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  • Summary: In the aftermath of the Second World War, the world was torn in two between East and West. It was the beginning of a new era- the Cold War. October 16, 1962. The President of the United States received word that the Soviet Union had deployed nuclear missiles in Cuba. The world trembled in fear as the prospect of nuclear war loomed ever closer. After days of tense negotiations, the Soviets finally agreed on the 28th to withdraw their missiles from Cuban soil. With the resolution of this incident, later to be known as the Cuban Missile Crisis, it seemed that humanity had survived yet another threat to its existence. However, there was a secret condition in the deal that put an end to the crisis. Nokolai Stepanovich Sokolov, a Soviet scientist who had defected to the West, was to be sent back to the Soviet Union. The U.S. government agreed to this stipulation, and returned Sokolov back to his native land. Little did they know that Sokolov was to be the designer of a nightmarish weapon. Now, with Sokolov back in their hands, the Soviets are ready to resume its development. If this weapon is completed, it will mark the beginning of a new age of fear. August 1964. Realizing at last the urgency of the situation, the CIA forms a plan to recapture Sokolov. They dispatch the covert FOX unit to Sokolov’s research facility, located to the south of the great Soviet fortress of Groznyj Grad. Led by former SAS member Major Zero, FOX is a next-generation special-forces unit that operates both as a specialized combat group and as a covert intelligence outfit. The FOX unit’s modus operandi is to send a single agent, backed by radio support from afar, into enemy territory to carry out solo sneaking missions. [Nintendo] Expand
Score distribution:
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  2. Negative: 0 out of 46
  1. Feb 21, 2012
    The game is extremely expansive, and features just as much value as (if not a little bit more than) the original.
  2. Feb 18, 2012
    A phenomenal game. Almost nothing was sacrificed in bringing the title to the Nintendo 3DS; from the opening scene to the powerful ending, every character model and every bit of excellent voice acting is intact, and the production values are sky-high. [March 2012, p.80]
  3. Mar 5, 2012
    But without the Circle Pad Pro, it's a bit of a bumpier ride - albeit a more portable one. The four face buttons now control the camera, which is vastly inferior, and makes a lot of difference. Seriously, Nintendo can't come out with revised 3DS hardware soon enough.
  4. Mar 1, 2012
    If you've never fought with The End, eaten a rotting crab or climbed the tallest ladder in gaming, and if the 3DS is the only console you own, you really should acquire this game as soon as you can. When everyone said that you'd love it, they really weren't lying.
  5. Mar 27, 2012
    The game succeeds because of the story rather than despite it– and the controls aren't terrible enough to stop you from wanting to play more. And as far as 3D goes– well, they're not entirely necessary, but they're a nice touch, too, especially when you're judging the distance between you and an enemy.
  6. Feb 21, 2012
    I'm not saying that Snake Eater is an inferior game; it's my favorite in the series. However, this version is only worthwhile for people who have no other choice. Even then, with the $40 you'd spend on Snake Eater 3D, you could probably buy an old PS2 and the original game, or the HD Collection on 360 and PS3. If you want the real Snake Eater experience, those are far better options.
  7. Apr 20, 2012
    While it has some issues it is still completely playable but some people may be turned off by the learning curve of the controls and spotty frame rate but if you are able to looks past all of that then you can still find a fun time.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 26 out of 32
  2. Negative: 3 out of 32
  1. Nov 22, 2013
    It isn't a question of "Should I buy this game". It is a question of when Nintendo is going to release ANOTHER MGS for 3DS!
    I found Metal
    Gear Solid 3D highly addicting and immersing. It is one of the 3DS games that don't harm your eyes after playing in 3D. It is fun for people who have not played any Metal Gear Solid before this. Voice acting is superb, controls simple, and all around perfect. I can't think of a worthy pun for this amazing game. It doesn't get as much credit as deserved. Expand
  2. Feb 22, 2012
    To start off im a huge metal gear fan. I have every game and have loved all of them. With this in mind i went into snake eater 3d with high hopes and it delivers. I did not play with the circle pad pro and still found the controls great, but some people might be turned off by having to use the face buttons to angle the camera and aim your gun. I found however, that the longer you play the game using these controls, the more it will come natural to gamers. The graphics look just as if not better than the ps2 version, and snake just might be the best animated and detailed character I've seen in gaming. Some people might be turned off by Metal gear's infamous cutsceans, but i found them entertaining and engrossing in their complexity. The story is also complex and engaging, with one of the best video game endings I've ever seen. As for the 3d this is one of the best uses I've seen for 3d. The jungle enviorment comes to life around you, adding depth to every single piece of grass. Also, it is great in the cutsceans. When hornets fly around a bridge, and when flower petals fall from trees, it pops out at you and makes everything seem much more alive. Overall i would recomend this to gamers looking for something different than mario, or a mindless shooter. Expand
  3. Feb 22, 2012
    Way beyond Solid, this is the best game on the 3DS right now. It's a Triple A title, with a great plot, full of twists. Deserves about a 9.5, so I rounded up. The combat system is very in-depth, and the game provides a hearty challenge for those for those who expect to just rush in and shoot. Stealth and camoflauge are absolutely vital to survival, and brilliantly implemented. The enemy AI is well-developed, and their alert system contrasted with your camoflauge techniques provide an atmosphere that demands espionage. The ways you can combat your enemies - rather via hand-to-hand melee, a slow-acting tranquilizer, a variety of guns or grenades, a captured python that you can then recapture and eat, or a nest of angry hornets - are endless. You can stranglehold someone at knifepoint and interrogate them, knock them out, or slice their throat, then drag the body into grass so other enemies won't see it, looting their ammo or grenades. The elaborate "little things" (that actually serve as important gameplay elements) are what makes this game shine, like the conversational codecs and capturing your own food to survive (the more your hunger/stamina is full, the quicker you heal wounds). The Yoshi dolls hidden throughout the game are also a nice Nintendo touch. My only disclaimer is that it isn't beginner-friendly. The controls are fantastic and effective with practice, but very complex. This is truly a gamer's game, and is best played with the Circle Pad Pro. Buy this game. Expand
  4. Jul 19, 2013
    This game is one of the best Games, I've played so far on the 3DS. I was a big fan of the PS2-Version. The Story still is awesome, funny and interesting. The things, you can achieve, let you play more than 100 hours. And the two Screens really are useful, because there is barely no HUD in the playing part. The only thing, that I don't like is the control of the camera. When you don't have the circlepad pro, it can be really hard, to play that game. It is playable without it, but better with it.
    If you like Stealth-Games, buy it!
  5. Feb 21, 2012
    Metal Gear Solid: Snake Eater 3D. After being a little on the skeptical side, I reserved my copy a little over a week ago. The game launched today, and I am more than happy to report to you a couple of things. The controls for this port are top notch. Playing the DEMO, even with the circle pad pro, felt a little clunky, and in the midst of walking, even the frame rate would take an occasional dip, making it even more difficult to navigate. The RETAIL copy of the game seems to address these issues, minus the first person aim mechanic. But the game play is smooth thus far, and during in-game cut scenes are the only time I've noticed any frame drops. The aiming honestly takes a little getting used to, but after you have had the opportunity to play the game for a while, this should not be problem for long.

    I can't review the entire game of course since, I mean lets face it, the game has come out on more than one occasion, in the past year. But I will tell you this. The 3-D effect is by far, some of the easiest on the eyes that I've had the opportunity to witness while playing a 3DS game. Most games, even Mario Kart 7, provide great 3D, but over time, may start to heart your eyes. This game on the other hand, does an excellent job of creating a immersible gaming environment, while at the same time, performing at the level you would want your experience with games that do not have 3D, to have.

    All in all, this product is worth the by, if you can afford it. Yes it's the same story over again, and yes, its the same MGS we've all come to love over the years. This game is a gem, that will be MORE than welcome as a new entry to any current, and, or future 3DS owner.
  6. Sep 12, 2013
    As a fan of the Metal Gear Solid series, I have to say that this was the first Metal Gear Solid game I ever played. I never played MGS3 when it was first released, but have played it on the 3DS. When I first heard
    about Snake Eater 3D, I got a little curious, when the demo of this game was available (and still is) I downloaded it but when I first started playing I had no clue what to do since MGS is a stealth
    gaming series. When I played the demo of Snake Eater 3D again for a few more times, I thought "Hey this is actually really good" so I bought the game. The only problems I have with Snake Eater 3D is that you could control the camera using the X,Y,B,A buttons but thankfully the Circle Pad Pro fixed the problem and yes it is compatible with the Circle Pad Pro, plus another problem is that the Cutscenes (although they look good in 3D) are choppy and they lag often at times.

    But aside the problems, MGS Snake Eater 3D is a great game to have for the 3DS. Score: 3/5.
  7. Jul 3, 2014
    I love my 3DS and despite it missing a second analog stick
    I have enjoyed games like resident evil when I first did not believe
    It could
    work with only one analog stick. As a snake fan I jumped on this
    game believing it would be fun. Guess again!!!
    I just can't believe how bad the camera and the controls are. I really tried
    to give it a chance but it made me furious how bad it's implemented. It's just a
    Poor port. They should have spend more time on it for the 3DS and fine tuned the
    camera and controllers. In current shape for me at least the game in unplayable
    hence the low grade.

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