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  1. Sep 8, 2013
    While this Picross is definitely better than the first ("e"), e2 adds the interesting Micross, which is a giant, famous painting made up of smaller puzzles. Overall they're very easy and there aren't nearly enough of them, but they add an element to the game that "e" was missing.

    This is still a meager presentation, unfortunately, and the puzzles seem to be getting less clever. There's been just a few too many where you basically fill the box in with a couple of spots missing and are asked to really stretch to see what the object could be. We're also starting to see repeats in this one, which is also unfortunate. Still no little reward animations or games, so while I have enjoyed this one a bit, I still recommend just picking up one of the old Picross cartridges instead of downloading this if you're new to the series.
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