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  • Summary: Resident Evil: Revelations tells the story of what happens between Resident Evil 4 and Resident Evil 5 on the Nintendo 3DS.
Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 68 out of 78
  2. Negative: 0 out of 78
  1. Feb 29, 2012
    While survival-horror definitely isn't my best genre, Resident Evil: Revelations is easily one of the best 3DS games I've played to date. Just about any frustrations I've come across is due to my own lack of skill and experience with the franchise as a whole. If you're a Resident Evil fan with a 3DS, this is definitely one to pick up.
  2. Feb 1, 2012
    Granted, there are few portable Resident Evil games to choose from, but Revelations is by far the best, and it's perhaps even better than some of the console entries. Capcom stumbled, but still managed to offer a thoroughly enjoyable romp filled with intense monster blasting fun, along with dump trucks full of gore and some unexpected plot twists along the way. A must for all 3DS owners.
  3. Feb 20, 2012
    While some kinks still need to be ironed out, like the off-balanced narrative and some weak moments in the campaign, the game remains one of the best experiences you can find on the system, and rises as the most impressive technical achievement we've seen on Nintendo's 3D handheld so far.
  4. Jan 26, 2012
    Resident Evil Revelations mixes action with adventure, partially returning to the origins of the series. It is a must-have for console owners, and one of the pinnacles of visual quality we've seen so far in the Nintendo 3DS. It also has a very good story which will please fans of the saga eager to know more about Umbrella, zombies, an the STARS team.
  5. Feb 20, 2012
    Making a handheld game that feels every bit as deep and technically impressive as it's home console cousins is no mean feat, but Capcom have pulled it off in style. Revelations really sets the bar high for third and first party developers on the 3DS.
  6. Feb 4, 2012
    A full-blown Resident Evil title. It proves Nintendo 3DS capabilities with its great atmosphere. Along with its fine visuals and excellent gameplay, no one should miss the opportunity to play this game.
  7. Jan 2, 2012
    Handheld editions of big console titles often feel like straight to video sequels – looking the part but lacking the polish – and Revelations is no different. It nails the atmosphere in its hybrid design, but those crucial sparks of brilliance that make the series so great, no matter which of its eras you prefer… they're as rare as a single use rocket launcher.

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Score distribution:
  1. Positive: 93 out of 97
  2. Negative: 2 out of 97
  1. Feb 10, 2012
    Excellent game. Great job made by Capcom. The best graphics on 3DS, great story and beautiful soundtrack. A must have sure!. A game that recovers things that RE 5 minimized... You will love this game, ;) Expand
  2. Mar 23, 2012
    Story is brilliant with twists around every corner. Gameplay is fun, I personally use ABXY to aim but you can use traditional controls if you wish. Environments are incredibly varied considering the nature of the genre. There aren't any real scares in this game, but a few shocks can be expected. The online mode extends replayability quite a bit, and the unlockable "hell mode" will keep you on your toes. This game is worth every penny. Expand
  3. Feb 7, 2012
    Resident evil revelations is the game that shows off the power of the 3ds with great graphics. The story is really good and I like the way they told it in episodes with a cliff hanger at the end of each episode. It mixes action with survival horror, the action segments are pretty good but the game shines with the survival sections with some generally frightening bits. This game is a must have for the 3ds. Expand
  4. Sep 30, 2013
    The best Resident Evil in over 10 years. Expand
  5. Feb 26, 2012
    Finally Resident Evil returns to its roots again authentic survival horror with ZOMBIES! the game has a great scary atmosphere and a great location for a RE game with dark places and corridors and places that look similar to the mansion from the original RE so the level desing is really well made and the booses are very cool, the main campaing takes place in a luxury ship cruise called the queen zenobia were you control Jill valentaine in search for Chris Redfield and you must travel around the ship infested with zombies, some puzzles like in the original games and being scared sometimes the campaing has 12 episodes divided in 2 parts each so is a long game the campaing took me 10-12 hours so its a fairly long game.
    The gameplay mechanics are the sames as RE 4 and 5 in a 3rd person camera for moving and for shooting you can go into a 1rst person mode or 3rd person mode (you can choose the shooting camera in the options menu ) but 2 thing were added: unlike RE 4 and 5 now you can move when aiming by holding the L-button but when walking and aiming you can´t move your gun aming laser, that can be fixed with a circle pad pro but that accsesroy is not required to play the game but it can make the gameplay a little more confortable.
    The second addition is doge, when a enemy is about to attack by moving the circle pad up or down + B you can doge the enemy attack and counter-attack this is a very helpful tactic and will help you to save up herbs and make your way around the enemies.
    The only thing I didn´t like about the game is that sometimes you play some missions that are fillers with characters that you don´t care about and had no charm whatsoever.
    The other thing that may don´t like you is that some missions are action based like RE5 when you simply need to go from start to finish, actually these missions are not bad (exept for the fillers ones) but if you wanted a 100% horror game that´s not the case but the good news is that the campaing focuses in mayor part in the horror aspects so is a 70% of horror and 30% of action gameplay.
    there´s also a Raid mode witch is basicly Mercenaries without a time limit were you need to get to the end of the level killing evereything in your path is a fun mode that can be played on line and will add more replay value and a archivement system that serves to unlock weapons outfits and some other things. In conclusion I can say that this is the best 3DS game to date the graphics are really good and the 3d effect is pretty cool, the game is worth buying especially for RE fans that wanted another horror game in the series but with some fillers and action based missions I give it a 9/10.
  6. Mar 17, 2012
    Phenomenal graphics, excellent music, a good story line and a control system that seldom gets in the way make this a must have game. The only flys in the ointment are; the lack of communication with one's partner in multiplayer, (I believe that lack to be in the 3DS, not the game. And which can be overcome by playing in Local mode.), and the fact that the maker of this game; either have forgotten that not all persons wanting to play this game have the same level of skill they do, or delibretly left out the casual gamer. I had over 70 hours, and I don't know how many restarts, invested before, successfully completing campaign mode, on the "Casual" level. The multiplayer mode makes up for the frustration. Expand
  7. May 29, 2013
    Not quite what I thought it would be

    This is a title many people including myself have been waiting for for a long time. It promises an
    almost console like experience and to some extent it does deliver that, although it has it's flaws. The Good Graphically decent, probably the 2nd best looking 3ds game so far (second to Mario Kart 7 which looks phenomenal) Sound design is awesome, play this wearing a decent pair of headphones to get the most of out the sound. The 3ds speakers don't do it justice. The luxury cruise ship Queen Zenobia is a decent setting although has been done before in Resident Evil Gaiden. Unlockables and costumes to collect. Almost returns to the franchises routes with some scares and backtracking to return to newly accessible areas. Weapon upgrade system works well and is fun to experiment with. Good pacing, not always solving puzzles or shooting monsters. Play as the old favourite reoccurring characters. Raid mode is decent alone. You can move while shooting now. You may like or dislike this. Good length. Took me about 10 hours to finish the campaign. Many medals to unlock (sort of like achievements/trophies) The Bad The game teases you as you get a bit of old school corridor exploration like in the earlier games but in the style at Resident Evil 4-5. This would be a good thing but on too many occasions the game resorts to throwing waves of enemies at you and almost becomes a bad third person shooter. The story is laughably bad. Terragrigia? Veltro? Why is Capcom introducing more needless rubbish to an already convoluted franchise? The new characters are pointless, annoying and add nothing to the franchise. Why not give us a game with Billy or Barry? Nobody wants "Jackass", "Grinder" and "Jessica" The dialogue is cringeworthy even by Japanese standards. It's so bad it rivals the first games except it's not in any way amusing. Every time a bit of tension builds the game takes you away from the action and forces you to play a lame third person shooter. By the second episode you will have mowed down more Hunters than in every other Resident Evil game combined. It's not fun and it adds nothing. Limited ammo and herb carrying capability. You can carry 40 bullets and 5 herbs at first until later where you can find bags to hold more. You have to leave most ammo behind which is annoying. They removed the item management system, all you have to do is select your weapon loadouts at weapon chests. This may actually be a good thing depending on your preference. The bosses and enemies are really generic and actually make you laugh more than they scare you. The first and second bosses in particular are just stupid. The Genesis. You can scan enemies with this which basically fills a bar. Once the bar is filled you get a green herb, which you won't need more than likely. Also you can use the genesis to scan rooms for hidden items. Doesn't add anything and just slows the game down. Haven't been to able to connect to a multiplayer Raid game. Horrendous lag when a new area is loading. Instead of getting a "now loading" screen the game carries on but the frame rate drops to 2fps and the game stutters like crazy totally removing the point of having invisible loading screens (to avoid breaking immersion). While the sound is good when there is many explosions and gunfire the 3DS speakers distort like crazy. I use headphones most of the time but if you allow the speakers to distort like that they WILL break. Load times are ridiculous for a cartridge based game. I know the game is probably heavily compressed to fit on the cart but it's still pretty poor. Ridiculous circle pad pro add on I refuse to buy makes the game control better apparently. The controls are pretty stiff without but manageable. I'm a total Resident Evil fan having completed the previous games many times, Resident Evil 2 and 4 I have probably finished 20-30 times each. I can honestly say this one will never be replayed and I was kind of glad it finished when it did. However it's still a decent game on a system without too many must have titles and I would recommend it at a lower price. Expand

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