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  1. Dec 13, 2011
    Absolutely fantastic. It reminds me of the best Zelda puzzles, mixed with Mario, mixed with Tetris. Actually, there is nothing else quite like it, which is why it is so good. It's hard to explain how great this game is until you're working on your 100th level. A must own, 10/10.
  2. Dec 16, 2011
    I give this game a 10 not because it's the greatest thing ever made, but because not only it is one of the most original puzzle experiences on the market (for a killer price tag), but also because it is one of the very few games that justify the existence of stereoscopic 3D in gaming. On top of that, the user generated content enhances the experience tremendously. So yeah, if you have a 3DS, it's a must buy, an AAA game, a system seller, a killer app, or whatever you want to call it. Expand
  3. Dec 9, 2011
    The only negative is the early levels are extremely easy and present almost no challenge. Once the levels get a little tougher it becomes a lot more fun. Even better though is the Studio setting where you can create your own Pushmo puzzles. At $7.00 it's a great deal.
  4. Dec 13, 2011
    Excellent game, wonderfully designed for on-the-go gaming. Makes great use of the 3D effect and is an excellent addition to the eShop.
    Once you get past the initial "tutorial" levels, things start to really heat up. You can be looking at a puzzle for 10 minutes before you see the answer.

    Great game, puzzle fans won't be disappointed!
  5. Dec 13, 2011
    Awesome game. It is really different and interesting. I love the fact that one can make your own puzzles. It is challenging at times, but I am still early in the game but I don't see how this game can get any worse. It just always seems to get better. It is a interesting puzzle game and uses the 3D effect of the 3DS very well. A must own for 3DS users.
  6. Dec 30, 2011
    Pushmo is a huge leap in the world of puzzle games. Not only is it perfect in almost every way, the replay value is jaw-dropping, since there are over 100 pre-installed puzzles, plus you can create your own puzzles and share your levels via QR codes. One look at others levels and you can tell Pushmo is a fantastic game with a fantasticly simple level creator.
  7. Dec 11, 2011
    This chraming puzzle game is absolutely brimming with content. Over 200 splendid puzzles are here to occupy your time, and a healthy majority are delightfully challenging, and only for $7! On top of the great amount of content, the game also lets you build your own stages, which is fun to experiment with and share. This is probably the first game on the eshop that I recommend buying without hesitation. What are you waiting for? :) Expand
  8. Dec 8, 2011
    I recommend Pushmo! It is a fun puzzler but with platformer controls. Combine Mario-like control with Zelda switch action and you have Pushmo.
    Also the protagonist, Mallo (like the cloud kid from SMRPG) is a cute little red sumo wrestler shy-guy. Buy this game.
  9. Dec 10, 2011
    If you are a fan of puzzle games (especially Catherine), and own a Nintendo 3DS system, this is a must-own. Also, I believe this is the best bargain game of the year. For a measly 6.99, you will be entertained ( and sometimes joyfully frustrated) for hours with the original game mode, and endless hours more with the level creator. Great bargain, great game, just do it already.
  10. Dec 14, 2011
    This game is totatilly great!!! this is the first great game from the eshop for nintendo 3ds. The puzzles are great and you can make yours and share it, very interesting. Maybe it's to simple, but you have arround 250 puzzles and more. people are crazy with their puzzles! I recomend this game for only 6 euros.
  11. Dec 13, 2011
    PullBlox (Pushmo) is a bargain. For a very small price, you'll get one of the best puzzle game since a while. Bravo to intelligent System for bringing us such an enjoyable and addictive game.
  12. Dec 10, 2011
    Get this game! It is the most enjoyable game I've played on my 3DS so far, and for a mere $7.00, it's a great deal! It includes 250 puzzles and the capability to add or download even more!
  13. Dec 10, 2011
    Brilliant game. The only thing it lacks is sending QR codes to friends somehow. Oh well :] This is the best game on the eShop by far. Plus, it's only $7.00!
  14. Dec 14, 2011
    One of the most interesting puzzle games I've played in quite a while. From the charming visuals, to the adorable music, the head scratching puzzles, and very long adventure, for $6.99, this game is one of the best downloadable titles out there.
  15. Dec 14, 2011
    I made an account just to recommend this game. Pushmo is absolutely amazing. The main game is fun but making your own puzzles is an absolute blast! You can either try to make a puzzle or make a drawing and they try to TURN it into a puzzle. I cannot tell you how fun it is to try to solve your own drawing and then have to add different blocks/pipes/pull outs just to make it solvable. Then, after you finally do, try it again. You may still have a difficult time and YOU MADE IT! After you solve it once, you can make a QR code for it and post it online (So that means ANY puzzle you find can be solved) and others can then try to solve it. I can't wait till my next plane or car trip with friends. Making puzzles then handing it over and seeing how long/who can solve them will be such a time killer.

    If Pushmo just came with the main 200+ levels it would be worth $7.
    If Pushmo came with 200+ levels and downloadable levels that you maybe even had to pay for it would be worth the $7
    If Pushmo came with 200+ levels and then you could create your own, it'd be worth the $30-$40 we pay for a cartridge game.
    But no, Pushmo comes with 200+ levels, you can create your own levels, then you can share them and download other people's creations FOR FREE using QR codes and it only costs $6.99!!!

    If you have paid $249 when the 3DS came out or $169 when it was discounted and you do not pay $6.99 for Pushmo, you are only screwing yourself. There is a reason this is the highest rated 3DS game on Metacritic, and it's low price is only a little part of that reason. Absolutely amazing game.
  16. Dec 30, 2011
    Can't recommend buying this game any quicker. It's addictive, original, and pretty. If you like puzzle games at all it's a must-buy, and if you don't I would still say to give it a try, because I think it will convert you. If you get bored of the built-in levels, you can create your own and share them with friends via QR codes - a great feature that I wish Nintendo would implement more of. The only reason the game doesn't get a 10 from me is because the tutorials seemed to drag on unnecessarily. The first several levels were pretty easy with a few random head-scratchers thrown in, but the difficulty ramps up at a pretty steep pace further into the game. I would have liked it if it had been more gradual, because by the time you get to the real challenges, you are a little spoiled with easier levels and the gameplay isn't as fresh. Overall, the cute visuals, addicting gameplay, nostalgic chiptunes, and the ability to share puzzles makes this a must-have for 3DS owners, and it's a bargain for $7. Expand
  17. Feb 2, 2012
    This game is pure diabolic. The gameplay is extremely simple but sadistically addictive, the puzzles are ingeniously clever and it is suitable by and playable to anyone. At the price of £5.00, Pushmo/Pullblox is one of the best downloadable games on the 3DS. I would've given it a 10 if it had multiplayer because as I played through puzzle after puzzle, it was begging for co-op. Buy this. Let it consume you. Expand
  18. Feb 18, 2012
    Pushmo (also known as Pullblox in other regions) is a puzzle game for 3DSWare. Although the game's visuals and audio are nothing special, it shines at it brightest in gameplay. The game in a nutshell is rearranging sets of blocks to get from Point A to Point B, although it starts out fairly simple and easy (and a bit tedious in all honesty) in the beginning, later into the game more features such as ladders and buttons get added to the mix along with bigger structures to make the experience far more difficult and complex. The satisfaction you get from completing the later levels after being stuck for awhile feels truly rewarding and satisfying. The game also comes with a level editor with gains more features and tools the further you make it though the story campaign and custom level sharing is done through scanning QR codes. With well over 200+ story mode puzzles and 100+ save slots for the level editor stages you create yourself or scan from others, you can get a surprising amount of replayability out of the game overall. I would easily recommend this game to anyone who loves puzzle games. Expand
  19. Apr 4, 2012
    Honestly, I can't usually get into puzzle games. But this one is just so cool and fun. Simple yet deep. Yes, the first few dozen puzzles are very easier, but they're still fun and get you used to the concepts. ANd the difficulty does ramp up. I'm on puzzle 71 now out of 250. It is addictive. I also find the 3D effect super helpful in this game. It really does serve a purpose and make the puzzles easier to visualize and solve. Also, being able to get new puzzles online is super easy. Websites have already collected some very cool user-made versions and you just scan that weird looking code right off the website with your 3DS camera and it instantly downloads the puzzle. Super easy. Lastly, I'll just say for me, I love how your character controls. He's the roly poly little character you move around and he has this wonderful sense of lightness to him, but also weight. Not sure how else to explain it. But this game is a treat. And for $7, money very well spent. And with the fantastic 3D effect, a great way to feel like this is a game that wouldn't be half as much fun on any other system. Expand
  20. Feb 19, 2012
    This game one the best original 3DS puzzle game to date. The puzzles are extremely clever making you feel smarter every time you solve one. This is a certain must buy for the 3DS.
  21. Feb 24, 2012
    The gameplay in Pushmo is very fun and addictive, but very simple. The simple puzzles can range from very easy to extremely dificult. The mural levels all have a distinct feel as they all represent a pixelized image. However, the regular levels get boring after a while as they all have the same colors, and sometimes even the same structure types or gimmicks.The Lasting Appeal is greatly boosted due to being able to create custom levels as well as download levels with a QR code. There is a problem with this though. There is no online sharing for QR codes so I had to go on the internet and look up Pushmo QR codes on google. The potential isn't reached and I think it would've been better if they made sharing online, maybe with leaderboards and maybe a top 25 downloaded. Expand
  22. Feb 21, 2012
    This game is purely fun and enjoyable. At first it kinda dragged because of the simpleness, but after the 18 tutorial stages it gets harder and harder and the levels begin to look more interesting. This also comes with a stage creator (Which I am obsessed with) and you can scan QR Codes from the internet or with friends to swap creations! This game is definitely worth $7.00 (actually I would've paid more XD). GET THIS GAME :) 10/10 :D Collapse
  23. Feb 22, 2012
    Absolutely a must buy for every 3ds owner! In my opinion it is somehow better than tetris but of course we cannot deny the fact that tetris is a legend in this genre of games. Nevertheless, I know many will agree with me that this game is worth buying than tetris.
  24. Nov 27, 2013
    Easily one of the most unique puzzlers I have played in a long time. Puzzle games are my favorite, and this game doesn't disappoint. The puzzles never got too hard, but I did get some that stumped for a good long while. My only complaint about the game is the replay ability. I don't really care to go back to those puzzles, but I can't remember the last time I enjoyed a game so thoroughly. Totally worth my 7 bucks. Expand
  25. Jul 13, 2013
    Essential 3DS game to own and play. Great visuals and content, catchy music and adorable characters. Great puzzle gameplay with the option to create your own puzzles and download more that others have made over the net by QR codes.
  26. Jul 18, 2013
    Sometimes the simplest ideas work best, which is the case in Pullblox, the best puzzle game on e-shop. The aim of each level is to reach the flag by pulling out the colourful, differently-shaped blocks to be able to get your cute sumo wrestler guy Mallo to the goal. He can walk, jump, and pull blocks, that’s it. I know it sounds weird and unappealing (especially when explained by me), but actually it’s a fresh, innovative and addictive game. The levels get exceedingly difficult and leaves you wondering how the hell you do it. If you’re stuck for long enough, it allows you to skip to the next level, but I think a super guide would have been better. Halfway through the game, pullout switches are adde. These, if stepped on by Mallo, trigger every block that is the same colour as the switch to come out all the way. There are also manholes, which Mallo climbs down to appear in a different place on the level. These thoughtful additions make Pullblox more complicated, but not too complex as to ruin the core idea. The levels are often surprisingly tiny yet could still tax for an hour or more. If done right of course, you could complete them in half a minute. Which brings up another thing: there are no enemies at all- just you, and the blocks. For an e-shop download, Pullblox holds you for ages and ages, with tonnes of levels, many being murals that look like objects, and famous 8-bit Nintendo characters.
    You can also design your own levels. This is a massive replay opportunity that makes Pullblox yet better. You can then turn the level into a QR code and another 3DS can then hover over it and download it. I would’ve preferred an online sharing system instead though, like in Mario and Donkey Kong.
    Pullblox is the first game you should download from the e-shop.
  27. Feb 21, 2012
    This game is purely fun and enjoyable. At first it kinda dragged because of the simpleness, but after the 18 tutorial stages it gets harder and harder and the levels begin to look more interesting. This also comes with a stage creator (Which I am obsessed with) and you can scan QR Codes from the internet or with friends to swap creations! This game is definitely worth $7.00 (actually I would've paid more XD). GET THIS GAME :) 10/10 :D Collapse

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Critic score distribution:
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  1. Aug 27, 2012
    Fans of puzzle games should not pass up this opportunity to get their fix of it, especially the more creative of them who won't resist the appeal of the Pullblox Studio, allowing them to create their own headaches.
  2. Feb 10, 2012
    Pullblox is one of the finest titles currently available for the 3DS and even in a world where iPhone games can cost under a pound there's no questioning the value for money that Pullblox provides; it's really is a massive game with near-endless customisability.
  3. Feb 6, 2012
    Easily the best new, exclusive game to the 3DS eShop. [Mar 2012, p.96]