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  1. Apr 13, 2014
    an insanely easy mario game that brings absolutely nothing new to the table besides ruining 3d mario forever. Seriously the easiness of this game is laughable.
  2. Feb 2, 2014
    This game is ok, but nothing special. It is a 3D jump 'n' run title with nice levels. Still it is way too easy and way too short. I got it for free during some promotion thing, but I would never buy it.
  3. Jun 23, 2013
    Allow me to begin my extremely negative review by stating this: There was a time when Mario games were simple, yet quite difficult. (A.K.A Super Mario Bros. 3, though some would disagree) I feel that, throughout the years, the Super Mario games have become so easy as to be ridiculous. There is almost no difficulty factor in the games for me anymore, and Super Mario 3D Land is by far no exception. I breezed through the game in less than 11 hours, which led me to wonder why Nintendo is not looking to the gamers who grew up around Mario and are trying to appeal to the younger generation ONLY. Would it not be a plausible idea to appeal to both generations? (The gen that grew up with it and the gen that is growing up with it) The levels in this game were murderously short in some cases, and some of the levels were annoyingly easy. Granted, there were a handful of levels here and there that were mildly challenging, but I feel, in closing, that the Mario franchise is, and I never thought I'd say this, but...

    I feel the Mario franchise is dying a slow and painful death. Now, I know a HUGE amount of people would disagree with my entire review, and that is completely fine. Some modern Mario games DO have some unique charms to them, but if only the levels would be made more difficult, or a difficulty level added in proper, then I think my reviews would be a lot more uplifting.
  4. Mar 11, 2013
    This is a very different game. First of all, there's hardly any old enemies and it has too much new ones. It also has a huge lack of levels. I would like this game if it wasn't so different.
  5. May 28, 2012
    It's just the same thing we've seen one million times before, no innovation,no challenge,no excitement. Just the same game as before with same added 3D ooooh! In summary a boring tedious platformer that adds nothing new to the table.
    Wait for something good.
  6. Feb 25, 2012
    Nintendo Really outdid themselves this time. This game is the most unoriginal thing I have ever played. But don't worry. You will buy it anyway because they put something from Mario 3 in and based the entire game around it. Complete rubbish
  7. Feb 21, 2012
    This game is ABSOLUTELY TERRIBLE! I couldn't pick up on the fun appeal like I have on Super Mario Galaxy 1-2, Super Mario 64, etc.. This game wasn't addictive or interesting. This game was amazingly simplistic and had very odd controls and miss the classic things Mario was always able to do on all super mario 3d platformers (i.e. an actual backflip, limited time underwater, etc..) I have been a HUGE fan of all major title Super Mario games but I hated this one...a lot. 2/10 Expand
  8. Jan 11, 2012
    Mario will always just love it. But this is nothing mario ... I can not put a 7 which is very low note, but not by 8 which is much ...
    The idea is very good for 3D. But the phases, history and music are very very very sloppy.
    Although it is very replayable
  9. Dec 4, 2011
    this is the worst mario game i've ever played. it tries to combine the best parts of nsmb and smg but the end result is a massive failure. i'm sorry nintendo but there should not be a run button in a 3d mario game. that's just dumb. the analog stick is there for a reason. the game feels really awkward to control and mario is super slow it's clear nintendo made this game for little kids. there are only 2 new power-ups i mean wow nintendo could you be any more lazy. oh yeah they could be more lazy, because half of the soundtrack is reused from smg. no i'm not making this up. the few original songs by the way are completely forgettable. this game is terrible i feel bad for anyone who buys it Expand
  10. Nov 29, 2011
    This game was a huge disappointment. It appeared it was going to be inspired by Mario 3, and if it was, it was a spit in the face to the game. Every mario game has been getting lazier and lazier with their hub world/world map. Mario 3 had an interesting map with many hidden secrets which made the game interesting, wondering what secrets may be hidden in a level. Mario 3D land has a straight line you walk in with pretty much no theme and no feeling of any effort.

    The level design is BORING so so incredibly boring. Imagine squares floating in the air... and that's it. 90% of the levels consist of floating blocks you jump on. What ever happened to Mario 3 or super mario world.. or even Mario 64 or Mario sunshine, with their beautiful level design. One positive on this is they went back to the pretty solid colors compared to the ugly puke pastel colors of the New Mario pros series.

    The game also insults the player by giving them an instant win button if they keep loosing. Really Nintendo? That's what you want to teach future generations? "If you keep messing up, don't worry, You get an instant win so don't even bother trying or getting better!" This has got to be the stupidest thing i have ever seen Nintendo stick in a game.

    Nintendo sure has lost its touch lately. All they do now is stick in the bare minimum to make their game a complete game. Their games feel like that have 0 inspiration and effort beyond the bare minimum. most of their newest games are actually a step back from progress they made during the N64 and gamecube days.

Universal acclaim - based on 82 Critics

Critic score distribution:
  1. Positive: 81 out of 82
  2. Negative: 0 out of 82
  1. Feb 6, 2012
    Mario is back! In a classic Mario-fashion you jump your way througheight worlds, where you battle goombas, koopas and the main meaniehimself, Bowser. This game is never particularly difficult, butgradually advanced to a challenge that feels just perfect. Fun, varied and guaranteed to make you smile.
  2. 90
    Lifesaver for all Nintendo 3DS owners. Super Mario 3D Land delivers flawless design and perfect use of 3D effects during the whole game. [Christmas 2011]
  3. Jan 11, 2012
    The Nintendo 3DS has had a slow start, but I feel this marks one of the first important games to come out on this system. I can't say it's a must buy, but is really close for those who have already picked up a 3DS. The amount of content in this game along with the varying degree of gameplay makes this one of the best Mario games I've played in a while.