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  • Summary: Get ready to smash the boundaries of handheld bowling with Smash Bowling 3D on the Nintendo 3DS from Big John Games.
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  1. Aug 9, 2013
    Smash Bowling 3D is not a bad game; there's just not much to it. With deeper gameplay and more attention to detail this could be a very successful franchise. Players will have fun collecting trophies and unlocking balls and alleys, but the experience is over too soon.
  2. 40
    Bare-bones as it is, Smash Bowling is a solid title for anyone looking for nothing more than a straight bowling game. In most aspects it plays well and overall offers up a decent challenge. It is not a bad game, but with little to keep players going for more than a week, it’s still a far cry from being very worthwhile.
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  1. Aug 26, 2013
    I have been a fan of bowling since an early age, I've played in leagues and have reached an acceptable level of skill as it relates to rollingI have been a fan of bowling since an early age, I've played in leagues and have reached an acceptable level of skill as it relates to rolling a ball at pins. What I have not been able to do is find a great bowling game to occupy my time when I cannot make it to the lanes. In fact the most enjoyable bowling video game I have ever played was from the original Super Money Ball's mini game on the Gamecube of all things, my friends and I spent hours playing that game trying to beat each others score.

    Smash Bowling 3D is the first bowling game to hit the 3DS and I was anxious to get in some games on its virtual lanes. The game is strictly a realistic affair, there are no fantasy elements or characters to take away from the bowling and the game features three game modes; Career, Multiplayer and Practice.

    Career is pretty much a stat tracker, there are no tournaments or opponents that you bowl against but rather you just bowl try to beat your high scores while the game tracks your results. It's kind of a mis-label as there is nothing like a career in the game, no progress or advancements. What you do get is trophies for meeting goals like throwing a Turkey or picking up a split and you can unlock different lanes and bowling balls although they did not affect the gameplay in any way that I could see.

    Multiplayer allows up to four players to play a round-robin format on one system. Each player can select their control type and ball but there is no stat tracking in this mode and there is no online, local or Streetpass options. Practice is actually a pretty nice feature that allows you to adjust which pins you want on the lanes so you can practice picking up those difficult splits.

    There are two control modes you can choose from, touch or button based and I found the button based one to be my go-to mode of choice. With the touch mode you adjust the spin and angle with sliders before swiping upward to roll the ball. The button based mode is based on timing to get the angle, spin and power just right and it was great fun trying to compensate for a mis-timed angle press.

    Although this is a real basic game of bowling, and with the $4.99 price that was not unexpected, the physics seem good and the base for a full fledged title is there. I would have appreciated more features and options but for under a fiver this is a solid if unexceptional bowling game. Now I hope that they can turn this solid start into a truly full feature game at some point.