screen, using the most basic buttons, the movement of the console and on occasion to use it vertically in special battles with the heads of the game's story certainly gave great use to the Nintendo 3DS.
  13. Nov 16, 2013
    Yes, I may seem to be in the minority here, but I have my reasons. This game returns to an unbelievable gameplay mechanic that never gets old, the battles. With a great soundtrack and some hilarious comedic moments in the gameplay, somewhat breaking the fourth wall at times, but besides these factors, there is little I like. My biggest complaint is even though the game is 25-27 hours which is great due to its quality, it seems like nearly the entire game is a tutorial. Introducing new gameplay mechanics 20 hours in. And at times the dialogue drags on for an UNBELIEVABLE length, like the first 3 hours of the game. And it may seem that this one aspect shouldn't drag my score down so low, but so much dialogue at times I felt was unnecessary, it somewhat drove me mad. 4/10. Expand
  14. Aug 16, 2013
    Finally a 3DS game that wasn't designed to be played on the toilet or on a bus. I realize it's a portable console, but that doesn't mean I can't just relax on my couch and get lost in a great adventure such as this without having MISSION COMPLETE interrupt me every 10 minutes (referring to RE: Revelations & Luigi's Mansion). I've always loved the Mario and Luigi titles because they are huge and the combat is somehow always more exciting than in the last game. There are definitely too many tutorials though, I realize these games are somewhat marketed at younger people but farout, give me the option to turn the "oh look, you can break this rock with your hammer" tutorials off. That and the slow-starting story aside, the game looks great, plays great and is exactly what you expect from a 'Mario and Luigi' title. 9/10 Expand
  15. Nov 13, 2013
    As someone new to the series, I found Mario & Luigi: Dream Team to be charming and fun though there are times when the game will feel the need to hold your hand.
  16. Nov 25, 2013
    This is a great game from gameplay to design and just overall creativity. My only beef is that the story line doesn't seem to hook me that much, but the humour and gameplay mechanics behind it, really do make this a great buy.
  17. Sep 3, 2013
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. I was really excited for this game, 4 years since Inside Story, one of the best DS games ever, and I'm treated to this abomination? Its not a terrible game, but compared to the others that came before it, its defanitely the worst of the bunch. It started out fun, but then the game got annoying and hard out of nowhere. Nearing the end of the game provided enemies that were too unpredictable and overpowered to be fair. And the puzzles? Oh please! Inside story had some really frustrating parts, but this one has puzzles that nearly had me screaming with rage! Some of those puzzles shouldn't even be in the game thats intended for little kids! The level design was rather boring for most of the game, especially for a completely 3D game. Another complaint I need to vent about are the bro attacks and the luiginary attacks, some are so hard and annoying to master that its really not worth the time! The main villian (Besides Bowser, who was so much better in Inside story) is Antasma, epic name and epic awesomeness. But he sorta took a backseat when it came to bowser, who pretty much did all the work while Antasma just carried him around and helped once and a while, which is such a shamenecause they could have done so much more with him, like they did with Fawful. The controls during giant battles are also iffy at times, and the tilt controls and horrible. The final boss is way too hard and annoying for any kids game. Overall, the Dream World saves this game from being terrible, but not by much. It's story is cute, but it's nowhere as good as the story of Partners in Time, its fun at times, especially the mountain climbing level, but not as fun as Inside Story, it has funny moments, but nowhere near as much comedy as Superstar Saga or Inside Story. Expand
  18. Aug 16, 2013
    Mario & Luigi: Dream Team provides a new graphics and styles, but a bit loses its Mario & Luigi's essential. This game is still not as excellent as Superstar Saga and not amazing as Bowser's Inside Story, but Dream Team is still a great RPG game yet. (8.0 out of 10.0)
  19. Dec 24, 2013
    Almost perfect. Dream Team is one of the many reasons to hop aboard and buy a 3DS. The game takes what could be some what stale game play Turn Base and revamps it with unique spells and abilities. The game is easy to pick up and offers a lot to players from character customization, to progression. Items, and gear is fun and addicting. The word "Team" hold true in this game with fun mini-game like abilities that use both Mario and Lugi to their full potential.

    Get ready to roll over enemies as a giant Lugi ball, or using red green shells as volley that racks up combo multiplier as you time the hit.

    Bros. Attacks are used in the "Real World" and Luiginary Attacks (Dream World) it's what really makes the game play shine.

    In the Dream World, Lugi is pretty much your conductor. Expect to use him to unlock secert areas, and to climb high places.

    Pro Great use of 3D. Fun clever boss fights. Mario and Lugi being used to their full potential. Fun, easy, addicting game play and the use of Bro Attacks Luginary are some of the best features to date.

    Cons Feel's a bit linear. A lot childish characters. There's a story but I feel disinterested.
  20. Oct 15, 2013
    This is one the greatest Mario games I've played. The tutorial sections are a bit too long and some of the dialogue is stretched out a bit, but other than that it is fantastic.
  21. Oct 20, 2013
    Dream Team is one of the most damn-near perfect games I've ever played. It's got really fun gameplay that never seems to grow old, great amounts of personality, amazing music, colorful graphics, great characters, amazing amounts of personality and so much more. God, it's just amazing. From the first second I booted it up I was smiling from ear to ear. This game will make you laugh, and it will make you laugh hard.

    If you enjoy the past 3 games, there are nice reminders of them left around. Even a returning boss character that made me smile as soon as I saw him.

    Go buy this game. Leave your house, get $40 out of your pocket and buy this game. It will be the best $40 you ever spent.
  22. Nov 13, 2013
    Oh man. AWESOMENESS ALERT!!! This is THE BEST Mario game EVER! Even the freaking DEMO is good. This game is pure nonstop bliss, and if you have a 3DS, I suggest you run to the nearest GameStop and beg them for this game.
  23. Nov 17, 2013
    I've been a huge fan of the Mario & Luigi RPGs for years, and this installment in the series is far from a disappointment. It has all of the wonderful characters and brilliant writing of its predecessors, and the score is easily the best in the series. Seriously, the music in this game is FANTASTIC. Every time you enter a new area you have to just stop for a few minutes to listen to the music. The soundtrack of this game may be one of the best in the entire Mario series, even including the Mario Galaxy scores. The graphics are also just beautiful, especially in the giant battles which feature fully 3D character models, and the 3D in this game is some of the least bothersome on the system so far. I've played it for hours in the 3D mode without getting headaches like I do with other games. And yes, you will be playing this game for hours. What else do you expect from an RPG? This game doesn't lend itself to being played in 10-minute interval like other 3DS titles, but I never had much of a problem with that.
    With the many positives aside, this game is not quite perfect. For one thing, there are simply too many tutorials. The game is still spoon-feeding you things 20 hours into the game! Now, I understand that game tutorials are necessary for RPGs, but lot of the things it gives you tutorials for either appeared in its predecessor, Bowser's Inside Story, or are just common-sense things that anyone above the age of six could figure out. There are times when you just want to tell the game to shut up and let you figure it out on the go. Also, the plot in this game just isn't quite as good as some of the other games in the series. It's not terrible, but it's not wonderful either. Then again, it's possible that I just feel that way due to a complete lack of Fawful in this game, as he is one of my favorite fictional characters ever to exist.
    As for the gameplay, it is for the most part just as fun as in the others. However, there are a few times when it starts to feel a little repetitive due to the fact that you spend a lot of the game jumping in out of dreams over and over, although it only feels like this every once and a while. Most of the game is creative enough to prevent things from getting stale too often.
    Despite some flaws, this game really is great, and although it may not be quite as good as some of the other entries in the series, it's still for the most part an incredibly enjoyable experience. The music and graphics are both beautiful, and the dialogue is downright hilarious and is certain to have you laughing out loud. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team is a must-have for any 3DS owner.
  24. Jun 17, 2014
    This is not a good game at all. I will not waste time on the amount of handholding and how slow it is to start, i have 15 hours in the game and i still have no way to port in different areas, and have to walk my way around the HUGE map. Every single gimmick is used to justify the 3ds hardware, so gyro controls that are bad and imprecise, stylus fight which are stupid and unfunny, enemies attacks that are only based on die and retry...but what kills it is the lack of a difficulty setting. THIS GAME IS BRUTALLY, DISHONESTLY, UNJUSTLY DIFFICULT AND PUNISHING but after destroying you in unfair battles it will allow you to fight the same battle in easy mode, where you do 4 times the damage and enemies do one fourth of the damage - some attacks are also in slow motion so they are easy to perform or dodge. This is frankly ridiculous, why not allow me to choose a difficulty at start instead of giving me something akin to godmode after unfairly destroying me? I hate this game with a passion, i am not having any fun, but i am plowing through just because 40 euros are a lot of money. Do not buy, not even rent, not even used. This game is a spit in the face of the customers. Expand
  25. Nov 28, 2013
    Pros: Imaginative attacks, fun battles (usually), dream world is creative (usually)

    Cons: Humorless, bland scenario, some very pointless dream areas, "Expert Challenges", far too long

    I signed up for a Metacritic account JUST to review this game. I have loved all of the Mario and Luigi games. They are vastly superior to the Paper Mario series. Considering this is the "Year of Luigi"
    and Luigi is my favorite Mario character, it seemed like a no-brainer that I would love this game. Unfortunately, that is NOT the case. I've had the game since its release date and have yet to finish it (I'm at the final castle). The best way I can describe this game is that it is a VERY LONG exercise in frustration.

    First of all, this game is missing the terrific humor that previous games did so well. Mario and Luigi rarely do anything except listen to some of the most boring characters ever created talk. Prince Pillow and Starlow are stupid characters. They aren't funny... I don't care about anything they say... which is good, because at least 50% of it is obnoxious tutorial text. In previous M&L games, characters recognized the bros and much of the humor was their reaction (positive or negative) to them. In this game, no one seems to recognize the superstar duo, or if they do, they don't care or comment about it. The script is just boring. REALLY REALLY BORING.

    Right now I'm at 41 hours of "official" game time, yet this doesn't even come close to the time I've put into this game due to the incredibly stupid, infuriating "Expert Challenges." Thanks to the try-fail-reset-retry treadmill this terribly conceived "feature" puts you on, you too will log countless hours of scream-inducing frustration should you venture down this path. DON'T.

    These "challenges" are handed out to you each time you reach a new area. While in most games, reaching a new area is a joyful occasion, in this one, it's a time of dread, because it means MORE FUN CHALLENGES to kill your enjoyment of the game. To be clear, It's the "10 dodges in a row" variety that made me want to submit this game and the 3ds its in to "Will it Blend?" These wouldn't be so terrible except that on many occasions you are fighting 20+ enemies at once. Dodging all 20 of these attacks gets you a whopping ONE point toward your 10 dodges. It makes no sense, and the reality becomes you have to dodge 200 a row. Does that sound fun to you?

    To make it worse, the game treats the dreamworld version of an area separately, which means every new area involves twice the number of these fun little challenges. This is basically like putting your wiener in an automatic pencil sharpener. Super fun. So many times I'd ask myself why I hadn't finished the game, load my save and find myself standing in front of an enemy. Then I'd remember, "Oh yes, I just found this area and nearly Fus'Roh'Dahed my 3DS into Oblivion as I was trying to dodge these obnoxious little jumping beans for the 10 millionth time. Hmm... maybe I should go do yard work... or dishes--YES! There are dishes to be done!"

    The battle system is fun when you aren't striving for perfection and the special attacks are imaginative. My reaction to the dream areas is mixed. While they are neat in concept, they also open you up to:

    - lengthy tutorials! (YAY!)

    Basically side-scrolling areas a la Bowser's Inside Story, there's pretty much no story to speak of in these areas (which, since the story is awful, is actually a good thing), but so many of these areas are incredibly trivial. You will literally walk a few feet, meet no enemies, and smash the little purple rock. WHY!? Side scrolling Mario games are known for their amazing level design. It's like the designers built the skeleton of these areas and then forgot to populate them.

    In summary, if there's one thing I would tell you to improve your enjoyment of this game it is DO NOT BOTHER WITH THE EXPERT CHALLENGES--EVER. Regrettably, I did and it has killed my enjoyment of this game. Even if you do this, you will be treated to an extremely long game with pointless, dull characters. Save yourself the punishment and just replay ANY of the other M&L games.
  26. Jan 26, 2014
    I dont recommend this game
    the only reason i got it is because it came downloaded on my 3ds.
    so many cutscenes and too much dialogue. Its predecessors did much better.
  27. Feb 16, 2014
    Another great entry in the series. Not my favourite as the game has a horrible habit of stopping every few minutes to talk the obvious to you. The writing in the series has always been one of its strong points but you can have too much of a good thing. Gameplay is great and smart
  28. Jul 17, 2014
    While Dream Team's reaction-based battle structure is interesting and unique, its trial-heavy process devalues the satisfaction. Throughout their rather lengthy quest, The Bros keep the player occupied in multiple ways- visiting the puzzle platforming genre in a mostly smooth effort to break the RPG monotony.
  29. Oct 4, 2013
    Alpha Dream has done it again with the Mario & Luigi series. The battle system is still a ton of fun, and the series trademark humor is still intact. You won't be disappointed.
  30. Mar 12, 2014
    A fun game with good humor. Mario and Luigi: Dream Team has a lot of comedy with good RPG elements. Only problem, the very long tutorials. The game is fun, colorful and vibrant.
  31. Oct 13, 2013
    this is a good game, but there are less blocks to hit and earn items and coins. the way they changed the characters of mario and luigi to a more 3d figure does have a new look, but i prefer to not see them so 3Dish. there are not a lot of details in the games, so when you are running around looking for something, there are hardly any blocks at all to hit, and the background details are lacking. all in all, this was fun for the first day, but then i returned it because it got boring, and i started playing paper mario for the second time. Expand
  32. Jul 12, 2014
    Beautiful graphics, beautiful music.. but not enough variety in this game. Most of the variety is in the enemy attacks, and while this is really quite nice to have, it shouldn't mean that the player has to cash in on their variety because of it. Also the tutorials and unskippable dialogue is a real pain. I give it a 6/10, it seems fun at first but a few hours in you will begin to realize it's kind of a bait and switch game. Expand
  33. Jan 1, 2014
    The fourth installment in the RPG series has graphics that stray from the usual cartoon look in favor of more polished, glossy, 3D graphics, but the graphics are not the only things that have changed. This game brings something new to the table with the Dream World. To me, it felt like the elements of Inside Story mixed with the classic feel of Superstar Saga and I can't stop playing it. It is a very fun game that lives up to the standards set by the former games in the series. Expand
  34. Jan 29, 2014
    Good game but after awhile I just want it to finish. Story is blah which just makes me mash the A button whenever i have to listen to someone talk to me. Especially when I know what I have to do before a puzzle and they try to give me the most unecessary hints.
  35. Feb 21, 2014
    This game deserves a lot more praise. I think it is just about as good as Bowsers Inside Story. The gameplay in it is incredibly fun. It works off of timing. Good timed button presses, like when you are counter attacking or jumping on a foe, could mean the difference in a battle. If you have good reflexes, you could get out of a lot of battles unscathed. The story is what you would expect out of a game like this. It is moderately interesting, but not nearly as good as something like TES Oblivion or Final Fantasy. That's okay though, since that isn't what this game is trying to be. It's supposed to be a hilarious and fun romp, which is just what it accomplishes. The music in this game is very good as well. The only thing I don't like is all the tutorials. I'm 30 hours in the game and tutorials are still introducing new mechanics. Gamers and even kids are not this stupid. Those small flaws aside, this game is amazing and deserves more praise. Expand
  36. Feb 23, 2014
    An excellent addition to the Mario series in the form of a turn-based battle RPG. Lots of fun and a big challenge at the same time, with constantly fresh ideas, abilities enemies all the way out to the end. This game is a BIG one though, with it taking me just over 40 hours to straight run the main story with a couple hours of collecting things, and getting out to the end may take more patience than the regular 'pick up and play' Mario audience may be willing to give. Brilliant soundtrack too, highly recommend. Expand
  37. Mar 29, 2014
    I really liked Dream Team. It had almost all the aspects of the first three games of the Mario and Luigi series that made them great. However, I had some issues with this game. First off, the gameplay; now the gameplay was fine there was nothing wrong with it, but for some reason it just didn't feel as fun as the first three games, of course it just felt that way. Also be prepared to run into a lot of text boxes that will likely make you press the button on your 3ds a lot to just "get on with it." For there is an insane amount of tutorials in this game, that are long and horrible, I swear that is almost the only thing you do in this game just look at a bunch of tutorials, even things that appear in this game that were in the past games that didn't originally have tutorials do in this game! I really wish that Nintendo would stop holding your hand so much in their more recent games. However the music and gameplay was good, it also had good humor; however I miss Fawful from the first three games. I would recommend this game, however it is probably the worst game in the M&L series so far. Expand
  38. May 12, 2014
    It has a slow start, with tutorials and it doesn't seems good as the others Mario & Luigi games. If you are in this thinking like I was in the beginning, you're probably wrong. Mario & Luigi: Dream Team let you play in a big adventure, bigger than the other Mario & Luigi games. It has great musics and innovates on the Dreams and on the new Motion Attacks.
    The new feature, the Dream
    World, it seems sometimes like Bowser's Inside Story, where you could go to Bowser's body, but the fun Luiginary Works make up that. Also, the special attacks sometimes have motion support, very well used in my opinion.
    The battles are challenging, I had a lot of bad times with some enemies and boss battles, but they are really fun, as always.
    The design and art is beautiful, very colorful, but something is different between the sprites and the background and something is wrong when the sprites grow on size.
    The story, not better than Mario & Luigi: Bowser's Inside Story, is awesome, with lots of comedy.
    I also loved this new characters, the Pi'illos, specially Dreambert. The new antagonist, Antasma, needed something else, I dunno, maybe he just needed to have more talking.
    Other mistake son the game is the huge content of tutorials and the slow start.

    +Awesome Soundtrack
    +Good story with humor
    +Boss and regular enemies battles fun and challenging.
    + Luiginary Works makes things more interesting
    +It took me 60 hours to finish it (not 100%), so yeah, it's entertaining

    -Not that bad graphics, but could be better
    -Slow start with a lot of tutorials

    My review: 8.75
  39. Jun 30, 2014
    This review contains spoilers, click expand to view. WOW, the game's 3D works soooooo good, the music is the best in the series, the bosses and boss theme are one of the highlights, the game play is, yes in the beginning VEEERRRRRRYYYY slow but after that it is awesome. the humor is really funny and the new villian: antasma is so far my favorite mario villian and has the BEST battle EVER. and the story is alright. the new game play feature in this game is the fact that you can go inside someones dream what is much like bowser inside story. but what i really hate about the game is the beginning, it is the SLOWEST moment i've ever faced in a video game. and the final battle against Bowser is my least favorite battle EVER. in conclusion this game has a view flaws but is overall AWESOME i would say that this is THE game that you must buy for your 3DS. Expand
  40. Sep 5, 2014
    The bros are back for more RPG madness, but in comparison to Bowser's Inside Story, the polish is halfway non-existent; sound is too loud, dialogue is too pointless at times, and on rare occasions, you'll see frame rate drops. I also feel that the default visuals are too bright, making bosses look like jokes. Now, now, this game is no piece of garbage, so don't worry. I appreciate the difficulty rising and new Hard mode, plus the music once you have your volume adjusted. The same core gameplay is back, and some satisfying tweaks have been made to the level up process. Yet again, some of the old ideas were scrapped, like playing as Bowser or the babies for that matter. What could have been the best game in the series turned out to be a weakling; a slow, silly Goomba that does the bear minimum to satisfy its fans. For those new to the series, give it a try anyway. You might like it more than me. Expand
  41. Jul 29, 2014
    This is my least favorite Mario and Luigi game. Why? well the first stages of the game were good, the rest felt confusing as heck. The music was good, the boss battles were fun, but thats about it.
  42. Aug 27, 2014
    Having played paper Mario and others I knew what I was getting into. For those that don't I'll tell you about it. The story is cute, charming and goofy. Having tons of inside jokes Mario fans will enjoy. The battles are fun up until the end when I kept using the same attack pattern. Not much strategy. The battles involve you pressing buttons at a certain moment to either counter, dodge or deal extra damage. Which is fun because you'll face a lot of different enemies with different attack patterns. I was always looking forward to seeing what the enemies have in store for Mario and brother Luigi. With a 40+ hour game this game kept me entertained until the end. Expand
  43. Oct 17, 2013
    "Mario & Luigi: Dream Team Bros."? More like "Tutorial Team" or "Hand-Holding: The Video Game"

    Of all the things this game does right, there is one important thing it gets completely wrong, and that is letting the playing access the actual game. The game constantly talks to you with unskippable dialogue, and as charming as funny as it can be the game is basically just one long tutorial.
    6 hours into the game and you won't even have seen half of the hand-holding in this game. It pauses, re-checks if you've got basic mechanics down, spoils puzzles ahead of time etc. and in the end you just stop enjoying it (if you're like me).

    Consider buying this game carefully. If you like freedom, exploration and sense of discovery you won't like this one. It keeps talking to you as if you're playing your first video game and there is no way to turn it off. There's a great little game in there someway, but the narrative elements of Dream Team insists on hindering your enjoyment of it.

    This is a big disappointment for someone who liked previous entries in the franchise, and it is definitely not worth all the praise it's gotten.

Generally favorable reviews - based on 75 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 60 out of 75
  2. Negative: 0 out of 75
  1. Oct 7, 2013
    A dreamy adventure in a dreamy world. Thankfully Mario's vacations always end in crisis, since they seem to make excellent games. Dream Team Bros is both funny and sympathetic at the same time. [Aug 2013]
  2. 80
    Mario along with Luigi mash their competition by far with their new ideas, and they also manage to entertain both the young and the old ones. [Issue#232]
  3. Sep 16, 2013
    The battles prove your skill, the humor will make you laugh and the design of La Dormita and its dream-pendant are gorgeous.